Movement on a carriage is unexpected, it takes time.

 Unlike modern cars, the power source is a living thing. If you get tired, you also eat manger. Well, if I am a horse, I can improve my speed and horsepower and endurance by remodeling horses. There is a fear of putting suspicions on the possession of magic life if you put too much that you have an animal with abnormal ability. Basically it is supposed that you can not possess it unless permission from the royal family does not come out – it is a type of eidolon such as unicorn – not sure well with the monster.

 However, it was a pleasure for me to be able to do a careful adjustment of the M – 03 that caused a malfunction due to an unexpected accident by taking time to move. Currently she is recovering until she can do the job as any other slave. If I can open a lab at the site later, I have to do thorough exam again.

 While watching such a thing, he looks outside the window of the carriage. We have already entered Marlan County which is the target place. It is only the appearance of the desolated fields and the weeding peasants to move to the eyes. Is this really a country of art and earth and Arquere? Besides, whether the subjugation of monsters is also stagnant, the number of times Uni and Doue had worked on the way was not once or twice.

 Although I had predicted, it is said that you can press the terrible land so far.

[ごしゅじん] /(n) (hon) your husband/her husband/(P)// You were being hated by that older brother … …. "

"Looks like it. The farmers who are released from the lord for harassment to their brother, they would not bear it. "

 Duoe shrugs his shoulders at all. He is the only one to accompany him.

 As for Uni who should not leave my side,

 - Tonto.

 Something sounded down on the roof of the carriage. Although Douhe thinks hands with his hands sword in spite of himself,

 - Ton, Toto, tons.

 I hear a strange rhythm knock from above.

 It was a predetermined signature.

 I will raise my voice to the top while controlling DOUE by hand.

"Welcome back, Uni"

 And I opened the door of a running carriage and got on board. Uni was letting you go ahead and search for information. She also possesses Ranger skills for quest quests. It will be a piece of cake, such as a survey of female officials smoking at the frontier.

"I'm back now, my master … ….After all, it seems that deficiency is conspicuous in the rule of this place. "

 What was presented was a document of a substitute officer who had divided this county into three parts. Of course, Uni is a copy duplicated instead of the original.

"[ごくろうさま] /(exp,adj-na) thank you very much for your …/I appreciate your efforts/(P)/"/" Let's see …Wow, that's awful. Embezzlement of irrigation costs in the sideways flow of grain? The attachment involved in water fighting, can not be helped … …Until the misrepresentation of the audit from the Kingdom by bribes. Tax rate is real nine Koichi. Hey, this is where the bottom is always like famine. "

"Many farmers seem to be covering their livelihoods by selling their slaves,"

 I wonder why, maybe it was my goodwill, here.

 Is this also a causal response?

「……You looked far enough in less than a day? "

"Because it is a maid. Sneak into the mansion is a fun thing. "

"Is not it strange?"

 "Works" who engage in exchange with others. I was thinking carefully what to do with this devastated territory without mixing in that conversation. Either way, although the first one is decided.

"Welcome home, New Cricket!"

 A man who seems to be a mere officer who governs the town where the political agency is, spreads his hands and expresses a welcome to me. Two people who seem to be a substitute for this and the same as he is to refrain from behind. I have a smile of a subservient follow-up to me, but jealousy of my peers at the top is bleeding. Oh, I guess he has a feeling of being outstripped to him who provided a place for me to stay.

 I remember a sense of superiority to it stabbing on my back, the man looked outstanding outside.

"A long journey, it will be tiring! Today I have prepared a bath etc! Sasa, please go to our house! Let's not be as bad as the kingdom's mansion, but please relax. "

 It was a look up looking guts. It is quite a raccoon dog for me that I can not do anything like I have ever been, as I have been assigned to. Mostly, it is a spirit of trying to get rid of it after adopting good things, on the contrary as to make it in the self-medicine basket. But, in my hands –

「Ahh……Yes please. I am not used to traveling, do you? I'm completely tired. You have a bath? Awesome. Yes, I will go. "

 - I'll ride it quite well. No, it is painful to be shaken by a carriage for days. The carriage of the Oveni family is improved by adding a suspension and carrying a suspension, but the ride quality is not good compared to the seat of a car or a train which was used in the former world to driftwater.

 Representative of a substitute officer blushed for a while for the first time in the dark after the prediction I showed,

「……Are you on the left? Let's guide you to the bath immediately! Please pick up your hands! "

"What? - Thank you.Let me take care of something like that "

"No no, there is no disappointment! Since Earls also hopes to serve a new lord owner sincerity seriously! "

Mm. From my older brother? I, I hate that. Fine things, always get stuffy, stuffy. Do not you hear it? In the meantime, how are you picking a fork and a knife first when you eat, I'm noisy. "

Yes. Of course, we mainly serve Mr. Trius, serve sincerity sincerity! "

 Touching also is artistic as far as we go. Even so, the strength of this push. Even though I was born in my previous world, this man could eat as a salesman. Although I do not want to be a manager in a managerial position to see management skills, it is a type.

 While thinking about such a thing while walking around, check the people around you. Official officials in the office workers do not hide the signs of despair before I show the plain open aristocratic aristocracy. It is a face that you can do anything, such as a small vassal – or something like a small boy aged twenty years ago who got on with a single equal if you excluded slaves -.

 Besides, they are even turning their eyes off their eyes towards maids, especially Uni. For those who are dressed like a dress, people who do not know whether they are military officers or bandits of someone who looks frightened have a provocative expression with grin.

 In order to know the ideas of the above people it is said to look at the attitude of the lower person, but this is the enemy land. I was hit by such place in first-time managerial management, and it would be something about the name of the official name which can be turned around well.

 Well, that is nice. It can do thoroughly without hindrance.

 The bathroom of the substitute office which will be temporary residence for me for the time was a luxurious making in the middle. The bathtub is plentiful and wide enough that three adults are immersed at the same time, not to stretch their limbs. Probably, it is definitely a thing for entering in multiplayer and enjoying variously. Apparently they can guess that they had lived a little extra living here. Thanks to that, I am relaxing slowly.

"How hot water is supposed to be, my husband"

 The voice of Uni echoes in a stone bathroom. Separately a special bathroom shop, I'm not sure she is naked and I am sorry for me. Uni is protecting at the entrance of the bathroom. A cowardly servant who will solidify the whole body with a defense dress and finally go out. For me, it is the most defenseless condition to have a bathing time to remove all things to wear. If you are a legendary swordman famous for dual-sword flow, I will answer that I will not take a bath but I am a Japanese of the 21st century. Even if you do not do sake or tobacco, you can not but enter the bath alone without fail. Therefore, it is one of Uni's daily work to protect me aside so that I can take a leisurely bath.

yeahWell, it's lukewarm, but I wish I could stand it. There is no problem for minutes to go up for dinner. "

"If you like, will you warm up again?"

It’s okay guys. Occasionally this kind of thing is also an occupant. Be more focused on guarding than that. "

"Yes, sir -"

 Unexpectedly the reply of Uni is interrupted. I wonder what happened. I can not believe that she had been disciplined as a maid since six years, as such a maid. Ah.

"From M – 02 to Chief Maid. There are people who approach the bath. Appearance, women from the mid-twenties to early thirties. Very lightly decorated. Armed, magical, neither. The possibility of hiding is also minimal. Over

 From Uni's maid clothes pocket, I heard a muffled voice. It is a dress for communication. You should think that it is like a magic gimmick transceiver. Were you sensing the approach of someone, the process, before the report?

「……From chief maid to M – 02. We will deal with the report subject here. There will be continued vigilance in the area. Over

/(int) hmm/well …/humph/huh/pshaw/pshawI can not think of an assassin, and so – Uni "

YesWould you like to use perfume? "

 Even without telling everyone, it seemed to me to understand my intention. For many years my assistant has not done it.

…ah. Where is this place?

"Bottom side of the pants, left. As usual, is not it? Ah, here we are.

 Uni throws the removed vial as "rude" here. It's an emergency, I do not have time to handle it handily. I open the vial's lid and place it in the proper place. The dense sweet smell smelled awfully. The readiness is all.

 Immediately after that, the door of the dressing room leading to the bathroom was knocked.

「……Which way? "

"I was ordered by the Lord, I have taken care of the new lord. Scratch the scrap and give it to you. "

 From the other side of the door, you can hear the gruesome woman 's voice. Willing to send such women to a weakly intelligent coward is a method of stone determination.

"Your husband is having fond of taking a bath alone."

"Oh, are you putting you aside?"

「……Hold on, please. I will take care of now. "

 I whistled a small whistle so as not to hear beyond. Uni is also a middle-aged actress. I am dared to distress himself.

"My husband, you are a customer. I heard that you took care of the bath. "

"Oh, I got it. You can accept it. To say this is courtesy to receive, do not you? "

– Of course, sir.The forgiveness was issued. Go Ahead

 At the same time as the door opens, the breathtaking signs came over. Was it surprising that Uni was swarming, or was it surprised that it was other elements? However, in a moment, if you think that you are hearing the noise of clothing scratches, a female-looking woman appears in the bathroom.

"Good evening, new lord"

 With a bit of a shaky look, I observe her. The color of the skin is good, and it is not dirty with dust and dirt. In the countryside like this, there are few shops holding a business woman who satisfies nobility. Perhaps the owner of the house is surrounded. Have you sent her a woman, or did the woman came to sneak out against a new power person? If it is the former, it means that the character is lacking, and in the latter case it is inevitable that there is also a lack of eyes to see the situation.

 A woman who appeared to see how I tried my eyes somewhat smiled somewhere.

"I understand you were being asked, but I've been shedding on my back … … …On the royal citizens, what is your experience of emerging like this? "

"Well, not really, I wonder. It was fun to drive people into a hobby. "

"Oh, that is no good. You can not afford to play aristocrats, various ways to play. Especially those of men and women, are not you? "

 While talking about it, we are pressing closer. My heart is good. Although I am careful not to enter into sight, I know that Uni is nearby soon. Or have you already had an effect and your attention is falling?

 Initially, I woke up from the bath. In the wet body away from the warm water, the frontier air coldly entangles.

"Why do not you like that?"

「……Anyway, I would like to know you deeply. "

– So long.

 A white hand that takes my arms. Faster than being drawn into its Lord's chest,

"Please accept this before that. It's my homemade "perfume"

 Originally it was supposed to be used after diluting with water, without any hesitation I thrust my nose. This is a damp bathroom. If you do not do this you do not know the extent of the effect.

 Even I who was already resistant, even the smell that made me sick, quickly took away the light of consciousness from the eyes of a woman.

   ※ ※ ※

 A man who offered a lodging house to Turius Obedyl, one of the three deputies, was immersed in a satisfying feeling in the bedroom. Looking at the behavior of Trius in the seat of a welcome dinner, it was obvious to me that he was an inescapable man. I tried asking the impression of seeing the inside of the territory for a moment but I just told a bitches who was pushed into the countryside away from the kingdom. Besides, although it is not a lot of alcohol amount, it turns red and turns its face, and it is a dead end.

 In the letter from the new principal Lynas O'Bonn, it was written that it was a devil who tilted the house, but it probably is a story of putting money into alchemy and using money. The truth is to change the lead to gold, and the fool that exhausts the gold coins above which it is available is something to do in the world at all times.

 If this is so, you can easily bridge and be at your disposal. The man laughed dark.

Why in the name of all the Gods–

 His lady mischievously said to pull back from idea back to reality.

"It will be decided. It is a thing of the future "

"What are you talking about that boy?"

yeahHow was your success? "

 As water turns, the woman smiles like a fool.

– No. I will not satisfy you at all, that boy. It's too fancy for my age. "

"To say so, did you come by my side?"

Yeah. In light of idiots. Besides, I've got over to this thing – "

 As I say it, I rub on my body. The smell of flowers without sniffing smelled.

「……Perfume? "

"I got it in the royal city. Really, I do not understand …I wonder if a country woman thinks that anything that is popular in the city is obliged "

 A woman complained, the man laughed. Sure it is a bit scary. Your taste will be divided.

 Even so, it is a gift with enthusiasm for saying it is fresh. In association with heterosexuality, it is said that there are some types that are pale, but the young woman is also so.

 Then, it is no wonder you got a big clue to the basketball. The man learned up with pleasures. I am sorry for the trouble of bringing it to the bed, holding a woman around.

Sweet bean pasteWhat are you going to do?

"Did you say that you were not satisfied?"

"What, please turn to another man"

"It's a hand to hold the right in this place. – Forgive me.

"Well, I will not forgive you. Another voice "

 The woman asks a grin while smiling. This is a greedy woman. Well, what do you want? While thinking, the man fills his face with a bastard chest.

"Well, ….Hey, can you ask me a favor? "

 The smell of the flower seems to get dizzy.

 ……[あまい] /sweet/

 It is as smell of heavenly sake. Thoughts melt.

/(int) (1) oh!/good heavens!/(2) ugh! oh no!/(3) ah!/agh!/agh!-I'm listening.

 It gets distant. White skin in front of me, everything else is OK.

"Do you really ask me?"


"Really true?"

"I'm saying so … …."

– Anything you want!

"Of course … …."

 I do not know what I am talking about.

 Everything really seems to hear what you say.

 The man was puzzled. Have you ever been crazy about this woman? It is superb in appearance, and the skill is not bad. But that's it. A woman of this degree in the night world, there is one in one store. I will not surround it with one extraorder of the frontier unless it is that extent.

 The question gradually fades away and it scratches. The only thing that remains is the desire despised by confusion.

"Well, good. -Anything!LISTENAnyI am sorry …. "

 In a man 's answer, the woman smiled.

 Laughing like a baby, it does not match to a girl. And there is no light on the pupil as the film hangs on. Light of intention.

– So long.

"- Shall I take your brain miso too?"

 A woman 's voice was taken over by a man' s voice who met with a young boy kept on.

   ※ ※ ※

 It is rather frustrating, I thought.

"It seems that it worked very quickly, but the density was a bit too high ……It is good not to leave even strange aftereffects. "

"There will be no problem. I do not think it is a talent that will be used anyway. "

 Between me and Uni overlooking men and women who are dressed neatly and without any hairs. It is the scent of homemade perfume that is rich in the room. It is a strange smell that makes it easier for you to listen when you smell the smell like the one used to the high court investigator a while ago. Compared with that, the speediness is higher, but the side effect is also strong accordingly.

 Last time I bought it in the room in advance and I was able to use a weak one because the investigation institution of the country later got suspicious, but this time it is the side I am going to get on and this time I can get into the bathroom and suddenly urgent I used this to escape.

May I be excused. Report from M – 01 to Mrs. In the hall, setting up temporary facilities for emergency surgery was completed. Also, Opus 02 and B series are also controlling military stuffing stations. I will judge that there is no problem in the progress of Phase 1 "

"[ごくろうさま] /(exp,adj-na) thank you very much for your …/I appreciate your efforts/" Well, today I am up all night. Take the hub of this house during the night. Does everyone do their best, okay? "

 I appreciate the maid who appeared in the report.

Yes, Sir? Slaves, I swear even more. "

 Once bowed, the maid who came to report will leave. I am going to go ahead and preparing for surgery. In a temporary facility it can not be elaborate like adjustment of mass production slaves, but if there is simple robotomy surgery there is no problem. To see the state of the territory, as Uni says, it does not seem quite competent, so everyone is waiting for instructions – a pending doll? - Even if you do, there will be no change in particular. Rather, it may be said that it improved as the rulership would not be exercised by the people.

All right. I can not keep taking my time forever for such a thing. I have plenty to do and I will do it quickly, Uni "

「Yes。 "[ごしゅじんさま] /(exp,n) (1) master/(2) Your lordship/My lord/(3) husband/(3) husband

 While saying Uni injected an anesthetic medicine to a substitute officer and a mistress in case of emergency. Take complete resistance. And like a parcel one by one with one hand, I lift it all together. It seems like surprising that slender Uni lightly carries two people at the same time as you see it.

 It was completed in less than a week for the vice president to take over. The other two officers also asked me for a welcome and they invited me in a reply, so they have sworn loyalty in turn in a similar way. I was prepared to get a bit more troublesome and accidental, but there are no problems at present. The ability of mediators to mediate disputes of the commoners fell because the movements of military officers became dull at best, and the security which was originally low was the worst.

 As we said, we were busily walking around like holding a new lab in parallel with the handling of the territory, and re-adjusting the M – 03 that broke the tone during this period in earnest.

 And, at the end of the day the general preparation was completed at last.

「……Oh, I got tired. I think it was the first time in my life that I worked so much outside my research. "

 In the laboratory which refurbished the basement of the former agent office building, it stretches while sitting on a chair. After all we have good facilities. Efficiency is wrong to do the same work.

"Hello, I am also worth paying attention"

 So complaining Douai.

 The lower grade material I let go when leaving the kingdom was gathered up to some extent on the occasion of subduing him with a monster stolen around here. He is a battle-type "work", he is unsuitable for the work currently putting hands on him, so he is doing his best in a suitable field. It should be glad for him because he should get used to a new body as he fights.

 And Uni appears with some documents in there.

"I am sorry for being tired. Petition is being sent from everywhere in the territory. Mediation of water rights, resumption of disruptive irrigation work, measures against neglected dungeons etc. "

– Oh my God.

 I thought that the work was over, this is it. When I can come back I can resume my research. Well, my older brother also pushed it here for the purpose. For the moment it is just what he said he was right. Apart from grabbing the old badges in a week.

"Is it a measure against dungeons? I thought that the wild monsters were burned up a lot, are they flooding over there? Ask for the adventurer guild – "

"There are no translations that former delegates are sending out? I wonder if there are guilds around here. "

"The adventurer guild is only one in the territory. Even so, as the level of requests is low, the number of cases is not that much, so adventurers of the bottom do not come together. "

 This is horrible.

"I wonder …The surrounding monsters are low in level for their numbers. This is why all the materials are low grade. As you can see, adventurers over Class D have no umami. However, it is a low-ranking adventurer who flips in. "

"Since there is no road bank that comes in such remote areas, you must first come and go … ….Well, let's take measures against dungeons later. I do not mean there is no intention. Let's do it from the agriculture-related allowance. "

 Even so, I do not have much wisdom in me. I am neither a politician nor a bureaucrat. He is a researcher. Even if Einstein, Gauss or Neumann make domestic affairs, it is not possible to make effective arrangements. Even in the world of simulation games, intelligence and politics are often different abilities.

 So let 's do it from the extent that it is possible for me as a political amateur. Fortunately, the factions of this Marlan County are unified to me, and there is no confusing thing in faction factions. It's all you want to do for the lords above other territory. You have to be careful not to make a funny way of frenzying so that it does not become a brown tea ceremony.

"Let's give out a tax reduction proposal for now. The current tax rate is too cruel. Regarding water rights right, wait for future investigation "

"Oh, it's basic,"

"How can we deal with merchants? It seems that we have had a dark relationship behind the officers, which is the sludge of grain. "

"Oh, that was also … ….Exactly, embrace them and sell potions here as well. There is a clue to herbal medicine which grows even in a little rough land. "

 It is totally troublesome. It may be a mistake that simply brainwashed people like this. If the partner who had the deal changes suddenly, the merchants may be distrusted. Well, let me chew a bit more tasty stories and keep it silent, or do they have something to do with the worst at the worst?

"However, if it is done as an industry in the territory, it is not enough for manpower as long as it is a transaction between individuals that we had done in the kingdom. For me, I would like to ask mass-production slaves to increase their number. "

Of course yes. You do not stand out most when going to buy slaves. Bring me along with B – 01, B – 02. Fortunately for the budget there are assets that the guys here had stored. Please get one fancy. "

 It turns out that we are blessed to be blessed. They have saved a lot of money and no money is needed in future. It does not cause labor disputes with that on omake. Black company is a talented person. The ability seems to have dropped correspondingly for treatment.

"Hey hey, okay. so? Do you mind going back to Kingdom? "

"No, that's what my move is on my older brother. Besides, from here it is close to crossing the border to Canales. There is the largest slave city on the continent. If the number of mothers for sale is large, you will be able to buy cheaper products of the same quality as before. "

 In the place name I put out in my mouth, Douees whistle.

 Canales commercial capital. Free city independent from the state. A merchant's city where you can get anything with money. The headquarters of the adventurer guild is also there. It is a dove who was originally an adventurer. I do not know if I've been there or not, but it is somewhat interesting.

"Whatever, you can arrange your equipment as well. I can patronize the dressing but it is still too early to get into research in earnest. "

"It's a big battle … …Salt comes out "


 I advise him for a while that is slightly floating.

"Do you still have something?"

"It's not a big deal any more. However, it is. I will not stop buying a woman, but if you bring me here, I do not mind if I do not mind talking about that, I do not care. "

 That's important. I am in trouble that my secret will leak. Here we are planning to start experimenting on a larger scale than ever. I am not going to swim another person with free will in such a place.

 Just as Doue was slightly frightened,


 I returned and returned.

 Uni sighs out like that and breathes a little.

"It is nothing new. I do not seem to have enough awareness that he is still my master's tool. "

"Well, it's been a month since then. I will get used to it more and more. More than that – "

 I looked at the samples lined up on the working desk.

 Recently I was only fingering in the human head. It is accustomed, but it is also a depressing story. It is the place I want to start working on other tasks after a long time.

"- It is the territory that I gave you. One thing, let's do something that seems to be a lord a bit. "


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