Chao Shuang Hei Pi & 超爽黑啤

The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

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As an ordinary human being on the earth, Tang Long was brought to the Cultivation World by a lost immortal, and relying on his amazing talent, he made it to one of the five emperors in that world. However, struck by Thunder of Nine Heavens, he lost his life. It was lucky for him to transmigrate in the human world in an intern who was named Qin Haodong. With his excellent medical skills, he became a divine doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and encountered the baby girl he made before going into the Cultivation World, whose mother was as pretty as a fairy. The little girl even asked him to find more lovers. What a cute girl…

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Rated 2.30 out of 5 based on 20 customer ratings20 Ratings
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  1. Celestialz

    Thanks for Update novel type modern Day 👍👍👍
    Please Update fanfic continue anime unlimited Works

  2. gb

    bro epub plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. zoeblood

    The novel ain’t bad but those racist joke about black people in chapters 120 to 121 kinda threw me off .

  4. zoeblood

    Man , I thought I could continue reading this novel despite those racist joke because I kinda like the idea and the concept, but by chapter 125 , I gave up . I dropped it. I don’t mind for Chinese authors to promote their culture and their country , but When you do it by marginalized a group of people or a race , it’s not pretty at all.

  5. kiwie

    This is really not a stay at home dad novel. The plot lacks genuine slice of life and rather than focus on the dad and child it focuses on the dad fighting against all the antagonists in power. Quite niche and definitely incomparable to Godly stay home dad or even immortal becomes a stay at home dad.

    If you want a stay at home dad novel, Godly stay home dad is drastically superior

  6. meowrki

    Why this shit novel is here? Is is one of the stupidest novel on Mc is fool as fuck picking girls left and right. Even children are very arrogant and have no modesty. The title should fix,take out the stay at home thing because mc is not staying in at home. He always outside bragging everywhere.

  7. gb


  8. babyck01

    Why is he always fighting with others? Fck. Even terminator was in this novel. Its a waste of time

  9. fatalD3stiny

    racism sucks but if you can ignore These Parts than the storie is quite fun

  10. meowrki

    Are Chinese people hypocrites?murderous?greedy?deceptive?all negative aspect of human?. According to this novel,the answer is yes. Claiming they are unrivaled in the world in terms of medicine. What a shameless dogs
    Hahaha. Author your really a big racist. I hope you will die sooner.haha

  11. kiwie

    Reading to chapter 356 has really disappointed me. There are no stay at home aspects and the interaction between dad and kid is none, the only times it happens is when the kid is kidnapped. And she gets kidnapped all the time. The dad is also so much of a pushover pussy compared to godly stay home dad. His so called reverse scale is also weak as hell because he never dominates in the way he should or wipe out enemies that harm his daughter or wife.


  12. Dietmilk33

    People keep wasting their time reading this kind of novel.

  13. zian24

    The title of the novel should have been different but the novel is enjoyable. Yes there is some racism but which is common in many of the modern day setting chinese novels. Yes this not slice of life but it still is good and those who are saying the connection between the kid and dad is weak then i have nothing to say, for me the connection is strong and our mc don’t pick girls left and right. He flirts with girls but doesn’t randomly adds them to the harem. The only girl he is serious so far i have read is the mother of her child. You know everyone has their own opinion but just don’t too harsh because many readers depends on this reviews to decide wither to read the novel or not.So. please review carefully and point out what you like and didn’t liked about it.

  14. kiwie

    For the above review, the dad and child have very little moments even during a trip that is centred around both of them all it became was the dad vs arrogant young masters and one of his harem girls. Yes this is a harem novel, something you dont expect from a stay at home dad series. Romantic interactions are severely lacking and yes this guy does polygamy because the wife is pretty weak in this regard. The novel is based on the dad fighting people who doubt him for being too young and just doing bets while in the accompany of one or more of his harem girls. Most of the combat comes from assassination attempts on him or those around him in which the organization behind it takes forever to fall. This mc is really not domineering, a stay at home dad (he doesnt stay at home or do much with the kid), or completely loyal to the child’s mother. He is a divine doctor though.

    The comparison is completely apparent if compared to ‘immortal becomes a stay at home dad’ and the even better ‘godly stay at home dad’

  15. zoeblood

    Meowrki’s review about this novel is spot on and also not all the modern Chinese novel are contain that much racist in them . It’s teue that all of them have some prejudice in them , but not that heavy racism. I like reading novel a lot , you can even say that o am addicted to it . I am even a little amateur author myself. And all honesty , I can tell you that this novel is among the most racist Chinese novel I’ve ever read.

  16. lehur7

    Not yet read, just give support feels like okay

  17. kiwie

    Update at almost 800 chaps,

    It is completely harem, the mc bangs basically every woman he gets along with and this sort of novel has those inexplicable sex moments that means an enemy female or a female never known before ends up becoming his girl anyways. Once the mc leaves Jiangnan the kid basically is a non factor, she is only ever used for pill refining because of her innate fire soon to be true fire. All the women just reach the same level as mc through sex. Medical scenes are al acupuncture while injecting his special qi and making big bets with western medical doctors. Large corporations hiring people to attack him because his chinese medicine threatens them. Young masters getting offended everywhere and of course racism from everyone.

    This novel is not a stay at home dad, he only ever goes to his home to bang a girl anyways. And the kid is basically a lighter for his cauldron. I’m fine with reading this so other novels can stack but honestly it doesnt fit what it says it is supposed to do.

  18. kiwie

    Update at chap 900, The dad goes to cultivation world through a portal in earth and is even less stay at home because he goes alone so the entire harem + kid is on earth while he is on this lingwu continent meaning martial spirit/soul continent and he just flexes his skills at an academy and has already picked up one chick on the way who is some super genius and 2 more chicks who are also geniuses and ranked at the top in the academy. So even after he defeats the great enemy on earth he does not stay at home and instead goes to pick up more girls. Now this guy was great ascension realm before so we know he is going to have to at least reach that level again. Right now he is at some sort of refining realm which is one above divine transformation which is above nascent soul so he is like 4 realms away from great ascension and you bet your ass the story will take a while more.

  19. Ydragneel

    But the to much for my little brain

  20. shikumo

    I do not understand, why is this novel that is not regularly updated at all? just see, many people complain and are not happy with this novel, because this novel is not good because of a bad MC and the contents of the story do not match the title.

    it’s better to update new chapters on novels with good reviews and upload new novels.

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