……It was raining.

 In the forest, the branches and leaves of the trees cover the sky, as if it is dark as if the night is closed.

 In such darkness, the cold droplets falling apart are deprived of body temperature from a weakened body with a cruel and promptness.

 - I think we fucked up.

 The man muttered without a voice.

"My arm seems to be standing, you do. There is a difficult Yama, but should we do it well if it's okay? "

 Such words are all beginnings.

 A party leader of the same rank came out to him who went to a different city to change the river bank in search of a cheap adventure. The content of the story was excited. Higher ranking adventurer alliance – union between parties and solos – a difficult dungeon capture. Waiting is a huge reward, valuable material, rumor of treasure, and a strong enemy like arms raging.

 It is luck that myself who cheated on a false propose a loneliness, caught on such information and helped a party elsewhere. It was good until he got into the dungeon and successfully destroyed the treasure of the treasure. But what I was waiting after was a sneaky deceit by the person who came with me.

 As I recall, the collected facebook is solo except for the core party. It would have been a matter of truncating there as long as the suppression of the original requested eyeballs was over. It is an established theory that a lone wolf is stronger if it is an adventurer of the same size, but only if it is one-to-one with a thorough posture. Skillfully troubled by troubles from the road, where I am exhausted, I can not stand being attacked by skillful collaboration from behind. Besides, it was sparingly used until the dressing which was preserved and hidden. In the solo group who joined the alliance, the man was the only survivor.

 - You're stupid, me too.

 The man was an adventurer who was a veteran categorizer. It was still a young sky, but it has been long since entering this road. I was born as a commoner, I brushed my arm with a vigilante in the city, monotonously abandoned my invisible life, I jumped out my hometown seven years ago. In this world which is said to be promising if it has a year, it should be sufficiently skilled. That is like this.

 The killing of adventurers loses to death, do not turn their backs to those who can not trust -. I was arrogant in my arms, scratched the unwilling desire and broke the iron rule, a painful punishment.

 It is destroying the traitors in the fighting battle. Although it was good, he himself also had a shallow wound. The kind of healing potion is exhausted before reaching the thing, only one sword that I asked for in this hand is left. The life that I lived with a sword and killed with a sword was trying to finish a false end while grasping only a single sword.

 - Will it finish in such a place?

 Along with the pain of wounds, intense regrets stubborn my chest.

 I do not want to. I do not want to end this way. In the forest where there is nobody, it will die and die. That's still nice. But I do not want to die like this.

 I want to wield more swords! I want to make more swords! I want to fight with a sword more!

 A sword's path that pushed myself, which was just a digest of time in a small town, to a high place of relief. That was all of a man. Than women than wine than rice – more important than those who have won with a sword arm. I swing the sword if I have time to kill, kill him with a sword if I have enemies, I have just increased my skills day by day. It is going to return to nothing this day today.

 I thought that it was too much.

 The stronghold of the sword, which I picked up the stone of Kawahara and built it up to keep building it up to this day. It is only a mistake and collapses without a trace. I regretted that. If it is the Lord of the Sword Arm that is superior to yourself to bring it, you will still be accepted. However, it is a dirty betrayal blade that is trying to bring this body to death.

 It was regrettable. It was just a pity.

 I don't wanna die.

 To my regret, finally it is only a man's thinking.

 - I don't wanna die. Oh, I do not want to die, I do not want to die.

 I will sword and sway the sword without destroying the sword. Its dignity that I imposed. Whether you pound it or overturn it, I just wanted to live alone. I wanted to survive sacrificing all the bodies of skeleton who slain him under the belief.

 Laugh if you laugh with being shallow. I despise if I disdain whether I am proud. This arm than originally, only this sword is our pride. It is unbearable that it is scattered inadvertently by the foolish fish who does not understand the sword.

 - Give me life.

 - Give me the power to pay off this death's arms.

 - There is no need to do anything for that.

 - Let pride, let 's sell the soul.

 - So, now, the way to live by sword!

 ……That time.

 I heard the sound of a horseshoe that repels mud. Also the sound of the wheels running on the rough ground.

 Horse-drawn vehicle

 If I notice it, the place I am now is in the middle of the highway. It seems that he came out on the way passing through the forest, apparently while living dirty and creeping unconsciously. A carriage came over there.

 The horse-drawn carriage stopped at the place where he ran over a man, with a sting of a loud horse.

 Someone comes down from the carriage. On the ground mildering the rain, though it soared down without sound.

 The man inadvertently suspected his eyes and heard his voice.

“….. huh?”

 What appeared was a young woman.

 In the dark, fine white skin of the texture enough to be seen in the hazy eyes. The green eyes overlooking here are as large a grainy emerald. It is a shine that feels attractive, but it is cold and hard. To the chin that draws an elegant curve, it is something that can escape. It is a beauty that can not be forbidden, but the appearance of a man was surprised not only in his appearance.

 It is a white front which gives light to the darkness of the forest, in a one-piece dress with a crispy finish embroidered on its cuffs. On glossy black hair, you get white cloth decorations. On the left arm I passed through a jokeful armband that could be read as "La premier servante".

 Maid, is. It is a female obedient who works in a mansion of aristocratic or wealthy merchants and serves the master. Why is that standing in front of a dying swordsman on the way in the rainy forest?

 It was a strange sight. Certainly a person who is in a position to ride a horse-drawn carriage, there is nothing to be with a maid there. However, when encountering a living collapse who has been injured, it will not be like a way to get off the carriage first. Wow, I also thought that it was a vision to see in the case of Ryo now, but too much cheering was too excessive.

 A man mucks for a moment but notices him immediately.

 - I have a sword.

 The woman hanging on her left hip was a sword in the sheath. Beginning from the bottom, double edged. Is the blade width about sixty centimeters or so? It is a suitable gift to handle with a narrow arm, but it was still strange for a woman with a purport to be a graduate to have.

 - The left chest, a plate tag of the adventurer's guild that is stretched like a name tag on an apron.

 - Is the silver color that shines in your neck collar of slaves?

 A maid who wore a sword, wearing an identity card of an adventurer guild and a proof of slavery.

 A woman meeting such a characteristic, a man knew only one person.

"[Girls lol … …?"]

 It was a rumor that I heard in neighboring country, the capital of Arquere kingdom Brossenne.

 Among the adventurers based on this city, there is a slave maid kept by a nobleman.

 That name is the Uni of the Silver Wolf.

 Do not despise it as a female dog connected to a collar. That nature is a wolf cursed by silver. Once the person who assumed as an enemy is the name of the beast of hell that can not be left without chopping off the throat.

「……It was quite a long time ago, it was called by a nostalgic name. "

 In a solitary talk by a man, the woman replied.

 The tone is as dry as inorganic, but the impression of the voice itself is young enough to be said to be young. Too beautiful appearance does not specify age, but to hear and to hear it is a mid-teens place? That age was also consistent with the characteristics of [girl].

"Who are you calling me by their name?"

 The woman is observing a man with the eyes of a careful hound dog.

 ……[つよい] /strong/robust/ The man felt instinct. The height of the head is lower than that of myself, and it should be light enough to see if there is half if we reach the weight. Even so, it is not intimidating even fighting spirit, yet this intimidation that echoes the wound. Perhaps, even if I am perfect, I will not go far.

 Betcha. This woman is a [girl].

 I am convinced that a lot of legends that color her will come to mind.

 Became an adventurer at the age of ten, promoted to class D within a year.

 Meanwhile, three Class D adventurers who insulted their husband are slaughtered in rude manner without allowing counterattacks.

 After becoming class C, I will stay on that rank, but two people are given as exceptional examples from the outright request achievement rate which is too far … ….

 This is the final result. A malicious party who tried to monopolize a good hunting place occupied the dungeon by pulling several B class adventurers out of the town. However, someone who appeared there said that they killed themselves in an instant and left. The guild was caught up with the emergence of a sophisticated demonic beast, but one of the receptionists muttered with a joke.

『……Is not it a silver wolf, maybe the demon you say? "


 Just before the incident, it is said that the appearance of [a girl] headed to the dungeon was witnessed.

 ……It is supposed to be Yota talk of a harasser, it presses a man with vivid reality.

 Rainwater mixes and the cold saliva sounds a throat. Is this thing to take a breath?

 To a rigid, trembling man, she keeps asking questions.

「……Do you want to die? "

"Ah …?."

"If you are not a person who will envy your master, your mercy may be given and your life may be saved."

 That single word caught the mind at once.


 Can life be saved?

 Can you avoid dying?

 Did you say so, is this woman?

 The husband touched hope like a stretched straw.

"I will ask you again. And you are?

 As if who is he, please cancel out the question.

 A man just gives out his true intention.

「……Hey … …. "


「……I do not wanna die……"

"I'd like to know who you are, but …."

「……I want to die, I do not! I am……!" To death, there is not something! "

 Too bad the cloudy voice echoed in the dark woods.

 Everything God and Savior have turned away from eyes, an ugly petition that does not make sense.

 As I heard it,

/(int) oh, yes?/really?/" Oh sweetheart thatjust fucking..

 The devil appears in front of you.

"[ごしゅじんさま] /(exp,n) (1) master/(2) Your lordship/My lord/(3) husband/(3) husband

 Look up at the person who fell down, 【Girl Wolf】 carefully.

 Did you say your husband? Is he the Lord of this [girlfriend]?

 It was a young man. I thought that he was not even twenty years old, and he was a young man who preserved the taste of the boy to a great extent. Bronze eyes on red copper hair. The facial features are accordingly moderate. However, it was a way of arranging without individuality. Like a cheap doll, the equilibrium which does not invoke any impression is only a thing of the incisor. Even if you see it from a man, you can only see the mediocratic nobleman who stands in front of you.

 What is it that the young woman who seems to be unlikely like this is the owner of that [girlfriend]?

 To a tricky man, the young man walks slowly one step.

"Please retire. I do not know who this person is yet. "

"Is it just an injured person? It looks like an adventurer, apparently. "

"There is the possibility of an assassin who pretended it"

 To the baby who looks sweetly and men, the woman repeated her statements.

 But her Lord came in further stepping without wind heard.

"But what can you do with him in this state?"

 It was a word full of quiet confidence.

 If it is a usual man, it is an insult that can make a rush and the existence of a [deep wolf] too much to extravagance.

 But the man was aware. The atmosphere brought by the person in front of the eyes is not careless of despising the half dead. Whether a man is in perfect condition – at least, never will be left to be slashed by himself, having something.

 Did you understand it, [Girlfriend] descended gracefully.

"- I've told you that I am willing"

No problem. I do not care. "

 He shook hands to the followers, and the young man crouched by the fallen man.

 And whispered in a kind voice.

I don't wanna die. You sure said that, did not you? "

"Oh, ah … …."

 The man responded promptly to the question.

"No matter what you pay for, you do not want to die?"

/(adv) like that (used for something or someone distant from both speaker and listener)/so/(P)/

 The man responded promptly to the question.

"Even if you turn the sword to anything, you do not want to die?"

/(adv) like that (used for something or someone distant from both speaker and listener)/so/(P)/

 The man responded promptly to the question.

"No matter what you do – you do not want to die, do you?"


 The man inquires … …I replied.

"I do not want to die! I am…I do not want to die! "

 Tears flow, like washing away mud on the face.

 Sludge gets mixed in to the 啜…

 It will be what it is. Is this the figure of an adventurer known as a fencing swordsman?

 But no matter how ugly it is,

"Well, even if … …Even if you abandon pride! Having sold his soul! I can not die! … ….I do not want to die! "

– Roger that.

 The devil admits that answer.

"The answer is far more important than who you are, and more than anything else that invoked my empathy."

"help me……Is it? "

"Oh, of course it is … ….Uni, please help me carry him to the carriage. It was a trivial trip, but it seems like I could do some unexpected picking up on my way home. "

「……Leave your master 's will. "

"Well, for now I have to treat for emergency. B-01. If you are free, pick up the tools you have loaded. A good effect anesthetic is a disinfectant, a bandage, a splint, and a hypertension "

– Yes, Your Grace. – ( Man whistling tune )

 A maid and a young lord who orders a man who was devastatingly out of presence.

 To the profile of him, the man thoughtlessly asked questions.

"Oh no, you …No, I get it.What did you mean to do if you replied "I have not said such a thing?" "

 The other party who delivered a helping hand for the first time, acknowledging the attachment to life, who released him at the time of his death.

 If you refuse it, what happened next?

 It was a doubt that I really could not help being careful.

「Hmm? That's right, if such an answer comes back – "

 And the young man speaks to himself and a terrible answer.

"- After you got dead as you wanted, you experimented with a dead body"


 The man closed his eyelids without thinking its meaning deeply.

「……I do not need it … Unnecessary ……Correct, it was … …. "

 And consciousness sinks in the dark.

 The next time I woke up, the man fell asleep while praying that I could stay alive.

 Male prayer was made half full.

 That is, although I was able to wake up alive, I could not wake up unchanged.

    ※   ※   ※

yeahIt's fine weather … "

 While holding our hands on the dazzling sun, I grow elaborately.

 I also felt the illusion that joints and muscles that felt through overnight work melted and erased fatigue in the morning light.

 Well, the illusion is only an illusion, but it is certain that this merryness is comfortable.

"In the morning of departure, you are striking. Do not you think so, older brother? "

 While saying, I will change the crowd who made the loading all night.

 In that word, my older brother Linus Strain O'Bronn gave me a smiling smile.

"Oh, that's Turius. It is a beautiful sun suitable for the day my brother goes away from this mansion. "

"It's totally! Haha … huh … "

"Ha ha ha ha … …."

 Besides the day of parting, we intertwine cheerfully with laughter, brothers who are two people in this world.

 It's a wonderful sight that makes your heart warm.

 Even so, why are all the vice presidents who went to the front door to see off the door, whether they are blue faces or just frowned faces?

 ……Well, as it is a resounding irony of sarcasm, it can not be helped.

Are you done? Then go ahead quickly. "

 And on my older brother back to the face. It is this as soon as we revised the evaluation that unexpected nori is good.

 I'm better than going on a lazy birthday, but I just wanted to expect a more refreshing return.

Yeah. Well then, I will go. "

"Oh my, Tulius. It is a shameful person to make a mistake in greeting words at such a time. It was "good-bye" that you should have said here. "

"Hahaha! My brother is also hurting. But, are you also greeting, did not you make a mistake? "

「fumu…… I do not have any words I would like to send to you any more. "

"Yet again. You really wanted to say like this, right? It's like… Like that.

 I moved and showed only my lips without saying a loud voice.


"- Do you?"

「……。 Good evening, Ha ha ha! "

"Ha ha ha!"

 My always broken tension with all-around tension, and my brother laughing cockfiastically with a thick blood vessel floating on my forehead.

 Oh, now! Now! What I have done with me has been overwhelmed by nori on the spot.

 I was looking for a break in the conversation thoughtfully as I thought that lack of sleep was not good,

"Yo. Are you comic full enough, brother? "

 A low low voice breaks in.

 If you noticed it was the main entrance of the mansion, there was a man standing with his back on his door.

 To the black mantle with holes in various places, this is also a black chest with many cracks. It was cool looking like a wild thief, being ragged with blackheads. However, the crossed-over two-handed owed sword owed to the back gives the impression that it is a useless ambience created by it.

「……Who? "

 An elder brother who plays with a hard voice. Of course. I did not see it at the mansion until yesterday. Rather than looking like a human being who is good at rising into a nobleman's mansion.

 My brother 's eyes are swallowing, as I have fled with each other. You can call him the guard and leave him behind.

 So I decided to take it before that.

"I am an adventurer I hired for escorts. No, since I will be exclusive to you anymore, is it a former adventurer? "

 Especially because I do not need to lie, I said the truth. He bluntly said,

「……Separately, it was a story that I do not mind accepting requests other than you. "

 And pinching the mouth.

 My brother gave a frown on his brow.

"Is it yesterday that I handed out my going out?"

"Yes, it is insane. But, just as good as he was acquainted with Uni because he was in the neighborhood. Although I am sorry to him for a sudden thing, I decided to accompany you because it is a point. "

 My explanation was that my older brother was cheap, but judged that there was no false in the content of the story, or if you sniff off your nose,

"This was rude, my brother's guest. If possible, I would like a name. "

 While saying that I was rude in the mouth, it is not at all worse. He is a high aristocrat who is temporarily called Earl. It may be that he does not even see the same person, such as a dirty-looking guy because he also sees this adventurer.

 Does the man understand that, after lightly shrugging his shoulders, he asserts his name.

"Due. It's Douai Schwarzer. The rank is B grade. For more information on this industry, 【Two handed sword(Douai Das)Douai(Zwei Hender)】 Although it is better for people who took the street as "-"

"I am sorry, I do not remember my ears"

 Daie who exhilarates sighs out and it shows that it is. My older brother may have asked adventurers to do so, but probably it was most likely that we only presented the terms to the reception of the guild and paid the compensation. Ordinary aristocrats do, or they have their own adventurers from the beginning, so they do not care about the other adventurers.

 In the first place, the living beings of the nobility always look down on the commoners, except for those who are in the priesthood or some merchants, and that livestock is as good as anything. Of course, slaves are less. If you are a livestock you are blamed if you are killing uselessly, but if you are a slave you can treat it like a hunting prey, but few complaints. Although it seems that it can not be completely ignored, as you can tell by my notorious opinion.

 Because of that, her idiotic attitude also falls within the category of common sense in this world. Douai will not be angry with that as well. I do not think so well though.

"Surface interlocking is over, older brother? Okay, Douai, you are also getting on a carriage. It is a guy with me there. It is also my escort and the low roof of the carriage horse carriage, is not it that the brave sword is caught and it can not be helped? "

/(int) (1) (col) yeah, yeah (used for casual, half-hearted, or insincere agreement)/sure/(2) hey!/" It is truly an honor to be able to accompany you with the new lord. "

 Saying, Doue heading for a carriage while swinging hands.

 My older brother was watching her back behind scenes,

"You are not supposed to hire adventurers other than that girl. Is your lucky dog ​​also lacking outside? "

 And, it seems that she still has nothing to say disgusting.

 I will not say anything, so I will accept.

"I also received the greatest ranking, and I thought that it could be sometimes not enough for a uni alone. Well, you can increase your hands, but would that hurt her look? "

 My brother's face who heard the words was quite sightseeing.

"Even then, it feels strange"

 Duhe opened its mouth when I left the kingdom and ran for a while on the highway.

 While stroking the part of the forehead above the eyebrow one fingertip, I am looking at the scenery outside the window.

"It is a story that I felt like I tried inside my head but I do not like it as a refresh. More like this …I thought that there was such a thing as dizziness or nausea. "

"I did my best to prevent such aftereffects."

 While leaning on his cheeks and leaving himself to the vibration of a carriage, I am interested in talking with him.

 To be honest, I am sleepy and sleepy I can not afford, so I'd like to sleep until today's inn, but I also regretted the data of the new work that finished the adjustment. Therefore, we decide to draw out variously from the response to the conversation.


 This black fencer, adventurer Douie Schwarzer. He is the second big work, Opus 02, following the "work" that I kept enthusiastic about after a long time, Opus 01 Uni.

 The remodeling given to Doue is trying to improve its ability with the opposite approach to strengthening by medication from childhood and efficient training and growing uni.

 M series and mass production type Refreshed the elementary body after adult by referring to various data of slave changed. We reinforced the strength of the skeleton to optimize the placement of the muscle tissue, and improved the transmission rate of the nervous system. As a result, the physical ability jumped dramatically in a short period of time – should be -. The idea to production tests haven't yet.

 In other words, it took a long time to do internal medicine approaches and train it for a while, while Doue against the surgeon could be said to be remodeled in a short period of time.

 Which is better is probably both short and long in general terms. In the case of Uni, from the early childhood where the brain is in the developmental stage, as a result of multidisciplinary education, it has reached outstanding versatility as an individual unit. It takes time to train, but it is a geniusual generalist. However, in the case of Douai, a specialist who made specialized adjustments to fully utilize one field that one person has accumulated experience over many years. For this reason, we can expect to exceed the former in the field of specialty, because it is hard to be flexible. Moreover, as long as there is a prime field that meets the criteria, the quickness that can be made immediately can not be avoided. However, Uni still has a hidden ball –

 If you think that,

"Shockingly, we are not bad for our husband as well"

 Daie says while smiling with grin.

"What are you talking about?"

"It was about when you introduced me to your older brother. Good wisdom, I could tell a big lie over there "

"My husband is not mentioning anything lying"

 Uni who silently recorded a conversation in the corner raises his face and opposes it.

「……I am the destination that I met you, and the body was in the basement of the mansion, a place closer than where anywhere. And I did a final adjustment hastily for a sudden departure. It is rude to infer the master's will, but for that I think you are sorry for you. "

 Then, "I will judge that it is unnecessary while moving,"

 Flowstone is a childhood friend (you can say that?), I understand my intention well. Certainly Douie found out that Uni found that he returned to the investigator at St. Gallen and was on the way to the carriage. And I hoped that I did not want to die despite what I paid, so I changed my life as my escort and connected my life. Of course the place is that lab that completely withdrew before today's dawn. As she says, there is no lie in the explanation to his brother. There is a greater or lesser, missing fact.

 Douhe opened up a big mouth and laughed.

Hahaha! Say things like that, yeah? [Girls lol '? Or should I say seniors? "


"But, you do. I thought from the time I saw you, but I'm sorry. Is this also good? Is it a generation gap in surgery that fights head? "

"No, what I did is the same."

 It seems like you misunderstood something, so keep your mouth open.

「……- It was never a black-white thing.

"So, brain remodeling surgery given to Uni and you is exactly the same content. Writing obedience to me, deleting the hostility towards me, well, there are other differences in fine rules and there is also a distinction between a man brain and a female brain … …Other than that, you can say the same. "

 In my explanation Doo who makes a face like pigeon eaten bean gun. Even so, there are not enough guns in this world yet to call beans.

"Even if you finger it much, the disadvantage will be greater? Especially in the case of Uni, I have educated from the time I was a child and have raised the basic performance of brain miso. It seems like a fool to spoil them and spoil them. Well, mass production type which needs to be uniform with uniform performance has a considerable restriction on emotion. "

「Eh? Well, then, was it a natural personality character like that? Koitsu "

 That will be the case. If I could say that I was educated and restrained and bound and natured.

"Uha … ….Seriously, I can not believe it. "

"As for me, I can not believe your rudeness. Master, I will propose the implementation of readjustment mainly in the language field later "

"Come on. If you forgive me, my seniors "

"That's right, Uni. Listen to me, will you? Even if I say this discreetly, it seems that Douhe looks a bit nervous and behaves in a way that makes it easy to fold correctly. "

「……Process. It is a sight that there is something trembling indeed. I regrettably reconfirmed your master's conspiracy. "

"Do not appeal to feelings of embarrassment!"

 I felt that my cheeks loose to the figure of Douie who places the tsukkom dramatically and Uni a little more than usual.

 It is good to say that there is no sequelae after surgery when it is possible to express emotions richly.

 ……It was when I was indulging in such feelings.

/(int) Wow!/Holy smokes!/Aaargh!/O my God!/oops/oops

"[ごしゅじんさま] /(exp,n) (1) master/(2) Your lordship/My lord/(3) husband/(3) husband


 Suddenly, thinking that the body swayed greatly with the horse's crush, my body was thrown out of the seat. Fortunately Uni quickly took it for granting us a thing ……No, even though you leave it alone, you should not have one injury because of the dress.

 Meanwhile, Doue hands to the gifted goods, and now it is staring outside the window with the style just released.

 I stroked Uni 's head in return instead of thanking, then let go of him and ask him for his seat.

"B-01, what has happened?"

"There is a raid, your master. Perhaps it is kind of a bandit "

 Raid of robbers. It is not impossible situation. Because this happens, in this world there is a business called adventurers that can be employed by individuals.

 For a moment, I did not have to think that it was his brother 's money, but this yesterday' s today was out of his policy and policy. It would be reasonable to think of it as a coincidence.

"It is courageous to say that it is still near the kingdom. Are not you afraid of the police Knights? "

 The king's knee is just around the corner. The closest packing is the Knights 'Knights' Knights, the finest in the Kingdom. It is just enough to push the armor's sleeve like a bandit.

"It probably is a type of fraud that regularly moves the base ground"

 To my own solve, Uni supplements the rule. Flowing stone is an adventurer with two names. Until a couple of years ago, such a procedure must have been her goodwill.

"Progress. Randomly take away the things of the gold eye and leave before being captured by the official constitution. It is a translation that repeats this in every place? "

「Yes。 In order to maintain its simplicity, it is almost impossible to negotiate and abduct the target, kill them all and take away only the goods. "

 Damn you work in a historical drama, a robbery murder in the previous life? Indeed, if emphasis is placed on time constraints, it is quick to kill and take away.

 I could not keep calm as I was involved with such guys on a rock. I irritate, scratching my head a bit wildly.

"On the day of departure, is this sudden? Never

 - Is it on or not?

 I put the intention in the other words, I saw the "work" before the test waiting for the instruction now or now.

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