Transmigration After 10 Days – Fortunately I Have Cultivation Simulator

Transmigration After 10 Days – Fortunately I Have Cultivation Simulator


If you know, you will travel to a fantasy world in ten days.
What will you do these ten days?
“The Immortal Cultivation Simulator is on.”
“Currently you can choose the talent of immortality: talent is eight buckets high, born with disabilities…”

“On the first day, you traveled to a small village at the foot of Tianwu Mountain. You were inspired to become a great practitioner and immortal. On the same day, you walked out of the village and walked towards the mountain.”

“On the second day, you were on your way in the mountains, and you couldn’t find any food along the way. You were hungry and thirsty. You had no choice but to sleep in a broken temple at night. Unexpectedly, there were monsters touching the temple. You didn’t have any power to fight back. You died.”

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3 months ago

Whole world is against the mc. It becomes boring. He never experience good things only bad situations. It is retarted.

3 months ago

Quickly got boring. 3🌟 atmost.

3 months ago
Reply to  devilcrawl

Well it keeps on repeating and worst of all is that the brain dead author also does the so called spiritual qi awakening on Earth. This is just going entirely against what the title of the novel is all about.

The timeline is completely messed up, he’s been going here and there and still the days haven’t passed.

Last edited 3 months ago by Practo
3 months ago

This is retard, even if MC become the strongest in the world, after ascending his strength only qualified as cannon fodder. Sure the higher the realms the higher powerhouse upper limit, but at least author should make the lower limit as the same. That way MC at least can be counted as small elite after ascending

2 months ago

All the reviewers here are deadass retarded πŸ’€
This is super good and you need to read at least 140 chapters to realize

U can sit through 500 chapters of a systen novel and then another 500 of the same exact system in a diff novel but you call this boring


1 month ago
Reply to  sky

Ahh while you write please atleast tell me about the good points of it. I’ve read more than your recommendation but all i could find was shit.

Edit: maybe your tastes are different from others but if you want to prove a point atleast write what it is.

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1 month ago

chapter 21 the evil ghosts are actually japanese,,,,,,,…..,.,.,.,.,.,.