Tower of Karma

Tower of Karma


Al is a slave born of a prostitute. Constantly bullied and degraded, Al’s life was hard but as long as his elder sister, the only family he had, was with him, he would feel like he could withstand anything. But one day his older sister sold herself to a noble to obtain money to free Al. Despairing, Al is ready to give up, but with his friends’ encouragement, he starts working, hoping to one day buy back his sister.

However, a few days later, a servant of the noble came to him and handed him a bag, claiming he was delivering the body back to its place because disposing of it was troublesome. At the very moment Al looked inside the bag, his mind broke.

β€œWhy is it us, despite also being human, that are treated like trash by people? We all have the same ears and same eyes, and the same color of blood, but it doesn’t matter to anyone. Are we not human?”

He needed to know. He needed to prove them. Al has decided. From now on, Al and his sister would always be together.

As he gently rubbed his belly, Al made a vow.

– The next time, it will be their turn to pay the price.

With those words in his heart, he devoted his whole life improving himself and planning for this single goal.

Knowledge, power, deceit, bribing, betrayal; everything was valid. The first step was to rise through the ranks of the military, no matter the means.

It was going to be him the one to stand at the top of this unsightly world full of madmen.

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2 years ago

This is a story about a s*ave boy bent on revenge, gaining social standing, going to war, and walking the path to become the king of the country, and eventually, the world. The settings are in the middle ages where knights and nobles rule the country. Where the poor civilian dies from hunger and where s*aves are treated like tools. This isn’t your usually happy go lucky story. The MC is warped and corrupted beyond redemption. He is ambitious, he works harder than anyone, and he is a cold blooded murderer. He kept piling up sins to gain power. The more you read the more you will somewhat hate the MC. Because all the bad stuff he did from here on out. He does become stronger than anyone, smarter than anyone and more ambitious than anyone. He eventually holds power in both the economy and politics. He is more like a villain than a protagonist. He is comparable to lelouche but a more warped version of him. But its a very interesting story for me to read. It made me laugh, sad, and all other feelings in one go. I recommend it strongly…

2 years ago
Reply to  Hayato

the world he setting is china, mc is imagination of author how he wants live

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