3. St. Gallen at the United Kingdom · Galery Magic Academy –

   Testimony of Professor Paul Egbert von Grauman

 Haruka, far away, welcome. I do not want to have much honor, but I hope you can relax.

 Anyway, what is it? The higher court of the Kingdom of Arquél seems to have been endowed with budget and personnel. Although it is a survey of the inheritance problem of the Countess, it does not bother to go abroad to go abroad.

 What? Did you come to find out what you want to know? Traveling on vacation rather than business trip? With private expense instead of government expenses?

 Hahahahah! No no, it's fine! The passion, curiosity that you wish to know is embraced! It is really wonderful! For us alchemist than the intelligence to see all things than magical power shaking heaven and earth! It's the qualities that should be prepared for the rest!

 How are you, a customer. Can you join the door of?? Are you still young, too? From now on, you will not be late to learn on this road?

 ……I don't agree. I am sorry to hear that.

 All right. All right. Let's get down to business.

 It was about Ovenyl. He was indeed an excellent student. Although I was enrolled for only one year, one month, and twenty-third days, the results I left during that time are too large to count with fingers of both hands and feet. That extraordinary material is my Department of Alchemy ……No, even if we comprehend the history of our university as a whole, it will not be elsewhere. It is regrettable. If it comes to dropping out in the middle of the grade, now maybe he is waving his arms as the right arm of Eagle, or he may have been sitting in this chair.

 Om… Do not you make a fairly surprising face. Is it strange that Mr. Praise compliments him?

 Apparently it seems he heard an unusual scandal about him after hearing it.

 There is no choice. The history of alchemy is also the history of fight between prejudice and understanding. Because of that name, it is full of misunderstandings and mistakes. Alchemy – The act of converting iron or lead into gold is just one of several attempts on this path. Metamorphism of substances, higher order of spirit … …The original purpose is such. The early academic mountaineer imitated monkeys with guesswork and showed it dyed yellow. Nevertheless, as if it was essence, the story of the world spreading, like the alchemy and the fraudsters' work as it was seen. It's about 400 years ago. In the rumor that such molds have grown, the people are still being danced.

 /(int) hmm/I see/hrm/ I got interested. What a guest. Let me ask you one thing, the anecdote of him who you know and the impression about it. It would be interesting to know how alchemy is captured in your country through evaluation of that man in your country. Besides, it is a bit boring that only a few will be a narrator. It is not bad to say that the souvenir story literally is a souvenir.




 It is unexpectedly difficult to get secular understanding.

 ……/(int) (1) (arch) unh (sound of physical exertion)/oof/(2) wow/whoa/(3) yes/(3) yes What happened?

 Are you not angry? Does not it make me angry if it exploits such a technique that I have learned so seriously?

 There is nothing special to wish for.

 Human subject research Did you use slaves? Do you not mind how much noble flowing blue blood, how much dirty blood will flow? Does it mean something wrong? Although I am dark in your code, I remember that the treatment of slavery was roughly the same in every country. Hmm, are there still any differences? Then there is no problem.

 What are u saying? What if you are hungry? Surely it is not a good looking thing. But what about it?

 Besides, alchemy is something that approaches the truth of the world and the secret of life. And truth is often cruel, and life is supposed to possibly also have a bad side. You can look after you, you have held a woman. … ….What is blushing? It's not embarrassing. Is not the union of men and women the noble ceremony that spirits the next life? Uh?

 You say your story is diverted? Ha ha ha, tell me what. To tell you a parable so that it is easy for you to understand.

 Have you felt that the story of what you did with a woman embraced and inferior care? You seemed not to talk about the nature 's act of making a child all over? What you thought about the experiment of Ovenyl is coaxial with that.

 It is not a living thing, it goes into the fine and goes into the fine, and as she explores it, it shows us the ugly, ugly and hideous side. For example, meals. Humans, if you do not eat it will starve and die. That's why I eat rice. If you eat, you will be hungry, full of vitality, you can connect your life to tomorrow. What will happen to what I ate at this time? Whatever gastronomy is included in the mouth, it is bitten by the teeth, ground with tongue, covered with saliva ……It also looks like a mystery. It goes through the esophagus, falls into the stomach's perception, and is digested without a trace so that no shape remains. In that way, the dish which the cooker adorned beautifully is also unchanged from ugly slime. It further goes to the intestine, absorbing nutrients and moisture in the body … …Finally it is stool out from the buttocks. Yes, it is shit. As for the gastronomic praise by the royal family as well as the wheat gruel that the lower people talk about, once you eat, the way back is feces or anti-respiratory.

 Research, it is. It is something that will not advance unless it is necessary to look at such ugly mechanism inevitably.

 Let's say that diarrhea has become popular in this country. If you want to calm this, you should observe in detail the indefinite, smelly and dirty flight like water that the patient drips. What kind of work did it end up in such a form? How can I return the patient's body so that this fecal form is excreted in a routine form, a routine number of times? I will not go as far as seriously considering it. His experiment is too much to exist in that extension. Thought unfamiliar, it seems to be bizarre, cruel and miserable.

 Is it an object of Ovenyl's research? That's because she was a multicultural man. Anything that interests me rabbits, that I can hand out was random. Compilation of research history from the field of mechanical function such as improvement of laboratory instruments. Formulation of spirit, preparation of homunculus, creation of chimeras, casting of dresses. I did everything. However, it is also a stepping stone to drive in favorite research.

 It is still the biological field that he especially worked seriously. It is also an area that is fundamental to life. Why is a person? Why do people think of things? Why is a person born? Why do people die? Why, Why, Why, Why … …I wonder how many days I have considered the answers to such endless questions.

 I have left such a paper. [Correlation between brain function and soul in life. This is probably what you probably heard about him, and it is like a culmination of areas you would have felt particularly disgusted. Let me scratch and tell you.

 Firstly, prepare a slave for the experiment. … ….This, it will not become a back then. That's why Taka is confused by the hearings.

 It is. He opened the subject 's head and paralyzed a part of the function. Do you understand the function of the brain? … ….You do not know? Do not know? /(int) whoa/yikes/ How is that! Have people of the world been ignorant of the origins of life so far! !

 ……Sorry, I was upset.

 Well, it's a bit chewy. The brain controls the mind and body of living things. If you destroy the brain, you can not live? What careful man wouldn't? As the country that lost the essential king is disturbed by the thousands, the human body who has lost the brain commander tower stops every function. Heart also stops. I'll die. This is the way to end the ability of the brain to manage the workings of the body. Do you know this neighborhood? Do not know. Well, it is OK.

 Next is the work of the mind. Thinking things, feeling the emotions, the brain is undertaking work on such hearts. Even if you do not understand, you should feel it with your skin. When you mimic a madman, most people do not say like this. I mean, she's crazy. exactly?

 It is there that Aubuniru focused on. It is crazy, crazy. How is that heart and soul so far?

 In order to know that, first prepare subjects in a healthy state. Then divide its head and destroy the part of the brain that is also controlling the heart. Some have a feeling part, others have parts to save memories, and so on. Naturally, subjects go insane.

 So, euthanize it.

 ……Oh, ask me till the end. Separately, he did not want to kill him at the end of going crazy. It is because it is necessary for research. Keep your mind flat and listen calmly. Why should I prescribe a sedative? You can calm down soon. What do you not need? Now, you can calm yourself with your own power.

 Here is the main point. In this magic academy, there are magicians in various fields for each department. Ovenyl was a multicultural man, but there still exist a different lineage of fields inevitably. Is it a matter of course for a magician? Especially for this research, there is a necessary technique, but I can not remember him by all means. He asked for assistance in exchange for some aid to other departments and joined a magician.

 It is a necromancer. … ….I have a blue face on each occasion, is it okay? Don't interrupt.

 He called a spirit of a subject who died with paralyzing a part function of the brain by a gemmatism technique. Dialogue with the soul and weighing its psyche, observed obstacles due to injuries to the brain by the living body, and thereby the influence of the soul.

 Then how is it! I understood amazing things!

 Many of the subject's souls, their degree of madness was proportional to the time course after surgery! For example, memory loss! Even those who forced all of them to forget, those who promptly died remembered the memories of their lives. But those who took time did not understand even words!

 Do you understand this meaning? Through his experiments, it proved that the brain also played the role of processing the information gathered from the ears and delivering it to the soul! Insanity was a phenomenon that occurred because the soul kept sent mad information from the brain! And the soul, the memory, and the consciousness were different things even if they had influenced in a similar way! That guy has done it with a superb proof of proof of such mystery!

 It will be a great discovery! You should have listened to a fairy tale when you were young. An evil magician who transcends the great heroes, exchanging old bodies with external law ……That is not an illusion! It was possible! If you can transfer the soul to another body!

 All attempts to reproduce it until now have failed. What careful man wouldn't? Even though they are descendents, even though we can talk to the soul of the deceased, we can not talk about how it has been made up to now. However, it will be different from now on! What? Memory with the soul! Maintain the two firmly, transplant to the body that can maintain consciousness in a healthy way! Then people can keep their existence in this world forever!

 Of course I can not do it now. Although there is a theory, there is no technique of practice. However, the first step for that was written. Pseudo immortality. That guy stepped into the first step approaching the best proposition of alchemy!


 Oops, I was disturbed again. Just remember the uplift at that time. This old bone was beautifully lurking.

 Obe il 's guy seems to have already devised this hypothesis at a pretty early stage – perhaps before enrolling. Anyway, I was used to fingering the human brain. I will not announce it, because there was not a transmitter for demonstration. It is really wonderful. I will devote himself to studying to build not only advanced theories within this teens, but also to obtain a proposal to prove it. It is an alchemist's account book.

 But even though it was a board meeting. I pulled him out with a dull habit. A great alias such as a wise council cries. Oh, I will regret and regret too!

 Reason for schooling? I do not know the details in detail. The academy 's professor will be research and lecture duties. Therefore, 儂 basically does not enter the private life of the student basically. I should have touched his person a bit now. If we were to observe the circumstances, we could have been able to eavesdrop … …Oh, this is to say that you miss the big fish!

 Well, that's right. Because he only talked about his research, he only talked about research. I'm gonna have a lot of debate.

 Did you not eat dinner or something? As I said earlier, I will. What kind of meal it is, at the end of the day, it is shit from the buttocks. You only have to get nutrition promptly. There will be no hobbies devoting time to such things. Moreover, it is extremely inefficient such as talking with people. What does it mean to eat and talk, to do two different behaviors in parallel? Separate what you can divide, that person will be promptly done. Is that wisdom of people?

 Well, I will let you know if it is about the age. No wonder students, they made a fight with him. I heard that it was a long love. Of course, that student took out his hand. That ovenyl would not like unnecessary turmoil or whatever? At the end I was caught back and suffered a serious injury in half a semester and a death, and in addition I was ashamed in front of the public. I would have hated it and kicked him out. The other party is in this country ……What is it …?Anyhow it seemed that it was the blood of the high aristocracy.

 Slave maid? Oh that? That was a good thing! Among the work of OBNILL, it is especially a masterpiece! Integration of function and modeling, the golden ratio was god hoarding!

 If you say so, do not feel like it was the target of Yokoiko and Yara. It's a stupid story. Even though he himself did not want to beat up with him also. I wanted to dissect by all means, but it is a pity. It is blasphemous as well, such as turning a petty sexual desire.

 What is that? It's just a human being. However, it is high-performance until it is terrible. It was as much as I thought at first that he was a homunculus. It seems that it is a result of continuous introduction of a human-reinforced spirit, and carefully advanced training and education.

 Monster It is a different, monster-like person. It is neither chimera nor homunculus. It is a genuine human being. But it is terribly a product of advanced alchemy. Instead of simply attaching visible capabilities externally, carefully raise the performance up the path. If you transplant factors of other living things like chimeras, it certainly will be strong. However, the risk of rejection will inevitably accompany, and the later extensibility will also be adversely affected. I guess I hated it. It is that maid that has made humans beyond human beings by giving drugs with fewer side effects to the steady state and accumulating efficient training.

 In other words, it is an artificial hero. Is there a common legend too? A story of a brave who gained practicing extraordinary work under the philosopher and gained power without violence. It is just the story that an alchemist acted on behalf of that … …The terrible thing is the time when I thought about it and started. In this way it takes awfully much time, and once you fail, you will not be able to redo. Probably, both he and that should both be "producing" from a single-digit age. That's why I finished it perfectly that way. It was humbling with Ovenyl, only the material was good, etc. Is it a story to make you laugh? Where the hell do you know that there is an alchemist who finishes his work so far, leaving himself selfish as a child?

 What, is it illegal? Tell me what. I prescribed the proper medicine, I looked after the rainy day and the wind day by side, just carefully raised it. That was the only thing he did. Is it illegal in your country? It will be different. Rather, is not it a blessing to say that slaves are overdone to suffer?

 Oh, it's fading blue. Do you have a chronic illness? I can understand if it is impressed and blushes my cheeks ….

 Is listening good so far? Have you been able to listen to his work as an alchemist enough?

 As a place where I can not speak yet, …There is no choice if you are not feeling good. Bad physical condition, brain blood circulation will be bad. In such a situation, the efficiency of work also falls. Please take care of yourself.

 Oh, if you want to know how to act as a student of him, I am aware of former classmates. Let me write letters of introduction now. It is a lucky thing. It is rare, for example, that knows the student's friendship relationship.

 By the way, you. What if you do not really plan on alchemy?

 ……I am sorry to hear that. Even if you are not as hopeful as Obedil 's talented arm, my gates are poor in human resources. 儂 is a short, old boy's older. Those who are willing to commit a new affair or who complete an immortal study before the death falls somewhere … ….

 4. St. Gallen at the United Kingdom · Galery Magic Academy –

   Study Fredellica · Julianna · von · Castelbern's testimony

 Introduction of Professor Grauman? That is unusual. It is for him to move his hands for something other than research. I wonder if he was in a good mood?

 So, what kind of direction do you want?

 Ha, Saru 's inheritance survey, and so on.

 ……Ovenyl? No way, you mean that Trius-Shernan-Ovenil?

 Oh, what a thing! What? I can not hear that man at times when I can not remember it properly!

 - That's our guy. I do not have anything like personal friends or friends with him. That man sprinkled a nasty thing unilaterally, and every time I was forced to stumble at the end. I used to face my favorite student well, so the professor would have remembered me. Otherwise, there is no reason that one of the researchers is remembered so much that they match the face and person's name. Indeed, why was such a poor loser drawn by merely being enrolled in the same seminar?

 What? It seems to be quite detailed, but was it even making friends? Is that a joke of your name? I did not say anything in the past, there is not such a thing at all. In general, I do not think that he can make imitations such as romantic love to the man, much less like women liked it, it must be fiddled with the brain like those who were his victims I can not get it.

 Do you understand? Then, please withdraw the previous remarks. Were you coming from the High Court, you also know enough about the existence of an insulting sin?

 ……Very well.

 Let's do it shortly. Because it is just a story that makes each other unpleasant. Well, I guess I can enjoy villainous third-rate comedies, such as those who are interested in the story about that man.

 It was Spring three years ago when I met that man. As I mentioned earlier, it was the same seminar. It was rumored among the students before the course started. Because alchemy is closed misunderstood among fields belonging to magic. I wonder what kind of weirdo it is to learn until studying abroad from another country.

 Oh, please stop my misunderstanding. I do not mean that we have put in enough to forsake humanity for alchemy, like a heresy that makes me cranky or a profound grauman professor. The purpose is to learn the medical application of alchemy. Some plagues do not accept curative magic, and magical users are rare, are not they? In that respect, even medicine can be mixed with poor magical power, and you can make a certain amount at once.

 Let's keep it with you. Although it is study abroad, actually it seems to be in accordance with the recommendation from the family. Although I do not know in detail, I thought that my older brother was sneaking out of allegiance raising from allegiance and my father who came in too inhumane research took out like a troublesome payout, and that way I heard the message. As my view, I think both are possible stories. If you put that fever, it is unlikely that you will serve as a politician of a responsible Earl, and if you conduct such studies day and night at home, you will be nervous as a real parent.

 Is it the first impression? It was in warm order, perhaps a harmless person. From the rumor, it was something I was surprised at that difference because I imagined a person who did not pay attention to research other than research, such as making Grauman young as it is. Clean clothing that is dressed, lacking in styling but clean. Although it is not a multi-disciplinary person, I will answer clearly if I talk to it. As long as it is ordinary, it will be unlikely to be standing as a guru of the Earl.

 Just Uni-san, I could not get a bit of getting a maid connected by a collar of slave signs from my parents home.

 But, it is a face facing upright. You also have it, do not you? Face when encouraging in duty and face with colleagues. A face when relaxing and looking towards your family. A face when there is no translation, no matter who you are alone. Everyone has many faces, but in his case his head was too aggressive.

 It was at the time of practice of dissection that I noticed it. … ….Please do not make such a face. With me, it is not a pleasure to cut out the person's dead body. Because it is in compulsory lecture to the last. Like Ovenyl, I do not have a hobby to do dissection until I fix my dead myself.

 It was about that time, but I was the first time to uncover the human body. In the absence of the fact that a citizen finds himself falling down on the roadside, a slave who suffered an accident at home gave a death in front of himself, a goddess lost his finger or a person's death I did not have it. But, despite being a living thing, putting a scalpel on the dead was a different feeling from them. It is the instructor who actually did the surgery. But I feel sorry for seeing the inside of a carcass and seeing it inside again, it is a relaxing face I saw earlier again, it was inside a grotesque belly, I felt such a stinky smell of medicine and death smell Inside, this way …My breasts became bad. I had a terrible nausea that pushed hard things up from the back of my stomach, and the body trembled with clattering, now I got out of practice and wanted to escape to the dorm bed.

 I remember being something miserable somewhat. Although I wanted to save the people suffering from disease, I entered the academy until my parents' opposition was overwhelming, its first step ……The stage of learning about the structure of the human body on the field. I thought of myself being disgusted anymore, a serious human being. But I also did not want to run away really. I diverted my eyes from the specimen. So I decided to see the face of my classmate. If they also had a face like me, I can still endure. If I do not like this and I feel like I want to return right now, if you are the same. In that case, assume that everyone goes through, it will stay with it. Actually it is only because I could not see the opened body, but now I think that I was thinking about such a thing.

 All the other students had uniformly blue faces. Like me, it was my first time to attend dissection. Oh, I thought that I was not the only one who was afraid of it, I was out of breath of out of place. When they noticed what I was like, they seemed to be out of my shoulders as I sympathized with them.

 However, most people were people who were walking down while changing their complexion like me, but there were exceptions.

 First of all, those who showed strong rejection to anatomy more than us. I guess he was not good at it. First of all, when one person ran silently in the corridor while holding down the mouth, about two people left and then left following it. I did not have a word to apologize for Nakaza, but I can not see how the lecturer was concerned. Every year there is one who escapes without being able to endure this practice. I understand your feelings. Even I did not want to do it, even if I get used to it, I do not feel well.

 Next, people who had experienced dissection before admission. Because I admired desperately for alchemy, the enthusiastic person sometimes conducts research on my own before learning at the Academy. Of course, the dissection is also. Such a person was knocking down on a light tap with their peers, or by immersing themselves in a sense of superiority looking at the trembling with the first experience, it was a wind that had been done smoothly as well. To be honest, I do not think it is a very good hobby.

 The end ……Yes, it is Ovenyl. He did not change his / her complexion, he silently watched the progress of his practice. At first I also thought that it was crisp that I had autopsy sometimes. No, it certainly was already experienced. However, like this …Even compared to other experienced people, his atmosphere was heterogeneous. I thought in mind unintentionally. Because it seemed to have returned if I did not distract him. Anyway I wanted to distract. So I tried to compare his differences with other experienced casually.

 I understood the difference soon. Some people have something to do with other dissections, but they are still different from usual. I felt like I was feeling upright or seemed to be drunk, or anything but a different look. It will be the same. It is touched by the death of a person though it is how much it is used. It is difficult to maintain the same feeling as everyday in such situations. In that sense, they were still half a half. It is about getting used to anatomy, it will become able to switch feelings to your usual feelings while maintaining tension. While making sure that you do not think deeply about the fact that you are carving the corpse and observing it, you will be able to sharpen your hands and eyes only. The mouth gets lighter, you look down on the surroundings, that is how you get used to it. I am self-suggesting that I am experienced and I am pretending to be fine. If it counts, it will be understood.

 Ovenyl was different. It was different from the teacher 's teacher and me now being practiced several times. He was as usual as usual. It does not mean that I refuse to turn blue or run away, it does not mean I will raise my mood and misunderstand upset and I will not switch my feelings with myself. It was the same as when I was talking with my alumnus, drinking soup at the cafeteria, reading a book at the library. I was adapting there without switching my mind.

 Thoughtlessly, my spine became cold. When you are involved in human life, when you touch death. What kind of heart is it that you can stay in the same color eyes as it is? The moment when that question came up, I felt sick and nervous – I also jumped out of the practice room.

 Is it funny? Surely it is. In other words, it is one thing that one is aware of. If it can only determine a person, nobody is going to have trouble going around. At first I was thinking that it was just a misunderstood that I felt sick with my practice. However, there are such things as cheap and insect bites, do not you think? When I felt sick when I felt sick, there was once an experience that I thought that it was a disgusting premonition, or that it was a prelude to misfortune, coupled with later events?

 ……It was like I was the only one who felt Obedil 's attitude as suspicious in that practice. I myself thought that it was a silly belief, and for a while he treated him as a simple alumnus.

 He was not a popular person never in the seminar, but it was widely accepted by alumni. In addition to that, he seems to have been in active contact with students and lecturers from other departments. Is the alchemy department a little closed compared to other departments? It is the role that an alchemist has mainly played in using supplies necessary for magical research, such as spirits and laboratory instruments. Still, other magicians treat it like a subcontractor or a convenience store rather than the same magician. Even just a bit lower, ovenyl going out by pushing it is tremendously odd from around.

 Yes, ma'am, his wife. Ordinarily, if you can actively enter the circle of people like that, you ought to collect perseverance as it is, do not you? It is an alchemist with good skill, people are also calm, so it is even more. But there was no one to call him a specific friend. Always stay with someone, smile a smileful smile, if you ask, mostly listen to the skill as an alchemist to listen. So it was strange whether or not friends could not be made or not to make.

 If I think about it, it was similar to the merchant's handling. Approach with a smiling face that will make people relief, stand up to be good at holding people and provide things people want. Perhaps, he probably intended from the beginning. Do not connect friendship, but connect your face. It is building connection. In doing so, we will progressively prepare for the next research that we could not do individually ….

 Have you heard from Professor Grauman? His most infamous study. Yes, a demon experiment that artificially created that madman and killed him, and examined the condition of his soul. In order to do that, you would have embraced an operative who could use spiritism? Likewise, there were many studies that borrowed power from other fields. His network of connections should have been doing for that purpose. In order to maintain relationships with trading partners, merchants should avoid private interaction, but still do not want to be informed.

 That's what I did well. As I heard the outline a few times, my head was repeating experiments that seemed to be somewhat weak, so the voice that said Ovenyl well better in a blink was gone. I also remembered again that the disgusting feeling I learned in dissection practice was not a mistake. But, the students never refused to trade with him. Sometimes the lecturers are also there. Just a little help, he got a price more than the effort from him. Precious medicine, homemade dress, anything. Sometimes even slaves with scarce abilities seemed to be working. If research is a demon 's work, this is a demon' s deal. As long as you are stepping into the field as it is, most of the people who are here are still young students or scientists with poor social experience. The load was overkilling to repel sweet temptation.

 Is it a slave? It seems they have bought in the market of the city. Enhance it with dubious medicine or surgery and transfer it to the dealer. Absolutely, it was not an illegal act. The owner 's freedom to deal with slaves. That is the same in every country. I try to sell it to others to frenky with alchemy. If it was chimera, golem, homunculus, it could be caught under the name privately owned by dangerous creatures. It is a form that strikes the clearance of the law stunningly. Good girl, it is a shame that it is a work of bad knowledge.

 But in the long run it will be pursued by the Academy, so I do not know the world.

 Cause caused Ovenyl school? Oh, you wanted to know that most? Also from the professor Are you listening to the extent? I heard that if you talk about it early.

 That was the moment I got up to the second grade. Certainly Auburn temporarily returned home that the father is in danger, soon after he came back. This academy was also when I was lively and welcoming new students. Even among newcomers, that man was rumored. Although dealing with him is not illegal, it is dark enough behind and it never speaks to people in vocabulary, but still can not you stand the door in the mouth of a person? A student with a relationship with him was talking about that to his juniors. Did you want to brag about the items you got from him, did you do instead of a ghost story to threaten your young, or did you teach about the actress behind the school by kindness? Everything seems likely, though.

 So one of the new students was interested in OBNILL rumors. If you pay the money to him, you can get a superior slave cheaply. She seems to have thought so. – That's our guy. It is a careless lesson, but … ___ ___ 0When you get a slave to serve as a source of honor desire.

 From a person who knows about him it is a stupid story. Obedil was a man, certainly a man closer to a merchant than a nobility wizard. However, there is a place severe for marriage. For those with little return, we will only deliver the corresponding items. In the first place, it was mainly used for slaves handled by him, such as escorts and labor service. … ….Well, it is said that there is nothing you can not do if you asked, but it seems that the slave you use for that kind of thing also said that because it is high from the purchase price it does not pay. Which way, the new boy 's boy will not get what he wants.

 Of course, the transaction quickly broke down. The boy is also a family aristocrat of this country, it is a family pattern that looks as good as the executive board of the Academy, so it should be a price you can withdraw a little if impossible. However, he believed that cheap and good slaves are available. Well, if you can cooperate with the research of Ovenyl, you can get it at the low price as expected, or you do not need to pay for it if you do better. But that would be a severe requirement for freshmen who just entered in a few weeks ago.

 If you withdrew it, it would have done nothing. But the boy has met there. It is not merely a subject of desire, I would like to get it in exchange for anything. Yeah, Mr. Uni – he's a maid.

 She was also famous in campus. Even looking from my eyes, it was a beautiful one. Refined living behaviors with well-organized facial features. The absence of charm that does not even strike nicely was a scratch on the ball, but the figure that gently strikes toward the shadow of the master is not an exaggeration to say that it is the ideal image of the follower who is a fellow who arises in the aristocracy. … ….As a slave to Obeyur, I heard that it is followed by children since childhood, but his parents spoiled his son too much, did not he? Even though I took shape or education, even if I made magical powers felt from her, they were all first-class items. Even though my eyes are dazzling by the cute loveliness, I can only think that it was educated exactly after banging out the top class slapper by hitting the extra large pieces.

 Well, he is a stakeholder. There were some rumors that had no crazy things about her. Actually, it is a homunculus made by Oveni, or it is a fresh golem that selects parts from a dead body that killed and combines ……I will laugh. Even if such a magical creature has a distinctive signature and it is deceived to it, it will inevitably be caught in the sensing magic. I actually saw his work. Certainly the thing that put emphasis on modeling was only to be regarded as a real person, but after all it is caught as a magical creature in the operation ceremony.

 Oh, the story has diverted. So that's the story of a freshman.

 He looked at Mr. Uni at a glance and totally inserted it. When I saw a silver collar showing slave status on her neck, he forgot to mention the deal which was broken earlier, he asked me to hand it over.

 - Ask, hand over her, never do not handle it roughly, if she wishes, let's release it from the status of slavery, it is serious.

 Good girl, I could say it with the mouth I asked for selling cheap women slaves just now. But, perhaps, it might be a love story. Both shame and foreign press, both the past and the future, blown away, only you can see the other party. If only you can, it can not be stupid just that feeling.

 However, I refused Ovenyl. The negotiations mentioned earlier about the conditions presented by the opponent, and there were clauses to respond if possible, but this time it is not even this time. She alone does not sell. That was Auburn's answer. Professor Grauman, who complemented him, seems to have been interested in Mr. Uni, but I heard that even a professor who was a benefactor did not touch you. I do not think that I would forgive him for anything beyond that for a first-time classmate.

 The boy fell to the answer of Ovenyl. At the request – in his subjectivity – he was able to watch his feet, let him see a beautiful woman as a slave on it, and refused himself without making a patroness of his feelings towards her. In his eyes Obernil could have seen the evil demon who captured the princess. Although I do not pass anything, I agree that Ovenyl is a rogue. In any case, the boy who lost me with anger suddenly shot the oven to magic.

 But the attack did not even reach Ovenyl. Mr. Uni was caught, did not he? She not only has strong magical power, it seems that magical skill was also excellent. Preventing the magic of the boy with a barrier spell immediately, saying that there was no disarray of clothes, not scratches.

 It is a boy who can not bear it. Because it was ruined by a person who fell in love at first glance just because it gave a surprise to an upper class even rudely. Although he is in the non-nation, I feel sympathy.

 The boy shouted with a shit.

 - Sneaky! More than to make a woman a shield!


 What are you trying to do on your own … …. Do you think so? But, well, what is. If I do not say so, is not myself being miserable? Temporarily sneaking up senior students, that their badges have never cried towards the desire. The thing that I was reluctantly asked for the painful request earlier, and that the attacks that occurred so far did not even reach it. I think that his words are like a scream mixed with such guilt and humiliation. I can not afford to take any further defense, though.

 As I noticed, there were quite a few people on the spot. The place for talks was because it was a room in the dormitory Oven. It is natural that a dormitory student will hear it if it makes a noise. The boy noticed them, but did not hesitate to ring the oven none loudly.

 It is a demon who is an unreliable student who scatters bribes, a demon who repeats experiments unexpectedly with people, a colored man who forcibly slaves and handles a woman … …Well, some facts were mixed, but the third word I would like you to tell me after I saw myself.

 The surrounding air was instantly dyed in the color that Ovenyl was a bad guy. Of course, I will agree with you with full power. Although nothing of this case is on the side of the boy, it does not mean that OBNILL 's past wrongdoing will not be canceled. There was no one to shoulder to Ovenyl, but only a few stayed. Many of the students who had good eyes to have him take advantage of because he was afraid of the crowd and was in the back. It is because it keeps dating only on the upper side at all. Besides, Oven was lending hands to the students of the same seminar who mainly arranges desks and some magicians who asked for cooperation. Nature, the side which was not given to the spill – The number of people who had antipathy to Ovenyl became a large number.

 Someone shouted in a rough atmosphere.

 I sentence you to trial by combat.

 - A freshman has challenged the battle against the snake fellow of Oveni!


 Separately there is no such thing, but the figure that conflicts in a full-blown horseback horse is invisible as a composition to challenge a battle. Several of the excited students misunderstood that way without permission.

 The boy who is a freshman got bigger. The position quickly changed from a loser pretending to a woman who dared to attack an upper-class student and dyed it, challenging the big and evil. I quickly reshuffled the elegance of the aristocratic revelation and applied for a fight to O'Bronn.

 - The previous stroke weakened its power immediately instead of throwing gloves and because she was caught.

 - In a one-on-one battlefield, think that there is no such worry.

 As I added nothing that I did not need. If you attacked the battle before the battle, what would you do? Nonetheless, as people gathered in this way, the villain can not escape to the rockstone. Because it was a man who does not like dispute about the alarming people, there is no hurried translation in the duel. Nevertheless, I do not know what will happen if I escape before the crowd who is starting to get drunk in this mood before. It could possibly be a big riot. He would have played such calculations. In the end it would be less risky depending on the fight. Otherwise, it was his way to avoid definitive matters.

 I forgot to mention, but this academy prohibits me from fighting. Because the battle between the magicians will cause damage not to be stupid even though skirmishes between students. It is not amusing if a dead man comes out. So it is possible that considerable heaviness may come down, but people rarely break this rule in the first place. The faculty side's response was also delayed. Also, it seems that the items and new theory which rose Ovenyl had become influential on the political equilibrium inside the campus at this time … …. Some of the boards and professors may have seen painful eyes in this duel or people who think that it would be good to be the worst dead. Otherwise, we can resort to actions pursuing what we have fought. Have you thought so? It is speculative to the last.

 The battle was then taken place in the square in front of the dormitory, without interruption. The opponent was a notorious valve, notoriously O'Bronn, who knows what to do with time giving. Wisdom works for a short circuit.

 Around the time, a fuss also arrived at the girls' dormitory, so I took a rush with my friend. At that time, I did it, somehow I was in the role of collecting the riot caused by Ovenyl, so I was taken to be taken over by my friend. I was surprised when I first heard it. He is a kind of bad guy who scratches and abuses the law, even a bad person. I do not think it will cause such a direct and responsible situation and it was not thought that it was goofy stupidity. There is no possibility that a detailed work can be ruined with a rough one hand. At last it felt dark pleasures that the time has come for that villain to imitate that paradise. Do not let out the heaven 's net and spill it out.

 It was just before the battle began when I arrived. The fresh student 's boy has an impressive faceless appearance. It was confident. Our alchemists are lacking in magical power. Originally, there is not much popularity and it is a business that can not expect a good career, so it seems that such people will become nature. As opposed to a boy, as a nobleman, a popular magician department. It is a category that raises magicians who follow the common image as they run around the battlefield with combat magic. It is a genuine fighting faction. We are not going to be late for alchemists and others who are not ready. It seemed that he said that with silence and expression.

 You looked as usual for Ovenyl against you. Well, it was really calm. I had eyes that remained constant. It was my eyes that I got a lecture, chatting with my alumnus, getting into reading, seeing dead bodies cut down, carving a living human's head, and doing that kind of things as usual. He changes the color of his eyes either when the result of the experiment, whether successful or not, comes up when the idea of ​​a new experiment emerges, otherwise it is about when you get the materials and decorations of the upper object . Say good things in front of the boy, but does not think pebbles around the wayside. That is, it is synonymous with us that we have been living everyday with like him looking like that kind of thing like that.

 While doing so, the battle began. It is an ancient funny fellowship involving witnesses one by one. The witness at the boy's side said something dashing, but I do not remember it much. I was more interested in Obeyur who was able to stand up on the witness. Uni says, what is the matter, is there a status problem? There is nothing else to refrain from behind in the official place. Then, those who stand in the position to stand against him. The owner's witness was a student of the Departamentist Department who participated in the experiment of the example. In that crazy experiment. Since he was known to have participated in such a thing, he probably could not say that he was irrelevant at this time. Pardon me.

 Did you hear from the professor the results of the battle? Obedyl won. The boy who challenged him was a terrible serious injury. What kind of expansion is it? I do not want to talk much about it, but I really want to ask you. … ….It can not be helped.

 Although it is said that it is not a complicated story though. Obeyur was indeed settled from a peaceful day with a handmade defensive dress. If I thought that it was scattering around the economy well, just the inventory at hand was enough to sell literally. It is the beginning that drinks amulet in the bosom. Embroidered a stamp of protection on the back of the cloak that the Academy is providing as a uniform, wearing a shirt that woven silver yarn with power of demon, wearing magical shoes prematurely ….It is like a moving fortress or a trade fair for walking. I would like to say whether I was doing a war with some country to have such a thing in my whole body from now on. I do not want to admit because I was doing several studies in parallel while keeping this thing in one hand but there is only thing that that man is certainly called a genius of a rare phenomenon.

 Of course, there is no translation that the magic of a new student who has just enrolled passes through to the other party who has compromised this. Neither the arrow of fire nor the blade of the wind and the whip of the thunder had any effect. … ….I think that Mr. Uni also did not need to protect such an immortality monster. Because it was broken at that time, it seems that the boy also misunderstood that one boy could win. In the case of saying like this, is it good to say a sinful woman?

 Er, is it cowardly? Yes, I thought so. However, I felt that it is cowardly that having the ability to prepare such equipment for a moment is a cowardly thing. Do you have any idea of ​​tactics? It will be natural. Because I went to the duel as the clothes arrived, because they are mutual. Besides, the other boys used the dress. A wand that a magician always carries, this is also a dress that will assist the exercise of magic? Because the thing the boy had was a luxurious substitute like a high aristocracy. I think that he is the same sin if it is to guilty to prepare a better dressing than a person has.

 ……I'm sorry, the story did it again. That is the end of the battle.

 It was a one-sided deployment. The opponent's magic does not reach Ovenyl. Even if it becomes burned and hits it will automatically expand to physical barrier. Because the magic of Oven is going to fly there, it is not something to bear. You are leaving as it is. The way of the game was more clearly to the point of fire.

 Still the boy did not give up. You ought to have surrendered gently. That was already a state of confrontation only with a meaning. That is obviously a nuisance of making a misunderstanding. If you give up here, nothing will remain for yourself. Because it is impossible to get off from the game where betting of a small amount of money has been bet. … ….It is a nature to make a big loss in gambling. There are things that should not be ridden in the game, and there may be times when you should get off even if you get on.

 Ovenyl was unusually in the bottom of my heart and tired look. It was the most humanistic face in the expression he showed. And it was a cruel expression next time we were working on human experiments. That was an eye to see insects. The face when small insects crawl persistently when shaking off or shaking off. He had been plummeting in order to surrender. Because it fits most roundly. Even though it is sticky to your opponent, you could not help it frustratingly.

 After all, because the boy did not accept the defeat even if he lost consciousness, he is in heavy half-death. Although Obedyl won in the battle, it broke down the rules of ban on fighting, and it was due to drop out despairly owing to the fact that he hurt his juniors without becoming an adult. Without this case, it may be that slaves in the galleries have died out as materials for human experiments nowadays.

 After the boy who challenged the battle after? I am fine now. It seems that the shape of the bone became distorted and the hands and legs could no longer move due to aftermath which forcibly repositioned the major injury by magic, but it seems that the operation that professor Grauman restored can somehow regain the former body Have you made it? Ironically, the operation seems to have been based on the article Oven left.

 Ovenyl accepted disposal more easily than I thought. On the contrary, Mr. Uni who was made a duck of fighting fighting has been drawing a lot of blue faces in rare cases though. Somehow it seemed like the Academy drove him out, on the contrary it seemed like he left out a bored toy and left. Because the bachelor 's budget is severe, the alchemist of the great aristocracy may have good facilities if you do something wrong. It is just after my father's death and I went back home temporarily. I felt as if I was dead soon and I thought that heritage could be counted, so it was quietness.

 Have you come to investigate the inheritance problem of you, His house? His older brother is a person with so much trouble? Nothing really. Because I thought that it was unnatural that the Kirin child listened to in the rumor, despite being badly badly pulled back? Well, this will solve the doubt.

 That man is just getting into alchemy. And for that reason, everything else can be truncated. I just avoided the disadvantages arising from that obligation rather than the earnings gained from Earl's ownership. Because, if time is spent on political affairs and socialization, research at the bottom does not proceed.

 Besides, it is not that a man who is dressed like a fortress from that usual does not take into account the dangers of fighting with his older brother in the way of death? If it comes to the stage where political power is absolutely necessary while going forward with research, it is not that limit.

 ……I planned to speak briefly, it has become quite long. Again, that oven is good or bad – even if it is bad or bad – it is the fact that it is a man who does not go down to the topic. I am sorry to keep you in a long tale.

 Yeah, it's starting to come back to me now. One last thing?

 This is a hypothetical story, but I advise you with old mind.

 That man, at this stage, I admire himself to his brother in an adult manner and think that he is willing to devote himself to research as he likes. However, it is absolutely tired of it and will do something. Taka is a student, a monster who has done only that hand for research, and accomplished such profanatory research. Unless he stops exploring alchemy, you should do something unnecessarily at the expense of necessity if you do not need it. That is the one and two of the Countess, even the country may even be crushed.

 ……Before that happens, you ought to make that man dead.

 Do you think it is a joke? Seriously, I am.

 For one year, I kept watching that man 's job in the immediate vicinity. I will also think about that … ….

 The End St. Gallen at the inn of the Kingdom of the Federal kingdom and the Kingdom Gallerin – The recollection of a law clerk investigator

 When I opened the door of the room I was given, I smelled a flower that I did not even know.

 The smell is too strong, my head gets cranky. Is it a type of odor eliminating like a cheap hotel doing well? It is a terrible bad thing to do as a customer who pays a certain age.

 Lying down on the bed with a melancholic feeling.

 Survey using vacation, investing private expense and going to neighboring country, was inevitable to handle.

 The inheritance problem of the earlier Count of Obedil died. From the situation where the inheritance conflict was predicted, it should have promptly settled as a result of the second son's withdrawal easily, I decided to postpone the final decision from my personal interest. It was. A younger brother's attitude that hands down the head of the owner to the rightful brother. It is too impudent. I felt the act there and walked to find out until today.

"I guess I poked the bush and served a snake, this is …"

 The second owner of the Auburn family, Turius · Schuranan · Ovennyl, the more we knew it was the more bizarre youth.

 As I said, I preferred slaughter from a childhood boy.

 Tailor made a slave girl a monster.

 Saying, he intentionally created a madman and humiliated the soul of the dead.

 None of this also plays the story of a bad strange novel. How do you report such things? It's a survey that began with my imposing force. What should I do if I give a report that has its appearance as it is? No, after all, I put an unnecessary female into the inheritance problem where there was no problem, so I might get rebuke. If I knew it would be such a thing, whatever was done endlessly with everything from listening to prescribed.

 In this way, the upper remembrance will be worse and I will also buy the incompetence of the Earls next term owner who postponed inauguration.

 Besides, above all, what is the thought of this monster, Turius Obedil, who has walked through the examination so far?

 The footprints that I walked on visit, surprisingly, contrary to the numerous cases of that nosy incident, I have almost never touched the law. Indeed the treatment of slavery is left to his master. Whether trying to hurt or make it mad assault, it is free to kill it. Although it is also in contact with a necromancer who does not have much image as an evil technique, it is a person belonging to a public institution for research and is seeking cooperation with appropriate procedures. Transactions with students and lecturers were also weak to say bribes. The only clear illegal act is the brawl of the battle, but it has already been dismissed in St. Gallen. If this is steamed back, there is also the possibility that it will develop diplomatic problems as infringing the other party's jurisdiction.

"Totally, whatever, this is …"

 I feel like wanting to knock down my own one month ago with a self confident face in the inherited permission to inherit with this hand.

 It was probably a fragmentary rumor that a synchronized friend frequently encouraged him to take his hand out of this case, probably because he knew more about him than he was about the second son of the Obedi family.

 No surprise that the investigation which started from a slight trivial discomfort, had such a seed of seed!

 I can not let such dangerous persons go unused. Even so, it is impossible to pursue Turius Obedil in his own way of thinking. Everything just scratches the scenery. And it is unknown what kind of reaction he shows with the wound.

 As a matter of course I advise the girls student as an evil possessor and even want to send them to the convoy. However, at the stage where his deceased father took him to the church, it was Shiro. The same result will be waiting unless it is possessed again from that, unless embracing the priest at the preparedness to accept bribery.

 What should I do?

 Thinking about it, no solution comes to mind.

 Feeling helpless and labor sentiments wrapped my body.

 ……I will make minds feel distant.

 Even though there is a certain consciousness, thought is heading towards a direction without thought, as if the idea is not gathered.

 After finishing my work all night, I feel drowsy as if my head is loose, but tension dominates the nerve and I can not fall asleep. It was similar to such a state. My eyes only turned the empty gaze to the ceiling of the room.


 Even so, it is a bad smell.

 The fragrance which attacked the sense of smell while opening the door of the room had never got used to my nose at all.

 The smell of a sweet flower is thick enough to attack the brain marrow from the nasal cavity.

 The core of my head gets numb and goes … ….

Hello. Good evening.

 When I thought that the door opened abruptly, such a word came flying.

 It was a young man who came stepped into the room quite suddenly whether she could still be twenty years old. It is dressed well. Is it a nobleman? Anyway it is a rude customer. I do not have any knocks to visit people ….Ah, wait.

 Does the door have been locked?


 A young man took me by the hand, who tried to ask who I was.

"Oh, do not mind. Please relax as it is. Are you tired and come? "

 A soft voice sounds into the ears. Like the smell that can fall into this room jumps into the nose.

 Tension is resolvable. I stopped trying to jump up from the bed and I restarted again.

 Yes, I'll keep it here for his words. I am tired and I feel like I do not want to think about anything. I do not want to mind anything.

"Actually, I have something to ask you a bit. If it is a question you can answer yes or no, you can answer by just shaking your head. I just want to hear your honest and honest words. Okay?

 I apologized.

No, thank you… pentacles, Ok, let's ask. Did you come from the High Court of the Kingdom of Alcuel? "

 I apologized.

"Is this work involved in the investigation related to the succession of the Earls' family?"

 I apologized.

"May I see the person in the record?"

 I hesitated.

 Because there is a confidentiality obligation in the survey.

「……Shall I change my question? Which is the record? Just show it with your finger. "

 I pointed to the bag I put at the side of the bed.

 The man aims his face behind. There was a feminine shadow there. It seems to be wearing maid dress.


"I do not care about her. Please think only about my question. Sounds good

 I apologized.

 As it is a signal, when a person approaches my bag, it opens quietly and takes out a bunch of parchment from inside. Then he arrived kneelingly and gave it to the man.

「fumu……Let's see …

 The man quickly reads the record.

 Whatever I have to. My head gets blurry. Only sounds that roll on paper sound monotonously. Spit accumulates in the mouth. It is troublesome to swallow it.

 The man who finished reading the record soon lifted his face as he sigh.

"Even so, this record, it is a terrible content. you do not think so

 I apologized. I felt salivation drooling from the edge of the mouth to that beat.

"You are a truly diligent and serious investigator. Do you think so yourself? "

 I apologized.

 Comfort like wrapping in a blanket. Praise words to hear in such a thing falls into understanding quickly.

"Can you believe that such an absurd survey content?"

 …………I apologized.

 Because of the bizarre witness of the testimony, I had a chance, but I am an investigator of the High Court.

 I am confident in my survey.

"Oh, the confidence in the survey is a neck … ….So, when you heard this story for the first time, did you not suspect your ears? "

 I apologized.

Okay – Okay, after a while it seems you thought that it was a lie, did not it? "

 I apologized.

"Perhaps the witnesses are trying to deceive themselves. So what did you think? "

 I apologized.

 He laughed.

"Then, can not you fully believe the testimony?"

 I apologized.

 He is smiling.

"There is room for doubt?"

 I apologized.

"Even if we talk to people, there is no confidence that you can believe me?"

 I apologized.

"Do you suspect credibility?"

 I apologized.

"Well then – you can not raise a report based on such a testimony?"

 Wow, I, I am?

 I, I, I, I, I am ……?

 ……I apologized.

 He made a smile deep.

「……So, such a record is like garbage, is not it? "

 I apologized.

"We can not bring garbage back home."

 I apologized.

"Well, if I wake up tomorrow morning, please burn all but one."

 I apologized.

"Let's create a commonsense content report and submit it to the High Court"

 I apologized.

Very well. Well, I will be taking time soon. Oh, one minute after we closed and the door closed, you awake. At that time I forget about what we encountered, but please do what you asked for properly? "

 I apologized.

 As I confirmed it, someone other than him – somehow I can not figure out why – but take out the incense burner that was placed in the corner of the room.

 Instantly, that sweet smell grew stronger.

 That is the scent … ….?

 Someone blows it off, pulling it in his hand.

 That sweet scent will fade away.

"Well then, let's have a good day. Please keep your promise properly, are not you? "

 They went out the back.

 The door closed.

 I was in a good mood.

 I returned to mind.

 Apparently, she seems to have been sniffing a bit. Is it due to tiring of long trip?

 When you shake your head and drowsy, take out the records that were in the bag and examine again.

 It was because there was a point to worry about. I am diligent and a serious investigator. I also went to listen to this country until I spent my expenses. There is a point to worry about, I can not help being confirmed.

"Damn, he was wrong …!"

 I unexpectedly scratch my head while poisoning. I understood it when I saw it.

 Why did not you notice? This record –

"Is not it a whole-blown excuse … …!"

 Rumors of drunkards, rumors of receptionist late arriving late and mistress of alchemists.

 Moreover, when it was content, it came to be subdued by evil with a bad taste.

 You can not be a sort of laughter by submitting such things.

"All I have to do over there … ….There can not be helped, as submitting the document to be devoted later – "

 There is no choice but to make up a record that appropriately writes that there is no blunder.

 What, anyway, there is no one in the High Court who is concerned about the survey of the novice 's second son. It is overflowing from right to left without major hearing. Young I resented it and requested an investigation on this inheritance, but the result is this way. I will be stared at by my boss, making my new Earl's head uncomfortable, I will be fooled by my colleagues, but I will accept it as a high study fee.

 At least it's better than putting this paper waste away.

「……Let's go throwing away in the morning. No, do not you burn yourself better? "

 So decided, I lay down on the bed again.

 Come on.

 When I wake up, I will burn off all the scenes with the shit chests written and let us go home soon.

 Fortunately, I still have vacation that I took for this silly investigation. At least, there should be enough time to build up commonsense workbooks again ….

 In the room, a thin fragrant scent of that smell was standing.

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