The sky was clear blue. The sun is in middle weather, and the sun is at noon.

 A major highway spreading from all over the capital, Brooussenne. That is the jurisdiction of the Knight Order. It is the most refined knight in this country that gives honor to defend the royal knees. Who is going to work robbery with their eyes and so on?

 However, things are exceptional in everything. The aorta responsible for circulation to the kingdom is a great hunting ground with good trade caravans going back and forth as you go back. If merchants are cheap to the prestige of Konoe, and you make a tooth in a place exposing unprotected side belly, delicious juice which can not be caught at other places will be hailed.

 As a matter of course, it is impossible for you to be aware of the guards of the Order immediately until you reach a thing without thought, and you will inevitably encounter the annihilation of annihilation soon after you escape. Therefore, it was to have patience, and finish everything ago coming to noticeable relief agility wait when intelligence penetrates the Knights present threats in beginning in the vicinity of King City patrol time, gap and prey arrival coincides, combine them.


 With the voice in a panic and eye-catching voice, the work of the bandits began.

 While sewing a grove along the highway, I am running a horse running up with a voice, the scouts that the kingdom made me look at. There was a lack of power and gallantity but equestrianism was good and equestrian was an expert. It is also doing the arrogance that thoroughly breaks the inside which is out of the way like this by a horse. It is a human being who was born to truly do a reconnaissance.

"Oh, what did you do?"

 Towards a horse 's scouter, a head – to – head voices.

 It was cowardly because of the cowardly thought to be light in the group of rough and aligned, but his head was highly appreciated by this man. Originally a slave who was bought by a rancher, he struck a collar by the master's sudden death and ran away a horse before being contracted to the heir, he said that he had escaped. It is a man who can be bold at the top, and his head is buying him.

 It is a report from a cute subordinate who is unlikely but has prospects. I hoped that I did catch even bigger ones, without putting my head on the face.

"Head, prey! One nobility carriage along the highway! Two horse-drawn carriages! I will come to this place! "

 The answer was beyond expectation.

 While holding down the cheek which is likely to loosen with one hand, confirm it just in case.

"A nobility carriage? - Are you sure? Is the escort cavalry squad? "

Ok! Just a carriage! Loading cars are also packed with loads, even if you put them there should be few people! The number of over there will not exceed ten! "

 My head, I could not suppress my smile this time.

 Nobility rushed without a horse riding along the highway. It also carries a lot of cargo on the subsequent wagon. It is like a beautiful woman with a lot of walks naked at the swimming pool. It is a good prey.

 Other members were dyed.

Oh! Three days after putting it on the highway, today you can have it on the prey! "

"Moreover, it is best for the other person to be a fecal nobleman! They have a lot of grudges! "

 Members who appeal to assault with their eyes with eyes glaring desire.

 But one of the newcomers among them said that it was quiet.

「……But yo, I'm loading a shipment so hard, I can not think that it is as defenseless as possible. Well, maybe you are hiring an army adventurer? "

 In that word, Tsuya is quieted as soon as possible.

 Race as an adventurer is a kind of disorder. A human being who was killed in the year with a monster that is a threat to humankind, trained with that fight, a person shaped a person. Some of them are small bodies of thieves who can be united and destroyed.

 If such a great arm is there, it will be a difficult task –

「……Rucksacks "



 - The long-awaited grandchild that has survived to this day is still fighting against such people.

Huh. Okay, do not say adventurers well Do not say anything. "

"Yes Yes. Are their strengths partner cooperation? If things are not correctly seen, the number of over there will not exceed ten. But the aristocracy is pretty impressive, so many people are supporters of vassals! "

"If you subtract it from ten, there are two or three people to remain. Even more strongly, it is far from ours! If you win by number of people, you can also target nailing for the purpose of the escort "

 That is what it is.

 There are certainly adventurers who crush the thieves with a few, or even a single rider. However, it is a story if it is in the offensive situation of subjugation. If you are in an escort mission that is forced to defend, you will not be aware of it unless it is a party of at least five or six people. If there are adventurers who will take over the escort of the cabarete in a small number of yoshinba, on this road it is a stupid way of not going to encounter a poker, or it is a bitter. It can not be a threat. Still strong person who has confidence to do it? It is common sense that such people have been given much more favorable requests from Hana. Guild for that, that is the adventurer rank system for that.

 An arresting nobleman and a threatening adventurer. For the old-fashioned genders who knew about their habits, it is a fool's bone top to mind carefully missing this aircraft. It only seems foolish. Even at the head of it it was similar.

"Oh, that's why newcomers. This rarely is not it, it is a delicious job. Just that, I can not let it go. While studying adults' handworks, learn it properly! What? "

"" Go to Ha! "

 Look closely at the innocence of youngsters who reply by shooting and see the sun hanging in the sky like the one after.

 The time is a little over noon. In the information gained by getting gifts from going in and out, the Knights are about to have lunch. There is no one to disturb for a while.

「……It is coming soon! Time is definitely half a moment! More guards of the Order will come! I will kill you soon and I will take it quickly and take it! "

"" Oooo Oooo !! ""

 The thieves raised a shout at the desperation waiting for the great work in the suburbs of the kingdom and the desire for the loot that could be obtained after this.

Alrighty then. When you kill nobility, the followers after you are scared. Carefully decide the way of escape and high-flying … …)

 While watching the subordinates who jumped out to the highway as a group wolf, his head was playing such abacus.

 Leave this group out of society as to whom the group heading to this place is unprotected.

   ※ ※ ※

"Oraora! Come out and be rotten rotten aristocrat! ! "

"You guys, do not keep your eyes out of horses! Stop killing your feet! "

"Make a quick turn for the monkey of gold!"

 Outside of the train window, you can hear intimidating voices without hanging. The number of thieves who struck us seems to be considerable. At least 20 people will not go down. I wonder how such security is ambush, what about security around the Kingdom?

"Do you have thirties?"

"To be exactly 32 people … …Correction, B-01's counterattack, it has decreased to 31 people "

 Two people escorting calmly. … ….Well, unfortunately my appearance does not seem to be reliable at the iron field.

 感 I do not feel things like things, but there is a word rice cake shop. I will rethink and ask Doudier full of motivation.

"By the way, how much is your confidence?"

 Then he smiled fearlessly,

"Hey, your husband, even this is the end of rank B? As long as your remodeling does not pull your feet, this is about a burglar like a breakfast. "

 He gave me a very reliable word.

 I will reflect a bit on I thought it was foolish.

 The extinction of the bandits is the work that E – C class parties undertake. It is because the scale and quality of the bandits are wide because of the unevenness in the size and quality of the bandits, but leave it – and at the B rank, adventurers of the class closer to Class A are also class C alone It is said to be able to handle a request that is required by multiple people. In the data detected in the laboratory before the remodeling, Douye was judged to be exactly equivalent to that B class. He will not be fainering or lying about his words.

"Even if you subtract the obstacle of escort, is it an enemy at the level of striking a test?"

"I judge a high judgment of high accuracy"

 Uni also issued a certificate. When it becomes, the present condition is a no problem. There is no place to put out goin 'in.

"Well, Douai. It's unexpected but it's a real warfare test here. Protect horses and luggage while annihilating target. Mass-production type slaves are good enough to be handled if they are in self-defense degree "

"Are not you guys going to experiment materials?"

"Thanks for caring but there is no means of transport. Besides, if the new lords entering the territory are getting along with the other thieves, will not it be cool? "

"Probably, it is. – Bye. – Bye.

 The quality of Doe's smile changes. To fearlessness that added murderous intent and exhilaration to it with fearlessness and confidence.

"- Together, as ordered! Would you like to annihilate it? ! "

 In my hands wrapped in a double-handed sword, whose body was derived from two people, a black mantle and a broken armor, my second work jumped out of the carriage.

 Well, what is the finish condition? Let me observe it exactly.

   ※ ※ ※

 The bandits were puzzled. It should have attacked a sweet aristocrat who does not accompany escorts, but selfishness is different from what he expected.

 First of all, in order to stop the horse's feet, I made several people ahead, put up a rope and set aside a fee for paying, but the man of the carriage going to the top stopped suddenly just before looking at it. The wagon car that was pursuing afterward also stops as it matches. It was a formidable first appearance.

 In addition, the man who moved a group of carriages was a strange presence.

 Regardless of clamoring the highway and clustered by over 30 people, the expressionless expression at all. Oh, those are good. I showed the power of seeing through this trap and handling the watch to avoid it just before. Even if it is not a useless person, it is right.

 However, its appearance was strange. It's nice to be sturdy with stunning black butler clothes, but wrapped around the neck – not to be fitted is a silver-colored collar. It is a cursed jewelry that shows the status of slaves in common across the continent.

"Slave … ….Mr.? "

 Those who saw it have a question mark on their mind uniformly. Naturally, aristocracy is a creature whose prosperity is walking with his clothes on. It is usual to hit a lower aristocrat who is a commoner or an umbrella to a position to be called the face of a family member such as a man or a butler. Otherwise, it can not be dressed for people of other houses. That is, it is despised from the surroundings and it is defamed. You can say that the village is known. In short, it is a blunder that can be a serious flaw in aristocratic society with pride and tradition as its handprint.

"C'mon, this is not it ……Is not it a poor aristocrat you can not escape in the evening at noon? "

"It's a masterpiece! But yo, then I can not get profitable for this job! "

 Starting with that conversation, the puzzle turned into contempt.

 And as it boosts it,

I mean, look! The wagon car in the back, Nanzha, I will make the maid have reins! "

"This is also a slave! Money did not turn out good! "

/(int) (1) heh-heh/hee-hee/ha ha/(n) (2) (arch) female genitals/vagina/vaginaI have a good line on my face. "

 From those who headed to the back row, such a conversation came.

 At that time, there was no one who could maintain the tension when a trap was taken.

 A nobleman leaving the kingdom with only slaves without accompanying a cavalry. There is no difference in such a thing that she falls down and falls in the capital. The actual load will be lower than the forecast, but – a cargo of a wagon car that seems full also in the distance. Perhaps this is the last property. If it is a nobility's household goods, there is a woman who does not have to worry about selling it as a slave's maid, etc., with a reasonable value even for the lowest grade. It must have drawn a detachment, but it will not lead to a massive loss, it will be close to hit … ….

 That is the speculation that most of the bandits drew.

「……Ora, watch out fucking bastard! What you do is not much different! Kill the man! Take off your horses too! Maids are tied up! "

"Head! What if I have a woman? "

"Sell it if you are a maid. When it is a wife or a daughter, the body is heavy and kills it from a healer. If you hold a woman, taste the sale or buy it in profitable money. … ….Good! What? "

"Hey, hey!"

 Takamine flowers such as aristocratic women are shrugged down even if they are put on sale, even if they sell their feet from there. Even if you try as hostage, most aristocrats do not have a seat for negotiations with thieves and others. Besides, it is time to take time for that to be late and get out of pursuit.

 Therefore, I will take away only the thing that handles the handling, and I will truncate otherwise. With excessive weights on the back, you can not escape easily. A woman, in particular, is one of the reasons why the guys in the third class destroy themselves. A woman who does not become a seller should not kill himself by killing himself, but kill himself. It was the secret to keep the bandit business on for a long time.

 The thieves who have been depressed at a time regain the glaring desires and attack the carriage train. First is a horse. Kill legs of the target so that no one can escape. Archer led by members of the crushing hunter numbered arrows, pulled down and released.

 Hook 'em up.

「……B-01, we will enter into self-defense behavior from this "

「……B – 02, I will enter self – defense behavior from this "

「……M – 01, I will enter self – defense behavior from this "

「……M – 02, confirmed the transition to friendly battle. We will start supporting it. "

「……M – 03, confirmed the transition to friendly battle. We will start supporting it. "

 The counterattacks of the slaves began.


 Again, puzzle and startle attacks the bandits.

 When thinking that their arms looked hazy, the arrows that were released as soon as to shoot the horse and the man 's man were all knocked down. Ninaya, three arrows are the same. It was prevented. It is a magic trick.

 Thieves who first noticed the kind of hand goods stared their eyes by surprise.

Mum, have you dropped an arrow with a whip …?!? "

 A long whip to hit a horse from the maneuvering seat. It was the identity of what it intercepted the arrow.

 However, whether or not their common sense can receive it as it is.

"Well, nothing stupid! It is a whip! What? It is for hitting a horse, this arrow arrows ……Who can imitate it? What? "

"Even if you can do it! I guess they can not do it! "

"Archer, more aim! You guys disconnected from it! What? "

 Such a thing can not happen. Turning his eyes to the reality that it has happened, the bandits let the shooter set the bow again.


「……B-01, I will fight back. "

 The headman of the leading carriage threw something from his bosom in advance.

 Something fly at an unspared speed,

"Huh ?! … ….Hey …gay sex

"Hey, whatever – huh?"

 I was standing in the skull of one of the archers.

 It is a throwing knife.

 Most of the blade is buried in the wound as to how fast it flew.

 Damage that surely reaches the brain. COLLINS: That before he hit the floor.

 The dead body slowly falls to the ground with a slight delay. Just as you realized yourself died.

"Dude, you did it !?"

"Damn it … ….If you can not do it with a jumping tool, slay it and kill it! Striking kill! "

 Impact on fellow death. In order to turn it into an attack impulse, I shouted at the head of a theft.

 But it was late.

 - The door of the carriage opens.


 Blocking the voice of doubt raises blood splashes.

 Dark dust of windows was rolled up to black storm.

 As it jumped out of the carriage, another died.

 That's all I can understand.

 I could not even see the moment of attack this time.

 It was not reflected as one of sixty and thirty pairs of eyes.

"Huh … ….?"

 If I noticed one black man appeared in the posture swinging the sword.

 The man fixes the sword's grip a couple of times, as if to confirm the response.

 It was a wind that was not cut or fear of hair being cut or shot from the back.

 ……Did it kill you?

 Thieves recognize it as it is now.

"I do not want to break in. It's as if you are not going to add or subtract "

 While killing one at the same time as it appeared, it was as if she had slashed a straw bunch.

 As if you were afraid, the loop of the siege was pushed out from the inside.

 The man who appeared seemed to be an adventurer.

 It is tall. The body attachment seems to be stronger than a thick rather than a lion.

 A black mantle, a black breastplate, a long handed sword.

 Everything was poor. It seems as though it has been possible to strip it from the bare exposed body just now.

 But how about this murder that leaks from the cracked black iron? Is not it that of a demon that can be revived from the battlefield?

 They understand that this is something that they should not encounter.


"Ya, stop it!"

 A scream sounds like breaking a mysterious stagnation due to the appearance of a man. Both were thieves.

 When looking at the slaves who pretended maid and butler's style, they are taking down some of the thieves.

 The man who noticed it got a tongue stuck,

– Cease and desist.

 With one command, I stopped those who show intent of pursuit.

 ……- But why?

 Doubts spread before relief.

 Stop daring hands that will kill themselves attacking. That's why.

 Negotiation? Even if you let yourself lower with force lever?

 If so, it would have been an evangelical gospel for them being dominated by terror and confusion beyond acceptable.


"The guys are the way of my break-in. Teme et al., Go down adultly and protect even at a horse-drawn carriage. "

 The fact was heartless.

 The man says they will take their place. In other words, it kills.

 The bandits trembled in the declaration, and the slaves released their attitude.

「……B-01. Confirmed the start of the battle test of the upper individual, Opus 02. I will move to passive self-defense. "

"B-02, same as"

"M – 01 to 03, also. Over

"Hello, over-over …"

 When I finish my motivation without comprehension of translation, the man sets up a sword a second time.

 The robbery surrounding the area was completely and to the back.

 When a man and a man advance a sliding feet slightly, thieves ten times fall back.

 Looking at that, the man leaves the breath of disappointment.

"Hey hey, there's no ginger … …Even if you slash the escape back, it will get you going to break in. – Oh, that's right. "

 As thought of something bad, the man lifted the edge of his mouth.

 I will raise my voice so that everyone in the field can hear it.

"Oh, you guys! How about this? Why don't you just give me the boy? If you can kill me, you can overlook this place. I will also chase slaves. "

“….. huh?”!"

"What, say what?"

 The thieves are again confused, but the guys keep on not careful.

 This time he turned his face towards the carriage where he came out,

"Good, husband!? That's all! "

"- I can not admire the post-consent"

 From the door of the horse-drawn carriage, the maid of Yonezoro slave comes out.

 Some of them breathlessly forget that now is the brink of life. It was such a slave.

 The maid kept on like this.

"However, my husband has been forgiven as well.I'll leave it to you, so do not try it freely. " … ….From now on, be sure to ask for your decision. "

– One more won't kill me.

 The maid which finished talking back to the carriage. The man deepens his smile.


「……Please, oh yeah yeah! ! "

 Together with a screaming command turned inside out, he headed to the man.

 The remaining number of thieves, 24.

 A group of aristocrats against you, seven people as far as I can confirm. It is only one person to participate in battle.

 It was the beginning of a battle of rape. However, it is to a large number by a few.

  ※ ※ ※

 Let's move the point of view to one of the thieves. Firstly he found a noble group of carriages – Turuses – a boy with skillful skill in equestrian.

Why can’t we just

 He held his head and was stuck in the bushes.

 I turned away from the instructions of the head, secretly hid and scared without challenging the man.

Why can’t we just

 To begin with, he did not feel like being a thief.

 The beginning of the thing was sold as a slave to the family. It was released from the status of a slave with a miraculous prison, and there were no such things as getting free, but it was only picked up by the thieves who wandered with the horse who ran away.

 My head was buying his horsemanship and eyes, but for a boy his expectation is only a struggle to nurture surrounding warts.

 Nevertheless I have followed so far because there is no other way to live. I was not willing to obey instructions I knew it would die until ten to midnight.

Why can’t we just

 In his sight with his eyes raised, the bandits assaulted the black man and the dead sight was repeated.

 I will continue following it, no matter how many people my friends die.

 The sight was beyond the imagination of the boy and he refused to understand as well.

 In the area that fell south from here, it is said that a group of rats who have eaten foods too much, in excess of a dozen years, are crazy too much to starve in the sea or the lake.

 I could not stop recalling the story of listening that I had never seen.

Why can’t we just

 A black swordsman, one of the thieves jumps.

 - Tang Botan Discount.

 Dead bodies divided into two from the top to the crotch scatter the organs and fall to the ground.

 A black swordsman, one of the thieves jumps.

 - Rough cut.

 A diagonally bifurcated carcass flies just like something as if he could bounce off the pillow.

 A black swordsman, one of the thieves jumps.


 A corpse separated from the belly winds the protruding intestine around the body of a fellow.

 ……The man said that the black swordsman tried.

 According to that word, each one. Politely and politely. I slash and kill everyone differently so as to ascertain the break of each piece of technique. And each time you kill, the fainting sword skill will improve as a nightmare.

Why can’t we just

 Why are you going to kill me?

 Why are you going to be killed?

 The question which does not answer keeps going round and round as many as the head of a boy.

 But the biggest question is not about fellows who are going to death, or swordsmen who keeps killing.

 To tell the truth, neither of them was good for him.

 The question that he is truly confused is that,

Why can’t we just

 A situation where a man continues to kill the bandits.

 The slaves who stare at the side of the wagon car, striking the occasional getaway persons and giving out to the man.

 One of them,

(Why are you there !?)

 It was a living sister who was once sold as a slave with him.

 ……The beginning was about five years ago.

 This country – alleged as the land of the earth and the art, the Kingdom of the Arquée which is the agricultural big country of the continent, is never connected with the kind of cold damage and drought. No, if you go to the districts aristocrat leaving the central control, you run the territory to the turbulence. Heavy tax, labor, unprepared domestic affairs ……Anything like farmer 's hunger can happen. The village of a boy was also a land governed by such corrupt lords.

 In that year the cold summer suffered, the barley yields have fallen to an unprecedented degree. As a result of this influence, the boy 's house was forced to pay taxes. Poor parents will sell two children age of slavery at a high price as slaves to slave merchants among the children secured as a labor force.

 That was him and a sister.

 As a way to be shaken and shaken in a wagon, if the luck is good, the boy may have been bought by the same master, the boy encouraged each other with his sister. And in the slave market of the royal crown brothersenne, brothers and sisters were divided into different departments without heart. My younger sister has rare magical powers, because it is good from the perspective of his brother, my brother. And, for myself, it was delicate for boys, because selling it cheaply for a specific layer with a narrow frontage was on top of everything.

 He was told to the slave shrine's prison that he was bought by the younger sister 's aristocrat at a surprisingly good price. A weak person bullying has to something to live for its turnkey hentai slave killed by children of the Earl of home, and was crying while being taken to be fell seniors slavery his sister, calling to himself until the end, gleefully As she spoke of was. The boy was excited and knocked on the door of prison uncontrollably and was hit with a whip more than that.

 Then shortly he was sold to the Lord of the Great Ranch. His husband was pretty much dear, but it was a cute way of holding nauseousness. In the daytime I was absent in caring for livestock, and I was brought into my husband's bedroom at night. Even being soiled of the stained sheets of the smelled smell, even being bitten by bites of magic of obedience, can not be counted with fingers of both hands and feet. The master suddenly suffered during the daily routine every night and died without doubt. He continued to exercise irrespective of his fat body, but he was secretly injured by the heart he was sickly secured. It was my own work.

 As soon as the master dies, the boy notices that the fastening of the collar is loose. I struggled to get rid of it and I got freedom. What I did at first was to spit sputum on the dead body of the former master who was the worst. Then, I took a horse that had been handed to the stable, ran away the ranch – it was picked up at the head of the thieves and wandered around and it reached the present.

 I thought my sister was already dead. In consideration of what he received in the place sold, it was forced to think that she was bought by a famous aristocrat who was slave-killed and must have been exposed to a more cruel fate. It is different from those who sold themselves for the village, saying that it is for the family, spending time together in painful and painful, the only real family shed tears of the same taste. The boy had paralyzed his feeling of sadness with its wearing heart, and finally accepted that death.

 Even though it is.

 My sister who I thought was dead was standing in his sight with a living flesh and a dying eyes ….

 ……Battle, no, the slaughter was already over.

 The remains of human beings are scattered on a clear day at noon.

 The black swordsmen had flattened all the thieves without injuring one wound. Everyone who escaped was able to stop his slaves or was slain from the front overtaken by a swordsman.

 Only the boy is left.

 The swordsman was watching the boy. Even though I grazed in the bush, I gazed straight at something. There was neither murderous intention nor martial arts, but neither mercy nor acceptance was seen. The slaves are also turning their eyes on this.

 If you run away, you will be cut. I realized it unconsciously, but I did not know what would happen if I went out.

 Advancement is at a loss. My life is put on the chest tips of the unidentified slaughters. There is no room to manage in any way.

 Then, at least –


 With trembling feet, take on the highway.

 Swordsmen kept staring at him as usual. It was somewhat lazy eyes. The exaltation when attacking the thieves had already left, it was a face that embraced something empty. There is no strain of slashing a boy and killing it right now.

 There is no time to relieve it, and the boy approaches a maid with a collar.

 There was no attack.


 I told my younger sister's name for the first time in a few years.

 I called a former name without a name like "M – Zero – Sley" that calls an inorganic thing.

 There was a slight reaction. A girl wrapped in a maid dress and fitted with a collar shook a shoulder a little.

"Is it Emily?"

 Call the name again.

 She looked back over here.

 Like a lie like a lie, she reflects the face of a boy in the eyes of the same color as the blue sky.

 It was a beautiful face. When I was a child, I thought that this girl would become a beautiful girl. I grew more beautiful than I imagined at that time.

 However, its eyes' light is a lie. There was nothing but beauty on that face. It was sad for the boy.

"Boku Dama, it's a Luc."

 Tell your name by trembling voice.

 My younger sister 's expression was quiet like a winter lake.

 Is there an illusion that saw the rippled fluctuations there?

"From M – 02 to M – 03. I wish a response to the question. Who is in contact with you? "

 One of the maids threw a question while looking at the boy. It was cold eyes. It is an eye that twists or loses the insects picked up as a matter of course, or thinks it for only a moment. It has an impression that it seems to be a screw wound clock in its action. A machine that only performs predetermined movements according to the loaded power. My sister seemed to be treated like a similar thing to such an inorganic and empty tool. To that fact the boy feels anger at the same time as fear.


 My sister does not answer. Or maybe I can not answer.

"From M – 02 to M – 03. I wish for a reply reply. Who is the person touching you? "


"M – 03?"

 To repeated question, my sister shook herself with grin.

 Push it slowly and correct your attitude so that you slowly open your mouth.

「……From M – 03 to M – 02. We will answer questions – "

「……Eh, Emily? "

 The boy trembled. When expectation and anxiety swing round in the chest, draw a tombou.

 Does she recognize herself as an older brother now?

 Does it end up like a mechanized maid standing by?


"–He is my brother"

 She remained his sister.

"Ah ……"

 Tears convey the boy's cheek.

 It was a warm tear, unlike what was mixed with cold sweat, which I had flowed to before.

 I remembered it.

 He did not change.

 Only one thing is that she is his sister.

 My sister turns towards colleagues.

"Proposed from M – 03. Estimated threat level of remaining object is E -. I judge that the goal of the battle test is insufficient. We will discuss the end of the test and recovery of the remaining subjects. "

「……。 From M – 02, go to Opus 02. Judgment "

Sweet bean paste You? "

 A swordsmen aimed at water scratched his head as a gashagashi.

 The boy is a confused body and compares his sister and swordsman many times.

 Can you help me?

"It certainly seems to be unsuccessful and we are tired of killing uselessly … …Hey, your husband! What are you doing! What? "

 I raise my voice towards the carriage.

 I do not understand the progress of things at all.

 - What happened to my sister?

 - Can you really help?

 - So, can you be happy with your sister?

 Several ideas run around in my head.

 there comes···

"Hey, are you going to throw me there?"

 A real fear got off in front of a boy.


 Even trembles freeze.

 ……What is all this?

 A man who descended from the carriage while being made to be a leader of the maids and thoughtful to a slave.

 The physique is mediocre. There is nothing to be said about facial expression. I do not have terrible weapons.

 Even though it is standing there, it makes me feel bad more than ever.

 Everything I thought was the worst then I experienced is in my mind.

 What was torn down unreasonably to Genki Genja of the village. It was scolded by my parents that I was not able to work as a field worker with powerlessness. When brothers and sisters were sold to slavery, brothers were aimed at subdued sympathy and downward superiority. Treatment from slave merchants and prison numbers. Farewell to my sister. Everyday at the rancher who was sold away. The wicked life in the bandits got picked up.

 It is overwhelmingly bad feeling, even though it multiplied it by 100 times.

"Hit …… !?"

Let's see …

 He does not care about a frozen boy, he observes him quitely.

 I notice it by looking at the eyes.

 This guy is truly a monster. A village's evil spirits, adults, officials, aristocrats, merchants, husbands of ranches, thieves …Having always been trampled from them until now, he will intuitively recognize the identity of this.

 This is a monster that you must not survive unless you always survive something. Even though gold, honor, power, knowledge, love, dreams, hope are filled in every and all of this world, true scraps can not live without sacrificing anything yet. Such a thing is his identity. It is about the victims who have been twisted to become such things to this thing accepting such things.

 A boy can not use what he felt as a word. However, I still understood.

 I should definitely come to terms with this, blasphemyly talking feces that is in the shape of a man.

"Well, it's good,"

 Words that I do not know will fly above my head.

"I got enough valid data and there is no means to kill anything even if I quit talking … ….If you say you do not want to kill you, you do not mind if you survive and take as many as one. It is troublesome to be conspicuous, but if you take care of me until treatment, I do not care. Hey, M – 03 "

 Saying that, he gave permission to her sister.

 My younger sister responds to that with a salute or not.

"Generous treatment, Thank you very much Mr."

"From M – 02 to M – 03. Congratulations. And thank your husband who is merciful to us for being small. "

"M-01, same as"

"B-01, same as"

"B-02, same as"

 - Punt whackpicking … ….

 What is this dry impact sound? Does it clap? Are they clapping slaves?

 - Queasy? It is as bad as a puppet show. The dolls made of human beings are the worst possible phallus of the scenario that honor a female owner who gave them a whimsy benefit.

 What would he do?I was unable to endure vomiting.

"What's wrong, Luc brother?"


"Please call me M – 03 in the place only concerned. Do you feel sick? "

 The hand that touches the back is gentle and warm.

 With this hand my sister killed the person. The other party was a bandit, even if I saw himself as a friend, they were rude parties who complain about nothing but death. But even if it is a savior or blessed baby blessed by all, he will do the same if he orders.

Didn't make it.Did that make you this much? "


"If you stay at such a guy, you will end up with irreparable … …Even now it is enough worst but surely it will be more terrible than that. "

 Other slaves have cleaned up corpses swordsmen have slashed. While looking at it as it was, the boy appealed to her sister.

If it were now,Surely, you can still do it now. If you remember me and think you can help me, still. But as long as I stayed as it is, that kind of thing will surely be erased. "

"Is your husband pointing to your brother?"

– I'll try.So, let's run away? Preferably both.

"I judge it impossible. The tracking ability of the upper individual exceeds your survival capability. "

"No, it is not a translation right now. Someday I am looking at the gap. Look, I have not been wearing a collar now? There is a loophole in the magic of slavery obedience. "

 That said, the boy will skim the collar and show off his neck.

 There was no emotion in the eyes to see it. It seemed like there was nothing.

Warning. Confirm remarks that conflict with rebel behavior. I request a withdrawal. … ….M – 03 is owned by your husband, older brother "

"It's not your name! You are Emily, my sister! What? "

Affirmative. However, M – 03 considers it to be a concurrent concept – "

– Negative.That's no use! If you acknowledge that you are such a person, I will not think you are your brother! "

"An insult to your husband is not allowed. Please pledge loyalty to your master. That way, together – "

 In his brother 's petition, my sister repeated mechanical refutations.

 He felt despair each time. Have your sister 's spirit been completely tampered with so far? That aristocrat who was named slave killing. Is not that your sister's life, have you killed your heart?

 Tears will bleed the sight.

 ……So, is it?

 Show life's hostility to the master, a life form before your eyes. The doll who swore loyalty to the Lord had overlooked the anomaly of persisting appeal to the potential enemy body as well.

Absolutely not! Such guy ……You can follow a guy who does not think you are a slave either! "

「……Got it

 - Toss.

 Too lighter, I heard a casual sound that caught me missing, from my chest.


 The boy pulls his knees in the ground and on the ground.

 My heart is hot. The body is cold.

 The field of vision that continued to cry and blurred gets even worse.

 I got a hand on my chest, a hard thing was growing.

 - Here. What is this? - Blade? Was she stung? To whom? … ….To my sister?

"Emi, Lee …?"

/(int) (1) hey!/oi!/ahoy!/(pn) (2) (ksb:) I/me/meWhat have you been doing? !

 A black swordsman hears footsteps coming over here.

 There was a sign that my sister would turn there.

「……Reported to the upper individual Opus 02 than M – 03. Confirm the hostility to your host as a target. Judging that the transformation by persuasion is impossible, appropriate treatment – "

"You know what you are looking for! It's not like that, it's not like that! What? "

 I hear strange conversations.

 It seems that the man who was hanging killing himself frantly is angry about why he was stabbed somehow.

 The end of the boy's mouth was puffed. Is the man's contradiction amusing and laughing, or just a convulsion that the body was showing dead? I do not even know.

"- We did the procedure. is there a problem? "

"There are lots of problems !?" You told me to help Koito! What? "

"Yes, that's right. With target …If I could serve my husband together with my older brother, my boyfriend, I thought that I'm happy – I love you and I can make you happy. "


 Oh, and the boy finally notices.

 My sister was trying hard to help me. With that, desperately, making a face fuzzy – yet, did you misunderstand that face is an expressionless like a doll?

「? ……Hey, you're terrible sweat. What are you doing? "

"Ah…… Well, from M – 03, urgent report. Heart rate, body temperature, sweating, abnormal occurrence. The body trembles ……Autonomous behavior, difficult. We will request relief from nearby individuals. Request relief ……Help.Oshjin, help your grandma – "

 ……Finally, I can not hear anything.

 Consciousness makes me feel lost.

 I see。 If you believed her sister properly, could you live with her?

 The boy laughs at his stupidity that overlooked it.

 ……At the same time I thought.

 But for that, we must look up that monster to the Lord.

 Touching your heart, living in a doll. Bounce off it and someone who turned into a doll will hang on your hand.

 Cursing the world that allowed only two such choices, the boy was swallowed by the darkness of death.

   ※ ※ ※

"Are you regretting?"

 While lending a shoulder to the Lord who fell asleep at the face of the meeting, the maid said. Douai can not respond quickly to it.

 The carriage has already started running again.

 Trius Ovenyl takes the treatment for the moment that caused the panic and for the time being it finishes dozing after saying twice or three words complaining to the successive accident. To that sleeping face, Douye was abandoning a couple of doubts.

「……Regretting, what is it? "

"The definition of the question was ambiguous. Where do I send flowers?Do you regret what your husband saved? "

 After lowering his head a little, Uni responds.

 It was the first question I wanted to ask most recently.

– It was never a black-white thing. What if you answer "yes" to that? Do not get rid of it with lumping tequilsin. "

 Ask questions to mix back. If you envy the Lord, Obeil's maid does not want to kill your immediate family. It is a question that has no choice but to return denial if life is regrettable.

 It was a bad habit that I could not attract. I feel irritated as much as I know it by myself.

"It is a meaningless question. We do not have the function to have such a thing. Discontent, distrust, or disgust. Such a thing seems to be able to occur, but it is being adjusted so that it will not lead to hostile behavior to the master. "

 I feel stupid things in the answer. Once you are touched by Trius, even if you dislike him as snakey, that feeling will never go away and will continue to serve him. Of course, this efficiencyist, if that influence on him exceeds a negative threshold, that will not be the case ….

"What a troublesome thing … …."

"If you do not have such dissatisfaction, desire, etc. for the current situation, you will not be able to advise your lord and to talk about it."

"It was a story that we did so … …Which mass production type people did not say they excluded feelings? "

 Uni sighed. I do not have a facial expression, but I feel like I was made a little idiot.

"My husband said that he" restricted ".It is not excluded. "

"- Well, for mass production types that need to be uniform with uniform performance, emotions are quite restricted, though -"

 Yeah, it's starting to come back to me now. Certainly the Lord said so.

"There is such a story. I used to create a slave that completely eliminated emotion in my experiments, but it was too bad thing to be your master's tool. I left five senses, but it does not respond to it even if pain is given. Even though I feel pain, I will not do anything against it. Even though the sensation is maintained, if there is no emotion to it, it does not lead to action. Of course, you can set commands in advance to deal with the feeling that has arisen. … ….Do you know what this means?

"Oh, I am reluctant -"

 Avoid pain.

 If you get hungry, eat.

 A kimono doll that needs to write instructions one by one in order to do such an ordinary operation. Rather than making such a thing,

"- It's better to use the emotions from the former than to take such trouble. Is it such a thing? "

"Yes, it is correct. And if you leave emotion you are tied to your senses and emotions are maintained. Emotion is motivated and action occurs – so that emotion is not excluded, but a method that limits autonomy and fidelity to extremes that can be compatible was adopted. However, it is inevitable that the flexibility of autonomy and thinking is also impaired. So, sometimes it deals with large discretion, it can not be used for upper individuals like us. "

 To the end it is a method for soldier, add.

 Douai is a former adventurer. Solo was a creed, but I know the role of the leader. If the head can not think of anything by itself, and the thing to do is universal, the party has no future. Myself or Uni is a leader role, mass production type is a member who receives the instructions, Turius is …A client or guild who sends themselves to danger.

"Well, why do not you just obedience and prevent rebellion just like me? Surgery seems to be easier for you, and your head does not have to be hard, is it? "

 You seem to be strong enough, but do not say it.

"Besides, it should not cause any meaningless action to stab my opponent who tried to help until a while ago. I'd rather dare to do something like that. "

Don't get me wrong. This is more complicated. Do not let only the hostile to obey your husband while leaving a large part of emotion, not only to host your host – If it is, for example, when making egg dish, only two are mixed from the eggs of the basket It is like pulling eggs out. This will take time, but you can make a big omelet at once, do not you? Conversely, the way to limit most of emotion is like choosing a fresh egg and then throwing it away. Omelets will be smaller, but we can save a lot of time. "

 It was a maid – like metaphor.

 If Douie selects his own analogy … …Yes, it's a bag and gold coin. Powerful individuals like themselves, big bags with big money entering. To use it for a large amount of settlement at once, overturn the inside of the bag and pull out the bad money that was mixed in advance in good coins. Mass production slaves are wallets used for a small amount of shopping. Where poor coins are mixed, you can put out a good one at the time of payment. If you do not issue a bad money against your opponent, you do it. If you do not spend a lot of money, the story just tells you that it is easier.

「……It is a bad story of chest poisoning. Even the body is still a mind, is it a mono handling that treats with efficiency? "

"This is a story. We are long ago, your husband's thing. "

 So, Uni repeats.

"I will return to my first question, are you regretting it? In exchange for my life, I became your master's thing. "

"- That's the story now."

 Tilt his head and see the scenery outside the window. There is no figure of that boy in the scenery where the flow is going away. Thieves who I truncated. Before becoming rotten and scattering the venom, it was properly processed and buried before becoming undead and reviving.

 Even if the last one act was deducted, the slaughter that he called test was not a pleasant one. Only the first half got drunk by the feeling of pleasure and break-in of break-in which strengthened the body. I felt bored with the lack of response, afterwards I was waving swords with inertia. It's almost like a bad guy's handicap. I did not even know what to wield the sword for. The sword, and becoming stronger, was supposed to be the purpose itself for living.

 Said the Trius. Give everything for life. The sword should be shaken for the sake of the Lord.

 The price of the contract with the devil had begun to expose the figure that can not bear its sightedness as early as possible.

"I regret it now. "But," –

 Cut out the rebuilding outside the window and turn to the passenger.

"- That there is now is because I am alive? Then, I believe that someday will be canceled, I will keep on living. "

 It did not seem like Douai of the annoying itself, it was an attractive way of answering.

 It's not like – that is, it's strong.

 However, it was hard to say as a complete lie. It is a rare idea for profitable, adventurers if you live. However, if Douie died, it was better to be satisfied as a swordsman. I do not want to be like that. So I took the invitation of a devilish alchemist to live a life until I got it.

 Perhaps you have closed your eyes on the possibility that you have not gained satisfaction as a swordsmen.

 If I live, I will cancel it someday. … ….Really?

 Even so, Duie can only swing the sword. As long as he lives, he tricks his conscience and even cuts down on himself.

「Is that so。

 When listening to the answer, Uni gently looks at the Lord who rests on his shoulder.

 Although it was expressionless, it was an eyes that made me reminiscent of my mother somewhere. Are you merciful Oven, or are you seeing the doubt of Dou?

"I think I understand why your husband has found you."

Sweet bean paste

"Surely, somewhere, you seemed to feel a part similar to yourself"

 The expression does not change. However, his breath has a special emotion.

 Apparently my reply seemed to be favorable for her and his loyalty object.

 Never give up honestly and rejoice, swordsmen who lose to death stiffen their shoulders.

"That's a privilege. It is said that the lord of the famous [girlfriend] is like this one '

"There is a misunderstanding [two handed sword]. To say that it is similar is different. Your husband and you, even if they are similar, can not be joint. "

 The conversation was stopped by that.

 Only irregular tremors in the regular horseshoe and the sound of the wheels, and only the small sleeping breath of the Lord dominate the narrow space.

 Do you not arrive at your destination quickly? I do not feel anything to wait for,


 As soon as I heard such sleep, the worry of anxiety increased quickly.


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