Xuanhuan Reading System
by 月白
after waking up, Yun Fan found that he had transmigrated into a Xuanhuan World and became a waste handyman of
A Cheeky Kendo God
by Piao Ling Huan
An ordinary juvenile who just wants to eat and drink by cheating. An Archaic Divine sword. An impressive and sacrificing
System Supplier
by 凿砚
Li Yu, transmigrating to another world, learned he is even weaker than a child. Luckily, he has obtained the Shop
Primal Chaos Ancestral Dragon Secret Art
by 沧海一笑
Swallowing the remnant soul of Burning Heaven Demon Emperor, obtaining the Primal Chaos Ancestral Dragon Secret Art, transforming the meridians
Eternal Martial Dao
by 月中阴
There are many paths to reach divinity but genes are Human forbidden path, one of the path to reach divinity,
Incense Into The Shinto
by 文抄公
The protagonist Fang Ming was a ghost in the land temple by the gods of the land, and became the
Primordial Inextinguishable Secret Art
by 骑着蜗牛去旅行
Enslaved by the Ye Family since birth, Ye Yang broke free of the shackles of slavery and created his legend.
Celestial Emperor of Primal Chaos
by 娶猫的老鼠
The first good fortune of Heaven and Earth appeared in the Ten Directions Heaven, causing a war among the ten
Supreme Dragon Totem
by 娶猫的老鼠
This is a story of how a teenager with a sacred body can become the supreme world. This is also