Sword Path of Solitary God

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Unbent, unyielding, fearless... Without hesitation slash through everything that resists.Believe in the sword in your hand, just rely on the sword in your hand, rush forward...

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Rated 1.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating1 Ratings
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  1. GnomeStyle

    Sword Path of Copy Pasting and Offend Everyone.

    I have read far too many chapters of this novel and should have dropped it early, I got up to 362 or something and it is not worth the time at all.

    First let’s start with the story. The story is extremely basic and not complex at all, it’s your typical get stronger, arrogant idiots show up every 2 chapters and need to fight with the main character. There is nothing well done when it comes to the story, it’s not interesting, complex it’s all just copy pasting from other novels without any signs of creativity through nearly 400 chapters. Furthermore every situation is predictable, like you could know how a character would be from chapter 1 and later introduced in chapter ~140.

    Characters are extremely one dimensional and literally everyone has anger issues. The friends are not complex or further explored, it’s all just about the main character with maybe one or two sentences to one or two characters every now and then. There is no love interested so you can’t even have any character development with two of them. The main character is also a fucking idiot. If I remember correctly in 360 chapters he has been assassinated about 6 times when he goes outside his sect, he doesn’t try to hide it at all, and when you finally see that he has gained some IQ he still has to fight with the people that want to kill him, lmfao. The enemies are countless and are far too fucking many, it usually starts with lackeys, senior brother and then the main dude, the author just milk these fucking chapters without barely any progress. In 360 chapters he has gone up 1 big realm.

    The fights are boring and also predictable, I don’t mind that a main character will be fucking invincible but you have to at least make it hard for him and interesting fights with good characters. But as I said before, the author floods the mc with enemies to milk these chapters and the fights are fucking horrible, here’s an example: >Arrogant idiot shit talks >Ok I’ll fuq u up in 1 hit >mc rolls him easily. Ok, how interesting, the author can’t even improve his shit talking for 400 chapters. Imagine this in a tournament arc for 50 chapters, enjoy this one, lmao.

    Cultivation was pretty well made and I enjoyed the concepts, however mostly it’s very bullshit reasoning how he upgrades. Oh I got a random ass sword now my concepts upgraded. What???????

    Overall this novel is fucking garbage and don’t waste your time. The story is copy paste without any creativity, the enemies are countless and not interesting, the mc has negative IQ and cultivation upgrades are a load of bs.