Zombie Summoned To Another World

I am a zombie, a thinking zombie.
As a zombie, I just need to be zombies every day.
Because I’m weak, I can’t even grab the big guys. I’m so hungry that I can only live in a muddle-headed way every day, and I can’t even move my mind.
I can’t grab the food, except for the mourners, what else can I do while lying down.
Because he has already died once, it is difficult even if he wants to wait for death.
Until one day, I was summoned to another world by a necromancer. He seemed to give me some orders, but I didn’t understand what he was saying, so I made him backhand and ate him.
Although his meat is very old, awkward and sour, don’t be too picky if you have something to eat.
By devouring the brains of the Necromancer, I gained the lingua franca, basic magic knowledge, and the call of the undead…

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