Whispering Poems

Whispering Poems


Come to a new world where the steam industry is booming, inherit the three-story apartment in the capital square of the kingdom, bring someone else’s cat, listen to the whispers in your ear, and witness this mysterious and bizarre era.

The epic of the sixth era is about to begin, and behind the curtain, the chosen will step into the legend. Old gods, relics, steam, witches, detectives, ancient mysteries, the glow of the era…

“Are you going to play a Rhodes card?”

Years engrave time, and the silver moon illuminates the shadows. I write legends for you, and you whisper poems for me.

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11 months ago

The mc is ready to sacrifice his life for someone whom he meet for just a week. Somehow he manage to think that they are his most close friends worthy of his life. You know where this novel is going “Nakama power”. ” Even if you are a level 1 you can kill a level 100 if you a fighting for a friend” kinda logic. It was good at the beginning with elements of mystery and a cautious and steady MC, for a moment I thought this might just be my second LOTM but as the story progress the author seems to be forcing the MC to be a HERO( the word which ruins any good novel in my dictionaryπŸ˜‚). A novel worth shit for me but who knows it might be gold for youπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

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11 months ago

As the first person said, it’s cringy piece of shit sacrifice himself for the world the mc must be holy virigin for everyone sake.

Unless ur hard-core M not recommended

pleasant peachthief
11 months ago

Don’t know why people are against a MC that has a selfless character. It’s not a negative character trait and definitely not something worth giving such a low rating.
The MC doesn’t just jump into suicidal scenarios. He gets involved in them and at the end he gets an equal gain from the involved parties which is quite rare.
The power system is a bit confusing but becomes clearer into the novel.
It is definitely a novel worth reading as the author has great writing skills.
No redundant side characters, all of them have their on purpose and skills.

11 months ago

Just some naive mc….. don’t waste your time..