This Hero Is Scumbag

This Hero Is Scumbag


humility, honor, sacrifice, heroism, compassion, spirituality, honesty, justice
This is the Demon King, a heroic warrior who is widely loved by the people and accepted by the Holy Light.
“Poisoning, sneak attacks, provocations, traps, unintentional arrows, sowing discord, sugar-coated shells, group fight tactics…”
Hello everyone, this is the brave, the crumbs of the world.

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Spear Immortal
1 month ago

I cant even understand what happening on first chapter, can human read this?

27 days ago

Western Fantasy based novels, especially the ones having demon Kings, heroes, and gods don’t have good MTL generally. This one also don’t have a proper MTL, but since this story is actually similar to FFF Class Trash Hero and others where hero is basically an anti-hero this novel will follow similar sequence, hero will use any method to get the job done.

This novel can really use a translator as it’s premise is quite good and readable.

Last edited 27 days ago by Xenos