This Demon Sect Can’t Go On

This Demon Sect Can’t Go On


After the Great Tribulation of Conferred God, Taoism gradually declined and Buddhism was not yet prosperous.
There are magic gates rising from the ruins and living in the gap between Buddhism and Taoism.
Xia Qingyang was reborn with a treasure of merit and virtue, but he entered the devil’s cave at the beginning…
Do meritorious deeds in the Demon Sect… First of all, your own life must be hard!

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2 months ago

Not bad at all, funnier than I expected.

1 month ago

despite the title and synopsis this is really much, much better than expected.
either the translation or the story

17 days ago

The author is a true hypocrite here. According to the plot, mc gets his abilities from doing good deeds… But you know what the author means by good deeds? His definition of good deeds has long surpassed the common sense of mortals, but maybe not the common sense of chinese.

Let me give you an example, if I see a sick begger and kill him, then no, it isn’t an evil act, I freed the begger from hus suffering as he was going to die anyway so it’s kind act.

Here, our mc drinks blood of his slaves but unlike other demons he doesn’t kill them directly and keeps them alive like sheeps whose blood his can suck everyday, surprisingly it’s not only a great act of kindness but all slaves admire and love him while mc trying to make them fear him… Like wtf? Plot can really make people blind.

In cultivation novel where people develop life and death feud just for looking at them, these people are very say is with their wrist getting cut every single day. Even if they don’t hate him, it obvious they won’t like him, unless all of them are masochist, but we all that the plot just brainwashed them.

I am tired of MC’s hypocrisy, even after keep doing evil deeds he keeps saying how this system is so evil to judge other lives as data… Especially when he keeps using it, while making himself look a kind person , just because it’s lesser evil than other demons doesn’t make him a saint, so I am leaving.