Wizard: Start From Knight Academy

Wizard: Start From Knight Academy


Sauron travels through another world and starts by becoming a knight!
In this bizarre and dangerous world, all Sauron can rely on is the data panel he carries with him.
By continuously improving his skill level, he gradually embarks on the road to becoming strong, and the truth of this world gradually emerges before his eyes.

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8 days ago

Read up to 40 chapters, the cheat is a proficiency panel which increases skills with repitation. Mc became intermediate knight and then cooperated with a princess with throne struggle to gain family city that is under threat when his father was missing . Now we learn that his father found wizard inheritence and got into deep sleep. Mc is calm, cautious and kind . Not bad read.

8 days ago
Reply to  Mahbub2001

A princess…. Sigh why isn’t it a prince. 😭

Don’t misunderstood, I am not into man, it’s just dead weight women leads to filler arcs.

2 days ago
Reply to  Kennny

Well, it’s princess for romance plot :v if it’s prince, he will become the brother or the one that betray him later… Or… Yaoi plot…

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6 hours ago
Reply to  hirza

So true.

8 days ago

Pedo crap at chapter 42 – 43

Why are shitty stories like this added.

And considering how casually the MC did this, it’s probably going to be a harem. The setup is already there with his father having something like 4 wives.

For anyone with decent tastes, skip it.

Only those with the trashiest tastes will like this novel.

8 days ago

Hi Daoists,
I want to revisit a novel but have forgotten it’s title.
Anyone remember reading below novel?
MC is villain in this novel and overcomes his evil heart. All the protagonist reincarnated hate MC because in their timeline he is pure evil due to him succumbed to his evil heart in that timeline. I remember he has a wife who is also a protagonist who was in love with mc but he didn’t love her in that timeline but now he tries to get her heart since she is useful to him now as she is aware of future events due to her rebirth.

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8 days ago

Kennny here to help~

Bro…. You are resounding the script of “I Am the Fated Villain”, I recommend reading the manhwa instead of the novel though (the art is particularly awesome *wink wink*).

And you messed up at the part where you said all mc hate him, they don’t even know he is a reincarnated person, if I am right, his name should be Gu Changge.

There are many 3rd rate copies of this manhwa circulating these days so be careful.

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8 days ago
Reply to  Kennny

Yes. Thanks a lot, kenny. It seems this novel is not there in this site. That is the reason i was not able to find this novel.

7 days ago

No problem buddy~ actually I also left the link to manhwa and novel in another comment, but someone probably snitched and the comment got erased. πŸ˜“

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8 days ago

“and the truth of this world gradually emerges before his eyes.”

It would have been ten times better if this line was not included in the description, such things usually lead to cliche God behind the scenes or World Saving plot which feels childish to read.

Last edited 8 days ago by Kennny