Fresh blood dances in the dark tunnel.

 Blood, meat, bone. The scenery that the scanty light of the cantera illuminates is dyed into a grotesque color in a blink of an eye.

 Despite all this acidity, there is no scream. Because the slaughter is too early because it is why. As a substitute for that, the loud smile of the side which carries out the rushing echoes.

"Kukuku ……Ha ha ha ha! ! brittle! brittle! It is too brittle! What the hell this is no response! Well then, my accustomment does not mean you're missing out! "

 The person who raised that voice was a nobility-like young man wearing a red scarf like blood and a black cloak in upper and lower uniforms. It is elegant which does not suit the darkness under the humid soil, but there is one part where one strangely eye catches on.

 It is a hand. Its hands stretch nails oddly, bowed, and they appear as if they are cruelly tortured.

 That bizarre nail as if she showed a brutality of his. That is a weapon that massacres the inhabitants of this darkness.

"Do not tell me! What? "

"Gaga Gagha! What? "

 Wondering if survived instincts were frozen so surprisingly, screams survived from surprisingly late after being amazed.

 As you hear the voice, neither is a human being.

 A few bodies of goblins serving as a flock leader Oak. Both are monsters with caves as their primary residence.

 Only goggles with head count and childishness as a child are goblins of handling rabbits also horn, oak and have a physical ability to the extent that it is inconspicuous in regular adults. But that's it. To some extent, someone who is separated from a human being is to some extent, the opponent of the youth who is the main actress of slaughter will not serve.

 The young man also changed it into a gloomy expression as soon as he laughed.

「……Boring Boring! After all this kind of thing is boring. "

 Saying, I used a special claw in my mouth wetted by blood, licking it and licking – I quickly threw up.

It's disgusting. It is weak, it is boring, and the blood is bad. Oh, how are you guys alive? To say that there is no value for existence so much. "

 While distorting his face unpleasantly, the young man gently waved his arms.

 Then how about you? Should the nail which was the weapon itself shrink and shrink, the hand will not regain its elegant shape.

 As the opponent put the weapon, the monsters breathe a relief.


「……You guys also have no worth hanging on my claws. So quickly die. «Suddenes Insight»

 What was fed was a declaration of heartless death.

 It is an instant death curse that strikes everyone who got in sight. The invasion of the arms of frozen death promptly grasps the hearts of demons.


 Again, screams did not rise even for mass murder again.

 If you notice, all the monsters were falling on the ground like a threaded doll.

 Looking satisfied like that, the young man smiles again.

 And it turned into a crazy lol without setting the time.

"Cut, hehe he …With such a higher spell, no chant … …Hahahahahah! After all I am amazing! This new body is! It's too wonderful to laugh! ! "

"Please stop by force. Because it resonates in the cave and it is so noisy. "

 I can not resist and call out from behind.

 Then he – Sharl Franz Schmidt stopped the voice loudly and underwent lightning under the lightning stone.

YesI'm sorry, master. I was in a good condition, yes ….I'm sorry"

 I do not think that he was doing great until the end, this change. I do unintentional hands to the temple

 ……The head of the tension is too violent, Sharl.

 We are now visiting one of the dungeons in Marlan County "Old Ruil mine".

 It is a translation coming out of Sharr's accustoming to shoulder, checking the profitability of the wasted vein, and also exterminating the monster that the farmer demanded from the fact.

 That's why Sharr's skill is one of the objectives,

"It is said that you will not get drunk by blood towards vampires, but there are too many fun in movement."

 - Douga.

"Is there a fool who can kill instant death magic to that small fish? It's a waste of magical power. "

 - Dry story.

「……Words are unnecessary for monsters of that level of intelligence and ability. "

 - Unide talks.

 And the evaluation from the previous was scattered.

Very well.I am sorry, seniors, yes … "

 And apologized Vampire Road.

 I wonder if he is the first time since the history of a high-ranking vampire who keeps apologizing to the mine's ground and keeps apologizing. In a sense, it is a great achievement.

 Looking at the figure that is shrinking and asking for pity, it seems even that the dealing with Uni talked about the other day is unfair.

 ……No, I'm forbidden. He and the former are academy 's goddess department, and he is a master of about five years. And now it is an evil vampire. The possibility that this miserable appearance is acting to buy contempt from the surroundings is also not zero. Although measures are taken, it is a considerable threat if he actually turns around. There is also a story in the world of premortel that it is cheap and stubborn. Just because we are exposing the nature today, the threat level will not change unless we abandon the fangs to tomorrow. Let's treat it carefully in the future.

 For the moment, do you keep some follow-up so that you will not feel embarrassed in vain?

 I opened my mouth under such computational thinking.

"Shar, you do not need to regret so much. What I could not do this time should be able to do next. Besides, your essence is my co-worker? It is useless in battle outside specialty, never dent. Look, my work seems to be like that "

"O, Master! Master, Ovenyl is generous! I am emotional and even the tears come out! "

 As he comforted himself, he got up vigorously, continuing to hold his shoulder and hugging him. How far is he doing seriously, is he?

 Well, nice. Let's not think about useless thought.

"Besides that, Sharr 's first objective is breakdown. Let's go next, dry "


 Upon receipt of instructions, dry will start preparing immediately. Second purpose is to review the veins.

"« Oh, the spirit of the earth, answer my question. What is secret thou secretly? Where are the goods that you have – Wide Detect »! "

 Along with chanting, ordered magical power is released from the body of dry, changing to a surgical formula and running to the surroundings. It is a broad area exploration magic that borrowed the power of the soul attribute spirit. The exploration range and precision are greatly improved by the affinity between the large magical power unique to the dry which is a dark elf and the spirit, its synergistic effect. You should be able to locate the resources in the surrounding underground as well as this abandoned mountain range.

 After all, silence after tens of seconds she raised her face.

「……The deposit here is useless. We have already taken the neighborhood where we can go forward. "

of visitors. If profitability is still a little bit, that greedy former officials can not leave it alone. "

 Leaving it to be a monster's nest by leaving it is a reason why there was a reason to do so. Well, I have not expected much from it.

"But please be glad, your master. There was a sign of a large copper ore at a point 15 km northeast of here. "

"Oh, that's amazing!"

 Copper mine, if it can make a large-scale thing, Marlin's finance will be greatly moist. As I was an alchemist, it was pleasing that a large amount of copper, which is a material that can be processed in various ways, becomes available.


「……To say north east 15 km from here is a rugged mountainous area. The forest in the road is also deep and it is not suitable for opening the road. "


 Uni's remarks, I notice my own joy.

 That's right, even here, even just it was in the mountains. From that point on going further, what kind of unexplored borders will it become?

 Regardless of the promising vein, in order to mining, transporting, and putting the ore into the ocean, it is not a talk if there is no way to get there first. How much money will it take to get there so far? I am not such a bright field, but I know that it will be a tremendous amount. At least for the current fiscal budget, there is no fundamental strength enough to make that burden.

「……I'm sorry, master. It seems that your heart was troubled with informative information. "

Oh, no… If either Marlan develops, there will be a time when it will be possible to extend the way to that. Remember to prepare for that time and there is no loss. "

 It may be a good story for ten years, twenty years earlier, bad if it straddles the century.

"Well, if your husband goes crazy even with a big golem, you can dig it right away."

 And Douie's squeezing the mouth.

 Before answering it, Sharr sighs exaggeratedly.

"Well, what are you talking about? It knocks down the forest, digs the mountain and carries the mined copper … …Such a golem that can imitate a big deal is a super weapon that is beyond the scope that the country can permit already? The story is different from the mad golem used for irrigation work. I was witnessed, but the call from the court flew away from the court. "

 He is smiling with Nitanita. It will be the return to the useless against the previous battle. Due to that, Doue disturbs his face.

"Though it is reasonable … yo ……Something frustrating if you point out! What? "

"Huh? Violence against violence! "

 Reflectively hidden behind the dry Shirl rolled up the tunnel by kicking off "Do not touch the buttocks."

 Leave the contest that started something, it is almost as Sher said. If you make such a thing, the neighboring residents who witnessed will panic, someone will inform the adventurer guild, and the story goes to the country from there. I've been contributing alchemy to Marlin in various ways, but it is not that the deity has been deignified enough to allow that much importance.

 If that is the case, it seems to me that it can be mined with me and the work of only "works", but that is also a bad hand. The improvement of soil and the degree of irrigation which we did before can be any lord if we enclose an alchemist with some skill, but the degree of difficulty differs when it comes to mountain mine development. If it is known that it can be carried out by several people, it will be grandly wary of the middle guards and the surrounding people. Even though I am badly reputed, I am standing by my brother and the centralist. I am sorry for any more troublesome things.

"Well, the mine has to steadily explore the nearby places steadily. There is nothing we can do without it. "

「Yes。 Besides, my master's masterpiece is research on eternal life and death. "

 Says Uni.

 That's right, for me the management of the territory is often said to be a source of research, poorly speaking, an extra detour. Regardless of that, inviting trouble is totally overwhelmed. In the meantime, being stared at the Marquis of Lavare and sent Victor, it is also a terrible mistake. It is a reflection.

"Well, most of the work is done, Shall I do the final finish and leave home? Hey, Sher! I will ask one more job! "

"Yeah … …."

 Sharl, being called by coming to my eyes, was rolling around and covered with mud. Rather than say Vampire Road, it is just a resurrected zombie from the bottom of the earth.

 However, the skill as a necromancer is still one of the continents as it is undead. You probably will be able to afford it with three fingers.

 Well, I'm going to waste my talent grandly in the future.

"Well then, please start setting up"

of courseCertainly high skeleton 's human type is five, is not it? If it is about, you can afford a margin even if you do not chant. "

 Say, snap the right hand finger out of the mantle.

 - A sudden change occurred at the moment.

 The carcasses of the monster he killed himself are gathered in one place. And they were compressed by supernatural forces, lost their material form in the process, transformed into black particles. It is a negative energy body also called madness. Although it is harmful to ordinary life forms, caster who is long in magic of dark system and monsters of darkness manipulate this and cause various phenomena.

/(int) (1) oh!/good heavens!/(2) ugh! oh no!/(3) ah!/agh!/agh!My brothers in the dark, my family! Being beautiful and noble This kind of self-fulfilling, trying to be loyal to your father! «Create · skeleton»! ! "

 Shiru exercising technique with a smile of doubt elevated from ecstasy touching madness as undead. That figure is suitable for calling Vampire Road, the very king of the evil immortality.


"Hey, did not you say you can go on with no chant?

「……As far as I remember, the creation of «Create · skeleton» is not such a thing. "

"Perhaps it is an improvising poetry. I will withhold evaluation from me. "

 - and so on, as long as there is no other facebook tsukkomi put in it.

 In the meantime, the morning is fine and the results of the operation by Shah appear.

 A monster brought a poor sword and a shield that exposed somewhat bluish skeleton miserably and emerged from nowhere. The so-called skeleton, it is also a high-ranked species called high skeleton. It was just five, it appeared as I ordered.

"It's strange. It was made from the carcasses of the goblins and orcs, but it looks like human bones anyway. "

"That is natural! I did not change my universal soul from dead to undead, but given a temporary life to the dead as a material, I made a new undead. If you become a surgeon like me, you can change the shape of the bones to be Ka-n-tan, what! "

"It is a man who really feels somewhat up and down with a little thing, Koitsu …"

 "Works" who turn their eyes like they are amazed by Sharr who dances.

 Do you come here so far, what is his nature inherently? Even so it seems. The academy era has always been frustrating, but it is still the same now that it gets shrunk when ordered or ordered. Previously, I was a bit tired, I just could not understand, actually it may have been when the tension is rising.

"Those, they will not be bothered until the very end. I will ask you to set up instructions as well? "

"Ah ha ha! Cheers! "

 Although it was just a casual skill, he was in a good mood, whether he was able to show off his specialty. Since it would be better to have a pleasant feeling if you work, I will leave it alone.

"Okay, you guys? "Whoever invades this cave, draw it till the end and kill it." "People who escape do not have to pursue. " And…

"How do you get rid of a high skeleton in a cave and exterminate a goblin savage monster?"

 That's how it is. Originally the adventurer should do it, but unfortunately this Marlan is a land with little flavor and bad transportation. There is no reason to dare dare to overcome the middle-ranking, and adventurers who wander off have no way to come.

 At first there is a branch office of the guild, but there is no one but only one crowd in the broad county, and the birds are singing. The main job is to receive a letter etc and ship it, and it is better for the person who took it as a post office to work. Of course, no adventurer receives a request for subjugation. So, if you want to get rid of monsters in Marlan County, you only need to take the trouble to ask the guilds of the neighboring county, or the citizens do themselves, or the lords – ie myself – from your hands.

 But, the first one costs extra money. The second is that the vigilante group develops itself as a rebellious organization and it is concerned about security. The last one is troublesome for us. No, it is not a lazy translation. Because the monsters around here are low, I can not get any sticky material for the troublesome work. Mobils under control, too, can cause troublesome costs such as care for weapons to procure weapons and rice when moving it badly.

 So we decided to place a demon for extermination in the dungeon which is a colony of monsters. Once installed this will automatically hunt the wild monster for a long period of time. Also, if you keep the usage to this level, even if a favorite adventurer who discovers the race (as if you like this countryside) should come, it will not make a noise.

 I can make suitable magician with alchemy, but it is still something that smells alchemist anywhere. That will make it come out which monster you get in the cave and someone who binds me. One of the most promising is a certain count who lives upside down but can not be admired by his brother, or a certain marquis who made a secret child in a good year.

 In that way, as a genuine Necromancer, I was asked to run on the undead itself Shaal, I made a high skeleton that naturally occurred and controlled. Of course, Uni and Dry will be able to do about «create · skeleton», and I can do as much as that. However, it is difficult to make a skeleton that can win the oak anyway, except for the goblins. Also, since the handling of the spirit is also disadvantageous, the accuracy of the instruction also decreases, and a real human body is required for the material. This is not a problem as a magician 's ability but a problem of suitability for evil spell magic.

 "Huh? If you are a corpse material, how much is it in the laboratory? I want you to stop joke. You can not leave traces of the experiment to the outside even by any chance. I will not be afraid to leave traces of surgery at the moment, but to keep in mind are my principles. From the time I was in the royal city, the dead bodies that I got from the experiments are trying to cremate properly and crush to the bones, except valuable samples. … ….However, I did not bring it when I moved to Marlan, so I burned samples as well,

 It seems that the work of Sher is over soon.

"-Yoshi, this is the end. Instruction setting is complete, Ovenyl "

You're free. Well then shall we go home? "

 At the same time I say, everyone gathers around the dry. Momentarily move in the space transition magic «Greater · Teleport» and go home to a familiar residence in a moment.

"It's convenient, I wonder, is the transition magic? Thanks to this winter sky I can fly to the base as well. "

 That's what Shimizumi and Doua say. That's right, the season is still winter. Shir is just completed, I think I knew who I understood.

"To that extent, magical power eats and fails, it is direct to the wall. – Stay close. People far from me are more likely to encounter a transition accident. … ….Master, please your hand "

 Take care of her with your words. Douai was holding the other hand. Uni and Shir are close to me. Even if these two misalignments happen, it will interfere with the surgical procedure and readjust the position where it exits itself to prevent accidents. As for me, control of magical powers is difficult for rabbits to interfere with metastasis due to the absolute angular problem.

 Dry finish a long chant to make every effort, close your eyes and cast a magical name at the end.

「……«Greater · Teleport»! "

 Twist and bend the providence, cross the dimension wall, we will leave the abandoned mine path. As long as the remaining skeleton is doing the job, it will not come here for a time.

"Prob …If so, the veins that are likely to be mined for mining at this stage will be narrowed down considerably. "

 Victor raised his face after finishing filling the map with vermillion based on the information obtained in the exploration of dry. He is already occupying the dominant position of domestic officials from his ability and family. Well, the predecessors had nothing to do with it, as well as being completely wicked. Unexpectedly, there was skill that I could only say, from this point he would not be able to do this degree.

"Although there are abundant amounts of minerals than anticipated, it is a shame that there is little unexpected thing that is practical for the relationship between cost and technology."

"It's totally. However, even if all can be digged, it is serious that mineral poisoning comes out here and there. It would be better if you thought that it was better that you were squeezed. "

 I also try to say while relaxing in the office chair. Even though it says that most jobs are rounded out, they are obliged to say that they are likely to be involved in determining important matters and alchemy. Especially this is a story of a mine which is also a precious material source. If you do not keep it serious at such a time, it will be a lot of noisy later. Even though brain remodeling prevents betrayal, you can say as much as a little word.

"There is a point. Well, in light of the financial situation, we can not afford to invest in mines. "

"So, which is the ideal one for you?"

"This is where copper, tin and lead veins overlap. There are mountains that can take up gold and silver, but there is also a fear that the country will shade when digging up such things. "

 Well, can not you do it easy? It is also a synonym of what Jinshan, Ginzan is said if it is told by the feudal monarch.

"I am sorry, …If you can dig in gold or silver yourself, you can make high-ranking dresses as much as you want. "

"Honorable Lords"

– Yeah, yeah. I understand I understand, I heard it properly. That triple vein is recommended, do not you? We will also make an estimate of the pollution control facility later, so consult with your supervisor. "

 Hurry and reply to the unexpected reaction. Viktor and Nice Lebert, they are people who do not pamper me unexpectedly. Even though we worked accordingly, it seems to me that it should have been better to distinguish it a little more like this kind of time.

"I will ask, really. Because the mineralization problem is serious ……Then, it is the next case. It is about the proper lodging building that Le Lebert and others had leave "

"As I thought, my land I desired was not good?"

 I will go over and ask.

 The planned construction site of the manor house, which was a project from time to time. For me, I was designating a place where the spiritual power of the land is good, which is suitable for putting an alchemical lab.

 However, there are some problems in that … ….,

"It will be useless. Most of the designated land is far from the town. As a matter of fact, we can not use it as a base of administration. Things in town are out of the question. Is not the place where the church is built? For example, breaking the church for a lodging, even a simple low reputation will be the bottom price this time? "

 Victor 's reply was as expected.

 The land where the spiritual power is strong and is in the town is suppressed mostly by the church. It is to make the priests a ceremonial place to use large-scale sacred magic. If you take this forcibly, even you can even add even religion to many enemies. Besides, the church in this world also functions as a hospital by using recovery magic. If you destroy it for the sake of the owner's lord, support from the people is inevitable.

 However, when administrative processing capacity declines by creating an apartment in a remote place, hardships come from people in the kingdom. It is troubling.

"Better yet, can not you separate laboratory from laboratory?"

"I will not struggle if I can. But, even if I think about it, I think. Every day the lord enters and enters a mysterious facility in a place out of town. If my older brother and your father hear it, I will be happy to investigate. Even though I just came here, the research has gone extreme. "

"Is that what you are working on? If it is a slave of dark elves, it is still drawing in to the vampire. If I have not been brainwashed, I will be running into the church, the High Court, or the adventurer's guild. "

 Even though the lord is throwing out troubles, it would have been to this vassal.

 I regarded heaven in spite of myself.

Oh, come on.I thought that I returned from a dark underground dungeon, this time this. I have no time to feel at ease – '

 That was it. There was something flashing in my mind.

 - Better yet, can not you separate laboratory from laboratory? ――

 - I thought that I got back from a dungeon underground dungeon –

 - If you can dig in gold or silver yourself, you can make even a high-ranking dress –

 - If you head back at a big golem, even soon –

 - It's convenient I wonder about the transition magic –

 Several words become dots, which will create a line between them, link up and build up one picture.

 This is…Perhaps it is a cool idea?

 Or, why did not notice such simple things, I am.

– Sir? What's wrong, Excellency? "

"- That's right, yes. This way it will be okay. In the unlikely event the survey hand entered in the hall, using this hand should be no problem … "

 I heard the voice of Viktor and I was hanging around the plan.

 And when you finish trial calculation, you rise up from the chair and call her.

[ゆに] /uni (pref)/

"Yes, close by"

 Vikutor stares his eyes to Uni that appeared without sound, but ignored.

 It is not so far and it is common sense here that she will fly when I call.

"We will make a new lab construction plan ahead of schedule. I can not wait to snow thirsty. Let's start from now. "

– Of course, sir.

"Wait a minute, Your Excellency. What is the construction of the laboratory now? - What's your address? And what about the new house? "

 Vikutor is something noisy. Well, if he hears this idea, he will keep silent and obey.

"As for the plan of the new house, I will leave it to Lebert. Build it any way you like. If you are looking from the eyes of a nobleman, will not you make so strange things? "

"Of course it is … but …"

"But, in the basement, I will have a wider room. Nominal is either a storeroom or a wine cellar.

"Is the lab OK?"

"I decided to build it apart from my house, as planned by you. Where is this place?That's right. "

 After thinking for a moment, point to a point on the map.

"I will do it here. I choose you.

 Looking at the point I specified, Viktor is not like a brilliant noble cast but opens its mouth openly.

 It is probably because it is not a construction site that I mentioned. Apart from being too far away from the town, I can not think of a location where labs can be placed even if I think about it.

 However, that is Miso of this idea.

"What, are you thinking about yourself !?" - Sir.

 Together with his confused voice heard after a long interval, I and Uni left the office.

 It's not like it, my feet emerge with a feeling of excitement.

 One of the insidious vassals in the hallway was creepy, but there is nothing to worry about.

"My husband seems to be having fun and more than anything. So, what kind of thought do you have? "

"Yeah, well ask me."

 To Uni who asked me boldly, I confirmed the idea I just thought.

 To her absence, she listened to it and had a blink of eye with crackling.

"You thought of tremendous things … …."

"Are you the opposite?"

"No – there is no reason for that"

 Uni also seemed surprised, but immediately push the drumming to affirm.

 Like the time of Shar, she says so that it does not overlook a slight fear. I have more confidence in this idea more and more.


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