Unlimited Rewards in Marvel

Unlimited Rewards in Marvel


Russell traveled to the Marvel Universe, gained an infinite reward system, and became Wonder Woman Diana’s boyfriend.
[Infinite Ultron] [Dark Strange Doctor] [Venom Symbiote] [Internal Symbiotic Armor] [Kryptonian Bloodline] [Wonder Woman’s Blessing]…
As a result, Russell began his “I want it all” career of becoming stronger (collecting).

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4 months ago


4 months ago

Wonder Woman in Marvel Universe? This plot summary is taking fan fiction to a new level.

4 months ago

Within the first few paragraphs I was uncomfortable with the sloppy way the Author introduced the world.

Both MC and Wonder Woman are transmigrators.

MC has a system that gives him abilities of other heroes.

MC just randomly says he’s a contract/paid killer and Diana knows and is OK with it. And he works from the Continental Hotel (John Wick world). And he’s also a Private Investigator.

There is so much going on and so much wrong with that statement – Wonder Woman would never date a contract killer let alone the fact that in the first chapter she finds the MC having kidnapped Eddie Brock (Venom), and that he can resist her lasso.

And then Wonder Woman is just like “Ok cool, but don’t do it again,” and peaces out.

I was in Spain when I read this (but the ‘s’ in Spain is silent).

1/5 Real sloppy work from the author.

4 months ago
Reply to  Sprewkz

U r truly a heaven-chosen one, poison testing all these novels for us.