Warhammer Wizard

Warhammer Wizard


False wizard: instant shield, flashing and zooming out, a greasy spell paving the ground, five big fireballs, a symbol of knowledge and a fort.
The real wizard: bloody rage, body of steel, charge riding face, Waaaaaaaaaaagh, brandishing a warhammer to blast the enemy’s dog head.
This is the story of a melee wizard who blasted the world!

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1 year ago

This guy didnt know what is wizard. THe ReAl WiZaRd=bloody rage, body of steel, charge riding face, waaaaaagh, brandishing Warhammer to blast the enemy dog head????????, Fck thats Barbarian

lord of original sin
1 year ago

That is Chinese logic for you.

1 year ago

At start its funny and good;)
Mc level up fast have good skills.
Battle scenes was god
CHarakters have background and have felling being alive
And then in 300+ chapter Autor add charem….. At start Mc want one woman firs female lead and only her . Then autor forget her and Mc level up . When she back she tell him that if he want he can get other women. And Mc tell her he love only her… Then he fuck female mage dragon with story and next moment he get another princess beacose she give her for him…. Mc was scumbag and Autor destroy his charakter.. Before Mc think he cant have another woman and cant cant and then he take another . And from that moment Mc love 3 women and try to do evrything he can for them . This chiness romanse logic…. 300 chapter he dont do nothing to them and bang big love….

1 year ago

This is a good read, after a very long time.

Demon Lord
1 year ago

The story was nice at the beginning the mc was a traveler occupying a body with a system which was his phone in the old world… He had one lover the development was good for both then i dont know what happened to the author it became like that other novel which i forgot the name about building a kingdom but starting with a village where the mc fucks every female dragon, grandmother , sisters or whatever presenting herself to him…. rating for me 1/5 ..lost my time for rubbish

Last edited 1 year ago by Demon Lord
10 months ago
Reply to  Demon Lord

That is a lie. He’s only had sex with three women. Stop giving out false info on novels. You could tell from the beginning this was going to be a harem. If you didn’t notice that blame your own stupidity. This is a good novel at least a 4/5. Don’t listen to this idiot who clearly has no reading comprehension. Just read it and make your own judgment.

1 year ago