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Thunder Martial

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It begins on the mountain. With the glint of a knife, a flash of steel in the hands of a sworn brother. A betrayal. Stabbed and pushed down the mountain, Zi Chen lied within the red-stained snow, left to die. This is where it begins; he is given life by lightning, baptized by thunder. Those who had once betrayed him should all suffer in his cruel revenge.

November 20, 2019Thunder Martial Book 2 Chapter 1084
November 19, 2019Thunder Martial Book 2 Chapter 1083
November 18, 2019Thunder Martial Book 2 Chapter 1082
November 17, 2019Thunder Martial Book 2 Chapter 1081
November 16, 2019Thunder Martial Book 2 Chapter 1080
November 15, 2019Thunder Martial Book 2 Chapter 1079
November 14, 2019Thunder Martial Book 2 Chapter 1078
November 13, 2019Thunder Martial Book 2 Chapter 1077
November 12, 2019Thunder Martial Book 2 Chapter 1076
November 11, 2019Thunder Martial Book 2 Chapter 1075
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Rated 3.75 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings4 Ratings
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  1. Jerdan09

    Lets try this one🤔

  2. GnomeStyle

    This novel was surprisingly good, do keep in mind I have read more than 700 chapters, so I still have a lot left to read, not the mention there is even Thunder Martial 2 being released right now, so in total there should be ~4500 chapters out. But anyways, the novel is really good.

    The novel starts out with a very basic approach, you have the enemies and MC getting a very powerful object that helps him cultivate and get stronger. At the start this object plays a large role, he learns skills faster from the ”thunder boy”, later on he will not rely on it much. So in this way it feels like the MC is actually trying his best to cultivate and it doesn’t feel cheap where the MC is just swallowing pills every 5 chapters and get stronger.

    The world is very well made and interesting to read about. We do not know a lot, but the MC will interact with most of the super powers in one way or the other. At first, it is basically the MC VS The World, I personally thought it lasted for too long, which is why I gave it a 4. And the MC felt really stupid, trying to court death every 10 seconds. Later on however, we have a timeskip, and you can see the MC growth, he doesn’t just try to fight the entire world, he creates alliances instead, he creates his own power and you will see him struggle through it. There are also a good amount of characters around the MC, Demonic Ape and Shameless Monk are basically the trio and they themselves have their own personalities and are great overall.

    There is harem, about four people at chapter 755. So if you want romance, go ahead, I personally thought it was really good compared to other CN. Their relationship aren’t based on aphrodisiac or walking into them taking a bath but it progresses through the entire novel.

    So give it a try, the start IMO will be quite annoying, but it does get better over time.

  3. GnomeStyle

    Update at chapter 1964:

    I dropped the novel for multiple reasons. First of all the author had a 800 chapter separation which was fucking horrible. The author introduces more characters but they are not very fleshed out and we don’t know really anything about them. Out of all his previous friends we know their background, these new friends we don’t really know jack shit except one person. The adventure overall felt really lack luster and not interesting because everyone is just cannon fodder.

    The plot is extremely boring, it is just a spam of secret realms that seem to last forever. There are A LOT of arrogant young masters in the novel, sure there we some before but I personally feel like there are more after the separation. The author also fucked up big time because Heaven Realm was expected to come after Earth Origin Realm, but nope, we have 7 realms to cross and it was absolutely horrible and slow. Later on, the author realized he needs to hurry the fuck up and some realms get finished within a few chapters compared to other realms that took probably over 100 chapters to finish. It was inconsistent and just trash planning by the author.

    So in the previous continent we got some romance with two of the females. In the next arc, War Continent, we have two girls that are very close to the MC, but the MC just completely ignores them and want nothing to do with them when it comes to romance. So the harem aspect that I hoped would be better, is a complete failure at the second continent, it’s just a massive joke. Why even make them have feelings for the MC if nothing is going to happen??? Futhermore, one of the supposedly died and the MC was sooo upset, but when he realized she didn’t die, he acted like a fucking rock, lmao, this author can’t write characters with emotions at all. We are almost at 2000 chapters, and the two girls that are supposedly to be with him FROM EARLY ON have had literally no romance at all. Lin Xue was from the start of the novel, in the same sect and easily the best girl, no romance for thousands of years, and two thousand chapters :).

    In the late 1000s, we have a typical invasion arc that is completely trash that just spams useless cannon fodder that no one cares a fuck about. It would have been much more better if we could have the old group back together and trying to fight against them, but no. Time for another separation for absolutely no reason and MC has to go through 9 continents to fight stronger and stronger opponents, what a joke.

  4. Melopoint10


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