The morning of the room living is early.

 At least in the case of Jean Jacques Leubert, the fourth son of a baroner.

 My elder sister and sister married in advance, and the elder brothers who are ordinary children also join the last of the knight team, the eyes to see boys without jobs are severe.

 As I come, the day I come walking in the morning as if I do not have a mouth of the officer. If the guard is off, I will eat a cheap lunch that is the same as a commoner at the cafeteria, learning from the library in preparation for that day someday, when I return home, Buy discouragement. Every day like that.

 Youth aristocrats who have similar circumstances in the same age, are surprisingly extraordinary. Some of the acquaintance seems to be wearing an absence in the living city without fruit, going to the province for the mouth of the officer, going to practice to become a knight, becoming an adventurer. But most of them are living in a life of petting and choosing a life just to erase the sunny days.

 Such a seni came to hang with the people of the underworld seeking a connection with the nobility and eventually committed a crime using privileges not found in the commoner. It is introductory to use the name of the house for extortion, and there is also a business to make a good woman child when it becomes awful, to make it a person who uses it, and to make a slogan by giving an inquiry and making it slave.

 Jean Jacques Roubert went through such a process, many people have seen peers who applied mud to the house's signs and went away to prison. I do not like that, I do not want to become disgusted. With that, I am roaming around whether there is a house where I can sustain somewhere today.

 Rubaire thought that the Kingdom is best for doing such activities. Even if you visit a rural aristocrat, there is little room for a newbie to divide into a vassal group as it becomes a wall in the long run. In that respect, there are not a few aristocrats who seek pieces to be distributed in the province as an extension of court politics in Kingdom. For example, when a house of some lord is crushed, if the vassal is also punished in connection with it. For a nobleman who newly appoints to the land, it would be humanity to send a person who does not have a scar on the shin and who is not stained by the color of another house. We anticipate such demand.

 So Lebert has nothing to say about rumors. Where the lords there are behind dark things, nobles such as who are being chased by political enemies, guessing a house that is likely to collapse based on such information, nobles who are likely to sit in the kettle afterward Keep a name. Everything is for him to get a job.

 In a sense, it is a sinful habit. Because he is waiting for a somewhat aristocrat to crush the house unfortunately every day.

 Such a nobleman youth, Jean Jacques Leubert saw the high bidding when he went out early in the morning as usual, and was looking for the mouth of the officer with his eyes like a plate.

"« Notice of urgent posting and vice president 's interview »

 Marlan County, Woldhan Province, which became a newly-grown Kingdom House's territory.

 We are looking for someone newly engaged in administration in this place.

 Are you interested in working in scenic beauty, natural lush land?

 Prefer experience for experienced people, welcome inexperienced people.

 It is a homey workplace that makes it easy to consult with your boss … "


 It was a worst word of impression as well as not being able to appreciate as calling from the possession of a knighthood as badly as possible.

"Wow, the fourth boy of the Lebert family. Were you watching it? "

 That is why I asked him to say that he is the only child who lives in the same room as Lebert. I am also looking for a job in this kingdom, and I have a relationship of recruiting many times. Well, the result is that this two people together work together.

"Oh, I'm looking for the mouth of the officer every day. Even then, this badger … …. "

"It's changed. But treatment is fine, is not it? "

 As the acquaintance says, the salary that was written at the bottom of the high bidder was a mid-term condition. It's not surprisingly good translation, but it's a conscientious amount. Besides merely eating, there is also a margin to pass on to hobbies and savings. Depending on the ingenuity, some women may be surrounded.

"But, I do not hear about Marlang. If in the state of Woldan it is Oita southeast of the kingdom, where is it in Vordan? "

"Even though you read books everyday you do not come out. I do not know why? "

 To be told, I am convinced that it is so.

 From the singing phrase, it is said to have been "scenic, natural lush land". It is probably a considerable countryside.

 An acquaintance gets a big sigh.

"If you can pass it, you live in the country … …."

"Do not say luxury. Even if I continue staying in the royal city that keeps turning as it is, it will only be hard. "

 Lebert told me to tell him.

 My parents compare their face with the contents of their wallet every day and the sisters married to other houses will not take care of their jobs in various bad habits. The lower brothers also watch himself with eyes like seeing competitors these days.

 I wonder if I should take a drill rather than stay here without a vision.

 While thinking, read the continuation of the high bidder.

「……『Marlan County Lords · The Kingdom King Turius · Shrewnan · Oveny "? "

 I saw an unpleasant name after a long absence.

 She probably had a very smiley face, an acquaintance asked me to be suspicious.

"Do you know? So, you. Is not he keen not only for studying but also for rumors? "

"Well, uh … ….It's a bit lacking in credibility. "

 So prepare and explain with scratching.

 Trius-Shernan-Ovenyl. The second son of Earl of Oven.

 It is not a person who hears rare rumors. It was a man who was known with intelligence when he was young, but soon became known to alchemy and became known for his ecstasy. I bought a slave at once and brought it all together to call it experiments, but the beautiful maid which he always makes a sacrifice beside is actually the dead man who made it revive, I made a number of such absurd rumors Such a monster is. The truth of that information is unknown, but it is true that he often witnessed a slave, at an unusual pace, and a dubious light from a garden in the mansion – even a flame that burns a dead slave – is often witnessed.

"At least it is certain that it is an eccentric person. I rarely show up on social occasions and I do not even talk about having engaged my daughter in some house.

"Although it is the second son, it is the blood line of the Earls. It is funny that there is no care of a bride. "

"That's it. Even my current owner, who is my older brother, hears that I am struggling to find a bride by my brother 's bad reputation, but it is a digression.

 In short, it is not a true aristocrat. And Lebert ties.

 Friends groaned in arms.

"Such a guy is my sister, are we living in a room?"

"Stop it, to say something sad … …"

 In short, it is a bloodline problem.

 As the second Obed of the Obedians, the child of the priesthood is somewhat (?) To the personality.Even if there is a problem, there is a proper path. Barons, semi – barons, and knights' strangers have only rugged paths, even though they have a true personality. Still it is Oita Mashi compared to the commoner who hardly even receives education

"So, Leber 's. And where do you go?

What d'you mean?

Somebody knows something. Whether to ride this story or not "

 Said, Le Bert thinks.

 Certainly the new son, Obedron 's second son, is a notorious aristocrat. If you ask him to swear loyalty, there is no answer. However, I feel charm in the work of routing the Kaori family. Ruebert thought that he was more suitable for officials than his martial arts such as being a knight and an adventurer. And the opportunity for poor aristocrats to have such jobs is fewer than I expected.

 There was practically only one answer.

「……It is a ride. The hobby of the master looking forward does not matter so much, but I can not afford to choose it. Whether it's a southern countryside or nothing, I will go. "

– Well, it could be, yeah. Well, I feel the same way. "

 Let's hold on to my best this time, acquaintance who beat me on the shoulder.

 It's also a competition with him. There is no grudge whichever is adopted. The mouthfeit from the first face-matching is still continuing. Both are like this. What will it become like this time?

 Turius · Schuranan · Obedil and the new members of the new members seemed to be unable to leave the current territory, and the interview of promoting vassals was to be done over there. To my heart, the street bank has over there. My acquaintance is pleased that money payment is good, but as Lebert want to make a different idea.

"The proposed salary is good, it is a burden of this road, it seems like a person not suitable for counting money"

 While rocked by a large carriage of meetings, Lebert mutters. He is riding one of the carriages heading from the Kingdom to Marlan. Applicants will sit on several large carriages and head for the site. For the applicants who are not yet accepted for adoption, there is no such aristocracy so far. If you are a volunteer who has only this number, you can hold the road bank here and stay on the big top and wait. If you live in rich land and you are economically blessed you know, the state of Woldang was supposed to have been not so rich. In other words, the inference of O'Bronn 's inferring that accounting and personnel affairs is a dark person.

 An acquaint who sits next to me seemed to eat as soon as I heard it.

"But is it strange? In the story you heard, you sold potions independently and you earned? "

"Personal business accounting and the economy of the province are separate things. Did he use the slave for a long time, did not he? They do not need a salary and do not need much treatment. It is different from us who belong to the same aristocratic society although the place is lower. So I do not know the extent. It may be said that people are ignorant. "

 To be sure, in order to learn an ambassador, it is a slave that is given to a child of a nobleman first. However, the lessons you can learn from it, like the textbook for children, is the first step in the first step. Normally, as you go longer, you can have a child of a civilian secretary who is trustworthy, a lower aristocracy of the same age, a senior assistant. It is the nobility 's study of the emperor to do so.

 I have never met, but it seems to me that such experiences are totally missing for Turus O'Bonn seen from Lebert.

 And, there,

"Do not tell an interesting story to the middle."

 A good-looking young man broke in and came in.

 An acquaintance has a whitish face.

「……And I know you blame me, and I know you think

Excuse me. I agree to the

 A young man is a child of a certain Earl, it is said to be the youngest child. My siblings were so many that my family work did not come around, and I thought that I responded to this recruitment after I got no numbness.

"Did it be who was Barber of Lebert? I listened to the thought that I woke up in the past. "

"No, just guess …"

"There is no humility. Pretty amazing, pretty amazing story. However–"

 The young man looks around.

"The ones who are riding this carriage are the ones who contend for the officer. If too much talking is over, it may be the source of a statement. "

 As he was told, Lebert noticed his fault. We are now heading towards Turius-Schrounnan O'Bronn for begging recruitment. It was confusing to have carried out speculative speculation all the time. If by any chance put it in the ears of the son, you will certainly buy incompetence. It seems that even narrowly narrowing the narrow gates with their own hands.

"Thank you for your advice, thanks."

"What, there is nothing to worry about"

 The young man smiles. He has good blood. The hope of this official will be fulfilled first. In aristocratic society that places emphasis on pedigree, the fact that even the ordinary girls draw blood of the Earls is heavy. Is it a manifestation of being kind enough to kindly advise the competitors?

"Will you tell a story if good? I do not have much fun in here. "

– Could be.

 Many of those riding this carriage are children of lower aristocrats. Most of you are not acquainted with him who is from the Countess.

 Lebert's speech did not hold back, but the young man smiled smilingly without wind that hurt his feelings.

-Lovely, mate. It's a long road, but if you are with you you will not get bored. "

「……Why do you have it? "

 An acquaintance seemed a little sullen. His family home is a knight, barely a nobleman. From such a viewpoint, the young man of the Earl, who was precious to see, strongly stimulates the inferiority complex of the cold gate.

 With the aristocrats young people, the horse-drawn carriage slowly advanced the way to Marlan.

"I heard that it is a countryside … …."

"There is nothing more than I expected"

 To the scenery seen from the window of the horse-drawn carriage, acquaintance and youth sigh.

 Is there a forest or a field or a mountain or a field outside? Most of the fields also produce staple food such as wheat. I can not see the situation of making such special products, such as vineyards used for wine found in the street. Some farms also have something to enjoy the eyes of the outsiders in products and schemes in the fields, but they seem to be unable to expect such things in this countryside. Compared to before entering this place, I even think that it is really the same state, or the same country.

"Is this such a land as you can leave to the Baron?"

"Well, it is certainly more efficient for people who divide and rule over with a few officers. /(conj) however/(P)/

 A glance Lubert sees a farmer waving a plow in a field outside the window. They worked on the floor while sweating on their forests, but they still had a cheerful atmosphere while singing songs.

"- The farmer 's face is strangely vivid. It seems that water also spreads to farmland. It seems they are taking measures that cherish people. "

"Row, Suspect Le Louvre. The bleeding in the eyes is different. "

"Sir, stop it."

 Wave your hands with a smile on the teacher 's youth' s words.

"Well, the country is rural but I think there is growth. If something new industries also emerges, it will prosper. "

(fumu. For example, mine? "

 Lightly examined before departing, it seems that Marlan once flourished in the copper mine. Although most of the mountains now become abandoned mines, and people are saddening without contacting people.

"Sake alcohol! I'm good at brewing! Once it is famous for wine, how about State of Woldan? "

"No, that's not what we decide … …Or I am not sure what I can do here. "

 I smile wryly with my companions. Certainly the State of Woldan is the origin of wine. That, at the same time, other regions within the state already have a share. There is little room for cracking Marlan as much as possible to cultivate staple food fields such as wheat.

 But, well, it seems that it is not so bad land if you are closing your eyes on being a country with poor recreation – and rulers in the kingdom.

"Besides that, it's unfair if only I can speak. Have you not noticed anything? "

"Well, I will say so …"

"Hmm, there is nothing to be a bit worried about"

 The young man sacrificed a little bit and said.

"I did not see much of the building that looks like a fortress on the way to this point. Even if there was, I was hardly maintained. "

"Oh, that's true, certainly"

 An acquaintance responds with huh.

 In order to protect public security against fraud, bandits, monsters, it is necessary to develop a fortress that will hold the Order in various places. Especially Marlan County has a wider land than population density. The Order to inspect the territory, the base to be the criminal should have been more.

"In other words, the Knights here are not big enough?"

 If there are few people, the number of nature and the fort decreases. If the number of people who do not care for maintenance and defense is insufficient, the fortress will be taken away by the immediate demon and be abused as its base. It is to avoid such a situation.

"That's good news. Even if I like you, the blood line is good, even if you can study like Rubert. If the knight team is lacking in hands, there is room for me to enter "

"That's right. Well, it would be easier than the Knights of the Kingdom … …. "

"I think you will be busy that much?"

"It's better than not having a job. Even if you end up, it is an opportunity to raise a knight. I will do it. "

 While talking to the other, the carriage arrived at the town which became the center of the county. It is a town where the population was about 3, 4 thousand people said that they were equal. A landscape gathered by a small house like a flock of sheep, centering on a small hill in the rampart wall. It is a very common small citadel city that can tremble with the threats of monsters and poker.

"Welcome to Marlan, everyone"

 It was a small man with a voice that lacked intonation at all which welcomed the applicants descending from the carriage. A small aristocrat from a dress. However, the facial expressions and the pale complexion do not have a presence at all. Even if they pass each other in town, they say they are going to make a mistake with the commoner,

"It's a doll looking face. Spooky wo … …. "

 An acquaintance made an impression of his impression in a loud voice. Yes, it is a doll. It is lacking in animation, unlikely to be a living human being. Even slaves that have been overworked for many years will not face this wearing down of emotions so far.

 Whether the surrounding aristocratic young brothers had a similar feeling, there is not any favorable thing in the gaze of being poured into a man. But, without hesitating to do so, the flat voice continues.

"Everyone, after receiving one night in this town, we will take an exam again. After that, we inspect with the Lord and decide whether or not to hire … …It is such a setup. "

"Can I ask a question?"

 The young men raised their hands quickly.

「……。……Go Ahead

"I guess it will be announced later, but I'd like to ask about places to stay in advance. Excuse me, this town is small and there are few institutions where adults like us can stay at once. So I'd like to know how your Lord will treat us, how is it? "

 It was a bold question. In short: "Does your Lord know how to treat a nobleman? "It's like hearing it. Rubert can not determine his intention to the question that if you do not do it you may buy incompetence. From the personality of the young man who touched me along the way, I do not understand the reasons for this attitude.

 Instead of the puzzle, the man replied.

"From the Lord, I've been asked to treat them according to their families beforehand."

"What is that heart?"

"The house of the rank above the senior citizens is prepared a refuge where the substitute apartment house has been refurbished although it leaves a little. If you come from a baroner, please use the town's lodge. It is inconvenient for the quasi-baroness and the knight, but we will stay overnight at the town's volunteer's house. "

 It was a strange reply-free reply, like reading the fact that it was written on paper.

 When young people say hmm,

「……But thanks anyway. There are many people who ignored the hierarchy of traditional Kingdom aristocracy, although it may not have been badly damaged. Well, I believed that the deity is not such a thing. "

 I caught so much about it.

 When guiding guys overlook all the people with unreadable eyes,

"Well, I will show you …."

 I began to led applicants with a depressed tone.

 The young man shrugs his shoulders.

(fumu. It's surprising and unexpected. "

「……Do not let it cool down. I'm going to work earlier, suddenly getting into a brawl, what will you do? "

"It was a desperate person, but this is -"

 To young jeans and acquaintances, youth lightly waves their hands.

"I'm sorry. I also wanted to explore a little bit with a dress. "

 It is an excuse that it is just a miscarriage.

 Lebert declined intuitively that he was a lie,

「……Well, that's why the possibility of recruiting is far away. "

"Hey, it is a terrible weakness"

 I decided to shed it.

 Although I became acquainted, I am crazy. I do not feel something behind, but I get pardoned when I get pushed all the way into the bush snake.

"But the three of us were splitting splendidly. Would I borrow to the townspeople's house? "

"Originally, each family is different,"

/(n) giggling sound/laugh/ha ha/ However, I was wondering, I did not feel such a difference. Hopefully, I would like to be appointed with three people together. "

 A young man who is so tied.

 It is certain that there is secret, but it is also a fun partner who is talking with cleverness.

 Indeed, it would be nice to hire everyone without anything.

 next day

 Louvert, who spent the night without a long wayning in a luggage, was taking an exam with a body that left a tired trip a little. The content of the exam is not so difficult. Small reads and writes are small, with lots of cultural problems such as stubborn history and manners, common civil awards and common sense of criminal law. Finally, if you answer and tighten the problematic form of the problem, that is it.

 For Jean, who has been studying at the library on a daily basis, it is a problem of a level where there are no goals without saving some careless mistakes. For volunteers who likewise kept their own consciousness, it would not have been as difficult as before. However, on the contrary, it seems that it was a bit of a severe problem for those who had spent each day inadvertently, and who were crossing the world only with a status of aristocracy.

「……Time. I will finish the exam. "

 A woman slave in a maid figure also sentenced himself to heart, with the sound of a bell heard from a distance. Several candidates who filled the blanks in their words have desperate faces.

"Wait, wait! Not yet. I'm working on it.

"No, the exam is over."

"I guess you are waiting, this slave! I am a nobleman, are not you? Remember to be ordered like you are lowly a mind – "

 One of the students who wants to call it ugly. But that slave maid does not give way.

「Yes。 It is a slave. But you are not your master. "

 That was right. The slave is the possession of the master. And the owner is the O'Bronn 's figure which owns this Marlan County. As long as this maid slave is moving under the direction of the Lord, no matter how much the aristocratic son of a nobleman, he will not hinder the task entrusted to him in the position to wish his officer to the official.

 However, this test student will not make a noise even if it knows it.

"You are cheeky, windy wind!"

 A dry sound sounded in the test venue. The exhilarating examinee hit the slave.

 I am afraid of fluff. Jean-Jacques Rubaire unintentionally covered his face. After refusing to submit an answer even after the examination, it is violence. From the attitude the parents' house seemed to be a nobleman named, but there is no house to embarrass such a child that causes such a fuss in the mansion of other houses. I just put a shame on the other house as if I could not discipline. At the end is a monastery sending or dishonoring, the worst it is to wring wine and mix it.

 I did not notice such a thing, that candidate was facing a smile that triumphant over the stinking maid.

"Good, you ….Who do you think I am? "

"Yes, I do. Examinee # 014, Surname Name – "

"I have not heard of such things!"

 Another flight, the slope flew.

 Jean can not accept this.

"You, stop it!"

"Eee, please let go! The tree end of the Lebert family! That's what I did! What? "

 It is this taste of Lebert who grabbed his hand. There was no way to save it.

 However, it is a ship leaning over. You should calm yourself anyhow. If we can apologize and apologize in this area, it should not be too serious. If possible, it is a story of.

"Listen carefully, slaves are those of the owner. If you hurt it inadvertently, is it the same to paint mud on the face of the Lord? "

"You can cut off rude slaves who work injustice!"

"No, what is wrong …?"

 Is it rather that you?

 Before saying out, that student wields Leber 's arms. He has no such strength as to suppress it.

 there comes···

"Hey, what's upset? Here we go "

 A tall, swordsman – style man enters the room where he was conducting the exam.

 The examinees who made a noise shouted out the upset as well.

"Wh, what are you !?"

「……Daewoo Schwarzer, the owner of his lord. Until just in the past, I was testing the warrior aspirations at another venue. "

 A man who caught his vassal keeper said in a legendary talk. Ritual costume seems to be a military officer of the son, but it is nice to say, it is good with your body, looks nice and expressive, a cruel atmosphere emerges from the crowd. Is it a lower aristocrat or a commoner? Jean guessed so.

 It seems that the examinees of the problem judged so. Suddenly begin to float the color of contempt on the face.

"Ok, that's exactly right. I have been badly disturbed by the slaves of your house. You must give us the proper punishment here. "

Sweet bean paste

"I do not recognize you, you are. Can not you tell if it is not a bad way of saying? Then, let's say: Show me the slavery wipe around there. "

 It was the face of my honor.

 A man named himself, turns to a woman slave who has crushed a rice cake on the floor.

"Well, you -"

"Susanna, Mr. Doua"

"Oh yeah, I was such a name … ….- Come on, Jess.

 Female slaves said with an empty voice.

"Following the inquiries from your husband and trying to retrieve the answer according to the scheduled bell, we received a resistance from customers of Exam # 014 that" the entries are still "

「……It's hopeless. I do not know "

 Look 呆re返tta douhet's Jean who other students.

"Is this guy sure? Students from a neutral standpoint "


 肯ita, Albert I. It was a quiet eyes, but there was an unknown force of an acquaintance that would not allow a lie. There is no good thing even if speaking a lie. Other students liked himself following Jean.

"Well, No. 014. You are disqualified. Let me hopefully return to the kingdom adultly. If there is no road bank, it may be convenient and free of interest. "

"Wha! What is return home! What? Besides, it was interest free and I took advantage of it! What? Is not it paying the settlement money, or saying to lend! What? "

"If you know, the story is quick. Please leave quickly. Huh? Have you done anything else

 Girolli, and Douglai's eyes shoot the examinees.

"- You can not walk unless you lend a hand?"

 If you do not want to be knocked out, let it get out of your feet. That was it.

Ku!" This is the first time in my life I received such an insult! Then I will excuse myself! "

 In other words, the questionable behavior person exits.

 Doue spit deeply into the sigh that blew the shock.

"" It was the first time that I got such an insult, I was born. " I was living a very happy life. "

「……Everyone who took the examination, I was very upset. We will revise it and collect the answers. "

"Well, I'll be free too. Every student, if it gets accepted, it is going to be a long relationship, please. "

 Dubai left the slave when she left the maid to pick up the answer collection.

 Just a short time, the collection is over. At that time, some face-to-face testimonies were doing.

(Oh, I was missing out on the noise and filling in the blank … …)

 Or you may have done more blunt cheating. Lebert sighed, it was a flash.

 If you do something wrong, this might be a colleague with those who scratched the tests. Will they be able to do well with such people? If you think about it, you will feel depressed.

"Then, after the grading, the successful applicant enters into an interview with the Lord. Because I will take your time for a while, during the meantime, I will have lunch in the dining room, please relax. End.

 Saying, the maid will also leave. It was like I was forgotten as if I was hit by a test taker before.

「……It was a maid that was perfect for education. I don't think so.

 I talked to Lebert, a young man who just met his acquaintance the other day.

– What are you doing? How was the examination person? "

"Well, all the answer columns are filled"

 Then, Lebert thinks that there is no problem. If it can do only that, it will be enough difficulty to reach the passing area. It seems that somewhat mixed outside of the problem that I could not even do.

"From that, Jean-Jacques Lebert. What do you think about that maid? "

"C'mon, is it just as soon as the exam is over? Ah, is that what you want? "

 There is only a maid that is a work side work, it is pretty to be a slave. However, the face is not the one who chose it so much, the evaluation of the third generation in the same generation of a small village is the Sekiyama. I can not have such a nice attitude. As a woman I do not have spirit, and as a slave a little irreverent.

 Indeed, the young man made a bitter smile.

"That's not the case. Did you not see it while watching it? That maiden costume, was a bit of a magical art appreciation? "


 Jean asked in return.

 Magical ceremonial dress. It is a word that refers to a magical article that is made by the magician's hand. Basically it is quite expensive to give magic in addition to normal tailoring. It is not uncommon in aristocratic society, but it is not such a thing that a slave wears it.

"I heard that the deity here is overwhelmed with alchemy … …."

"Perhaps, it is probably that I have created myself from myself to subordinates and slaves. Even the equipment of swordsmen who put the battle a while ago is seen as a case that even Konoe can not be taken. "

"No, that's not it, is it? Because Konoe is the most exquisite of the kingdom. Even so is the one that is difficult to reach, one of the senior officials? "

 - No way. – Come on. After procuring such a thing, I can afford to pay generously paid salaried to that badger. How much wealth can we do such a thing?

"No, the property itself will not come out of the rank of the son. Probably I think that it is handmade by the singer. "

"Please wait, a bit understanding can not catch up. – Handmade. Among the kingdom's most exquisite, can you make the equipment of the highest, comparable to it? Well, you just can not explain it just because you are in alchemy? "

「……Even as I am, I'm a bit scared. Because I thought rumors of the new O'Bonn 's new name are half the story until I came to this place. However, I was convinced for the first time today. The man we meet from now on is an awesome alchemist. Probably enough to enter the fifth finger across the continent, "

"Even if I say so, I do not quite understand …"

 Jean will shake his head. Originally, alchemy itself is a field that is ineffective for aristocrats. The art of a fraudster who talks about dreams such as changing lead into gold and realizing immortality and death. Some people are hesitant even to put it in the category of magic. That is recognition. So even if it is said to enter five fingers on the continent, I can not understand how much it is.

 The kind of spiritual drugs and dresses used by the royal aristocrat will be sufficient if a magician with a certain level of skill is able to make it, and if you want more than that, it will be the dwarf 's smith. Alchemy and other things are even questioned whether it is worth learning truly. I thought what kind of drunkenness I was putting up on such things … ….

「……The interview was after lunch. Shall I change the place a little? I want to talk with just two people. "

 Saying, the young man takes Jean out. My destination is behind the unpopular mansion.

"So, what is it all about? Talk in a place like this "

 Ikihiro words get hard. It is said that it is a secret story that is being forcibly taken in. It is a nuisance kind regardless of what you think.

 The young man talked to him in front of him.

"Jean Jacques Lebert. Have you never thought of it suspiciously? "

"What are you talking about?"

"In the first place, Turius · Schuranan · Ovenyl is doing a sister in this place"

 It was a strange thing. While wary, Lebert urges you.

"You seemed to have collected rumors of various aristocrats in search of the mouth of appointment of a clerk. Among them, of course there should have been a story of oblivious brothers broke out "

"That's true. Obeyur 's second son was said to be a shinchi who surpassed his eldest son, and since his name fell to the ground, his brother' s bad reputation pulled his brother 's legs. I heard about that kind of story. "

 The young man sighs.

"My brother, who is the current owner to such a younger brother, gave the palace a movement to the movement and gave him this place. You know why?

"Well, if the rumors of discontent are correct … …To peel off from the Kingdom? "

– At least. Even though it is a slave slay that is not charged for anything, it is not enemy to keep the dark experiment behind in the kingdom. But there is one more reason. "

 Reason Jean thought about being told. What is the reason why he gave his status and power to his brother who is mad at alchemy, kills a slave in an acidy way and can not be regarded as a rough aristocrat?

 One, the pleasant imagination passed the mind.

"Please wait, it can not be … …!"

"No way,"

 The youth bitterly affirmed.

"Let's make the loser as a lord, to shave the real younger brother with that sin"

– Bullshit.

 It is a really stupid story. Kill your brother? For that purpose only the status of the son? Even if you are over-crowded, even if you succeed you can not avoid being bad. Before asking about that, the younger supplements.

"Of course, it is inevitable to avoid scratching the name of the Count of O'Bonl. However, the current owner can not kill his brother otherwise. A guy who is a founder of a nobility society, is killed as killing his younger brother for protection, if he is killing a person who holds the right of succession to a family who is under his asylum and can threaten his position. But what if you kill the territory management failure? The story changes like this. "

 While saying that, shake the major to make a voice in the play.

"" Ah, the Earls owner has also taken care of the younger brother who divided the blood to correct the political circle! In the appointment he was made a mistake by his brother's desire, but he is the one who was able to save shame and snowing technique! "…And. Although the result of his brother killing will not change, the wounds owed to the reputation of the house are minimal in this case. "

"In order to hit such a monkeya … …Land … ….? "

"Will my mind be a serious business? He used the governance right trusted from his majesty to the brothers' opposition Dashi, and eventually involved even the Court, which gave the place. It is a huge County. A descendant who takes political affairs while engaging in alchemy in accordance therewith is reasonable "

 The young man also does not hide despairing despair.

 Finally the story has come to Rubel. Of course, he probably is talking to make it out of solution.

 Talking about disgusting both Ovenyl's brothers, and loyalty to the royal family, which seems to be passionate to be seen. Taken together, the consequences are obvious.

And you think what?You came here to investigate the King Baroness. In addition to the tail of the count who is in front of the son, And the true lord probably is the centralist aristocracy "

"You are intelligent after all. Even those who have been roniners until now have no eye to see "

/(exp) why yes, thank you/"So, that means that we have talked about it here- "

"I'd like you to help me recover. I do not feel ashamed of doing wrong, but if you examine it for a while it is easy to see that I am connected with the centralist. That's why you have a beautiful career. "

 It is a selfish logic. After all, it seems to be said that you are getting involved in a political struggle on clouds that can not be found with barbs of Leber and others.

 But there are things that I understood on the other hand. There is no marriage rule of the new Ovalne. Wherever he has an enemy like his brother, he even watched the centralist who is a natural enemy of the local lords.

 Even if you break through the afternoon meeting and join that vice president, the point is that it is dark.

"You bought me as intelligent, did not you? Then, do you know the answer? "

"But if you want to hear it from your own mouth,"

"In other words, I want to take the word … …/(int) oh!/ah!/oh dear!/good grief!/dear me!/dear me!

 I will put on my shoulders.

"I do it. If you think of winning points, there is no choice but to do. However, after being crushed it is refrain from saying Poi. "

"The neighborhood will depend on work. Not only you but also I am. "

 And shake hands to the proof of the contract.

 The youth's hand was cold. However, only having a cold hand can handle the government. If the young man gets the information that determines the life of the sister 's brother' s brother, the older brother, it seems that even a centralized group has a reasonable post. It may not be bad to look up to him the Lord who fell there.

"By the way, what will your acquaintance do? I think that it is better to let him go through the story. "

"Let's stop it. It is not a nature like a fake face that can lie. It is unsuitable for incumbent work. … ….There are places to do justice, and if the strength of justice can benefit from here, you can also pick up later. "

 And it's just an app that the hands are not only cold. It is a transparent hand, but keep it. It is a relationship of aristocrats to do such a construction. To that extent Jean knew about the delivery.

「Umu。 So, in the afternoon meeting, we will be careful of each other. As I mentioned earlier, the siblings are extraordinary alchemists. I do not know what kind of arrangements are made. "


 I do not know well the arrangement of an alchemist, but I'm sure that I have not been overlooked. As a nobleman, the side lacking in common sense stands out, but in that direction I hear it is first class. I have to try not to get in the other party's ring.

 Lebert kept it in mind.

 ……However, such a thing was useless.

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