The Daoist Seal

The Daoist Seal

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This world has never had gods, only people with strength. Jiang Xiaofan was originally a mortal until he chanced upon a fragment of the Daoist Seal and began practicing the teachings of two ancient, sacred Buddhist and Daoist texts. As he journeys across Ziwei and traverses the galaxy, the seal inside him will be a testament to his path of greatness.

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3 years ago

Sigh. Another trash

Good Person
3 years ago

i can’t Vote 😩

2 years ago

“β€œWow! It’s so powerful!” Staring at his right fist, Jiang Xiaofan couldn’t help but open the mouth wide, and then the goods rampant at the time, pointing to the remaining big man, saying: β€œWho is who, in daylight Next, it is unforgivable to openly manipulate the flowers of the future of the motherland. As an incarnation of justice, I will destroy you on behalf of Sun!””

…… i dont know if this novel is a parody of some kind or smth