City of freedom and merchants, or city of chaos and decadence.

 That is a brief expression of the city called the free city Canales.

 Located at the base of the peninsula in the southern continent, Canales, which occupies the main canal of the Grand Canal, uses various types of water transportation from various places.

 Gold coins, jewelry, ingredients, weapons and armor, and people.

 The kind of people visiting this town is all sorts of things. Merchants aimed at trading and sailors that carry items. A nobleman of another country for the purpose of an unusual article. To adventurers who stop by seeking the great work that the guild headquarters turns to criminals seeking asylum of the underworld by being chased by the country. And of course, also slaves.

 A man who sold his soul to the devil to his regret, Duoe Schwarzer, came to buy a slave in this town. Like myself, a slave who dedicates himself to the LORD rather than his own life.

「……/(int) hmm/I see/hrm/ Koitsu looks very nice. – Six hundred for the boy, fair and final.

"Well, husband! A great buy! Is this the tenth person in this? Okay, I studied a bit … …How about with this? "

 When Douie pointed to a boy who was awesome and had magical power, the slave merchant showed the amount while treating himself exaggeratingly. If you think that you have a rubbing hand, you will quickly play the abacus of the abacus. It is dexterous, even if you become a neck of a merchant, an adventurer may serve as a ranger.

"Well, I will discount it a lot. It will be good. /(int) (1) hey!/oi!/ahoy!/(pn) (2) (ksb:) I/me/me

 While playing with a foolish thought, refraining from behind – self – borrowed accurately – to skip instructions to slaves.

Huh. I am prepared. "

 Slave of butler clothes that will give you bags packed with courtesy silverly.

 I took out the contents, hung it on a balance and confirmed the weight, the merchant heard many times.

"Yes, indeed … …Well, you are respectable! In addition to being able to buy this at the same time, we are sincere in dealing. I would like you to favor it in the future "

"I want to do it. Can I continue? I've got nothing to worry about.

 In those words slaves in the cage rise. No matter how much you bid, how many slaves literally are you one mountain? Even though I think about buying such a large quantity, it is not a true buyer. It might be frightened of being brought to a place which is neither farm nor going to a mine, either.

(Oh, is it certainly a scary buyer?)

 To the slaves' expressions, Douye leaks a bitter smile.

 Trius-Shernan-Ovenyl. Make the infamy of Brodsenne 's slave market [slave slay]. If you know that you will be taken to such a man's territory, a weak one would commit suicide on the spot. Although the slaves sold and sold in such a place are not to know anything.

"Customers by the way. Are you interested in auctioneers? "

 Unexpectedly, the slave merchants will direct the water.

 Auction – It was an invitation that did not advance. A bid for multiple participants to compete for values ​​and sell slaves is certainly a good quality slave to buy. However, what is traded on such occasions is mostly a slave for night visitors. The instruction of Trius Ovenyl is to arrange the slaves who have a reasonable magical power and can be an assistant of alchemy in a certain number. It will be the frown point of foolishness, such as buying a woman looking only with a high price.

I'm sorry. Imagination sticks with this irresistible mouth way of living? I am the lord's name. Just join it to yourself without permission. "

No..! No… Rather it is also for the Lord's sake! His master, you will be ordered to buy this many slaves at once, you will see that it is a wonderful and unique one. For those who are … …Isn't it? In addition to the workers, I wonder if you will need slaves that are reasonably appropriate. "

 It was an invitation like I laughed in spite of myself.

 A correspondingly slave slave? Even if a Turius who hangs a collar on her name [silver lol] buys a slave that is about to be bought at the moment, it will rather drop the case. Products like rival that one, whether it will come out even if digging the digging root and digging in the continent and overturning it. Even if you are an elven slave, five or six people will not be balanced unless they get tied up.

 Merchants who do not know about it will enthusiastically invite participation in bidding.

 I also thought of refusing,

"Because it is only a look! Isn't it? I will not say that you can forcibly drop it and go! And it will end before the sales department here is closed! "

 When this is also sold, it is painful to refuse even here.

 Also remember that there was forgiveness that Turius could buy a woman.

 After all, though it is said that the head finger.

"Wait, if it says that much …"

 I did not decide to participate in bidding separately. I just look as I was told. You have to make a face of a merchant who may be favoring in the future as well. In some cases, you may drop an affordable woman.

「Is that so。 So please come here! "

 A merchant who walks ahead of time while doing rubbing hands. While walking with it, Doue will see the face of B – 01 following up. I had expected, but there was a puppet expressionless expression.

Is that gonna be a problem?

No From the Lord, nothing "

 They seemed to have no other.

 Then, OBNILL 's saying "You can buy" is said to be literal.

 By the way, it has been a while since a woman. Speaking of a recently facing woman, it is about a slave maid with the same Lord. Whatever it seems to be good for you, you will feel confident.

 - The woman sunshine suddenly does not have to do high shopping.

 Doue tightened his mind, saving his frustration and self-discipline.

"-Eh, the following items are here!"

 When I reached the venue, the auction had already begun. A daughter with a good appearance is being auctioned by touching as sold as a girl.

"Gold coins 50!"


"It's 75!"


 The glittering men do not hide the careful desire, but they are raised by the encouragement of the moderator and lifting the value.

 Douye felt himself whitening rapidly.

 The price raised by the surrounding men is never high, even though it is considered from the scope of the budget given by Doue. However, it was a stupid amount of money for a woman to hang alone. Considering how much equipment can be prepared with that gold, I am not very familiar with putting it out.

 If you pay money and meet your desires, it is cheaper to go to the hall and you can have fun. Even if she makes her slave herself a woman, it will take a long time to have a technique to reach a prostitute at one end. Or perhaps it is a customer who is looking forward to it, but it was a value that Douye could not agree with. Occasionally, a woman who is touched by herself to be such a good man can also be offered for sale, but for a woman who just holds, it does not feel like casting a lot of money.

 And then I think. Even how to treat a woman goes with trouble and expenses. I do not think I could say Oven too. Certainly that is similar to the Lord. When was the idea of ​​[girlfriend] a reality?

 Several slaves were bought and bought and sold. Where is the best village in the village, the girls of the poor baroness who is the daughter of a shop that was crushed last month, the sex slave whom the lady who is well-established in the skill of preparation is wholesale … ….None of them eyes the finger.

 The merchant who invited him to such a Douai smiles bitterly.

"Customers, everyone will not be prefered. Perhaps your husband is a person whose eyes are discerning? "

「……- I bet.

 Reply while imagining the face of maids who are sitting on Oven. It was a story that I bought it from young people based on magical power holding, but it seems that there was not so bad face at a glance. Besides, it is always there as a leader of slaves. To be honest, in a slave of the extent that you can buy a little more money, you will not be able to raise even the game of the game.

 With this, it may be better to get out quickly and restart the color of the assistant slave.

 It was when I thought so.

"Well then, it is a continuing product! This person, although it has some scratches, it is very unusual! "

「……[きず] /wound/

 I feel something that is caught by the moderator's words. Usually, it is usual to keep the slaves being bought unharmed. Since it is the purpose to show a fairly beautiful face and to raise the value to the customer, it is natural to refrain from imitating the value.

 What does it mean to hurt it as a bruise but to bid?

 The question was sunny soon as I saw the appearance of the commodity that was issued.

"Wow … …."

"Progress …"

 Surrounding guests leaked a sigh of conviction.

 A woman who resists each time and staggers and is raised on the platform while drawing a chain connected to the collar. Silvery hair has brown skin, amber eyes. Fleshed is excellent, a waisted waist is good, a bloody chest rising is good, it was a person with a body that irritatedly liberates lust. And most importantly, the shape of pin and sharp pointed ears –

"- Dark Elf?"

 Unlike the white elves living in the forest, long-lived fellows who make deserts, rocky mountains and so on.. Even though the color of the skin tells the evil fairy to give to the demon, nothing happens. Just because humans hunt more easily than hiding behind the forest, people are just saying that for the convenience.

"Oh my, I'm hurting gently ……But since the fellows are expensive, buyers should attend even this wound. "

 According to the word of the merchant, the dark elf was full of bruises. It is a rebellious attitude when it comes to being complemented, perhaps, it seems that it was badly raging during capture. Small scratches remaining on the limbs at all, marks of arrow scratches rising roundly at the shoulder mouth. Tonight is a face. A trace like a slash with a knife ran from the forehead to the left cheek, and a bandage instead of an eye band covers one eye. Even from the size of the wound, it seems that the left eye which should possibly be under is safe, even if it seems that scars are almost occupied.

 Subta slaves are expensive. Elves and dark elves are particular. Originally it is an eye-catching product that adorns birds of an auction, but it is something that will be taken somewhat earlier than this in the case of this scar.

"Let's start with gold coin 300 first!"

 Duoe stared his eyes, cheap. It is still high as a slave, but originally it should be expensive like a castle stands alone. Where an injury of losing one eye has occurred, the elves' franchisees are worth much. Excellent as a magician from high magical power, elves as hunters, dark elves as superb Ranger skills as ambitions. Besides, because of the long-lived, unlike humans, we decline until we decide – and I will notice it. It is a way of thinking as an adventurer.

 Most of the people gathering here are merchants or aristocrats, even women. It is a colorful slave that they strike the big in such a place. Dark elves on the stage are certainly well-organized, but scars are too conspicuous. The price will be greatly reduced. To excel in magical power is also resistant to the obedience magic that binds slaves. Even if you receive only that wound, if you do not hide the enemy feelings against human beings, you do not know when you can scratch your sleep. In order to be safe, it may be necessary to additionally pay a large amount of restrained dress. As a slave, the buyer's frontage has become narrow product.

 That is the level that Douie can buy even the money that was held.


"It's 330!"


 There are things I like and some customers have started raising their hands. As it is, most of them have filled their eyes with tranquil light.

 Long lived seed. Those who keep living while keeping fresh youth, time for human beings to be old, decaying and decaying. For those who have goods and rights, there will be no more creepy creatures any more. Degradation to the body of a slave, filthy, trembling … …Beat it to be subject to such distorted desire. From the owner of such preference, it may be thought that some scratches are out of the foil.

(But, a long-lived sub-person?)

 Nobody, and longevity. One goal of alchemy. A human being who is doing it since it was born. It seems that there is also a yoke called lifespan if it is killed by the drift, but still it is closer to eternity than a human being.

 Perhaps it is a thing that brings a light of light to the study of the Lord.

"… It's 500"

 Duhe's hands were raised for the first time after entering this venue. A merchant who stands next will make his eyes round. A slave who is attached as a follower is unresponsive.

 The guests of the area are awesome. It is this where ten love sticks, twenty sheets each, were piling up a little. Sawa 's gaze with someone – a curiosity was gathered and it turned into contempt at once.

 It will not be possible without impossibility. Douai's appearance is that of a warrior, even if he changed the clothes in this town for negotiations, neither a merchant nor a nobleman can be seen. Also at this auctioneer is the first face. Well, the adventurer who fulfilled the high price request got bigger and strayed … …I wonder what gave me such an impression.

"Hmm … I'm 1000! Of course, it is a gold coin! "

 Merchant-style man declares it while exposing ridicule.

 - 1000 gold coins. It is neither silver nor coin. Can this pay you? Do not ruin the bidding, but stay quietly and withdraw … ….

 I would have put such an intention. I will give you one elbow to a female inexperienced fielder in an unfamiliar place. That's why he's trying to satisfy his holdings.

 I felt a bit nerdy.

"How gold coins 1000! A double amount came out! Do you have any other customers! What? "

 The slave quarrel of the moderator excites excitement to the stage.

 While listening to it somewhere far, Doug leaves a smile of self-derision. Yes? Am I angry? Have you been despised by a merchant overhanging your belly? Being human before one? While selling pride and soul in return for life, it is said that getting angry with despair!

 Whether it has been considered as a mixed defeat declaration by the bitter smile, the opponent of the bidding satisfies the face satisfactorily. Looking at it, his smile deepened into a ferocious shape.

(What I misunderstood)

 Doue's belly is decided. Originally there was a great idea and it did not participate, but there is no way to do it. Long-lived seeds are offered for bidding at the price where hands reach if stretched out, how many times are there ahead?

 - Let's do it.

 I will hold my hand again, as a matter of fact.

"It's 1500! ……Thank you very much. You know from the beginning Naka "

 After sending a runoff provocatively, I regret lightly that I added some necessary things. The other party will become conspicuous with this. I still have plenty of room to spend on the budget, but how much will it ever come down?

"I got out, 1500! You sure?

"Goku … …!! 1800

"It's 2000"

"… … 2200!"

 The tension decreased. After this, do you have too much big shopping?

 In light of that, Douhe thinks briefly.

 Around here it is, or will leave in decided.


 - Moza …!"

 A groan envelops the venue. Even though it is a rare subcontinent, are you going to put that scar on there? What motivation is the product of a stupid hobby?

 The puzzle where something terrifying things mixed in wraps the whole venue.

"3000 has come out! It is not 300, it is 3000! You sure?

「……My relationship is clever! "

 The merchant-like middle-aged girls who were competing with each other seemed to scatter a big nose and scatter.

 I am savory despite asking anywhere.

Was decided Dark elves' slaves, their customers bidding! "

"Invisible … …!"

 A man of an auctioneer who is teething teeth. A newcomer, a girl who loses battle to a man who does not have much money, is stabbed by his gaze and ridiculous eyes. It was arbitrary. When Doue raised his hands with five hundred gold coins, they would have pointed it here.

 I did not feel like winning. It is a game that was originally from another's wallet. Rather, it comes even somewhere that I feel mischievous and embarrassing. This time since it took Turius' hands this time it was a continuous series. Will it be someday that it will be sunny? As long as it lives?

 Thinking that way, we turn to the slaves we bought. If there is nothing – not to mention it will be impossible, of course – it will definitely live longer than yourself, to a long-lived creature.

 Dark elves' slaves have returned a cold eye to saying that they should know.

"How is it done, Dou? The budget given by your husband has almost run out of it. "

 The voice of B01 has no sound to blame. It is questioning what to do purely from now.

 By the way, I will not call you a number like "Opus 02" here. This is not the stomach of Trius, but the clear outside world. Without knowing where the ears are, it is judgment that odd names should be avoided.

"Well, this shopping will be here so far. /(int) let me see/well/errr …/uhh …//

 Naturally, Douai must also call upon him about humanity with human name.

"It is Jack. That is fine, but I do not have the money to use for the return carriage. "

「……Do you also own a borrowed carriage? "

"We also have borrowed carriages. A new slave is unity. Even if you rent it, it will be expensive to carry this. "

 I scratched my head, I came. Although it was good to get valuable samples and unexpectedly, the number of slaves for assistant who originally planned is less than a third of expected number. In addition, it was an accidental death to the feet of the return trip.

 It is too small for the carriage they got on. Even if you divide and take you to Marlan, you have to make a round trip back and forth. Replenishment of mass production type modified slaves is urgent. It will not take long time to translate.

"You do not have to earn. Fortunately, here is the cannares of the guild headquarters, my license is alive. If it is a B grade quest, there is no problem about the return carriage cost. "

「……You are amazed. "

 A woman with a dark elf who had kept silence until now, opens his mouth with a face like a foolish heart.

 It was low, but it sounds like a catching ears. Without that feeling, the voice that included a fading that a man heard can not help being intoxicated. It is as strong a strong alcohol. Even though I know that it is crushed, I get drowned, I want to get out of hand. If this were a decent physical body, the price would have jumped twenty times.

"Finally, did you feel like talking?"

 I hid the feeling of intrusions and spoke out loudly as a spirited wind.

 Other slaves are in market prison until transportation is available, but this is another high shopping. It was safest to keep it next to Douye himself so as not to be handed out by the mischievous.

"It is getting lost in the streetheads, which was bought by dirty gold. I will feel like pinching your mouth. "

"Anyway, I'm grateful that I was able to make a chance to break my mouth. Kotora, I have not heard of your name yet. "

 Normally, the name of a slave is not grasped even by the seller side. Of course, if there is added value such as a young lady of a masterpiece, it is another story.

 The woman's answer was irrepressible.

"There is no value to commit ourself to pride, such as monstrous hair-falling monkeys. If you want to hear it, you can use it even in the underlying art hanging on this collar "

 Of course, I will resist it altogether. Please carefully attach such extras as such.

 Douye shrugged his shoulders. He has no magic education. Still, magic of submission will work, but the quality and quantity of magical power flowed to the operation ceremony was known only after all. Even if it is used for a long-lived sub-person who far superior in education, it will receive considerable resistance. If you order them again and again, you will go through, even once you can do it by narrowing down the magical power for resist, you can do it, but that is not his hobby. It was a foolish thing to hear that as much as he heard his name.

「……Wait, that's fine. There will be opportunities to know him well. The problem is that it is today 's inn. The rest of the gold will probably keep a big bed – "

"Is not it quite tiring?"

 A malicious voice overwhelms the words that I tried to connect with.

 As you can see, the auctioneer in front of you appears from the dark shade of the building. That, too, is accompanied by surroundings.

"If you think what else who stretched over to this opponent what you think is that it is inconvenient for the head of this evening. With such circumstances, did you scoop out the eagle from the side? "

 The mouth saying so was distorted to the striking of the madness, but the enthusiasm and sticky eyes are full of enthusiasm that it is still chilling.

 It was obvious that it was aimed at returning to the meaning of the past.

 To come across an unexpected dispute, sighs escape from the mouth of Doué.

"I'm sorry Ichamon. This morning, my guy is mine? "

 Although it will become a laboratory base of that alchemist after a while.

"Not only that! Because of giving it to you, you guys around me, please look down the financial strength of Eagle! I bought an auction over birds than expected! Do you know how much you hit it? What? "

"The main point is whether it is eight days … …"

"Rust from the body"

 A woman with a dark elf looking interestingly. It is obvious that neither the master nor the master, such as a person who just bought himself. Are you feeling a good chest, or are you simply a throwing bowl? Either way, it was more painful to hear than the belly of Zenkame who was fat like a pig.

"Men play around each other around myself ……A little princess feeling? "

"It's a pair of delicious male friends. I feel like I am watching a fighting dog. "

"Good guts will do it"

 I thought it was an interesting woman. This human being is cut off by herself and dropped herself to slaves. If there was such a woman in the adventurers' time, I guess I was not feeling like a lone wolf. I think such a thing. It is a little regrettable to present this many balls to O'Bronn – unfortunately, Douhe is a body that fiddled with his head and falls as a tool not much different from a slave. There will be no way to stop if the time comes.

"Is not it time to spare, the atmosphere of adventurers in the cave? Do you think that you have confidence in your arms? … ….Honda. Because I saw it, I thought that kind of senior. Therefore, I prepared such preferences. "

 When a merchant-style guy signals, one of the thugs goes forward.

 Yojimbo It seems strange for that. It's a stagger as if you were drunk.

 In a drowning doua, a man speaks with a smile.

"The battle between adventurers is a loss to death. No matter how to kill, no matter what you ……Was it? "

 It is the principle of the adventurer guild. It seems that you can protect yourself by yourself, but the reality is that it is an agony rule that has legitimized crusading newcomers. At least Douhe thinks so. There are a lot of pies remaining when they are eating together and somewhat fewer in number. It was a constitution for such desire.

 It is a sentence that I do not want to recall as a body I once died after having been misused.

「……If there seems to be too much in the eye, scolding comes with a thug from the headquarters. It will

"That's why it's a taste for adventurers … ….Please give your name. "

 A tossed guy talks about being told.

"Ryo, 【Daie of the two-handed sword】, Oh, I see you …"

 Two people were called by a non-round tongue, and Douye grazed his eyebrows.

"You, the adventurer collapse?"

"Well, it is active … …Even this, please. …… 【A sword of a sword sword. Rank, B. Well, one-handed attendance, I want it. "

 A beardless beard with no sign of applying a razor to hairy hair that stretched out, orbits that fell into the cheekbones that weakened and overhang. The citizen was also a body of Kaguya, while still emitting an abnormal eye glance, the man said.

 The gift on that waist is an exotic sword called Katana. A sword of the country of the far east, which is ahead of the dangerous ocean. It is known for its delicacy, which requires exquisite skill and proud of the extraordinary sharpness that the explorer brought back several dozen years ago. In other words, you choose a user. As it survives by asking for it, it should be a useless user,

"Whatever, you … you ….Is it toxic? "

 Did you even destroy yourself with sake? I guess so. Surprisingly it was a slave of dark elves that denied it.

No. Probably it is medicine. I can see a peculiar inhaler in my nose. "

"Is not it detailed? Are you the same? "

Don't be daft. My hometown shaman used to do long prayers. The nervousness is awkward with abnormal elevation and can go to sleep for two days and three days … …It would be a substitute for the child of a man too strong. "

"Powder that powdered the juice of the crab, Kanagigin owl. The darkness of this city is deep. I was surprised to hear that he was an adventurer once he was known, but if he hangs on an eagle, it's like this. "

 While proudly saying, let go of the medicine package taken out from the pocket onto the ground.

 A swordsmen who took himself as Mauret picked it up while reddening his eyed eyes.

"Oh, oh! Difficulty! My, my! "

"Come on! Do you want such a thing? Uh? Do you want it? … ….If you slash that guy, will you do more? Purified fresh, more pure! "

"I will kill you! Even slash! … ….Kun, Kun! …! "

 Malt squat down and smokes medicine like a dog. Every breath I was cramping ecstatically and ecstatically.

 While watching like that, Doue turned a white line of sight to merchants.

「……Is not it illegal? "

"Here, money is a law"

 Then, do not steam the story settled with that money. I wanted to say so, but Maolto wakes himself before that.

 The atmosphere has changed completely.

"Fu ~ ~ ~ ~ … … …!"

 A long breath. The air is pressurized and the vigor is full.

 The tremor of the tip of the tip disappears.

 The appearance of standing in a tranquil and tranquil manner, it itself seemed to be a single sword.

 Wipe the drooled drool in the euphoria with a sleeve, open your mouth after correcting your celebrity.

「……I exposed an ugly place. "


"Rudeness should be compensated with the essence of my sword"

 Saying a small hip while saying, push up the brim of Katana with the thumb of the left hand.

 Ringing off the carpet makes a clear sound in the darkness of the stagnant city.

 The right hand was holding a handle. But I will not let it go.

 Far from trying not to get good things, but what is the cold like you stuck this white blade? I feel a sense of crisis that seems to be doubled in the next moment.

 On the contrary, Dark Elf asked.

Jesus, Fuck!

 I knew it.

"Dotting technique ……It's Hanashi to slash the opponent at the same time as pulling out from the sheath anything. "

 Duoe is the first thing to face the user.

"Originally it seems to be a technique for dealing with an unexpected raid, but there are also schools leading to the speed of God at the time of sword sword, taking advantage of a sacrifice of a sword"

"Well, I am learning swordsmanship" –

 A cracked smile floats on the face of Maoto.

"- Even if you know it, you do not deserve it"

 What lies there is confident and self-confidence as a swordsman.

 Even though my body and mind would hit the white powder and let it fall, only this blade would not rust, it would not cloud.

 Molto talks so much with one expression.

 Just as his piggyback piggybacks, his owner also calls.

Yes! It is now, the medicine is rising and the sense of sensation is increasing! To the full extent, even before hand dyeing, it is better than when you are out of medicine! There used to be a rude man who previously stated that it was class A, but it was opened like a fish with a single sword! "

「……Is your care enough? "

 Saying, I pulled out the two handed sword.

 If that story is certain, the other player who stands up is the owner of the sword arms who slaughter A rank. Pitiful thieves and wild monsters, unlike traitors who have no abilities apart from surprise attack. Although it is an evil way, it is a pure enemy.

 Douhe learns to bear in the nervousness that the skin is sticking to the bilberries.

 The title is equal to what I used to be. The ability is doubled by the action of the medicine, surely it more.

 The naught nature and instinct fought over the rest of the fire.

"Well, let's get started at once. Time will be money, a merchant's husband? "

"I can not miss it! As you wish, kill – "

 Before the words ended, Moort moved.

 Slimming, it gets hazy. Douoe's eyes, trying to capture it, gazed at the sight that time is being prolonged.

 I stepped in. Swiftness The momentum of Hayan as the two people.

 If you notice, it exceeds one sword.

 Sword. Blade light. Rounding I approach the right flank. Slashing to slash through to the left shoulder as it is.

 To hurt. Half steps to the left. The tip of the paper ran through the paper.

 Positioned out posture. Exposing a half body. Opportunity. Afterwards. Raise the tip from the eyes.

 ……Got it. Only two teams left.

 However, it is Maure's smile that it is visible. Facial expression of happiness. What rejoice? [ぎもん] /question/questionable (an)/

 As you answered, the enemy's left hand jumped.

 What is being held … …- Pods? Shake the sheath? There is no blade. However.

 Twisting of a sword, the speed of adding its recoil. Weighed weight. Blunt instrument You can kill it enough.

 ……Can you kill me?

 - Thinking acceleration. Reflection speed improvement.

 The stretched time further slows down.

 Switching was switched, triggered by sense of crisis and survival instinct. From the fencer Doue Schwarzer to the killing combat weapon that the alchemist handled. I felt like falling into a bad dream rather than awakening.

 I grab the eye grasped the sheath which is swayed as a blunt instrument, thin arched arm withered. It is a harmful effect of medicine. Look at you.

 But I could not tell people. This body is already a weapon of human type who has been tampered with by that alchemist.

 Is it the same thing that gained power by a foreign road?

 Molto shaved his life with pride. It is disgusting. I abandon pride, get my life, and then to the force. What other costs?

 Doue thinks about such a thing. I can afford to think. Although it pays compensation and temporarily, it is a sword arm equivalent to A class adventurer. Is there room for this before that?


 If you are indifferent, you will be beaten by the left sheath and eat the second sword of the right with the returning sword.

 So, I have thought about it so far. Following the work that has been devoted to life by dedicating his life and the order that was struck by that outsider, swing the handed sword. For each sheath iron neck, close the enemy in front of us.

 Cross of iron clusters. The resulting sound is closer to that of scratches rather than a crash.

 And the wind with the mass running through the body runs through.

 ……A long moment ends.

 The body thinly thinned again responded like a dead tree.

/(adv) (ksb:) so/really/seeming/

 The sweet spotted blood of the drug flies on the face of a merchant who finished his mouth finally.

 The body of Mauret was slashed into the rope from the left shoulder to the right flank, and she was blown off and blew away.

 Collision sound.

 The striking wreckage of Katana was hit by a street light that lights a magical light. It pierces the support pillar, and it is converted into a bad taste object by snarling in there.

「……Look, things "

 To my dismay, I barely breathe. Not only did he talk. What kind of pharmacology or obsession is that even though one lung is crushed and there is no heart as well? That right arm was pretending to be premature, still holding Katana.

"Outside Act … ….It does not reach the good road ….

 At the same time as the magical light flashes with flickering, the eyes of Molto are closed.

 At the same time, from the stern chest to the bottom, as the thread broke down.

 The disappointing merchant's taste is finally beginning to show reactions that seem to be dismayed.

「Eh? This profile are already in used

"Well, Maort?"

 Drop by the side of the merchant and the surrounding Gorozuki, and bow down to the side of the breath-fought Morut in the dark. The face of death was calm. Just as she felt like a deadly man who deceived herself as a swordsman who is recognized as a swordsman at the end of the term, as if he passed away.

「……You're stupid, you. "

 A trembling voice breaks.

 With satisfaction of misunderstanding, I got deadly at hand. That is the identity of the death of this Katana use.

 Is it a right path? If you say the outer law, you are out of Duhye. Rebuilding the muscles, reinforcing the skeleton, reconstructing the neural network, and finally reaching the brain miso. Morut which finished with one medicine is still closer to the right path.

 Evil by the forbidden medicine, the mystery which is far from the light mirror after all. After all, this swordsmen has passed away leaving his eyes cloudy.

"Hey, it's pretty … ….ng!?」

 Merchant who puts a pettige buttock cake. Nevertheless with a light feeling – even though the murderous intent is enough – it seems that the opponent who pushed the Toriko slashed it and slashed it with a single sword. Astrayed, the front of the trousers was warm and soiled.

"Go to Escape!"

"But my husband -"

"You idiot! It's a living thing! "

 The surroundings also escaped, and fat middle-aged merchants are left alone.

 ……I felt a foolish feeling. It is the same as when you slaughtered a bandit. Started a game without thinking, killed, and got tired of the power gained by a handled hand.

 How many times should we repeat this?

I… need… help…

 In a voice asking for pity, pigs crowed.

"Well, Kim, yeah, I will give as much anything …"

"You do not need it"

 I only paid the sparks I had fallen down. I plan to not stop cutting robberies if I become caught, but it is not quite enough to do so.

"Do not kill me … …!"

"Do not kill if you say"

 This two-handed sword is not a blade for slaughter.

 ……Then, what is it for?

 To the anguish of that doubt, the tongue leaks.

「……You can go at the end. Before I change my mind and want to kill you, "

"Hey, it's nice!"

 A merchant who escaped with a body of bizarre while trying to walk with wet pants.

 It was unbelievable. The other party, Douye himself too.

"Why are you looking at you, you?"

 Dark elves said. It was puzzling and compassionate to blur in the voice. Do you not measure the first-time Lord who bought yourself, and still do you know that he is suffering from something?

 It was a guess that was not clogging.

 The woman continues.

"There is riches to the extent that it has such sword arms, unwillingly to ask me for reluctance."


"So what are you going to face so empty?"

 Because they borrowed everything -.

 Instead of sprinkling its true intention, I decided to spare another thing.

 Silence to embrace.

 A woman who rang himself against the magical power of the collar also accepted his embrace as he used to hesitate.

   ※ ※ ※

"So, the return is much later than planned, and most of the budget has poured into the dark elves,"

 I stopped the decision to approve the document and saw Douhe.

 As he scratches his head,

"I think I was bad, your husband"

 I say that.

 It seems to reflect on me. Apart from whether it can be forgiven or not. No, not the one that I can not forgive you is not me,

"What on earth are you doing? And you are?

 It is a uni who is outrageing with the air being distorted. The expression does not change as usual. However, as for this sign, even I, the Lord, tastes the cold feeling of the spine. Although I will not put it on the face, as I was buying her a doua, there is a reaction to that and there is a strong feeling that I can not forgive this case.

[ゆに] /uni (pref)/

「……Excuse my mistress "

 Apologizing for leaking the murder to mischief, it goes one step. Perhaps he is still angry. Let's prescribe for it later,

"Well, this time I was also bad. I raised freehand a little carelessly. It seems that the budget was also excessive. "

 Otherwise, there are no ways to buy a dark elf even though there are scratches. It is the far – reaching cause of this case that I covered the secret money of the frontier 's substitute officer and handed a lot of money to him with a tofu account. It is true that Douie made it, but I can not escape from that crime if it blames me for carelessness.

"In addition, precious dark elves were unexpectedly available. That's why we should care about each other afterwards. "

「……- Are you sure?

"You see, I was only issuing fuzzy orders" I'd buy slaves gaudy ". I did not know how many people fit the conditions. I also allowed him to buy a woman. I never thought that I would buy a girl who was loudly high. "

 That is what it is. Omoto is a mistake in my order setting.

"If so, it is my mistake that did not suit you correcting that your husband was over … ….It seems that there is no qualification for me to blame him. "

 It seems that within Uni, it intends to add consistency to allow him in such a form. Although it is the result of my education, it is serious.

Good. Well, this is the case so far. "

「……I'm sorry! "

 Douai who lowers his head to Tachibana. I do not care much better than usual, I thought about how he looked at the dark elves.

 Maybe, have you also moved on emotion? Well, it is a slave that I bought by hitting the big budget, there would be plenty to think. Even then, it is a choice someone else does not feel like pouring a budget full of wounded women slaves.

 The dark elves are staring at Uni somewhat behind my chair.

「……[おんな] /females/ Are you truly human? "

 I also made something rude to say. Well, handling is a tool in my "work".

"It is judged biologically that it is so. It is a seal of the galery magic academy "

"In other words, human beings are not human beings, are not they human beings? While pushing and killing this amount of magical power, how much will it go so far if you do it? "

 The dark elves' eyes filled with doubt and awe. Uni will accept it without a small shaking.

 Although it is said, Uni is in a category which is not yet fingered compared to Dou.

"The material is good, she is. Continuous medication and efficient training. That alone made it so far. "

"All, it is the gift of your master's guidance"

「……Play with puppets in a few places. – Queasy?

 It is troubled even if it is told that it is a part. Even though it may be a temporary residence until a new house is made, this is my residence.

 In a swordy atmosphere, Douie is not gathering in the mouth.

– All right, all right.

"Why stop?" No, why do you obey such a man in the first place? If you have as much power as you, you will not be disappointed with the crowds of aristocratic people – "

"You said you were goin '!"

 It was a screaming voice.

 If you have the competence of you, is it? Considering that grandmother, it may be a hard word for Doue.

"Oh no, do not panic. Surely, everyone will be able to get along well? "

"Who are you … …!"

「……Either way,

 A dark elf looking at the face that said it is unbelievable to a dove muttering.

 Although it was only a little while I acted together, I seem to have been quite good friends.

 I want you to be relieved. Because I will make it to stay together properly.

"It's my first time dealing with living dark elves. I have seen some samples of long-lived species. "

 When Uni was an adventurer, he sometimes took down the elves who were in the other parties, and I was able to touch something more beautiful than the academy. Under Professor Grauman, I got a variety of precious experiences.

"I know what elf is, but well because the body's structure has not changed so much from humans. Probably, I can do it even with dark elves. "

"Is that the only thing to do?"

"Hahaha! Did you think you would do it in dissection? Unfortunately, if you are a long-lived ancestor, do not bring it close to my objective immortality, this is it. Their longevity mechanism in the first place – Oh well, well, is there good? What matters is what you do with this rare bodies. "

– Hey! Come on. What are you doing to me? "

"Hold down, Douai"

「……。 Okay, I get it.

 According to my order, Doua who restrains her gently.

 The face whose eyes that only one side remained was a facial expression that embodied the two characters of despair.

"Hey, you will be lying … ….?"

"Unfortunately, it is true … ….By the way, you forgot to ask important things, "

 In a trembling voice, I asked her to call the Lord of the hand holding her.

prince What's your name?

"Oh, you have no name to tell you!"

Ah, yes. It goes …

 The answer was a refusal.

 I thought that it might be said so, but it can not be helped. Apart from that I am not very interested.

"Well, good? I will think about the new name appropriately. "

   ※ ※ ※


 While wrapping the sweaty skin in the sheet at night in Canales, the woman said.

Sweet bean paste What's that? "

"So, it's my name. Did not you hear it? "

 The man replied.

 It is on the narrow bed of the cheap hotel. While holding a pillow, they cuddle up and you can not miss listening to whispered words at the ear.

"How is the wind blowing? Until a while ago, I should have said that there is no name to name a monkey. "

"What, mere capriciousness"

 Saying, the woman smiles lightly.

 It looks like a mirage in the desert. It was a faint laugh that seemed to disappear if it got closer.

「……Suddenly I thought. From now on, no one will call my name, "


"I only felt a bit lonely if I could not remember anyone."

 In that word, the man takes a breath.

 Myriad wounds engraved on the woman's body tells the intensity of war damage that hit her.

 A battle that will hurt her as a scarce existence so far – If you think about it, there probably is no clan who she was.

 The woman turned sideways, as if she was standing his body from unfamiliar pain.

"After all I'm lost. … ….I will never say twice. "

"Do not listen twice"

 The man lies on his pillow with his arm.

"Never forget,"

 It was the oath that only the moon outside the window had heard.

 - As the words say, the name of the woman will remain only in the man 's chest.


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