This Hero Is Scumbag

This Hero Is Scumbag


humility, honor, sacrifice, heroism, compassion, spirituality, honesty, justice
This is the Demon King, a heroic warrior who is widely loved by the people and accepted by the Holy Light.
“Poisoning, sneak attacks, provocations, traps, unintentional arrows, sowing discord, sugar-coated shells, group fight tactics…”
Hello everyone, this is the brave, the crumbs of the world.

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Spear Immortal
5 months ago

I cant even understand what happening on first chapter, can human read this?

4 months ago

Western Fantasy based novels, especially the ones having demon Kings, heroes, and gods don’t have good MTL generally. This one also don’t have a proper MTL, but since this story is actually similar to FFF Class Trash Hero and others where hero is basically an anti-hero this novel will follow similar sequence, hero will use any method to get the job done.

This novel can really use a translator as it’s premise is quite good and readable.

Last edited 4 months ago by Xenos