Tribulation of Mysteries

Tribulation of Mysteries


Mysterious recovery, dawn of the gods, must it be a good thing?

Accompanied by the rejuvenation of the aura, there is…the unsolvable horror!

A strange surname, a soul that travels between the two worlds, a mysterious epic…

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empress lust
1 year ago

by chance, not from the author of the lord of secrets, just the description and the name reminds

1 year ago

Good and logical, but I don’t like the magic god path so I skip it.

Yun ma
1 year ago

Mc is a person who has no convictions, naive and just goes with the flow to his psychopath father

1 year ago

Chapters from 94-125 are missing , can someone pls upload them ?

Last edited 1 year ago by DragonSlayer13579
7 months ago

Very boring novel, he got he’s dream world and switching between reality and dream world its becoming annoying that each chapter split in between different worlds, while he exploring he’s dream world he’s family try to kill him he know it but still ignore them with thought of “I wanna me immortal” so don’t bother to waste time, but in the end he waste so much time on conspiracy later on because he didn’t care, and it look like everyone got some kind of negative IQ in this novel they r very stupid everyone IQ Is negative for some reason, the most funny thing about the novel that the MC made beyondrs magic system but he was the weakest the creator lol

Last edited 7 months ago by kappalord