Weird Cultivation Simulator

Weird Cultivation Simulator


Xu Hao travels into the world of monsters and monsters, activates the simulator, and gets rewards when he dies.

With the help of the simulator, he continued to die and became stronger, and he continued to evolve. Before he left the novice village, he was already famous in the ‘Holy List’….

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18 days ago

One of the best simulation novels I found in this site, the other is “Saintess Helped Me To Simulate Immortality”.

Usually I truly dislike simulation novels because I easily got bored reading a bunch of simulation notifications that didn’t happened yet. But this novel has some measure in this aspect. Unlike other novels that had fill almost the entire chapter full of notifications, the one in this novel is shorter and straight yo the point.

Moreover after he had enough strength to survive or no longer had any more money for further simulation, MC will start taking action in real life using his advantage based on simulation, so I’ll seldom got bored since there’s a space between each simulations so readers will not easily got bored.

MC is also lowkey and steady, adhere to the principe of ‘had absolute strength against enemies’ before finally start taking action in real life.

18 days ago
Reply to  gemberforces

100% 👍 true. Really good read.

7 days ago
Reply to  konregon

Sorry about earlier review, it’s now have gone to 2.5/5 star

18 days ago

I have to agree, this series is quite good at least those 100 something chapters that were released thill now were very interesting, I just finished everything in one sitting and I’m quite pleased, first “Saintess Helped Me To Simulate Immortality” now this, I hope that more series of such quality will be posted.

18 days ago

What I’m most satisfied is MC didn’t hesitate to ruthlessly kill a beautiful girl who poison him in one of simulation scene. At least MC isn’t typical simp who spare beautiful women and think with his crotch.

17 days ago

Monotonous and without emotion.

Simulate, increase strength and destroy enemies, over and over again.

It deserves a 3 at most.

17 days ago
Reply to  javier

Agreed not as great as people says

Htron seabody
17 days ago

Sweet me❤ like tomtom

17 days ago

I think author too much empathize on unique physic (body) like without unique body Mc can’t advance and same time he says that unique body is rare then how come so many powerhouse are out there as well in evil organizations as well without unique body how come they advance to higher level
I think it’s very big plot hole

17 days ago

I agree with the later reviews. And especially disagree with the first one which says that it has no notifications and he goes out, meaning not using the simulation and actual life building.

Well both these points are completely wrong, the chapters are only notifications and the time they are not he’s talking about those notifications itself. Maybe a paragraph or 2 are actual details of anything.

And when he’s not using the simulator, he’s doing exactly the thing the simulator said with a little more details here and there so no real build up of anything.

The worst part is the constant mention of how the MC can’t use any evil methods because he’s using righteous cultivation. As a reminder this isn’t the righteous Japanese hero novel model, so this entire bullshit is wrong in my opinion.

His so called golden bell art is bullshit too, he can have the physiques straight as mentioned by the MC himself but it restricts the talent he can get from the physique straight up and also stops him from the so called evil anything.

And the king grade at the start is introduced as the highest potential but suddenly there’s emperor and venerable, I’m guessing the author is gonna keep milking something till he reaches his 2000 chapters. Like everyone else is doing.

If you’re looking for a decent simulator novel just read the Saintess one that was posted last week.

I only read so much of it because of the early reviews otherwise wouldn’t have wasted that much time on this to be honest.

16 days ago

I like the opposing reviews here. I’m on the bad side, IMO barely average if not worse.

Simulations are irrelevant and take 85% of the content with no added value + it’s super repetitive.

Super slow paced but with a very rushed cultivation speed. That is clearly unsustainable.

Plot’s shallow and practically non-existant knowing that every simulations he goes through only give informations and are not real plot (aka what HE is going to experience). That’s just information dump with extra steps.

World building is just bad, the author keeps making up illusory plot and events in a very empty and undeveloped world, resulting in a bad reading experience.
(looks uninteresting and boring as well but my opinion)

All in all, novel’s quite boring with average things and nothing standing out/particularly good. No problem with dumb decision making.

Simulations novels so far have been nothing but a new version of the world hopping dungeon/instance filler filled scam novel. Some aren’t that bad but it always feels unnecessary and used as a way to fill in chapters and extending it without writing real plot.

16 days ago

Concerning the content of the novel.

– The power system is rather bad : BASICALLY NOT EXPLAINED, potential explanation is unconvincing + translation often confusing the 2 systems.
– Fights are meh even if they’re mostly spikes. As are the cultivation techniques with random unintelligible descriptions. Still hasn’t understood one and why some of them are even good and making him leapfrog.
– The reward system is just so plain and unoriginal that it deserves a point
– The death recap keeps being used like it’s a tradition, + author making comments like it’s so smart to use it when it’s clearly fillers and half of the time useless. Also getting informations on ppl 10 years later is questionnable.
– What the plot is and why it is happening is almost consistently unclear and unconvincing.

Reminder that the whole plot is MC was gonna get killed so another dude could « take his place » , dunno how that makes sense. if quota’ based on who’s best, dude’s gonna have to kill more than that to get the place.. or just study. Also bribing was an option.. Also giving an explanation to why he needed that quota before 35 chapters would’ve been cool + the reason is random and hardly makes sense anyway as most of what I’ve read so far.

The whole story is based on the very weak and shaky foundation, worse is the author actually dogpiling on it rather than consolidating it.
I think it’s his first book honestly.

16 days ago
Reply to  Fsghd

Biggest point is that it massively lacks description. The long simulations hid the fact there was almost no descriptions besides it.

Idk what the academy looks like, what the characters look like, their thoughts, the fights, cities, and even the MC.
What does the MC looks like and what is his personality ?

We are given useless and irrelevant info dumps while not given what’s shaping a story, what’s giving it depth, what’s giving it life.

Last edited 16 days ago by Fsghd
15 days ago
Reply to  Fsghd

If you want high-quality series you are on the wrong site mate, you treat this way too seriously, I treat this type of series like fast food, it’s simple and satisfying, nothing more nothing less.

This series’ main focus is clearly on satisfaction, not on a deep complex plot, good character/world-building, if you are reading this series, In fact, if you read most series on this site looking for this, then you will be disappointed :)).

Last edited 15 days ago by DragonSlayer13579