Unparalleled Across The World Starting With Iron Cloth

Unparalleled Across The World Starting With Iron Cloth


I wanted to be a cool, arrogant and decent person in this life, but I ended up becoming the big devil on the black list for no reason.
In this life, I wanted to be a graceful and happy son, but for no reason, I became a desperation for others.
I really want to be a good person!

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5 months ago

Average novel. Simple exercises r shown as divine art. Primordial chaos is shown half weak compared to nine yang exercise. Low level martial art world. Points on task basis. Cheats r waste. Techniques r waste. Story boring

Last edited 5 months ago by anshul123ful1
5 months ago

This is actually pretty entertaining. I won’t say the story is great or anything but the MC is shameless to the nth degree. He’s also pretty vicious, kills first ask questions later. If you ever get annoyed by stories where MC has to walk carefully around the shameless assholes and douchebag young masters that these worlds are full of, try this out

johnny john
5 months ago

Found the novel a little bland and dull. Same circle of how a chinese novel is blended and reused. Nothing new just a lot of shamelessness and no simping as well.