What Is A First-class Savior?

What Is A First-class Savior?


The savior is also divided into ranks.
The ineffective saviors are inefficient, and it takes years or even decades to save the world once.
Countless people suffer because of this, and the world may not be saved in the end.
The third-rate savior has been manipulated by conspirators all his life, ignorant, and played with in his hands, like a marionette in someone else’s hands.
The second-rate savior paid a huge price to save the world, suffered from widowhood, disability, sacrifice of friends and many other sufferings, and finally only got a useless name or even an epitaph.
“These saviors are too miserable, I don’t want to be them, I want to be a first-class savior!”
“You ask me what is a first-class savior?”
“The speed of light saves the world!”
“No casualties!”
“Crazy profits!”
“Use the sword of the present to kill the future in the near future, and kill the end in the cradle. Act completely according to your own will, and then collect the reward you deserve!”
“This is called a first-class savior!”

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3 days ago

Your average poisonous simulation novel

3 days ago
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Yeah, but quite good

1 day ago

I know that just a few chapters doesn’t define a novel but I still believe that reading two chapters here is enough for any veteran to tell it’s shit.