"OK, this is the end for today … ….Oh, how wonderful it is that there are few approvals. "

 Throwing the checked and signed documents on the desk, I and Turius · Schuranan · Ovenni made a big increase.

 A small snow flickers outside the window. The season is early winter.

 The winter in Marlan which is in the inland area and has many mountains is harsh. I have heard that, and indeed it is obvious from the draft of this mansion. Far from the petroleum gas, not even coal has been put into practical use yet, the coldness of winter is the subject of fear alone in the continental Itutera. There are even fears of annihilation when frozen or dead people are out and poor cold villages like every year. Not so near coastal areas, but this Marlan is an inland mountainous area. It is a direct hit course of the winter summer. Of course, I am using the budget for that measure as well. It will be hard to suddenly make the dead zero, but it will be better than at least when the three generals were doing rough business.

"Even then, it was good that the vassal clerk was in time for it. If this was a bit late, we just had to think about people's winter countermeasures … "

 Again, the coldness above the coldness of the temperature crawls up the spirit.

 That thing on that older brother, if a lot of frozen dead people are poorly appearing, it is decided that my managerial skills will be given a fine difficulty. Of course, it would be difficult to take it for renewal with one thing, but just imagining it seems that stress will accumulate.

Yes, Sir? Their work is remarkable indeed. "

 Say it, Uni that recommends tea cups with steam and steam.

 I bowed lightly and received it, I steamed my lips with steam. I am in trouble because it dries in winter.

– Goddamn it. Come on. To tax collection, accounting, construction, measures of people's petition … …It will handle such troubles better. "

 Especially that Lubert and self-proclaimed Viktor Delacroix · Lavare – real name, Viktor · Delacroix · Rorje – was a good pickup. A struggling man who did not lose his / her living in one's place or disappointed room, but did not neglect neglected self-study. One's ambition to be proud of his talent and the thought of his deceased mother. Although both of us are poor in experience, we can not afford such skills as an internal politician.

 Without them, the increase in the harvest amount of the corner could not be done too much, and it was about to be able to decay the majority. The potion dealt as a new industry was bought a little, but it brought me until it was shaped somehow.

 Truly it is difficult to manage the territory. Personal trading that I was doing in the kingdom is almost as if the attitude of the merchant is different. After all it is rice cake shop, limiting jobs like nobility to a true aristocrat. Because they have absolutely never betrayed the brain remodeling, let's throw them round and round.

 And I will devote to research.

All right. Well then will we head for the original work? "

「Yes。 We have already prepared. "

 As usual, accompanied by uni, start moving to the lab holding cup and saucer.

 On the way, we gave the wrong officials "bad manners" as a saying, but it is charming. I would like you to be caught out as it is as solid as possible.

"I'm thinking, but Uni"


"I feel that this mansion has gone narrowly soon, is not it?"

"Since it is originally temporary residence … …."

 That's right.

 Even now, my house, the lord of Marlan County, has not been completed yet.

 I mean, I reorganized the vice presidents and finished my tax collecting work, so I went to winter soon, so I have not yet set a territory.

"Everyone of the vice president also pleads to be taken over by the construction of the home building earlier. Whatever it is, it is a good public works project "

"Well, it's a temple where the Kokaku lives. It will be a big house as it is. "

 Say somewhere like someone else's.

 Because I can not imagine myself who live mainly in a rather large mansion. Indeed, before extending the vice president, I was satisfied with this temporary residence enough. Douai etc laugh at laughing often that it is a stinky poverty in a strange place of money.

 But there are limits to keeping such strange selfishness. The veteran clusters who are now stuffed at work are coming and going through the corridor without catching up. The aristocratic lodgings of this age are, for example, doubling as the official residence and the government building. In addition to that, it comes with alchemist labs here. Formerly a quasi – baron is a pretty much a substitute office building, it will hurt in the blink of an eye in a blink of an eye.

 Once the snow melts, it must start moving to new house construction immediately.

"By the way, public works are … ….Do not you think about a plan that has advanced considerably? "

 As I said, I was impressed again. A promising wage is promised in exchange for a public lord seeking workers and imposing labor. On this Continent feudalism continent, it is an eye-catching advanced proposition.

 I do not know how other places are, but the aristocracy of this country has a bad payment for those who are under the habit of a waste. It is a pity that it is a word of "duty of the people to serve the nobility" to make the commoners work for the construction of their own lodgings. There are also imitation systems that institutionized it by clarifying it. The farmer who participated in the big construction, instead of reducing wheat's annual salary. But, as I see it does not seem to work for Matmo.

 After all, the farmers are engaged in unfamiliar construction work, and also because the aristocratic side is also engaged and treated as trying to get rid of the amount of annual contribution, accidents frequently occur. If it was a big construction like building a new lord's house, I would have to prepare for the two figures of the dead. Also, since the work is too harsh, there are cases even if you are raised riot by turning the spades and bumps used for construction into weapons as they are. Even though the tax falls, despite the fact that the workers are taken in large quantities, the fields become rough and both the aristocrats and farmers have their income and expenditure in deficit, sometimes.

 "Huh? Then I wonder if you can use slaves? Well, if I have about twenty people who have magical usable slaves, I will not hesitate to do so. But I am an exception. Basically slavery is the end of those who are unable to set up in society, so there are not many cases that have skilled skills.

 Because the slaves of our slaves are acquiring magic and are capable as it is because they diverted Uni's data and fought brain-miso, there is no reason that a pretty slave is selling so Hui Hui so. Moreover, the ability enough to be used for construction worked out, it was a good selling point. It is likely that slave merchants will blow highs when they sell and they are rare as they can not always be purchased. And even if you close your eyes to some mediocrity, incompetence and send cheap slaves to the construction site, work of an amateur who is not receiving educational education will be more severe than a farmer imposed with a charge.

 I mean, farmers are more likely thanks to the suitability for soil and collective work. The frequency of the accident will rise further, and if you die or become useless, you will have to buy again, so you are stepping on or kicking.

 So most of the aristocrats use the grant system at temporary construction. Of course, in a workplace that restrains human hands in the long term, such as mines and some fruit tree plantations, slavery is used by Bari Bali.

 The talk deviated. Well, in this country where such a system is common, the concept of public works is unfamiliar. I also wonder about the Uni actually said.

"I do not understand well. Will not we be magical and quick to finish? "

"Well, that's right … …."

 And I will think about relaxing. It is mountains that I want to eliminate Uni's doubts but unfortunately my specialty is alchemy. Politics, in particular, domestic affairs are not very interested. I think that it can not be explained well,

Daddy! It is my interpretation though – "

 I will do it only for the time being. It is a loss of time as I walk and it is a loss as much as I do seriously. If that is wrong, someone kindly will correct you. Lebert and Viktor and so on.

"- In their opinion their aim is not to expect the construction to work well even by working the people of the land. It will make money for the commoner in the form of wages of construction. "

"Do you want to make money?"

「I……「そ…… Marlan is in the countryside anyway, so heavily taxes were heavy until this year. The wallets of the commoners would be poor. Also there are no special products, so there is no thing to sell or anything to buy. Do not you think that it is a land that the fingers do not move for most merchants? "

 There is nothing we do not have. Merchants coming to such a place would like the things that they did not get with Pi and the extraordinary things they liked, otherwise they would have coalesced with the former officers.

"However, the situation changed from this year"

"Yeah, we changed it,"

 We issued a tax reduction proposal, treated the field with alchemy, and brought in a business called medicinal herb cultivation anew. Merchants' traffic will become more popular than ever.

"It is a matter of that change that the Marlan people will soon get involved. Think about it, if a merchant comes, products will be brought in which commoners would like to buy. What if they do not have enough money at that time? Do you think you will give up tears and give up? "

 To my question, Uni thought for a while,

"No, I do not think"

 I answered it all over. I will return a voice that I am also like that.

 As far as presently, the people of Marlan will be grateful to me. I reformed the evil government of the substitute officer, succeeded in restoring the land and irrigation as well. He saved us from life like hell. I will be glad that it is over my rule. Presently……

 But human beings are greedy creatures, the public is not a sheep satisfying with eating grass alone. Until now I have been living less than a crowd, so I am satisfied with my daily life, but I am sick of it and seeking the next one. In ancient Rome, the term "bread and circus" expressed the demand of the masses. However, they devoted to the teaching that "people are not to live only by bread," and the circus can get bored if the same outgoing goes on. Actually, until I vomit with pan and spitDelicacy(Getmo)I was stuffed in the belly and I was trying to fight a gladiator in the Colosseum without mere shortage of acrobatics.

 Well, in this world I know only about the history, leave it. In short, once the living is stable, people seek recreation. And in order to get entertainment while maintaining the standard of living, it costs a lot of money.

 At that time, if there is no money to satisfy my desire, what do people think?

 In most cases say this and reveal dissatisfaction. Politics is bad.

"That's why I give you the opportunity to earn money so that they can buy things. But when you distribute money with free throws, you will be licked by the people and it seems stinking to other nobles. If you are a merchant, those who spend money on mischief will never trust even ducks. "

 It is a good idea of ​​insects to say that people like being sweet looking. Most people will not be regarded as good people, they will be treated as being convenient. If you give money without compensation, most humans will decay with it. You can eat without working. Work desire is reduced and motivation disappears. Still getting stuffed out, saying that you give me money again, I will be dissatisfied if I do not pay the money. It is the same as a spoiled child. When you stop pampering, you instantly get tantrums.

 Also, those who did not have a sweet face at that time also feel distrust of the person. Even aristocratic people are determined to want money. Nevertheless, you probably will not be able to see well, such as those who distribute money unconditionally to those who are lower than theirs.

 And people never trust anyone who deals with things that they care about. A merchant never opens his breast collar against a fellow with a bad money. This shrimp entrance will probably keep trying to open as much, but that's it. Do not trust dealings, sell as much as you can sell, squeeze as much as you can, goodbye after. It will not be expected to have a long-term close relationship.

"So, at first glance, you use a method that is too far away. In this way it will be in the form of paying compensation for labor consideration. I am compatible with candy and whip. While keeping the authority and face of the lord, it is a translation that money gets spread everywhere as it is needed without undermining the motivation of the people. In addition, various orders related to the business will be honey for bringing new merchants back again "

 When I explained it so, she complained as well.

"I've finally gotten acquainted. Masaru is your master. "

"Well, well, this is my interpretation to the last. As it may be wrong, if you care about the exact point, you'd better listen to the Leberts later. "

 I have a wise line of prevention. What I'm talking about is originally my expert story. Even though I'm in the position, my main business is an alchemist, this is realization of immortality and immortality. Because I do not feel like thinking that it is governance that is domestic rule, I prepared for a brainwashed vassal group. We would like to ask professionals, such as lectures on the pros and cons of public works projects.

 As she thought, she also breathed a light sigh.

/(exp) nevertheless/at any rate/even so/all things considered/be that as it may/be that as it mayPolitics is a troublesome thing. Better yet, Shall we perform surgery on the brains of all the citizens? "

「……Haha! "

 I unexpectedly raise my voice and laugh. Unexpectedly Uni also has a sense of jokes, as it seems to be disgusting to the subtlety that said so.

"Do not say unreasonable. Even surgery costs are not free, so even time is taken. It is impossible for the entire country to fly to the streets. "

"That was also the case ……Please forgive my foolish remarks. "

 It is something to apologize with the face that seriously compliments omake, so I can not make it even more interesting. To her, she would know that it was impossible from the very beginning.

 Thanks to that, I had to hardly smile laugh until I got to the lab.

 It is my lab having a sense of familiarity for several months since he took office.

 However, in case of mass employment of example, the capacity of the accommodation was only punctured, and mass production slaves who worked were also troubled. It is basement of a small mansion than the Owenir family home originally Kingdom. I have supported my research so far well, but goodbye is close here as well.

 Before that, we have to reconstruct and adjust Opus 04.

"Oh, ovenyl … ….Well, my remodeling is not over yet? "

 Slimming young man is arrested on laboratory operating table, exposing half-naked body.

 Yeah. I have not played with the vice secretary to leave the majority of political affairs to me. Experiment to collect necessary data to create this Opus 04 ……I had repeated trial and error for the next "work".

"Well, calm down, shirl. I do not have any modifications that you give to me on a large scale. It takes a while. "

 I gave a gentle voice to calm the emotional unstable Opus 04 – Charles Franz Schmidt.

"Hahaha ……I'm looking forward to it … …. Your experiment was always a great result … …. Well, I surely can be a wonderful "work" …. "

 And Sharl speaks to me intimately.

 There may be people who understand from this situation, but in fact, he is my old acquaintance.

 Sharl Franz Schmidt. Sankt Gallen was a magic academy in the capital gallerin, a man who was an alumnus, when I got a fight fight a few years ago.

 However, the department is different between me and Shar. I am aware of the alchemy department. He is a departed department that specializes in the spirit magic.

 Spirit magic. It is a field that is minor comparable to alchemy and at the same time has been lighter than that. No, it is more accurate to say that you are being hated. It is the magic of manipulating the dead spirit. There is absolutely a blasphemy, a blasphemy against the dead, and such a dark image behind it is accompanied. In fact, extreme fundamentalists and others in the church are now in doubt that they should designate heretically and destroy them.

 However, in fact the department is kept being placed even though the magic academy is cracked every year by the magical academy, and it keeps the veinatily in detail.

 Why not? It is useful.

 As you know, this Itutera continent has monsters in addition to humans and sub-people. Of course there are fantasy promises undead. Ghouls in zombies, ghosts in skeletons, eventually rich and vampires ……I also saw it a couple of times in those existence, some of them were converted to materials and placed in the cabinet of this laboratory. Necromancer is an expert on such undead.

 What is most suitable for this opponent is a priest who can use sacred magic, but most of his human resources are taken by healers who do therapeutic acts, and there are not so many militant exorcists. The Omnia empire, which is the Order of the Order of the Holy Knights, is an exception, but it is always lacking in other countries. So, a necromancer who can legitimately act as a superior in the undead legitimately is useful as a countermeasure to that. It will not be interesting as a church, as it is divided in the gap industry type into the field where they are supposed to be specialized. However, completely eliminating, their work will be exceeded this time. Therefore, it is only a small fundamentalist who makes an obtrusive story, and the other conscientious priests are negatively neglecting.

 Of course, the value of the spirit that can do dialog with the dead is not low. Since the printing technology is underdeveloped in this world, duplication of the document is also inefficient, and as soon as the original is lost, valuable techniques and information stated therein are also disapproved. At that time the necromancer communicates with the spirit of the past, which makes it possible to restore the lost information.

 However, this is not so universal. The soul whose time after death has passed has become undead due to agony and those which did not become undead also disappear somewhere. The church says that disappearance of this soul is ascension, but it is suspicious. Perhaps I am reincarnated somewhere like me and may have disappeared as expected from the loss feeling I felt at that time. Besides, the soul is not understood even where it is until calling, it is a mysterious substitute that you do not know where you will go after you disconnect. Professors etc. I was studying vocally criticizing the attitude of treating things I can not understand without understanding.

 Well, there are some souls that can not be called out in such a way – it is better to just remember that there are more cases that can not be called. In general, if all the souls can be called up, the murder case will never enter the labyrinth and the unknown mystery will not remain in history either. Such a world seems to be convenient, but it is somewhat tasteless.

 Also, "What is a soul?"I believe that the mystery of what we should study and reveal from now on.

 /(exp) apart from that/to return to the topic/enough of that/(P)//

"Of course, Sharl. You are an expert in the field that forms the basis of my research. Even if I am in charge of remodeling, it will be different whether to enter into a spirit or not. "

Yeah, yeah. Ya.Oh, oh, I'm relieved to hear that … ….O'Bronn 's arms are, and I trust. "

 In a conversation with me, Sharres responds with a stroke violently.

 As I said, he is an important person for my research.


 To realize that, it is essential to investigate the soul that is the basis of intelligent life. However, my fitness seems to be suitable for those who manage existing substances such as living organisms and minerals. As for the dead spirit magic, this did not become a cheap one. If you train hard desperately you will be able to be moderated to a certain extent, but it will not be much useful at that level, and if you are too busy it will hurt the alchemy of your main business. Uni and dry, magic is a type that you are good at using for battle and exploration.

 In that respect, he was majoring in the academy for maverick magic for a long time, he will be of great help in the study of challenging the mysterious concept of the soul.

"I am reliance on your skill. It's nostalgic, Sharl. Do you remember things at the Academy? "

Ah-hum.Well, I still remember you clearly. Kimi, what you helped with your experiment … …It was fun, was not it? "

 Professor also appreciated it, that experiment.

 Experiment to investigate the correlation between spirit and brain. That experiment was not established without him. The surrounding reputation was not pleasant because of the number of experimental bodies consumed and humanitarian problems, but it is also an experiment that took data that occupied a particularly important position among my research on immortality.

"Well, talk about this … …Well then let's go today with remodeling. Uni, preparation for anesthesia and blood transfusion "

Yes, Sir?

 As soon as you say, Uni quickly injects anesthesia and also installs transfusion tubes. In the past, it had been deceived with a blood-thickening agent, but now it is possible to transfuse blood by blood cultured beforehand by alchemy. The technology around here is a unique technique of the magical world, which is difficult to achieve even with the scientific power of the former world world.

「……Good… night.Ovenyl kun … …. "

 Sharl fell asleep within a moment.

 Uni sighs, watching the restful sleeping face.

「……Well it changed things so far. When I was brought here, I came out with a great deal of shame. "

"Because I felt the brain as it was"

 I shrugged my shoulders and responded.

 Sharl used to hate me once. As if to say a lot of resentment, it seems that he hated me from the bone's marrow as an enemy. When I ordered Douie and stuck it as a body of Opus 04, it was an incomparable sword curtain.

 According to the story, since I left the Academy, he seems to have been bullied severely because he cooperated with the experiments of the example, he also said that he was also forced to drop out himself. That's why I was hated by myself.

 So, as it is not so, but can not be reconstructed with peace of mind, it was first treated like a girlfriend after letting her dry with a demonic eye. Thanks to that, I became more cooperative and I was happy to receive surgery that I hated.

 I think that I did something good. Nothing comes from hatred. In order to create new things, love and respect are necessary first.

"Well then, shall we go downright? It will be a difficult treatment ……If you use him safely more than anything, it would be better for you to spend more time to complete it. "

"Yes, I understand."

 It was almost a month after that.

"- Final adjustment completed. Confirmation of surgical traces fusion. Master, Opus 04 wakes up soon. "

 I will be glad to Uni who left the final finishing.

 How was your day? It's not as much as at Uni's time, but it's not that I will take so much time on a single "work". Indeed, considering the fact that Douhe and Dry, which focused on simple ability strengthening, have been completed in roughly one or two weeks, you will know the extra effort I spent on Shar.

"Finally you see 04? I've tried it very slowly, "

"Although it was a different measure of taste with us, what kind of arrangement is it?"

 "Works" who gathered to the lab for a meeting also show interest in him. From now on it is also a colleague to line up shoulder. It will be natural.

"Well, that part of the neighborhood" –

 It's that time I tried to continue as soon as I saw him.

"Well, 04 !?"

 Unexpectedly unconscious voice of Uni. At the same time something runs in the air at a tremendous speed.

 What kind of speed? "As it "moved, shocks overrun the laboratory, and paper benches and surgical instruments that wrote the material scattered.

 And in the center of the room, the shadow falling like a ghost, hiding the face hanging the hair stretched out.

 Opus 04 – Charles Franz Schmidt.

HEY! Do not be a runaway! What? "

It's just not possible.Limited to your master, that's it! "

 Douae and dryness are settled, Uni and others have already been swept away.

 I was curious about the situation I did not expect.

 ……Sounds interesting.

 A similar brain remodeling, and additionally the prototypes that I made as his test bed, are reactions that I could not see.

 What on earth was the runaway caused by what? psychological factors Accidental action? Huh? Have you done anything else

 Behind us who watched the next behavior gently Shal was shaking his shoulders.

「……Cow. Hehehe.

 Now he's laughing.

 Sharur deeply smiles to laugh at this place.

"Huh, Fuha-ah – Ha ha ha !!"

"This madness, too, runaway … …!"

"Your master, disposition of your disposition"

 Unices who seems to have eliminated their madness.

 However, I carefully indicated by hand that I'd wait. I went crazy and ran out of control, so I want to observe what kind of madness it will do.

 In the next moment,

「……That was awesome!

 She expanded her hands and spread her black clothes. Momentum, the bangs will turn and the expression will be exposed.

 ……I was told that his face was also ecstatic.

/(int) (1) yes/indeed/well/(2) ha!/(3) what?/(3) what?

"The power that overflows in this body! Fulfilling magical power! That’sThis is me new! Oh, it's really wonderful! Awesome holiday ~~~~~ っ! "

 Starting with Doue, "Behind the Scenes", which began to beat the actions without a crazy behavior, Sharl started speaking with Kurukuru on the spot with one leg as the axis while stating the mouth as if singing.

 ……A lot of tension. Thanks to that, the speech of the serif is turned inside out or rolled tongue is supposed to be chosen. "Fulfilling magical power! "Too much for the reservoirs are too rich "Magical power! "I heard it. What is the power, is it a relative of horsepower?

"Maybe, but … …Is it just because the excitement accompanying the improvement in ability has temporarily lost reason? …. "

 Unexpectedly muttering. Well, I think everyone knows without being told.

 Meanwhile, when he heard it prudently and heard it, he touches his fingers with the momentum that sounds likely to sound

Jake! – Whoo! This is not excited, I am · · · · · cheat! What? I change, the world changes, everything changes! This uplifting can not be held down! How to express this impression! What? A song? Is the song good? What? "

"Calm down for the time being"


 I instantly ordered and I felt calm. It seems that there was no problem with brain remodeling to plant submission mind. When I look at this blown-out state, I feel a little confident … ….

"Well, my husband. Where did that dark guy finger and how did it come to this? "

 Duhe says while trying to endure a headache. From him who was responsible for securing Shir, this scarcity is slight, it seems rather unexpected. Even I am.

「……In order to invalidate the enemy feelings that I had, I integrated and transformed it into irritation to my helplessness that I had originally and anger to my surroundings that I do not understand. Perhaps, it is doubling the exhilaration that gained power as it grew. Technically it is the same as what we have done dry. "

 As I explain so, the dry you heard is quite unlikely. I do not want to treat it like Kore. Doue said, dryness seems to have changed considerably though.

"Even then, this will suddenly change too … …It is good that the starch disappeared, but it seems like it seemed like it had changed if it did not matter … "

 Say that and watch her shyly.

 Previously he was pathologically slimming and the cheekbone jutted out, it was a unhealthy young man as I saw it. The circumference of the eyes is also gloomy and depressed, and without such a weak sexuality, it is an evil necromancel who is imaginable in the world.

 However, it changed completely after the operation. It is a facial face such as a beautiful childish beautiful man with a cut-out whose eyes are also refreshing, although the thin type is unchanged but the whole body has been tightened equally well. Just a color that is unusually white is as it is – No, more blood is drawn than before.

"Perhaps it will be a race-type impact"

"Tribe, is it?"

 Dry blink your eyes.

"He has quit human beings. Now Sharl is high undead … …It's an artificial Vampire Road. "

"Bu! Va, Vampire Road! What? Even in quests sent to A class adventurers, is it the monster to be killed by top level class of risk! What? "

 It burst out with the face Douhe thought unintentionally.

 To that astonished expression, Sharl boasts of a nose as he boasts.

"That's right! I became the side which transcends a humble person and conversely overturned it by the assistance of the master Ovenyl! In other words! Night time! Your family! "

 While saying, flutter the bush and the black robe. I understand that I feel good, but then this will not go on. By the way, I'm saying that it is an aristocrat of the night or something, but as you can see from the fact that Ston Garen people have no phone in their name, his birth is a commoner. It is not much different from Douie.

"Sorry, will you speak more calmly?"

"Oh, sorry, I got on too much … …."

 Alright, I quieted.

 Dry holds the mouth while holding down the temple there.

"But, is this your master? Dark elves like me are allowed to survive in the human realm if they are in the form of slaves, but kore is a vampire ……That is also a load. If the existence is revealed, why not? "

 That certainty is certainly certain.

 Even though it is a senior figure, even if it is possessed it is permissible for slave suborder and magical creatures that humans make. Even the king will not be allowed to put asylum under the vampire dangerous monster. It is the best strength for any adversary to mankind. On top of that I have the ability to dominate and become a family member who sucked blood. Such a dangerous creature (things to die?)It is natural that you punitive as soon as you find it. His manufacture and concealment are illegal acts that are illegal and guilty, even among the jobs I have been going through.

 But I do not mind. There is no need to worry.

"It is a problem if you look at it. But where do you reveal it from? "

 The vassal clerk who works in this O'Baillis kingdom is absolutely obedient to me. There is no escape from secrets from them. I set it as giving top priority to my interests at the top of instinct instead of thinking, so do not talk about torture. This has already been experimented with slaves.

"But do you smoke blood as a vampire? That's also the blood of people. Whether your feet arrive in the process of procuring it … "

 And Doe. It seems to be an adventurer who hunted many monsters. Indeed, there are many vampires who cleared their place while skillfully hiding themselves but failing to clear out the traces of bloodshed.

 However, it is.

"Hey, you probably will not forget, is not it Dou? What is there in this laboratory? "

"Anan? … ….“Oh! That's right! "

 Yes, my lab has something to hide from vampire bloodshed.

 I bragged about it banging lightly with a fist.

 Blood transfusion blood, incubator.

"As you can see, if you are blood, you can make as much of anything as you can. It's about time before breakfast to cover Vampire's meal. "

"Because I am nocturnal, I basically eat only at night, though!"

 Sharp how to put your heart out.

 Perhaps this is a gag of remembrance?

「……Besides, he will not put it out as much as possible. Battle capability is high, but favorite is improving aptitude for dead spells magic and strengthening magical power for higher magic use. Both are basically used for research "

"Oh, that? Do you shed it? Is not it a little bad, Ovenyl? "

"By the way my master. Although it was a necromancer, it was often tailored to a load? Good wisdom, there was such a material. "

 As Dry came asking a question, I will reply ignoring Shir who came along with something at hand.

"You heard it often. Actually, there is a trap for this. "

"How about you?"

 She throws out documents that were falling on the floor to her curiously appearing. A little while ago, it was something that I scattered when Shar hatched. The details of the remodeling he made to him are written there.

"what……Changed the skeleton step by step to a rich one? Durahan 's thing in the heart and muscle tissue, transplant it to the liver, respectively, intended to acquire running water resistance … …This

– Most likely. After gradually replacing the body with that of the undead, it took time to adapt and gradually increased the fitness of the vampire to the blood. This is the effect side, it is a road class vampire soon just by swapping blood. This is thanks to the materials that everyone gathered. "

 In other words, it is an undead chimera that made human beings prime body. Well, Kelpie is a beast type monster close to a spirit but not an undead. Among them, it is effective that rich bones were obtained. Vampire blood can be inflated with a transfusion culture machine, but bones do not. It would be truly amazing that you got such a superior rich debris.

 Dry through the material throughout the story, sweat is sweaty with the drift.

"Good morning, I will think of this … ….No, I can do well even if I come up with it. "

"It is such a remark. If it comes to young and immortal, I will twist my head and I will do whatever. "

"Obeyan was like that since the academy era"

 Yeah, it is shalful.

"But thanks to that, I am beautiful! And it got stronger! Moreover, by the power of Kelpie's organs, unlike a similar vampire it is not hampered by running water! By the way how was the resistance to sunlight? "

 And say such a thing. I think that that point was explained before the operation.

 ……Perhaps you would like to ask Douai or Dry?

"On an experimental basis, we can somewhat weaken, but we can do activities even in sunlight. It plus the physical strength of the road class plus the resilience, and it has physical physical education other than vampire. Just trying to resist only sacred magic is irresolvable. It is because it is a collection of undeads. I wonder if this area is covered with a dress. "

"Thank you for your explanation, Master! So you should know This bullshit! Elite in the elite among the vampire! It extends to not only ability but also a weak point! "

 Sure enough, I will raise the tension while being proud.

 Well, it was Sharl who put some hands in my "works". The obtained force is enormous, and it is inevitable to get a little tuned.

"So, did you understand what he is like?"

– I'll try.It is various meanings. "

"To be honest, I feel tired when I keep on with this condition. My husband, I'd like to make the "work" next to be made a little more quiet. "

 Douai and dry appearance. It would be very tiring to go out with Shah. Even I am. From the personality before the remodeling, I was wondering if it would be a bit more abstract, but it was unexpected that it would change so far.

 And I…

"Well, I will do it for you"

 I just answered, I decided to dissolve.

"[ごしゅじんさま] /(exp,n) (1) master/(2) Your lordship/My lord/(3) husband/(3) husband It's about Opus 04 … …. "

 As soon as we were alone, Uni came out.

 Well, I guess you'd be wondering about Shah because she's about it.

 I handed over and answered.

"I can not tell whether brain remodeling for submission works because of mental state instability. Is not it dangerous to put a trust? … ….Is that such a place? "

"Have you already noticed it? I took advantage of his delightful mouth. "

"No, your concern is good. In the past Opus series, the body was fickle and basically it was a human being or an ancestor. To what extent can methods of the past communicate to Charle who became a monster in terms of classification? It is unavoidable to wonder around here. "

 Change from humans to monsters. That means a big change in the soul … …It is said. For example, if a good villager A is bitten by a vampire, he will immediately become a Lesser Vampire to make harm to people. It is said that this is due to the fact that the soul has changed due to monsterization, and human ethics has been lost.

 The soul is full of mystery in the world where this magic says things. No wonder whatever influence it has.

 The monster that has become a reality is a vampire. Vampires can voluntarily increase their hands by vamping. The fear of scratching this sleeping head when I am unlucky is not the ratio of other "works".

 However, even though I was vampireizing Shahl,

"For me, I see the possibility of treason as a minimum. As a result of the exams he went before, almost all of the slaves who were specimens were under the influence of brain remodeling surgery. It is speculated that the exception also caused the surgery after vomiting the main cause. The behavior is a bit funny, but I think that it will enter a moderate category in the pattern of personality change assumed. "

 In other words, it is because data shows that the risk is low.

"Well, then. Uni, do you remember the experiment that I did with Magic Academy? "

"Yes, [was the correlation between the brain functions in the living body and the soul in life"]

 Treatment on the slave's brain and killing on it, what will happen to their souls after death? It is such an experiment.

"As a result of that experiment, the recognition that came from the brain comes out as altering its soul every time. Until I caught him and make the final vampire, I've been trying to fight the brain like me everyday and follow me. "


"And in experiments with his testbed slave, Vampire's restorative ability is derived from the soul. They are healing the body based on information of the physical body engraved on the spirit. And it turned out that the criterion was largely dependent on the state just before vampuaization and immediately after alteration. "

 That is what it is. Cut a limb of slave A and make it a vampire immediately. Vampire A started restoring based on the information carved into the soul, and the limbs were restored. On the other hand, once slaughtered and slaughtered as a vampire after being cured completely. In this case, the limbs did not stick together, or they did not grow out from the cut face, and it became a simple vampire with no limbs.

 It seems that the difference between the two was caused by what state the limbs were supposed to recognize. Immediately after cutting, A turned into a vampire around the time he thought, "If it recovers after heal, return." On the contrary, B is a treatment at the time of recognizing that "he has cured without returning".

 The vampire 's paranormal self – repair ability is evidence of self – recognition stuck to the soul. The same thing can be said to Charles.

"That is, Sharl remodeled with submission to me fixed to the head. He said that it is highly likely that brain miso is still in its shape after vampire. It is in a form that obedience to me is functionally imprinted. "

 Uni should know it too. For the past ten years Date, my assistant has not done it. There is a reason to worry other than this.

 Indeed she took refutation.

"But I think that there are still a lot of unknowns in the change due to monsterization. Actually Opus 04, unexpected transformation of the treatment side occurs, including appearance "

 Yes, there are still few data to make human monster. Because the consumption of materials and elementary bodies is not stupid, the number of experiments is limited and my experimental data is something of a legendary tradition that can not be relied upon from the reference. Even though we have done a number of experiments in advance, even if it is said that there are no problems with one hundred experiments, it is not necessarily the case that one hundred times will happen. In order to prevent it, it is necessary to raise the accuracy by repeating thousand times and ten thousand times. Moreover, the change that happened to Sharl was dramatic. Face and personality have changed as if. It would be impossible for you to not watch irregular.

 However, it is.

"Hey, Uni"


"Do you think I trust slaves that do not have collars?"

 After all, it is there. I do not want to die. I do not want to die even by any chance. For that reason I am studying eternal love. That I ……Ultimately, there is no reason to leave room for rebellion in "work" which is a tool.

 He told you that too, right?

「……No. I am stupid that it is impossible. "

 I understood a masterpiece of myself well.

 The Opus series and the brainwashed family members are, in other words, highly capable slaves. At first glance there seems to be free will also be a matter of efficiency that the ability to judge decreases if it makes it into a perfect doll, and the amount I will instruct is increased and it is cumbersome. Also, if the point of view becomes too uniform, and I myself have judgment in any way, there is a possibility that a trouble may occur in a chain from there, there is also a purpose to prevent it. This is also to say many times.

 In the case of Dougher, we basically delete the function that thinks of opposing and countering me from the brain. Uni also made adjustments to the brain are similar.

 In the case of dry, I am obedient by rewriting the object of attribution of her belonging to her being a slave from her clan. In addition to this it also left slave collars as safety.

 So what about Shahl?

"In addition to a dry-like psychological operation, he has incorporated several fail-safes," he said.


 Uni asked me. But she is clever. This may also be a modest measure for the Lord.

 So, first of all I would like to ask Uni's answer.

"Well, what did you think about Uni?"

「……Periodically, respond to complete restraint called readjustment "


"The interior of the lab is the territory of a perfect master. Whether it can be entrusted and can entrust all of the slaughter deprivation. As a footsteps this, we measure the degree of his submission at regular intervals. In addition, in order not to take this unintended movement within the period, we will put 04 vital and position information on the dress, and remotely activate the kind of spells inside the body "

 Uni asking about whether or not it is.

 I loosened my cheeks.

"It's a correct answer. I am Uni. You know exactly "

"It is an honor to be praised. But all is the gift of your master's guidance "

 Saying, she gently heads down.

 That's it. No matter how much I felt inside my head, I would never give a man like a grudge against me a while ago, after giving me the power. He will be my dog ​​for the rest of my life. When I can not put up with being kept? It's just a change from undead to just a corpse. No, because it is a vampire, if it dies it will become ash?

"Well, that's the reason. You can rest assured that while he behaves as I stocked. However, if it deviates from its category – "

I know.

 It is a translation that Uni will give up without delay. Shar's ability seems like a road-class vampire, but it is quite expensive, but only with that backwards. Originally a student of the Academy. Uni who has accumulated many battle experiences as my hands is still superior as a fighting force. In addition he has weaknesses to the undead-specific sacred attributes. I told you earlier that I can cover it if I give you a dress … …There is no duty to raise a perfect dress up obediently. It is a piece of meal, as much as I can make it to self-destruct by my intention. In addition to that, Uni's remotely activated undead technique has also been incorporated directly into the body.

"There is nothing that has come to pass, but …"

 Saying, I sat down on a chair for a break.

"Well, that sort of thing. To say undead is incomplete immortality that can kill anything if it comes to it. Moreover, most of the world turns to enemies just by being there. It's fine if you use secretly as a manual piece. "

"To that extent, it is far from the point where your husband desires"

S Well, I will be forced to do as soon as the death comes close to me. For that I have you remember the surgery method. "

「……Hopefully, I will be willing to do my best so that I can achieve hope in its complete form. "

 Of course, I also hope so.

 So returning, I strike the armrest of the chair with your fingers.

 She instantly grasped his intention and brewed warm tea.


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