Wizard World Journey

Wizard World Journey


Traveling across other worlds to become a little nobleman, surrounded by powerful enemies, the chip is his biggest backing, using his own advantages to crack the inheritance of wizards, and from then on to the road of transcendence, opening an endless journey…

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1 year ago

I like these types of novels and this wizard novel is one of the better ones. Stereotypical AI Chip, world expeditions and conquering, powerful meditation ideas, good wizard ranking system, vast multiverse and character building, though spell crafting is not as emphasized.

If anyone finished reading up the last chapter on this site (684), please comment here if you have found the rest of the novel somewhere that is translated. Though I was prepared to read an incomplete novel, the story is interesting enough for me to want to finish reading.

1 year ago
Reply to  LtKaiser

Chapter 758 here.

1 year ago

chinese name ε·«η•ŒεΎι€”

1 year ago

Any romance??

1 year ago

Hey, why all AI chips novels r wizard related. Cann’t it be a cultivation novel. Just saying, no offense. I haven’t rated this novel. Some suggention good SYSTEM cultivation or martial rts novel please

1 year ago

even with help ai chip, mc is too stupid… mc is very reckless and stupid, mc is shadow mage (speciality in assasination) but he fight head on with preapared fire mage + 2 knight… is his head filled with water…??

1 year ago

Chapter 705-714 didn’t get content please fix!

10 months ago

Yeah, this series is basically a shittier version of a combination between WOTMW and Sorcerer’s Journey, without the satisfaction or the decent world-building, w a pretty dumb and unlikeable MC , if you really wanna read something from this genre just go and read the 2 series I mentioned previously, read this series only if you have nothing better to do.

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