Wuxia Rising Dimension

Wuxia Rising Dimension


What should I do if I get scammed by the system?
How can I survive in this martial arts world?
What do I have to do to find my way home?
This is a story of a young man being fooled into martial arts!

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18 days ago

Find my way home? I wish this line was never there, the era of mc trying to return to their homes have already long over.

Still, I am waiting for someone’s review, from the descriptions of novels alone, I only have three choices left to test.

18 days ago
Reply to  Kennny

So which three novels are you talking about. I can only see one which is worth testing

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18 days ago

The system response too much, I hate AI system.
Also the MC is a slave of the system, it doesn’t want to be there at all the system kidnapped him.
And the system faith points seems like a lousy idea.