The Sword is Demon

The Sword is Demon


Hou Tiao, who devoted himself to seeking the Tao, was sent to the Demon Sword Sect as an undercover agent by accident.
He waited all day long for meritorious service and rewards to return to the Taoist sect…

It was not until he became a master of swordsmanship that he found out sadly that no one has the ability to defeat him anymore…

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11 days ago

Can anyone test the poison please.

11 days ago
Reply to  DENSO

Currently at 95 chapter.

MC is self-righteous and sticks to justice. Murders a criminal when criminal was not prosecuted. Gets used as a sacrifice by the righteous Daoist Sect. Sacrifice is not of life, but their ‘spirit root’, whatever it is. MC’s soul along with other is sent to immortal plane as sacrifice and he resists it saying he is not a criminal. Get’s sent back, a criminal soul latches on to him, he kills it and devours the soul. MC’s soul gets back to his body.
Then MC is sent to as a spy to demon sect and would be able to return in 3 to 8 years where in he will be given an official invitation to Daoist sect. He goes to one of the demonic sects, a sword sect.
It turns out MC got a cheat now. Once a day his soul can enter a special realm and where he can fight with other souls. If he kills other souls he get’s there energy and his soul becomes strong. He uses the special realm to practice his swordsmanship.
He is slowly being recognized as a talent in the sect. MC is not afraid of factions or plans to maintain relations, since he will leave for Daoist sect in few years and he again sticks to law does righteous acts.
Yeah, little boring with few interesting bits here and there. I am speedrunning it.

11 days ago

Only read around a dozen chapters and it felt like it is still the prologue ongoing. MC is an complete righteous idiot who is obsessed with Dao Sect, even when they sentenced him to death he is for profit author is showing how they gave him opportunity to escape but mc is like, I won’t escape or it will no longer me who spend effort for 10 years to built reputation and all.