Dark elf women were rarely seen in recent years.

 It is said to be high magical power, good forged hard body, good for the race provided in race, and there are only 3000 gold coins on the gush.

 The loss of one eye is also usually a flaw, but fortunately there was a material I brought from the royal residence at my hand. It's just good to make up.

 Thanks to this, frustration for the research which I have not satisfied so far seems to be able to solve it to a large extent.

"How are you feeling?" Opus 03 "

"Ha ha, it is quite refreshing. At the same time, I am truly stupid of myself who refused my husband! "

 While tightening the face without scratches tightly, she said.

 The left eye is covered with an eye band carving a magical pattern.

 After all her new eyes are not a good thing to touch the public.

"I will not mind if you work properly from now on,"

"I am blessed and happy!"

 Brain remodeling seems to have worked well.

 Even if it is suppressed by brainwashing, as it was too strongly enemy, it turned out to be an irregular treatment, but when you look at this result it seems you could choose the correct answer.

 It seems that this method can be diverted to future "works".

「……It changed quite a lot. What'd you give him?

 Returning a cheap reply, do not hesitate to show her loyalty to me, Duoe who sees it complicated.

 From the perspective of him who liked her earlier, it would be a scene that is not very funny.

 Let's answer the question for now.

"This child, hatred for me before I remodeled was too strong, right? If you eliminate hostilities like you, or hold down it like a mass production type, there is a fear that the spirit may self-destroy with sudden personality changes. That's why I tried changing the idea. "

"Even if I changed it, I wonder what a truly thought it is. And enough of

"So, I thought of this. Daimyo giving rise to hostility. If you reprint it well then it will fit round. The element that hindered obedience to her servant was the sense of belonging to "her own race" called pride and pride. Because I am contempted, I do not obey, I get angry and hate. "

 To that extent, it seemed that Dowe got a point of intersection. And it seems bitternessing even more.

Oh, I see… In other words, that recognition – "

Yeah. To make it my "work", I changed my mind. Since the interference to the affected area which was a concern was minimized and the recognition area which is the source of it was fiddled, the risk of mental disintegration is greatly suppressed. The personality has changed slightly due to side effects, but autonomous behavior and thought ability related to judgment can be maintained as it is "

 It takes time to freshen up delicate areas and it is not suitable for applying to a large number of subjects, but it is probably the best way to use it for works handled by these hands.

 Uni something,

"It's wonderful, Master. If there is a chance to readjust me in future, please introduce by all means "

 And they got acclaimed enough. Well, as a substitute for her like volunteering for a modification from himself, there is not much meaning to her.

All right. Opus 03, your individual name is dry. From now on make use of that name. "

Huh. It is up to you to pursue the new name that your husband has given you, so that it will not be injured! "

 There is also no rejection to the new name.

 I showed to her in the charts after her proudly proudly behind her.

 Although I was distracted by the rare elementary body that I had unexpectedly gotten enthusiastic about making "works", I have never forgotten my job as a lord. If we do not ruling over this area firmly, the funds for research will also be discontinued and I do not know what I can say to that older brother. Besides, in the future, it is planned to make a laboratory larger than ever. I do not plan to ooze into care.

「……We have finished adjusting mass production slaves to M – 09, B – 07. We only have to wait for your master's wishes afterwards. "

"Well then, shall we start?"

 Accompanied by uni and her slaves, and leaves the mansion.

 Aiming is one of the agricultural lands that have been desolated and thinned.

 Since we arrived at the site, farmland countermeasures have been delayed by adding reasons, but the peasants are nearly reaching their limits for running as well. Somewhere, the riot began somewhere, which could spread throughout the county. If that happens, my older brother will joyfully ring my heart and try to eliminate it socially. … ….Do not you think about the risk that if you do not do it, you could spill over to other lands owned by your brother or other territory? My neighborhood is a sweet part of my elder stuffing.

"The lord says … ….The lord arrived! "

"Oh, you finally managed to do this land !?"

「……Hmm, what are you doing now? "

 When arriving at the farmland, the people who dressed in ragged clothes get crowded.

 Is it about half expectation and anxiety, or three to seven about floating on that face? Even if you rely on aristocrats or cheaters, they are those people who have been treating cautiously each time. Where I showed my face, she will not trust me quickly. In fact some people are infatuating the hostility towards the oppressing aristocracy, and those who are not doing it have sent suspicious gazes to me who are just bringing slaves.

"Well, thanks. Since this time I took office as a lord, I am sorry to have delayed measures to this farmland while lending time. "

 Lower your head lightly for the time being. People in the surroundings, roaring and humming. It seems that the nobility apologized to the commoners, that they were also outrageous for their imagination. Indeed, it seems that there are few aristocrats who are inferior to the common-law partner, no matter how much they can surrender with debt.

But rest assured. Together we have repeated talks to date and have devoted ourselves to developing measures to convince everyone. There is nothing to fear anymore. Let's return this desolate field to a form that should be splendidly "

Whoa, we have a drinker!

"I am amazing confidence!"

"Heck, I can trust you – it hurts!"

"This! What a wonderful thing is saying to the head when the great one lowers to the head! What? "

 Alright, the start is going well. Although some people are unable to wipe out distrust, we can confirm that the surrounding people supplement it. The nobility showed down to the head, the psychology of what you did with recoil would be of course work if you made it insensitive. "If you only lower your head, you are free from words "is a word that only leads to the era when there is no gap in your status. In this medieval level world, the aristocratic head is high. In other words, it will profit if you do not mistake the time of sale.

 This seems to make no big resistance.

All right. Let's get started then. … ….[ゆに] /uni (pref)/

Yes, Sir?

 When Uni signals, mass-produced slaves move all at once.

 They carry the bamboo bag of bread on the shoulder with the contents uniformly carried from the mansion house, and bring it to the field with it. And when they were lined up at equal intervals, they sprinkled their contents in the fields all at once.

 It was farmers who surprised. In the fields that are their greatest wealth, the slaves who are the bottom of the social stratification society steeply stepped in, although they are of the lords, they scatter a strange thing. It is about what I can see with this calm eye, like me, beforehand knowing the seeds.

"O, you guys, what – -!"

"Well, please be calm. I will understand if you look at it. "

 Those who are trying to enter the stop by tears also stopped as soon as I answered. He ordered the lord directly. No matter how bad it is as a citizen, we have to wait.

 While the villagers watched with tight eyes, the spraying work ended.

 I waited for all the slaves to be evenly spaced again and skipped directions.

"Okay, then then on a predetermined order ……«Alchemy»! "

"M01, OK. "Alchemy" "

"« Alchemy »

"« Alchemy »

 Ten mass production slaves simultaneously activate the operation method of "Riken". The magic team expanded to a large field full, and the things that they scatter, the shells of fish, the bones of fish, and the source of fertilizer such as vegetable waste – are quickly returned to the ground. By the time the lights emitted by the magic teams fell, the soil of the field turned into black brown which seemed rich in taste because I saw it.

"Th-This is!?"

"Yu, are you still watching a dream !? This kind of soil, do not look at it for over twenty years! "

 One of the aged farmers gets down to the terrible field and puts a bite in a mouth. Some skilled farmers sometimes measure the quality of the field with the taste of the soil put in their mouth. In modern times as my previous life, there are cases where pesticides and chemical fertilizers are included, so it is better to stop.

 Indeed, the old man began to shed tears quietly.

Fine…Well, it is a fattening soil … …Long ago, it is the same as the last harvest of this land … …! "

"Is that true, Grandpa!?"

"Well, you're kidding!"

 The villagers who surrounded the elderly who cried and wept tasted delight and more puzzles, and just looked at each other's face.

 Well, I have not done much complication. As you can imagine, "earth of rough field" and "source of fertilizer" were trained by alchemy and converted into "good quality soil".

 One of the goals of alchemy is to refine noble metals from base metals. This is very difficult, I never made it successful. For example, lead, which is a base metal, is lead, whatever you do, it does not change to gold, which is a precious metal. Scientifically trying to make gold from lead requires nuclear fusion. In this world, by sandwiching a magical process, can it be somewhat labor saving compared to that in the previous world? Although it is my opinion.

 Well, in short, it is. Compared to such a tremendous difficulty, to make fertilizer from the slag of food and to fertilize soil mixed with fertilizer is totally trivial. After all, if you leave it, it is becoming like that with nature. It is not so difficult to accelerate it with alchemical application.

 By the age of eight I am successful in making artificial skin and artificial muscle to transplant on the face of Uni. The material is chicken meat and pork for cooking. Alchemy is too convenient for children who are under ten years old even if such substitutes can be made, and the evaluation is unreasonably too low. Well, thought about transplanting blood meat made from alchemy to the living body, even in alchemist municipalities also heretical heresy, I could not be evaluated. Even that professor did not seem to think until I told you.

 Well, aside from that,

"How about you, everyone. The tiredness of the land which had bothered you with this was resolved. … ….Let's plow this land to the land and regain the former golden echoes to Marlan's land! "

/(int) (1) oh!/good heavens!/(2) ugh! oh no!/(3) ah!/agh!/agh!

"Oh oh!"

"New Lord, everything!"

"Milan, a golden harbor!"

 After picking up the head and raising it up, we will spell out words to honor me without permission.

 The alchemy will have a stinky image, but the poor farmers are instantaneous physical things. If the wheat field, a seed of rice, regains the discerning soil quality, you will close your eyes as much as you can. If you repeat this same thing in another field afterwards, you should be able to do something for the moment. And above all, this agricultural land remodeling keeps the soil always in its best condition, so there is no need to worry about serial damage. Even if you do not use the Norfolk farming method, there will be no fallow land. First, it is not understood what it will take many years if it tries to reform agriculture with the right method. Scared are pests and crop diseases, but you can deal with it separately, if possible, by making harmless pesticides to the human body if possible.

 This agricultural land improvement is not so much as it sees from a reasonable alchemist. Columbus' egg-like, it's just technology that we could do but that was nothing. That is why, if you do it loudly, other nobles that are easy-to-see might let you imitate themselves in their own areas, but, that time, that time. I have no way to stop. There is no patent office in this world.

 But in this era when cold damage and drought occur once in a while it may become famine at a stroke, it is not only bad things to increase food production area. Besides, the intensive operation know-how of the alchemist is accumulated earlier by ourselves. If you fully exploit the benefits of pioneers, things that are not going to be troubling will not happen.

 I shook the slaves who finished my work and said it brightly.

All right Everyone! Next let's go on "

 There are plenty of fields and there are plenty of other things to do.

 Time must be used efficiently.

"Well, a bit more right, right … ….Alright there! "

 Skip the instructions while making it as a prisoner with the plan written on the old parchment. It is Mud Giant – Magical Organism · Mad Golem that it will be three meters in length as it moves according to it.

"Ha ha …It's useful. "

 While looking at the golem that will proceed with construction using the giant, Douhe mutters. It is likely that he who exercised strong reinforcement surgery exceeds this giant, even simple fighting power, or force power itself. However, with the volume that can be transported simply, it can be said that the golem also has a minute. Things such as mud and earth and sand, no matter how much force you can not carry much at once with the arms of the human being.

"It is a thief that comes with troubles in various ways. I can not do it without such benefits. "

 As I said, I looked up at Mad Golem.

 To have a rank and rule the territory is also to say that the military authority to maintain the security of the territory from the royal family can be recognized. One of the items that is exempt from it is the possession of magical creatures. Magical creatures such as unicorns and Pegasus are like things like tanks and fighter aircraft in the world of pre-existing world. Naturally, there is no reason to be allowed to possess such person personally. But when it comes to holding a territory, the story is different. As a force to cheat in the territory, and also as a fighting force to embark on the royal family in an emergency, arming with a considerable degree of freedom is recognized. Of course, possession of powerful magical creature is also.

 Well, of course the possession of arms at the level that can aim at overthrowing the state is limited by the inspection from the High Court … …As it is not relevant at the moment, leave it here.

"Anyway it's a luxurious story. I only use these magical creatures for irrigation work "

"For me, I think it is rather an ordinary use. With this class of mad golem, if it is the subjugation grade of the adventurer guild, it is a good place from D + to C equivalent. Even you before the remodeling is a category that can be defeated with a margin. That is, it is a class that is quite inferior as my strength. "

 It is a cruel story, but that is the fact. My "works" Uni have the ability to surpass at least Class A adventurers. Even though mass-produced slaves are degraded, the base is data of Uni. There will be a skill of degree C, and if it is an excellent individual, it may go to B. Besides, we can also use basic low-level magic, so the other party with low magical power with physical specialization like mad golem ends with a fishing bottle of attack magic. In other words, my weak point is weaker than this golem, it is about the former officers who have watered down this time and their subordinates.

/(exp) even if/(P)/There are many parts that differ from this plan, actual terrain "

Course you are, doc. It is an old parchment as you see it. How many years ago was it? "

/(conj,int) (1) come/come now/come along/go on/hurry up/hurry up

 Certainly, as Doue says this irrigation plan is too old. This is one that caught the former · Rikkyo Yashiki, present · my library house where I stay. I do not know when it is a substitute, but since farmers quickly get irrigation, I am using it this way.

 Make a new irrigation plan? It is a good opinion.

 ……Apart from that we do not have the talent that can do it.

 Unfortunately I am an alchemist. Although it is possible to provide technologies and tools useful for irrigation work, there is no ability to devise plans themselves. It is that older brother who sits in the kingdom and even talented persons to assist me, who has received education that makes it possible to do it. Well, I did not want to do it, so I pressed it on him.

 Uni is a maid and custody assistant and assistant and explorer. He performs a sufficiently wide variety of roles. In addition to this, doing politicism is a folly that wastes a lot of her resources, and there is no one to get it. Douhe is an adventurer who has lived on a single sword, and it is a dark elf that seems to have been doing nomadic life in the desert area when it comes to dry. Both of them are not very good, but I can not trust to work for internal affairs.

 This neighborhood is a weak point of this camp led by a researcher. Technical capabilities and fighting power are excellent, but they lack the political power to make them organic. Everyone has undergone brain remodeling and the worry of rebellion is minimal, but if I mistake the wrong hand as it is, it is likely to go far anywhere without sacrificing the problem as long as you can not correct the problem.

 In other words, it is like a venture company headed by the president of an engineer. For the moment, no big problem has happened since we are doing limping in this rural area. But in the near future the population of Marlan County will increase, I do not want to think much, but if some territory will increase due to some mistake? It may not be able to cope with newly occurring problems.

 I mean, it is a big problem at the time of relying on a plan that is outdated and lacks certainty like a map describing such a secret place of the Tokugawa buried money.

"When are you really doing it …?Shall we investigate? «Detect»

 I try to measure the age with simple appraisal magic.

 The time when this plan was made in the place I read ……About no less than one hundred and fifty years ago. It is two hundred years ago that the OBNILL family became aristocratic, so it is roughly the second generation or the third generation.

 Well, well, fortunately or unfortunately, this world is magical and technological progress is stagnating, so there are no correction points besides the topographic change of the extent of error.

 I do not have it.

「……As a matter of course, there is no choice but to unearth new personnel to rule the land. "

"Do you want to run into a slave market again?"

 A little disgusting face. Dry that I liked personally was just awful. For the time being, I do not want to step into the slave market for the time being.

"It is a disgrace. The domestic politician who cuts the land equivalent to the Kaori family is not selling to the slave city that is bought by other countries and is likely to leak out. If the house collapses, is it surrounded by another family, or is it a ronin in the service stance? …The worst is execution. "

"Well, do you fish up those talented people?"

My God! My position is the umbrella of my older brother. There is no surrounding capped person whose circle is circling among the aristocrats. "Written warrant given to my brother, can not you not know brother? "Do it. Well then, I just give the opportunity to crush Misumisu me, to the older brother who is waiting and waiting with this blunder. "

 I was crushed in that way, it is a nervous person in aristocratic society. As the alchemist, there is no longer any research funding source, and the walls of the aristocracy's face will eradicate, which will protect us from the elder brother's murder. My brother has caused various problems because I am not extinguishing me until today because I do not go beyond the last line of protection as a nobility as a society. It is the current situation that it is being beaten up behind the backdrop that it is a slave slaughter, but it is to the extent that it has undergone some white eyes because it made it. Although it seems to be unpleasant, it is not until it is killed by reason. It is not much different from stating that he killed himself from Kimoi, what he did musashsha.

 How much to consume slaves as experimental materials, they are never pointed out as a problem of hobbies. However, in case of making a mistake that can not be overlooked by the administration of the territory, an incompetent label is put up and loses its position as soon as possible. It is a position as a nobleman, which will not be killed in an uninhabited manner. The treatment from society is ranked down from humans to insects. Even if it says that it kills because it is unpleasant if it is an insect, people do not mind.

 In preparation for such a situation, we are preparing uni, but we want to avoid it if possible.

"Well then, is not it all-around?"

「……No, not really. "

 I will smile a smile to an irritated Doue.

"In fact, there is one way out. Or rather, this one is a normal one, but I do not want to take trouble merely, so I did not do it. "

"Oikora, your husband"

"Do not be afraid so. It's a really cumbersome process, so I'm working now like this to make room to hit it. "

 That's right. The reason that I am proud that I dislike waste of this Kingdom Kingdom is that reason is it. A hand that does not only mean nothing but harm if it is not prepared to a certain extent.

"Well, it's a really common sense. As for the aristocratic house, as you can see the Obedi family, there is nothing but the eldest son. As a reserve when there is an eldest son who is a soup, there is a third son of the second son – a child. "

 I supplement it once, but in this case the child is a meaning of Sora 's antagonism. It is not that I was not recognized by my dead father. Well, the death of my later years was treated as if I did not want to acknowledge my son.

"In that case, no reason why you can give me a territory like me like I do not have it"

– Well, it could be, yeah. As soon as I landed other than the eldest son, the map shop is busy now. Every time we inherit it we will have to rewrite the territory there. "

 It seems that even Douai of the honorable mind knows the reason of that extent.

Yeah. That's why many of them are kept in the residence as residence of the room, and are being treated inconspicuously. Their way of prosperity is divided into five broadly. Whether the family is going to kill herself or the shortage as the principal. Are you going to join the successor house of successor or be given a nationality? Or will you get into the knight team or become a court magician and advance in the world? "

"What is the fourth one?"

"That's it … but ….Sometimes, there are nocturnal buddies among adventurers, have you ever wondered? Most of them threw themselves into the outlawing world with ambition, trying to get out of the circumstances of living. Besides being a noble family, you can not afford to feed the waste dishes in the house. Even if you die, you will be reducing your mouth. It's a fishy fishy speculation of a noble kind of devil who seems to like a bard "

 While I look at it so far,

"Dreams and hopes are too crisp"

 Douye complained.

 Perhaps, many of the adventurers of former aristocrats he knows probably flew away fleetingly without opportunity to grab the glory. Originally aristocratic aristocrats are those who have a lack of ability or connection to set up as a knight. If there is no connexion, it may be blooming as an adventurer, but if there is no ability? That ending will not be told. If you are not blessed with luck and talent, it is such a nobleman that the blue blood flows, it is such a thing.

 I am lucky. I was born as an equally affordable slave, and I got a jackpot of Uni with a slave I bought for the first time and I was able to meet Duoe. And he has picked up the dry. It is an Australian luck that everyone envies. I do not get a bit of family luck, but it seems that the neighborhood is supposed to be supplemented with a talent. If you want more than that, that is a punishment.

"The talk deviated. So, the fifth one is going to be the keeper of the house, to set up. A nobleman lacking in a vassal like a man will take care of his job as his men. You can earn more safely than going to be an adventure though you do not have enough skills to do and you can also take care of the nobility at one end. And the employer can obtain a vassal educated to some extent as a nobleman. It's an ideal Win-Win relationship only for this – "

"I will not disappoint. Is it also a problem? "

Yeah, I'd say there's a fucking problem. Ideal and commonsense thing … …Naturally, it is said that he is reading his older brother. Besides the geographical advantage is over there. Because I am in the kingdom. When you are invited from the younger brother to the vassal, you are going to be an intercessor, as long as you urge the ladies living in the house over there beyond them, they will say more. "

 Then when you see good work, what if you were told that you promised your hospitality at home? There is no means to resist the nobility of the room living. Anyway, the other side is the Earl of the Count. In contrast to me, it is the son of the umbrella to the last.

 Employment Ice Rainy Employment Ronin is like asking from the president of the headquarters to defraud the branches of somewhat rebellious attitudes – in some cases obstructing. Afterwards, after talking about delicious employment conditions as it is. If you think about eating from now on in a tough future, you will not be able to refuse it first. I think that there was no such company in the world of the past world. … ….Is not it?

 Aside from that, my older brother can take such a measure, so I got the position of the territory and the rank of the sister until I took risks to have a free hand. Otherwise, you should be aware that you can put an unnecessary search into other aristocrats, either kill me or keep silent about continuing the experiment on that mansion, taming and killing. The former was supposed to be prevented if Uni was present, and I thought that the latter option was the default thing is the cause of my present situation.

 As I have said many times, aristocrats who have suffered from territorial management will be killed without worrying about the backing. Because it is judged that it has no value to be related to other nobles.

"- But, it is the talk of aristocracy other than myself that fears such transparent hands"

「……- I bet.

 Thanks to the unexpectedly high dryness of shopping, although less than planned, mass production type slaves could be replenished. Besides, she itself becomes a useful tool. Preparation is in place.

 This Marlan County is now my nest. It is extremely heartfelt that it seems to be able to explore, simply by reaching out from a distant place like the kingdom. On the contrary, bit it in his hands with poor hands and pour the poison into your fingers.

"Uni, do you?"

"Yes, close by"

 When I speak out, Uni appears immediately next to me anywhere.

 To that figure, Douhe was saying fine.

"There was no indication, but … …."

"Because I was putting out the signs"

"If you become a devil by that, I will lose confidence here"

 So please keep on your devotion in future, and a nice reply.

 To such a girlfriend, I will give out the letter I was trying to prepare. It is the procedure document of the official invitation to submit to the royal palace. Even though I know the trick from where I go, there is no obligation to pass my elder brother who is obediently obedient.

"Let me have this, please. Because if you ask the adventurer guild, I think that I will deliver it to the kingdom soon. "

"I am afraid, my master."

 Go back to her who disappears without sound and return it to the mad golem who works in construction.

 The magic giant giant had done the function automatically according to the difference of the Lord.


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