Wizard Path Starting From Simulator

Wizard Path Starting From Simulator


Traveling through the world of wizards, Chen Mu thought that he would spend his whole life idling and waiting to die, but unexpectedly he was bound to a wizard’s life simulator.
[Do you want to activate life simulation? 】
[The simulation is over, please choose your reward! 】
【Preserve Realm】or【Reserve Technique】
The wizard simulator, teach you to blow up the world from scratch!
This is the story of a boy who started from the sub-continent and pushed the wizarding world and the endless plane all the way.

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1 month ago

Off I go into the abyss…. Will write review after reading some chapters.

1 month ago
Reply to  Exodus

Somewhat of an average story made even more shittier due to the brain-dead decision by this moron MC.

So MC cheat is that he can simulate once a month and can choose either his realm or techniques. Not too good, but not too bad.

The world is divided into knights and wizards. MC at this time knows nothing of the wizards so he is training in the ways of the knight.

So, after MC becomes quasi-knight he goes on a rant about how it is abnormal for someone to become quasi-knight in such a short time and he should stay hidden because if not then people will definitely think that he is a wizard’s experiment..

And after saying all of this, he joins a kid’s hunting events and shows off his strength in front of everyone, amazing everyone.

And the excuse he gives out is that he was born with divine strength. And no one questions him… Wow.

So, after a few days, he just goes and join an arena to fight people.. why??? Dont ask me.

There he wins every battle and then someone provokes him to a life and death match and this moron becomes angry and decides to fight a battle of death.

After winning the battle, he is then targeted by assassins who wants to kill him because he offended someone behind the scenes…

Oh my fucking god…. This novel is dull, bland abd extremely monotonous.. there is no excitement, no wise MC, no events that will make us happy. Just events that are happening, will happen and an MC whose iq is lower than a chimp.

Overall, average novel and below average execution of the story.

1 month ago
Reply to  Exodus

Bro is always the first to fight and also the last man standing. πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

1 month ago

Ok so, I’ve read about 130+ chapters. The culmination point for all of this was:

when out of nowhere I was right hooked in the face with “martial arts” because of the reincarnation function of the system that upgraded a while ago.

I’d love to say that this is a good book, I’d love to compare it to different novels of the same genre and make comparison. But as it’s an amalgamation between “Warlock of the magus world/The wizard world” and simulator novels you can’t really point at it and say it’s black or white or even gray.
What I can indeed tell you, is that it’s repetitive lack real excitement, as he has a simulator system.

Maybe some of you may remember the scene where Leylin gets his blood-line and upgrades to 2nd? or 3rd? anyway, more powerful and goes on a rampage, vividly remember about him using the poison fang something spell, the thrill of him getting chance getting attack left and right only to slowly push back bit by bit and in the end emerge victorious. Now here, we have a text of simulation where he trains in 1 chapter for circa 300 years to upgrade his realm with no implication to real world.

What I’m getting at is that it feels disjointed, now with the introduction of reincarnation function to the system, I’m not pleased. The author gave him 1 golden finger, then upgraded it, then upgraded it again. Will you stop dude! It’s already dead, the plot is already dead!

Anyway, maybe the novel isn’t for me, I hope some other readers may find this interesting enough to give a try but it’s totally up to you.

1 month ago


1 month ago

Read till 199 chapter ( latest)

He uses his simulator to reincarnate into different worlds. He learns different paths and want to use them to increase his level.

You can read once. But it is pretty bland, but a new take.
MC has lived in many simulations and has lived for many 1000 years, but his progress in his wizarding level is minimum due to his low level talent? I was hoping he use the different paths to make a completely new path. Hope that will be in future.

1 month ago

I understand now, when I read it why everybody is trashing this novel. At the start , you at least see some action, but towards the end ( me at ch. 82 ) you just cant read it. MC stated multiple time, that he needs to be careful not to reveal his power( understandable ), but when he does it, everyone will just brush it off, as if its nothing.

in ch. 82 he will reveal his teacher his power of lv 3 magiv aprentice, but then he will just brush it off as a chance. The problem here is that author build the world, where big chances and small power cant work together. Thou he didnt do much world building, as he more less just explains things with simulator or just states their action, like “They thought so and so, becouse that and that…” Put more dialoge.

1 month ago

BTW, as a conquer of web novels, devouer of words, I am interested in writting a novel. And while I have power structure and world structure more or less done, what I dont have or know if it even exist is story structure for web novel. Cant find it on the net. So if I may ask, does anybody knows any structure good author used in WEBNOVELS? not in books and that. And if you can, could you list stuff you hate in novel, may be plot, character design, world structure, power structure so on.

My n ovel will be about a boy who reincarnates into a diffrent world. There will be power structure based on spirit/soul/body, with existence of talent based on spirit root( spirit ) ( They will be technical and quite special ), and how close you are to DAO( soul ). Body will be just based on rescourse. World will be devided into multiple realm, with each realm sorted into 1 of 4 possible grades.( world is connected to the spirit root. I specialy put my attention to trying to logicly explain structure of cultivation and power system. So tnx for any answer.

1 month ago

My main issue with this one is the name “Willy”

1 month ago

This is so bad. Not only does he have Text simulation he also have Real body simulation and reincarnation simulation.
Even if you like simulation genre, this is one of the trashiest ones

1 month ago

Its another good early concept novel butchered by its own author. The plot is dead yet the author still forced it to live. What a pity.