Tribulation of Mysteries

Tribulation of Mysteries


Mysterious recovery, dawn of the gods, must it be a good thing?

Accompanied by the rejuvenation of the aura, there is…the unsolvable horror!

A strange surname, a soul that travels between the two worlds, a mysterious epic…

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empress lust
7 months ago

by chance, not from the author of the lord of secrets, just the description and the name reminds

7 months ago

Good and logical, but I don’t like the magic god path so I skip it.

Yun ma
7 months ago

Mc is a person who has no convictions, naive and just goes with the flow to his psychopath father

5 months ago

Chapters from 94-125 are missing , can someone pls upload them ?

Last edited 5 months ago by DragonSlayer13579