Zhang Muzhi & 张牧之

The Brilliant Fighting Master

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The war of gods left the earth no winners, but a broken world. Thousands of years later, the soul of the God of war created a new world from the ruins. Nine reincarnations for the same one belief. A youngster looked up at the starlit sky with his sword in hand. Monsters, demons, evil persons…Whoever had the nerve to damage this world would end up dying. To see how a youngster got onto the top of the w

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Rated 2.80 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings5 Ratings
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  1. GnomeStyle

    Any way I can give negative stars?

    I wanted to write a little about this novel, but here is a summary; arrogant, childish and cliche.

    This novel is absolutely garbage and the author forces thousands of issues and conflicts onto the main character. It was not an enjoyable read from start until I stopped reading. He has to deal with 1) His father is trapped by his enemies 2) His entire family is completely stupid and arrogant towards himself 3) People attack his clan, basically solve everything by himself like a god damn saint 4) Destroyed marriage 5) Idiots told by the woman he was supposed to marry to fight him 6) Trying to kill him during the trial to enter a sect 7) Oh right so many issues I even forgot his divine vein were stolen for no reason LUL 8) And then like another 6 billion conflicts in the sect.

    Conflicts are completely fine these novels if they are done correctly, but this author spams problems endlessly with no real good enemies. A decent enemy would develop through the story here they just come endlessly, it’s so fucking bad. It’s like a damn grind. The author might as well introduce a fucking level up system since he toook inspiration from grinding in games.

    There is basically not a single likeable character in this novel, maybe only about two, the rest of them are arrogant and childish. Hell, even the older people in this novel are not mature.

    The ONLY positive thing about this novel is the cultivation that I think was well done and it described everything quite well. Too bad the rest of the novel sucked.

  2. gb hunter


  3. Terio

    I do not know what will have happened but the title of this novel does not correspond to the story. If you want to see the authentic novel look at qidian international there is the real novel

  4. Terio

    Sorry I was wrong with the title, I confused divine brilliance with the brilliant fighting master

  5. Fernando Diaz


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