This NPC is too strong

This NPC is too strong


When Li Yu woke up, he found that he had traveled to the game world of “Avenue of Eternity”.
At this time, there is still half a year before the arrival of the players.
The evil catastrophe has not yet begun, and the death penalty areas such as the rotten swamp, the golden desert, the shadowy ghost country, and the boundless sea of monsters are still silent. The whole world is calm.
Li Yu took advantage of his foresight to develop indecently.
After the game server was launched, players would often see a high-level NPC with a golden ID fishing by the Qingshui River.
Whenever the player approached excitedly to strike up a conversation, to see if he could apprentice or trigger a missionβ€”β€”
“What? You want to worship me as a teacher?”
Li Yu shook his head: “Forgive me, your aptitude is too poor. But Pindao once lost a chilong jade pendant in the zombie cave. If you find it, I can teach you a spell.”
“Do you want to learn alchemy?” Li Yu smiled slightly: “There are a group of evil cultivators in the Wugui Cave of Qilao Mountain. As long as you can eliminate the harm for the people and give me their magic weapon Xinjin copper bottle, How about the poor way to teach you alchemy?”

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2 months ago


Heaven Sky Demon Venerable
2 months ago
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Heaven Sky Demon Venerable
2 months ago

i rather read courting death cultivation with brain dead mc than this tasteless novel
it so boring