This Cheat Is Too Much

This Cheat Is Too Much


[Is there any kind of prince and general Xiangning? Looking at the smiling stupid woman on the throne, an inexplicable impulse emerged in your heart]
“No no no! Can’t rush, can’t rush!” William’s head shook like a rattle.
[She can be the head of a country, why can’t I? Only I can bring to this world that is about to be destroyed…]
Hey, don’t talk nonsense! This world is pretty good, please don’t add drama, okay?
[The King’s Road Opens]
[Mission 1: Destroy this fool…
Shut up! ! !

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9 months ago

Western world with excellent combat system, top comedy, top plot, and awesome characterisation. You won’t regret reading this.

9 months ago

It’s fun, look at it as a comedy. Don’t take the story too seriously. If you’re serious about the story, you’ll get frustrated with the MC. But if you read it for fun, I recommend it.

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