Hello, I am Turius · Shrewnan · Ovenil "

 The office which is the meeting place venue. So the impression of Trius-Schrounnan O'Bronn who was awaiting Jean was more mediocre than I thought.

 Around several years below Leubert. Probably not yet 20 years old. The facial features are in order. Is it easy to understand if it is said that there are no ugly points rather than beautiful points? The unglazed creation of an unglazed doll, it was a bitter impression on my impression.

 Speaking of the fact that it is beautiful, the maid serving next to it is far superior. This is also the same doll-shaped facial expression, but a masterpiece feels a sort of preciousness like a statue sculpted a chisel with a spirit and a chisel. This maid is also fitted with a silver collar which is a proof of slavery.

 And the most unusual existence stood on the other side across the maid and the son of the maid. A man wrapped in a thick robe, hid his face and hid his face. I think that it is a woman from the excitement of my chest, but why can not a person who does not show a real face again are waiting near a nobleman.

 While obliging the doubt, Leubel first bowed his head.

"It is an honor to see the majesty. I am examination number 020, Jean Jacques – "

"Oh, I waited I waited! That's good. If I look at the nameplate, I have the number written, and if I match the document at hand with it, I know about the name. Anyway, this time there are a lot of people, so I have to save time. "

 And the Orchestra blocking the mouth.

 I'll be damned. Name is the face of aristocracy, it is also a business tool. Respect it. I can not say that it is a pleasure, and I can say that it is time and labor!

 As I thought, this man stands out as a lacking point as a nobleman. It was a correct answer on the story I gave to the youngster. I think so, and I see the young man who passed through to the room at the same time. He also had a somewhat embarrassed face.

 Now, the candidate who is in the room, puts myself and has six people. It is sitting on a chair and lying side by side. There is a little time to the office desk of the son, about three meters. It is wide, but it would be a reasonable place for the office of a noble who has a title.

"Well then, shall we do it quickly? All rise!


 The test takers stand at the same time as they are told.

"Three steps forward"


"Did not you hear? Go out three steps ahead. "

 It was a strange instruction. I could not beat it with Lebert, what I meant. Do you want to see how to walk? So why do not you look at the work? To say it, this is the place where I want to know how much this mind knows the work.

 Nonetheless, the youngest senior is the highest rank in this field. While puzzled, all the examinees came out three steps.

 The O'Bronn 's smile happyly.

– Yeah, please. Well then, do not move as it is ….Do it, Uni "

"Yes -« Earthbound »


 That hit all six people to the floor at once.


"Th-This is!"

"What does it mean!?"

 Feeling like being pressed from above by a huge palm.

 ……Heavy My body is heavy and I can not stand.

 Something that crushed the body, there was no settlement of non-powerful Lebert and others. Without moving, I can not understand what happened and it gets confused.

"Wow, you silly … …Awesome! "

 I heard that young people leaked painfully.

 In those words the Kokaku shake his head as thoughtful.

"As it seems, I guess I was wearing protective amulets as well? Because it is difficult for brain wash makers to work if there is it. I tried to take the initiative and seal my movement, so I decided to take it away. "

what/(conj) (1) (col) after all/because/(2) (col) but/(prt) (3) even/(4) too/(4) too

 While falling down on the floor, I somehow say that.

 In other words, did you mean that you were willing to work on something from the beginning?

 The youngster said that with still a puzzle.

Um… right.Is this magic all together …? Amulet, do not react, … etc! "

"Yeah, I guess it is, there. It was the second time for you to do that question. I think I was alone a little while ago. "

 Daunted, the O'Bronn 's laugh.

"Well then, let's go with a simple lecture. For example, it is the magic of fire. «Fierball» exercised by a user with low magical power. What would you do if you tried to prevent this with amulets? Naturally, just before hitting, Amulet unfolds the barrier and is played. /(conj) however/(P)/

 And say, the father's ringing singer. Immediately afterwards, the chair that the young man had sit till the end burned up – no, it exploded. It is a no-casting flame magic. Suddenly the heat wave that stems from behind attacks the young man. Of course, its power is prevented by the power of Amulet,


 A piece of magically broken chair hits his forehead.

"- As such, it is said that things you moved with magic can not be prevented … …Well, sorry. Am I hurting you? I will cure it soon so please forgive me. "

 When you fing your fingers again, the wounds on the youth's forehead quickly disappear. However, the pressure to detain students is still maintained.

"It's strange even though you do not pass attack magic but the recovery magic is transparent … ….Shall I return the story? So, this magic «Earthbound», spring «fireball» does not make the power to bind you directly, just like a direct fire ball. It exists from the original, it is working on the gravity that sets you guys on the ground, it is only doubling. So you can not prevent it with a simple magical ability dress. It is because it already existed and we just strengthened what we were working on for you with magical power. … ….Did you understand? "

 ……There is no reason to understand. Jujeok? What is it. Is it a technical term for alchemy? Who will understand, to sort out such things? Others will be similar as well. Confusing or showing the color of hatred, no one had light of understanding in the eyes.

 There is one thing to understand. This crazy alchemist is surely harmless.

"Come on, Uni. I will release their weapons. "

"Master who has been afraid … ….(man #3) Say goodbye to your investment, old boy. Good to see you.

 Receiving the Lord's life, a slave maid who has released this magic comes near. Let's climb ourselves and take up ceremonial categories.

"Then …!! What? "

 A young man attempting something is caught by a maid that approached the eye at an unrestrained speed.

「……It seemed like amulets were self-destroying. "

"Progress. If it had been destroyed when I returned alive, it is a translation he judges to have received some treatment here. Did you do it? "

"No, it's okay"

 While saying, take out amulets that rosed from the young chest.

"Well, I will repair it if it comes to work. Because of labor and resources, this one is better. Well done Uni "

"It is a privilege to be a honor"

 And maid that boldly rejoice.

 I'll be damned. As Jean saw this extraordinary pressure occurred within the scope of accommodating all six students. Probably this effect should act indiscriminately, as there is a clear indentation in the surrounding carpet. Even so, this maid moved around without difficulty, and quickly forfeited all the dress from us.

"Oh, there are dresses for communication,"

Huh. Stupid, that degree of preparation, … …I did not do it … ….I thought! What? "

 A man who was not well acquainted with Jean, one of the students, praised for the heavy pressure but also proudly said.

"From Counts, … ….I'm listening to your suspicious gloom! The conversation in this room ……already–"

"Oh, it's already interfering."

 Ovenyl is declared so without fear.


"Where do you think you are here? Is it my home base? Soundproofing for communication disturbance, invalidation of impact, interruption of transition magic, et cetera et cetera. I have decided to be prepared to the extent of that extent. "

 While talking, I play girlfriend 's communication dress.

「……/(int) hmm/I see/hrm/ If this size, this is about this material, the effective communication distance is within the premises of this mansion at all. Are there other friends in your other students? I guess they also decided how to move when communication ceases, but Douhe is on that. There are not so many people who can run away from him, even by first-rate adventurers. I know how you feel, but it's over. The point of view was good. "

 - If you got to the Kingdom, or if you did not have another cooperator nearby, it might have been dangerous.

 Evaluate with. From the very beginning I think that such a thing can not be done. Lebert is not so detailed about the type of dress but still we understand the extent to which extensive substitutes are required for long distance communications. It is impossible to bring such a thing, without seeing it.

 Even so, the examinee turns around and loses color from his / her face.

"It's just awesome … …Such a thing, there is no translation … "

"You do not have to believe it separately. There is no inconvenience to me. … ….Well, dry. You made me wait, it's your job. "

"Ha, my master"

 A brief reply was given to the woman who was standing next to the son, who took off his robe.

 It was exposed to brown skin with long silver hair, human beautiful appearance – long pointed ears.

 There is only one thing in the knowledge of the genders, such as those that meet such characteristics.

"Dark elf … …!"

 Someone from the examination voice surprised the audience.

 Dark Elf, another name is Yakushii. It is officially recognized as an enemy of mankind tied with a demon by the church, and at the time of discovery, it is notified to disable irrespective of life or death. Cursed tribe that all individuals barely living in the human living area are slaughtered.

 However, the skill of magical power and art of staying in the body is said to be comparable to the white elven of the forest.

"Things like this ……Did you have it …?! "

 In addition to the maid which casts a restraint magic of this scale without being chanted, it is literally the appearance of dark elf, which is a wizard of the outside world. A woman who is called dry calls a dark smile for Jean who rejoiced with feeling of hopelessness.

"Kuku …Do not be troubled if you think that you are such as this one like this one in the past "

 Saying, I put a hand on the eyepatch covering the upper left of the face.

 Eyepatch Yes, she is hiding the left eye.

 Why, hide? And why are you going to reveal now?

 The answer turned out quickly, if I saw a wound without a black eyelid.

 Clearly the color of the pupil is different from the right eye, the left eye of the pupil. There was a dangerous magical power swirling there, enough to perceive even Jean, who is not a magician.

"Well, the demon … …!"

 Someday, it was written in the book that I read comfortably at the library.

 Gorgon, Katoburepasu, Basilisk, Geizer ……The eyes of the magical thing that art is multiplied just by looking at eyes that many dangerous monsters are inherently equipped.

 A woman named Dry rang a nose.

– Bah. Was there a guy who knew anything even for the lower monkey? Indeed, this eyes are the eyes of the devil from your master. The extent of the effect – you should know with yourself "

 I had no time to think that it was useless.

 Jean's eyes leave the effect as it is, just by seeing the effect.

 There was no art of resistance in Jean who has only magical power of ordinary people.

"Ah, …… !?"

 Consciousness gets dyed purple.

 The thought is diluted, and reason is melting as if it got drunk with bad liquor.

 In such a circumstance, Trius Ovenyl was smiling satisfied satisfactorily.

"A long time ago, Unis picked up in the dungeon, the elementary body of the geezer young body. I transplanted it since I saved it. There are many subspecies of demons called Geyser, and the effects of that demon eye are all different. "

"Ah … ….ぅ …… "

"‥ …./(int) exclamation of surprised disappointment, disgust, or worry (yuck, ick, ack, eeew, crap!, blech, gross)/"

 My head gets fuzzed.

 Every voice is distant.

 - Do you know where we are?

 Who am I?

"So, the one that transplanted dry was a species specialized in brain washing. You hunt with whatever you manipulated, so you get food. There are unusual creatures in the world, are not they? "

"Even if you look at it many times, it is a wonderful immediate effect. With this, she does not need the incense brainwashing incense. "

"No, that's short-circuiting Uni. Warriors who can battle their eyes are rare, but no one can stop breathing. Besides, the effect of the demon eye is the one that combines dryness and eyes. If brainwashing more people at once, the incense is better. "

 I hear voices briefly speaking.

 And what?

 So what should I do?

 Please tell me sooner or earlier.

 Otherwise, it goes mad.

"There are other cases where destruction of amulets can occur like powerful because power is strong and immediate effect is high, magical power also eats stupid because it eats stupid, so it is necessary to seal in the eyepatch and it is too strong. The point is that it is the right place for you "

"Certainly, I feel a bit tired. However, it is enough for the treatment of all. "

"Yeah. Well, there are things of dry body. Let's finish it quickly. Uni, you can cancel the restraint. "

At once, Madam.

 Saying, the O'Bronn descend into Jean 's. The pressure sewing students to the ground has already disappeared.

 - Instruction, please give me instructions soon.

 Jean's thought was stained in one color. I do not even think about escaping.

"Well then … first.Among them, cheating during the exam – Who stole the pamphlets of others or bring in a memorandum without remission? "


 Everyone shakes his head. Of course Jean did not doubt and denied denial.

 I felt comfortable. What makes it casual and wonderful that everyone is dominated by others.

"Next, there is no one who did illegally fill in the papers even after the completion of the examination?"




 One person raise hands with a small voice aloud.

"Examinee number 025, disqualified"

 The O'Bronn drew × with a feather pen on one of the documents.

"Well, let's move on to questions for individuals. Exam # 023 "


 A young man calls a number and returns a voice.

"Who are you?"

「……Viktor Delacroix · Lavare. It is the youngest child of the Marquis of Lavare. "

 Jean thought that it was funny and frustrating.

 He was supposed to have appointed himself to be an ordinary child of the Earl.

"The document has an Earlae and the family name seems to be different, though?"

"I stated a lie to keep coherent … …."

"What is your Marquis de la Vallee?"

"My father …."

/(int) hmm/well/I have never met Louvare Hou directly, but was not he pretty old, did not she? "

"From my mother, I heard that my father was a child when I was 52 years old …"

"Oh, the process. Have you read it? "

 In other words the O'Broni scratches his cheeks.

"Have you been adopted for adoption? That is the Earl of this document, is not it? "

「……[ちがう] /differ/different/I agree to theA proud owner … …. "

"Did your mother be a concubine?"

[ちがう] /differ/different/My mother was betrayed …My father will welcome him to his wife … "

"Even though you harbored you, you gave it to the Countess. Then, you were born at the end "


"Did Marquis Lavare acknowledge you as a real child?"

「……I didn't.On my back……Naturally ……SameKimonoYou got food, God damn it!

"Why do you think you are a child of the Marquis? You betray your mother and thrown away, do not you? "

MYTalent ……It seems like a woman will be brought down ……- It's– …pathetic.To the Countess … ….In what is to stay … And these things,Mother's honor …Mother is …Earl …Without where we are … …. "

"And then, if you succeed in plotting to fit me, if you succeed it will take you in a reasonable position and my mother's honor will recover. So did the Marquess say? "


 Rojo, Obeyn gave a shrug of his shoulders.

 I do not know the meaning of the current question in Leber 's paralyzed thinking.

"The Marquess of Lavare thinks also of a disgusting hand. It would be fine if he could grab my weakness. If the inspector is revealed and dismissed, it can be impeached by ringing non – surviving son. Whichever falls I can catch up with you? I got to see you, I got my eyes on my troublesome partner. It is a failure that involved the Marquis …… "

"This will be a good study, your master. We made a mistake but we have ample room to recover. "

"Well, huh. This time enemies' enemies blindly overlooked the theory against their theory. From now on I will make use of this reflection. "

"The marquis also made a mistake. One thing I saw your master 's skill sweetly. Another thing is to disposable but I have let go of sipping a sigh. "

"Let 's continue about it in the future. Now I have to do a quick interrogation and provisional treatment. "

 Lebert is not thinking anything. Just waiting for an order, silently leaving the effect of the evil eye.

"Well, next time you. What's your name?

「……It is Jean Jacques Lebert. "

"- Hey, Lebert! Jean Jacques Lebert! "


 An acquaintance knocked on his shoulder and noticed.

 When looking at the surroundings, there is a hallway of the lord's house.

 It seems that the meeting was over before unnoticed.

"What were you staring at?? ….Han, were you so tense? "

 On the face of a smiling acquaintance, LeBeer spits sigh.

"It's a face-to-face interview that is going on for the rest of the world? People who are not nervous are crazy. "

"Do not say that, I'm not relaxing. It was not very good grades in military examinations ……It's all in the interview from here. "

Ah, I get it. I get it.

 Finally, I realize that my acquaintance is scraping my sweat. In other words, if you do not tease LeBeer, it is a translation that has been driven to such an extent that the tension can not be understood.

"Oh, that's it. That's why I wanted to tell you that you finished the interview earlier.

– Look, I can't help it.

 To tell the truth, it does not matter what you talked about in the interview.

 It is hazy for memory and I can not grasp something certain.

 To what extent did my acquaintance think,

really?Are you also not good at responding? "

 It strangely blasts such as.

 As I told you, I felt that I was not able to do it myself.

Perhaps.I can hardly remember what my head was pure white and what I talked about. "

"Hey, Lebert. You should not face such disappointing face. … ….Yes, let's get out tonight and drink at the bar in town tonight! It's a bad countryside but you can have places where you can drink. "

 People have been encouraging so much because this was so seriously facing.

"I also spoken to Viktor's guy, but he seems to be sick, and he does not care"

Hey, Victor?

 It was about that young man who met on a carriage to go.

 I feel like I was making an important appointment with him. … ….I can not recall it either.

"Well, here and I and you, let's go with the annual sorry party. There are so many applicants, and they also have street banks and staying expenses. It seems reasonable demand is high. It's impossible for us to live in a million-year-old house Ronin. /(int) yes/yeah/uh huh/(P)//

 Fellow acquaintance raised the voice of encouragement in particular how to take remarks that made Lebert's bewitching.

 I think whether to say retrospectively, but going to a drink may not be a bad idea. I was feeling I could not help being drunk regardless of the result.


"- Tonight is fine -"

 But it looks like there was a schedule tonight …

"- Will you come to my place for surgery? ――』


 That's it. In any case, tonight is no use.

「……That's better. It is a little bit noisy though no results have come out yet "

"Well, what? Tearless nae "

"Yes, Sir!" Do not panic. I do not have confidence in being able to talk with it, if it is on the drop line, it may be the key to this evening. I think so, is not it? "

 That's it.

 So let's not see anyone tonight.

 And when it's time – what will you do?

"No, there is such an idea, is not it?" Well then, I wonder how well I behave better. "

"Do not do that. Surely, that will be fine. "

 We abandon our unresponsive ideas and talk about unfounded encouragement.

 Leber 's consciousness was there, but there was no other thing to say.

 At that time, the doors of the office used for interviews opened. Examinees with a pale appearance will appear in pieces.

「……Next in line, please.

 A maid who wore a collar urged entry.

"Well, next exam number in the order – it is our turn. Even so, are you scared so much, who is the ruler of the king? Everyone who came out now and you, you all looked like a dead man "

Yeah, that's right.

 Lebert enjoys.

 ……The O'Bronn 's terrible. Memory of the interview was hazy, but I felt it was certain.

 While holding empty fear, moving it for escaping feet does not come true. Jean-Jacques Roubert silently waited for his acquaintance to be swallowed in the door.


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