The Marvelous Dragon Balls
by 竖起的食指
A teenager finds himself in the Marvel World with the Dragon Balls, and has to find a way to survive!
Supreme Naruto
by 召弓
On the first day of his Awakening, Naruto took the first kiss of Hinata. In this regard, Naruto thinks: “I’m
Peerless Emperor System
by 不想打字
“Your Majesty, the pirates are coming!” said a soldier in panic. “Don’t worry, let the ninja assassinate the tactical troops
Kakashi The Strongest Hokage
A soul from earth transmigrates to Naruto world and integrates with Kakashi's soul. A new adventure begins...
One Punch of Justice
by 毒美人
Saitama from One Punch Man has unexpectedly crossed over to the One Piece world. In this vibrant and colorful world
Naruto System In Marvel World
by 亿爵
Zhang Lan unwillingly transmigrated into another world. He reincarnated in marvel world but with a naruto system. The story begins
Twins of Dragon Ball
by 几只钢笔
None yet.
Greatest Pokemon Master
by 滑稽笑容
this is an uncommon story of a common child... born in pallet town... growing up together with Ash and Gary...
Crossing Over to Dragon Ball World
by 豆拌青椒
An ordinary otaku transmigrates to DB World.