In the last years of the Great Qian, the world was in chaos, and the people were in dire straits.

Shi Yun came with two auras.

An acceleration halo can speed up the practice of martial arts and master the highest and deepest martial arts skills in an instant.

A breakthrough halo, which can break through any bottleneck in martial arts in an instant.

With the halo of stone luck in hand, climb to the top of martial arts!

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7 days ago

Someone test this thing

7 days ago

I think I will do itπŸ˜“

6 days ago
Reply to  hibiky

How was it?

5 days ago
Reply to  Neo

ok i read it but mc strong buff rate is slow but his personality is fierce and strong

5 days ago
Reply to  hibiky

Legend says he is still recovering from this read…

6 days ago

Review till 277

MC is cr**ple.
MC is full of family sentiments.
MC is decisive.

Apprentice – artist – master – bone refining – viscera refining – human limit- limit breaker(1-9)

Internal or external arts both in the end lead to human limit.

Internal art requires aptitude and young age.
External arts can be practiced by anyone but hard to reach master realm.

Complete body external art takes 20-30 years time so it’s broken into different body parts and practiced in different martial halls.

And our MC reorganizes them to form complete path again.

His halos are over powered.
Down the lane, green halo for perception becomes non existent
And red halo for realm breaking becomes like food.

Early stage he is not able to even use these halos completely and suddenly near 200, he goes realm break after realm break like he is on steroids.

The story is alright.
Decent struggle by our cr((pled MC.
But the further the novel goes the more ridiculous it gets.

Read at your own risk.


5 days ago

I remember reading this before, the cheat is good but the mc is too fuking dumb. He ranks in top 5 dumbest mc I read in last year’s list.

Let’s say you have a cheat that can speed up your martial arts learning speed. You are cripple, you have a beautiful sister at home who goes to do chores at other people’s houses to pay your martial hall fees and the other strong minded sister sold herself to a big family to heal your injury and get punished by an ugly head maid but she still steals meal pieces so you can eat well while practicing.

You also offended a gang btw…

But here you are… Who stopped using his cheat for days… Why? Because you wanted to compare your talent with a talented girl in dojo who doesn’t even look at you.


I have seen brain dead but I need a while new word for this one.

I don’t know how much mental abuse author had gone through to write something like this.

2 days ago

For internal martial artist :third rate,second rate, first rate, martial arts master, bone refining, visceral refining(grandmaster), human limit, limit breaker, great power

For external martial artist: stone skin refinement, iron skin refinement, copper skin refinement, astral strength master(martial arts master) and the rest are the same.

;p but there is realm before stone skin refinement but those below this level are not considered true martial artists

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