Wizard: Start With Knight’s Breathing Technique

Wizard: Start With Knight’s Breathing Technique


Travel across different worlds and become a fallen noble lord.

With the help of the proficiency panel, you can start your liver experience with the ancestral knight breathing method, follow the wizard’s footsteps step by step, and embark on a bizarre and mysterious journey.

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2 months ago

Review till chapters upto 140

This is one of the most comprehensive wizard novel.

But unfortunately, it’s quite slow.
Till now he has not become a wizard.
Just learnt some magic spells.

Basically the settings of the continent is
Ruled by Churches
There are heresays
Wizards have gone to other realm so inheritance cut off.

So MC follows knight path + blacksmith

Apprentice –Knight–Great– Ultimate

Pannel shows proficiency and can n help him grind all skills and breathing exercises without level limit.

He is cautious.
No B.S.

Nice plot so far.
Lack of chapters is the only concern.

Good gem

Easy 4/5.

shin - the arrogant young master
2 months ago
Reply to  NoobGoku

It sounds like the knights and wizard World in those simulation novels.

11 days ago

This one is different, mc actually follows through with his knight practice in the wizard world
I don’t want to spoiler but I’d say it brings him powerful mutated organs which are useful and unique in effects

He’s not the usual frail wizard but a meat tank with knight methods for close range and wizard methods for long range both equally powerful, tho he usually bombs his enemies with spells from long range before rushing in and beating them to shit in close range 😂

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2 months ago

not bad at all, better than 99% of the wizard novels

MC is rational and not an emotion less killing machine either, the Knight Path seems to be way more powerful than normal Wizard Novels as the Breathing is tied to Strong or Legendary Creatures of Myth.

the entire novel feels good the pacing is good, no filler than feels unwanted, everything flows nicely, he just entered the Wizard Realms as of Chapter 145.

things happen in this novel seem planned from many chapters before so when the MC gets something is not straight out of nowhere or convenience.


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1 month ago

Cultivation system from wizard world from “Fantasy Simulator”, not 100% copy, but still the same.

11 days ago
Reply to  Yalg

It couldn’t be any more different bro 💀
The novels have 0 in common

26 days ago

Best book I’ve ever read no questions asked. I dont wanna even say anything just read it

11 days ago
Reply to  Leastwrote

True, the beginning chapters might be slow but it really takes off when he goes to the wizard world

25 days ago

It’s barely chapter 86 and Japanese names started to appear among the enemy empires. For Heaven’s sake stop giving fake positive reviews people, there is nothing extraordinary in this novel. Neither mc nor mob villains are smart in the least.

MC has proficiency panel but he keeps getting compared with his father’s talent all the time, like:

His talent is only a little worse than Black Snake Knight.

Few chapters later.

His talent is almost equal to Black Snake Knight.

Some chapters later.

His strength is close to Knight Fred and his talent in swords is also similar.

Only a few chapters later, mc surpassed the Knight Fred by a long way out of nowhere.

He cultivated a random refining method than got shocked to discover its name appearing on proficiency panel.

Basically, this guy never explored the limits of the proficiency panel and just randomly collected bloodline techniques without the fear of getting suspected.

He for used more on developing small cavalry and his land, when they are of literally no use to him. The excuse of using them to earn resources is not satisfactory because most of the resources he uses, about 95% of them, are something he earns from his own efforts (Efforts: Snatching the stuff from random greedy people who tried to rob him and money earned from selling high quality weapons to his enemies).

11 days ago
Reply to  Kennny

Brother have you even read the novel properly? This novel is an easy 5/5

His talent is truly bad (his natural talent) but with proficiency panel his practice speed becomes top notch, before he added the method to his proficiency panel he had to rely on his natural talent (which is bad)

As soon as any method gets added to the panel the progress of his practice becomes faster than any talent

The comparison in talent was a move by author to show how his cheat functions and how strong it is compared to just usual knight talent

As to him using some funds to develop his land? What do you expect him to do, become a hobo with no land, a vagabond ?

Of course he needs to develop his troops and cavalry in the early chapters to defend his land against bandits and other calamities and have a place to stay + stable income.

His land does have use in the early to middle chapters because it brings connections, trade channels where he can buy recourses for practice and at the end of the day it’s still his home

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