What Should I Do If My Girlfriend Is Too Strict?

What Should I Do If My Girlfriend Is Too Strict?


Back to high school days.
When the choices you made in the past come up again, what choice will you make?
Envious of the little bastard! I want to be a top student!
Mu Zifeng made up his mind to work hard.
However, during the time he was concentrating on studying, he discovered that there was always a girl who would come by his side from time to time.
“Muzifeng! Why didn’t you hand in your homework!”
“Someone copied it.”
“Muzifeng! Don’t go to play, study hard, there is a test.”
“But I have all the meetings.”

It turned out that the girl who thought she hated her at the beginning was a misunderstanding.

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21 days ago

I am not sure if this type of novels should be published in here…. Imagine if someday, they start uploading tons of BL and FL lead novels like wuxiaworld.site here. πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

19 days ago
Reply to  Kennny

Cringe mindset

13 days ago
Reply to  Fsghd

Like your existence.

4 days ago

Boring, the characters barely interact with each other. 90% monologue, it seems that the author is an introvert.