It is one day. The young owner of O'Bourn 's young lord, Linus Strain Obeynr, had an unexpected visitor at his mansion.

"Sudden visit, Earl of the Ainu"

"No, despite me being at the bottom of the kingdom aristocrat despair. If it also has an excessive position such as the Count, it is also obligatory to prepare for the unexpected arrival from around always – Marquis "

 Linus pardoned that person gently with that person, while keeping doubt in the softly wrapped words.

 The guest's name is Louvare Hou. On the wrinkled face all her whole hair was an old man called gray hair. Although it is a large aristocrat proud of the large seal, it is a distinguished leader who is to say that he should preach the threats of foreign countries and unite under the royal family, so to speak as a centralist.

 - What is centralization? The stability of the depositary territory will be the first of aristocrats who are the royal clan folk.

 For Linus who believes so, it was also the very opposite position.

 But whatever you think in the stomach, the opponent goes up in the title. Losing in the place, and the young liners have to go out anyhow well.

"Even so, we have good tea leaves inside. I would like to treat you if it is okay. "

"Well, let's get it"

 Somehow push killing tongue feeling to leak.

 I wanted to drink that kind of leaflet alone if I were myself. Even if it is not, I wanted to drink with my heart-forgiveness partner at least. I do not want to give a drop of hot water to tea ceremony etc., which is aimed at suppressing the princes with the majesty of the royal family as a shade. However, it is inevitable to buy ridicule of sorrows in the society if it is known that, in the unlikely event, they missed outstanding tea for visitors. Originally because of that shit brother's low reputation will fall further.

(Thanks to that monster, anything that could be the Earl's owner, you can do anything with tea …)

 Hold secret inner spirit and order the preparation of the tea ceremony for the butler.

 Linus told the marquis to the terrace facing the street. In the garden there still remains a trace of the cremation brother that burned the experimental body. I hated being able to see it.

"Well, do you drink tea while watching the cityscape of the kingdom?"

「……I was stunned that you liked such a taste. "

 I felt that I did get through the garden, I felt like I was scuffed, I tell you unnecessary words.

"Are you not interested in gardens boasting the glory of the feudal aristocracy? It desperately scrapes our territory and presents it to the royal family. Surely comfort your heart by looking at the landscape of the king 's king' s owner, this city. "

 It was a line that I could not interpret so. A remark that may be taken fried legs, that is, a stupid thing.

 Late looking after the liner which makes a touch and hands to his mouth, Louvare Hou carried gracefully served black tea to his mouth. Have you not noticed or missed it? When I think of the years before my eyes swam politicians, I feel like I am the latter.

 The Marquis raised her face if it had two or three liquids of roma color and no sound.

"The taste of the tropical land will be destroyed. It is a taste of leaves that sowed well. Is the producing place Omnia? And I picked around early summer. … ….I have a good hobby inside "Earl"

"I am afraid that"

 Absolutely it was correct answer. With this, even if you are giving out a habitual answer, what I saw it and what I was able to laugh at a later time.

 Linus which hides hostility with eyes narrowing in the form of a smile. Prior to that, the Marquis pleasantly picked up the tea and enjoyed tea.

"Well, are not you also thinking about garnishing? It's a freshly made youth. Well, I also enjoyed entertainment. Shall I go with the theme that I attended today? "

"Ha ha, let's accept it confidently"

 Linus replies resolutely to the opponent who places a cup and turns a smile with a nice appearance. I think even if I am pushed. How about this firmness of the Marquis who is soft and coming closer to here. It was a young man himself taken over by an old politician.

 That's why I think so.

 It is a mistake from the beginning, such as not being thrown away by the flow made by this mature yogurt. It is decided to be able to flow anything, such as young people like me. Then dare to adhere. Anyway keep the defense and avoid only the place where the eventual arrival takes place completely in the partner's medicine basket.

 To him who consolidates such thought, the Marquess spread a paper document on the table and showed it.

"The other day there was such a notification to the court. Your sender is your brother. "

「This is……Is it a new servant of the vassal group and a wish for a public offering in the kingdom? "

 I thought that I would do. It also sent out without a great power to make it do it. I was going to multiply this and make himself reserved for the one who was breathing his own and grab something that could stop that Turius' breathtaking root.

 However, it is said that they are trying to imitate the Marquis of Lavare even more.

(That idiot … …!! You are also an enemy for you, this grandfather! What? )

 A blood – hungry old wolf who is devoted to shaving other nobleman 's territory. Such a thing is the identity of the marquis. It is nothing other than a good bait, such as the newly established and dedicated team who has just appointed to the territory. But why will you also expose your weaknesses?

 ……He must behave like a fool.

 If you did this without any intention, it would be unexpected, and if you handed it to your political enemy after reading your own brother 's measure, you can only think that it lacks political taste. Again, not only for Linus but also for Turus, this old aristocrat is a potential enemy.

 Attaching enemies' enemies to their side and carrying things well is only a matter of time. Or only in the heroes of the picture sketch painted in legs. In reality, it is the Sekiyama tracing the analogy of killing a runny boiled fish. In this case, Turius intends to burn the Linus, it is like licking a firepower that you can boil after that.

 However, it is that alchemy madness. There was also the possibility that I did not understand anything for politics, etc., just send a source of wishes to the royal city casually and casually. There is no way to save it either way. I do not want to save from the beginning, so I wanted him to be alone if it would be ruined.

"It is an embarrassing story. It seems that you have deceived your ears with shame in the house. "

"Stop it in a left-to-right way. That person, nothing that hates her brother. "

 I do not want to keep anything white. If I agree with that, I will admit that I did not do enough treatment with private feelings for the territory kept under the name of being given by the king. Although it is a fact, it is not a kind of fact that can be obediently returned to an opponent in front of me.

 Lynas turned to the greatest enemy in this capital to suffer the hardship of lifting the most disgusting man in the world.

"Wow, it seems that my eyes were dazzling to my brother's wife … …If it were you, whether this vassal keeper could discretion his land sufficiently. Hahaha ……!"

 I feel the mouth corner I lifted up to a grin of laughter gets caught by the bowls. My mouth was burning.

 The Marquis laughs pleasantly.

"Ho ho! Will it be the case? Well, human usage is a difficult thing, familiar people do not often get used to Count "

「……It is exactly as I say. "

 Kill him MICHAEL (whispering): Hey. I will definitely kill the guy next to Trius.

 Secretly making an effort, I tried to keep a normal expression and asked.

"Wish is a wishes from a foolish child, how are you treated like?"

 Do you intend to bother squeezing it by yourself that you bother to take care of it like this? Or will we see to be able to recruit at the initiative of Linus so that the talent to send to Trius can be left at will? Then we sell ourselves to ourselves who are young conflicting factions and try to separate from here. Although it seemed likely,

"What does it mean to handle?"


 To the Linus which rounds his eyes and mouth to an unexpected answer, the old noblemen leaked a bad smile of a person.

"Already have permission"

「……/(int) Yes sir/Yes ma'am/

 The young Earl finally stands upright without keeping the face.

 Toward him, the old marquet showed the expanding document.

"Take a good look, this document is a copy. The real thing has already been accepted, and the public offering begins without a notice. It will soon arrive in our ears somehow. Until that time I came to teach beforehand so that there is no need for such a shame. "


 When it is told, there is no evidence that the smell of ink is new as it suffered from rain breeze on paper. It was written recently on brand new paper.

 Did not you notice at the time of paper in the first place? If you are a kingdom aristocratic who respects tradition and formalism, such a formal letter uses parchment. No matter how much Turius is a common sense of aristocracy such as the common sense of aristocracy, it will preserve that much, and if that is not kept, this old man does not say anything.

 To the fact that I did not even notice such a thing, Linus can not ban blush.

 The Marquess of Lavare said quietly.

"儂 has been able to know the announcement of the public offering beforehand strangely. Because it is a corner, a few sons of Knowledge have been nominated. "

"What is it?"

 While having a question mark on the tongue, I was still strongly thought. At the time of showing a gap to the centralist, it is imperative that the breathtaking child will be sent in. Again, this old man does not imitate a long time saying to leave the Trius.

 So why do you teach it to yourself?

"Will you also keep the human resources for your brother? You should make it respond to public offerings as soon as possible "


"Let's both cute pretty brothers, Earl Count?"

 Oh, that is it. Linus finally realized,

 The discord between Lynas and Turius, thereby de facto expulsion of the Kingdom Marlan Downtown – The Marquis of Lavare who read that picture was also predicting to release a spy who searches for Marlan by taking a new servant . And by showing the movement to keep it in sync, I would like people in the surroundings to think that they have handed themselves with Linus.

 If that happens, it seems that Earl of O'Bronir has given it to the centralist. The Marquis' hostile faction loses all the influence of the Earls as well as it loses its authority by giving out a distant party. So does the centralist conspire not to keep insects in the lion called Lynas, which was inadvertently incorporated? It will not be.

 If things go on with this scenario as it is, existing fact remains that Linus did not care about it but borrowed the hand of the marquis and made a conspiracy against his younger brother. It is a huge borrow to the centralist. If you disdain this, it is borrowed enough to refrain from socializing from another family as a person of forgetfulness. Future Oprebans are driven to a situation not to go. Even if it does not go out, no one can help. For the centralist, for the newly-renewed grandson who was just turned down, against the opposite decentralist, it is a casual traitor. Even if there is someone who will reach out to the hand, I will be daunted to the bone's mind with that new borrow as a shield. If you do not like it, there is no other than to obey this old politician … ….

 To the facts I noticed, I am stunned.

 With such a girlfriend behind him, the Marquis stood up graciously.

"Excuse me, I seem to have stayed a bit too long. I have an appointment to meet with people after this. Let's go this far for today. "

 This behavior, which hurts the future relationship, after all, there is no mistake in guessing. However, I could not do anything.

"Please wait, Marquis!"

 Louvare smiled at the Linus who raised himself up in a rude manner by kicking the chair.

"I will introduce you to my friends who will meet after this"It was a little deceitful but talented young man. "

「……Come on "

 The meaning of the word is actually like this.

 - Head is not bad, but too passive to conspiracy. I'm still not satisfied with my youthful creation.

 - In the end at the last, you will gain a point in noticing the picture drawing, but there are many shortages besides that. Especially against the trap here, it can not be said that an effective hand did not hit immediately.

 It was such a painful evaluation.

Fucking thief.

 Indeed it was overlooked up to the equipment on top of it being put on over there. Perhaps it was in the test that I spread out the copy of the copy on paper. Even if you see it, it will not be a big pain. All the favorite measures were already set before this old man visited the mansion. In extreme cases, this Marquis satisfied the victory condition sufficiently just by meeting the Linus and giving even a cup of tea.

"Oh yeah, I will tell him that the hobby of tea was good"

 Finally, such a victory declaration, the marquis leaves the terrace.

 Linus did not follow it. I did not even come up with a thought of what to do next.

 It is a complete defeat.

 Lap 's figure disappeared, after a while,

「……- Damn.

 A rushing noise was made, and the teaware on the table was broken.

 Cups made from masterbread hands, saucers, pots, and everything was broken.

 Breaking broken pieces, stepping down the shoe heel over and over.

 Even if everything becomes a tree end microscopy, anger does not fit. It does not fit.

「……Hit! What? "

 Suddenly turns reflexively to the voice hanging from behind.

 What was standing there was a poor but barely dirty woman.

 A slave woman serving as a house screamed to the appearance of Linus who was daring and scattered about things ……It will be such a place.

 That woman slave who would have appeared in clearing up is turning his eyes towards him looking at monsters.

"What, is that … ….?"

"No, oh, you know"

 If you look back, the slave slaves trembling back.

 What is all this?

 Why do you see yourself with such eyes?

 ……Because this house is a man holding a monster of [slave slaying]?

 ……So, do you see yourself with eyes like seeing such a monster?

"Do not look at me with such eyes!"

 The magic of obedience challenging reflexively caught the slave woman.

 Following the magical power running on the operation type, the eyelids are forcibly closed tightly.

"And, please stop your master!"

 While suddenly confused by the closed view, the slave woman asked for forgiveness forever.

 A voice inviting that pity also invites frustration.

 There used to be such a voice in the basement of this house.

 Now is the man who should have been expelled to the land of Marlan far, the second son Turius.

 It was the same as the voice he kept slaughtering and raised.

"Noisy, shut up! Why, now I have to listen to such a voice! What? Why should I see such a face now! What? "

 While crying, she goes to a woman and hits her cheek.

 Repeat many times, many times, many times, many times.

 Each time a slave asked for forgiveness while raising a voiceless voice. In the midst, I made that voice that let me give up that I will not be heard.

 This slave is uncomfortable everything. Since we put it around ourselves, we should have chosen a good look at least, but I feel nauseated in the color of the faintness whose face is floating. Remind me of the first slave chosen by my younger brother when it seems like swollen while hitting.

 ……I thought I was going crazy.

 This frustration, I must breathe out this anger, this disgusting feeling promptly.

 Following it faithfully, which is similar to the sense of duty, Linus handled slavery's clothes.

"stop,……Oh, what …? Or, stop it. "

 Even though it was forbidden to see, I instinctively realized what I was going to do. A slave woman attempts a transient refusal.


 The sound of splitting the clothes that resounded on the mansion resembled a scream somewhere, as a worn-out counterpart.

– Yes…HuhHa ha … ….!"

 If I noticed it, it was night.

 My hungry is decreasing considerably. I do not care for a butler, even though I was about to hear a voice.

 While thinking so, Lynas noticed.

 I wonder if I am a hesitant to talk to himself if it is a nice person.

 The slave that was the target of every eight barely covered his body with a piece of cloth that stretched out the remnants of his clothes by the utmost. She shed tears. I was crying to say that it is impossible to believe that the Lord has made such an intangible feeling to myself.

 If I think about this woman, I feel like I treated it as a slave. You used to cut a slave who had ordained an insanity in the past.

 That was also the cause of Trius. Because he kills slaves so much, he and his father were afraid of the world and lost their hands to slaves.

 But this woman did not even distinguish himself from that devil.

 Until today, I did it even though I lived, I did not raise my hand, but I saw myself with such eyes.

"Miserable, slave"


"I finished doing it. fuck off

 When cold and amazing, the slave slaves trembling and crawling away from the place and leaving. I wonder if my waist can not escape and stand up. It was uncouthful appearance. I wonder if the bills left in the butt that was exposed to stupidity, the vivid handprints in the moon were left by themselves. Memory in the middle of things was ambiguous.

「……What the hell are you doing! What? "

 Humiliated feeling and sense of defeat treated as good for the Marquis. It is a behavior that it can not be said that it is inappropriate for the Earl owner, such as destroying an expensive tea ceremony as it goes against it and hitting a slave without stopping.

 It was the worst in particular that I crossed the last line. If you do not do it well, this may be the original child of Linus originally born. It is a slave boy with slave blood. If so, in aristocracy singing the preciousness of blood, or taboo over killing slaves.

 ……I say we cap 'em both.

 The thought runs further in the mind of Linus.

 But that is no use. Kill a slave who treats slaves as you want.

 I feel like

"- I do not seem to be like Turius's … …!"

 I do not want to think that I divided blood. On top of that, I do not want to fall on the same line … …. Although its perception was distorted form, it kept the last appearance of Linus.

 Even so, my brother Turius is annoying. The cause of this case also begins by sending a petition in such a way that he is more aware of the Marquis of Lavare. No matter how much I did not want to hand it over to Linus, I should have had other hands. At the very least it is a confrontational faction of decentral aristocrats or even if the centralist is not able to handle such a case, or if you simply harass your brother, even more modest partner will go bad. But why do you bother to select the worst partner?

 Again Lynas reaffirmed that it is a devil. Trius · sulunean · ovenyl ……That man is a kind of a misfortune that keeps Ovenyl 's house tilted as long as it exists in this world.

 If you think, it seems that you were born. Tulius was born, my mother died. My mother in memory was a weak woman. I could not get out strongly against my father, and always had a telling face. However, he was always kind to Linus. He is a mediocre child, although he has no noticeable disadvantage, has been severely being trained by his father who is impatient with success. Thanks to that, I can tell you that I am now, but I did not like my father who raised my stupidity on the shelf and did nothing for the children. Linus believes that she could endure that day because her mother shielded herself in the negative direction and comforted him. It was Turius that killed that mother. I can not change what my mother was lost due to the existence of what happened in the postnatal fertility.

 As my father longed, I fell in love with Turius who was wise from childhood. Linus is coldly treated to throw away tired toys and grows most of his childhood while watching his younger brother who is spoiled by his father. I remember that time, my brother was abnormal. Although I was late for memorizing words, when I was four years old I was using a tongue with adults face to face, and in the meantime I had mastered the first step of magic. He complimented my father as a genius, a genius, but the true Tolius had a cold face somewhere. Rather than being a child, it was an adult's eyes to see a childish ghoul.

 My father who truncated himself as her first child as disappointed would be betrayed by his expectations on his brother. Alchemy being kept away as a cowardly fraudster 's work. Turius was absorbed in such a thing for some reason. My father let him go to buy slaves for human-study, trying to devote his brother's interest from alchemy, but what he chose was a dying child whose face was crushed. I thought it was crazy. My father also thought so. However, what made him crazy was his skill. It was a self-taught alchemy and simple treatment magic that made the half dead beautifully revitalized. My father ran away with a caught face, he took a distance for a while to let him do whatever he wanted. The sense of repulsion and the father's wishes for my child's talent, that equilibrium would have made it so. Although it was the biggest mistake.

 I guessed my father's attitude as silence to alchemy. Turius then began to devote herself to rhetorical studies. Skillfully putting that first slave to the assistant, we sell off the potions we formulated independently and start getting a source of funds that does not rely on the house. Starting with that, I bought a new slave one after another, called the experiment and killed it. How many people were killed at the time of discovery? To the father who lost his / her complexion and questioned him, Turius said that he could not escape.

"Father, you know that slaves are handled by the owner, is law determined? If not, there is no problem. "


"Besides, most aristocrats kill slaves with tantrums, but I am doing it because it is a significant experiment. Oh, in addition, I also want to kill and are killing. When you experiment, you usually die only. You know, it's a slave that is alive like Uni? "

 I thought it was the word of the devil. My father also thought so, as he grabbed his hand with a fainted face, he dragged himself to the church and cried the priest. Excuse my devil from my child.

 But unbelievably the devil did not possess it. Neither sensible magic nor religious thing could find any evil spirit from him. To my dismay, Turius said that he made fun of the scripture wording like a punch and bought a cheer from the priest. Linus still thinks that the priest must be a monk's prostitute. If this method is not a demon, where on earth is a devil? No, in the definition of the priests the devil said "I do not possess it." Then Turius himself is probably a devil.

 Since then the Ovennians were hell every day. Experiments using slaves in the basement continued, and in the garden dead slaves are frequently subjected to cheating. The smell of death and burning smell of bone meat stuck out here and there, and the family lost hearts to it, and those who quit were after all.

 Linus himself, from the son of a lower aristocrat who should be downgraded, it is not once or twice that he was ridiculed as "a smell around the oven nest". When having a deal with a merchant in the town, "that oven nation 's house …"He also added a downright pillar. The tradition and peculiarity of the O'Bonl exquisite were killing with the existence of one Turus.

 When my father became sick and a slave who survived the experiment began to imitate some of the houses of the mansion, I was reluctant to drive my brother to the neighbor. The destination is Magic Academy. Just do whatever you want, if you like. So at the very least, it's far beyond our reach – such a wish is false, that monster came back to the mansion in only a year. Make a fuss about fighting, and painting mud on the family name again.

 Shortly after his return home, my father died. My father, who was frightened by Turius until now, could not even leave a meaningful will. I even hated my father, but I was more pathetic. No, he was horrible. If my father is gone, only slavery killed by alchemy will become my immediate family.

 And now, Trius is running running down the road to ruining herself to a companion. Carefully caught in the spider web which the marquis Lavare sponsored.

「……Holy shit! Whoa! Even return it, that demon! "

 It is monologue and scratches his head with both hands.

 I am convinced by looking back on half a lifetime. Linus Strain · Ovenni 's life was a mess of tea due to brother Turius' cause. If he were not alone, feud with his father would have been inevitable, but still a little more peaceful, at least the other family members would have been living like a nobleman. My mother would still have lived if he did not take such a monster into his womb.

"After all, you must kill."

 Otherwise, this house can not be saved. It would be inevitable that the Earl of O'Bronl would be incorporated into the central authority of the Marquis of Lavaree. Some of the territory may be scraped off.

 But in exchange, only Turius will kill. That is the root of this Ovenni family. There is no survival or feces of the house without cutting. In this case, whatever the Marquiso, whatever you can use it will use it. I can not choose the means. Of course, refusing the grief of the followers will also crush the centralist. Because it is the end of the road when you crushed Turius and it was crushed by others.

 However, until we put an end to a foolish man who can not do so at once, I will combine hands.

Ah. That we are. Turn the devil into enemies. … ….Other than that, let's organize your hands anyhow. "

 Whether youkai like Lavare, it is better than the devil.

 If I think so, I feel a little cleared up.

 Given only the killing of the Trius, the current situation is not pessimistic. In addition to your own hands, you can use the talent of the Marquis camp.

 ……I'll hold back a painful debt. But fortunately myself is young. That old marquished duck has repeated years to gain old age. As long as I am afraid or that is not a real youkai, surely the other side will die first. If it can withstand it until then, Linus wins.

"What was disturbed, I am … …."

 I felt a frankly seductive feeling as to whether I had cleared up the anger that was accumulating in the puddle. Again, I feel sorry for that slave a bit. Well, it will be nice. I will hold back some of it sometime later as apology later. Somewhat curiously, listening is something that the Count 's hand was attached.

 Rather than that, Lynas quickly grasped his brother's vital key and wanted to kill him.

 Unexpectedly, night wind stroked my cheek.

 If you look it is a crescent moon outside the window. As I traced it, the mouth of the young Count distorted.

"Trius … ….After all, you are the naked king fished slaves. Before the genuine aristocrat's conspiracy, weak men who are weak should know. "

   ※ ※ ※

"- And, my older brother is supposed to be thinking right now, is not it?"


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