Transcendent Dawn
by The Plagiarist & 文抄公
As the mystery of the West gradually unfolded, the ancient gods gradually recovered, and a world full of freshness began
Strongest Myth System
by 任我笑
Passing through to become the emperor, but fortunately God did not let Qin Jun despair, activate the myth system! All
Best Boasting System
by 东门不庆
my boasting will break the heaven and split the earth. my boasting will turn upside down the sun and the
Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable
by 五花牛
After waking up in the body of the Young Master of the Luo family, he finds he has the knowledge
Peerless Genius System
by Straw Is Also Crazy & 稻草也疯狂
After breaking up with his girlfriend, he accidentally acquired a genius system and rose from there against the heavens, becoming
Scholar’s Advanced Technological System
by Morning Star LL & 晨星LL
After suffering from a heat stroke while working under the scorching heat of summer, Lu Zhou, a hardworking but poor
The Amber Sword
by Fei Yan & 绯炎
An RPG gamer who played the realistic VRMMORPG ‘The Amber Sword’ for years, finds himself teleported to a parallel world
Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal
by Chen Ji Tang Hong Dou & 辰机唐红豆
“I have to squander; otherwise, won’t it be a waste of my parent’s talent at earning money?” Hong Dali answers
I Am In Marvel
by 徐少一
During the Second World War, Kyle looked at Captain America standing straight and proud before him. Suddenly, a series of