The construction of the new house of Marlin lord, started with the arrival of the spring, advanced at astonishing speed and was completed.

 Because this place is a frontier, it can not be as adorned with the decoration of the hall, one that promoted construction with priority only on the functional side.

 In addition to mobilizing the civilian population, he moved the golem owned by the son of the lords and sometimes finished the foundation construction at a fairly high rate.

 Built as the base of the administration where the Kokaku sits, the hall is settled outside the castle, unlike the office building which was the center of the town. It was located close to the intersection of the highway which extends to this region in order to take over the administration of the whole county as well as the town of Marlan which is the capital of the county. At the same time, the temporary residence of the lords was a temporary residence residence, which is left as a stronghold of the vassals responsible for town administration.

 The newly built mansion was a little small castle rather than a hall.

 It is surrounded by a deep moat surrounded by a castle wall, and a main tower has its own tower of observation. Since being separated from the castle that protects the town, these were natural for preparation against pirates and monsters.

 However, a hard and rugged appearance that excludes emptiness and pursued only real interests is casting an impressive impression on the surroundings, in a different meaning from the substitute apartment house looking down the town.

 If a traveler who strayed on the thunderstorm day saw the figure of this lodging in lightning, it was quite an awful lot of stuff like crushing the liver as a demon castle where hewa resided.

"What a terrible thing to do. It seems that he seems to be his brother. "

 A small hill away from the building and neither a castle nor a castle. A man standing there murmurs with irony.

 Skin that has not burned on the sun, in the dress form extended by glue. Bearded beard. Probably from aristocracy, probably a nobleman, but from the quality of clothing, it is speculated that there will be a small body like subordinate to another family.

 A man looks behind with a gesture of honor.

"Okay, you guys. I will head to the house of the Kokaku from this, but repeatedly, so surely will not you be bothered by? "

 What I was told was the four people who kept away behind the man.

 The dressing changed from a nobleman man and somewhere was rugged. Despite being groomed beautifully as much as possible so that it is not ugly to visit the officials of the Kokaku, it is obviously armed that things to wear are chainmail and breastplate. Even though it was also dirty, it was clearly seen that it was used in the actual war, a small scratch was engraved in there.

 For a knight of escort, there is no sense of unity in equipment, and it does not seem to be a decorative one either.

 While having such features, there is a possibility of being able to act together with nobility. It is only one in the Itutera Continent.

 Be an adventurer.

"Even if you know. You seem to be temporarily hired by the escort for guard at all, do you obviously fear? "

 The swordsman said to be the leader of the four people, said the lightest. I wear armor, wearing armor for elbows, knees, shins, but I can see something that does not inhibit my performance. Equipped with an aggressive avant-garde occasionally hitting a blow with a sword while moving around easily.

"But I do not mind asking for a spill on a feast? To accompany the noblemen 's banquet, it is not that it is so obvious. I want some kind of help. "

「……You're free to go. However, I do not want to speak as much as possible of what I will give you over there. "

 Saying, the aristocratic man soundings his nose.

"Anyway, the other party is that infamous [slave killing] …"

 Today, at the new residence hall of Turius · Schuranan · Aubnir, this Marlinian lord, invitation officials of the people were invited and a feast commemoration feast was supposed to be held.

 The main participants were neighbor lords, civilians in the county, merchants with whom they came and entered – and the head owner who entrusted this land to him.

 However, the Earl of the head owner, the older brother 's older brother, had kept sending the reputation as a king' s capital for unexpended use. However, that is just an excuse, the real reason is that brothers are broken, but the lack is an open secret.

 The adventurer party "green group" who is active in the capital of Broussonne visited here was the name of the escort of the count of that count.

"But, rather than imagining it, it's a stormy view, or it's a simple house."

 Frog, the leader of the "green team" said while looking around the entrance hall.

 A red carpet is laid on the floor, there is only a new construction and a single dust has not fallen. However, it was scarce in the kind of arts and decorations that tend to be in the house of rich people. Painting is the extent to which the image of the first principal owner of the Obeyir family – is hung on the landing of the stairs leading to the second floor connected by the colonnade. It could be said that the furniture like the manor of the aristocracy that Gael was thinking, such as a statue sitting in the center of the hall, a vase and a pedestal placed at the end of the corridor, was extremely small.

"Do you live a much more modest life?"

 Ask a man from a client who is a client in a loud voice.

 I thought that it would be ignored, but the man replied while looking back at the neck.

"Well, I guess I've got no choice. This land is a countryside as you saw in the road … "

 The voice apparently hides contempt and discouraged colors.

 A profession called a nobleman is a business that seems to live for sale. Putting expensive art objects and furniture at home is a great opportunity to show it to visitors. So, what is extremely expensive thing like this mansion? The answer is as you can see. It is licked by other nobles. At the very least, it is thought that there is even no room to decorate personal belongings.

 Of course, if you continue high shopping that does not match your ages, it seems to be a waste consumer, and if the furniture you arranged does not have a certain style, it will be light again as being idle. Only skillfully doing the conspicuous neighborhood is probably the nobility who is placed at a glance in the social circle. However, in the case of Trius Ovenyl, it is out of the question such as spooning Saji itself.

 Felt felt that the circumstances of the neighborhood were gathered by the skin, and it was too hard for a nobleman.

"Sorry, I …I thought that treasure of a nobleman's unique residence would be worshiped. "

 The youngest of the party, Yuushi, blurs out his hands wiltingly.

 A fellow 's magician gently lightly pierces "kira" and his head with a cane.

– Fuck.

"Stop it, do not you know. I say such a thing, it's a shame that thieves are beaten up behind the scenes. "

 The function which is responsible for key unpacking, cancellation of trap, scout and so on is called the ranger or the wild guild in the guild. However, in reality there were also customs of old age called it Thief. Thief is a word meaning thieves. Sometimes it was changed to the current calling style in order not to confuse it with the subject of the subjugation quest, but the customs once taken root will not easily disappear. In fact, there are many former thieves who washed their feet in Ranger.

"Stop comic books. We are now escorts of this aristocrat's husband "

「Umu。 We should make sure that there is no ugly thing to do and to not only hurt the client's honor but also the honor. "

 When a frog pinched his mouth, he also agreed with a heavy fighter who is the same avant garde.

 Looking at it, the client's nobility diverts his line of sight from here sighing. If the frogs did not skip attention, he would have been tossing away from him.

 That time.

"Oh, this is this -"

 A young aristocrat falls down the stairs of the hall. Beside it was accompanied by a blonde male who looked like a vassal.

 The face is young. Would it still be twenty?

 Clothes were sticky. To the deep red Just call with gold thread embroidery, this is a black West that makes silver embroidery stand out. It is a shiny white cravat that decorates the neck. It is the first boyfriend like Date that came out of the king's night party, but it is probably the sour taste of dressing it. It is not an ugly translation, it is rather a well-organized class, but it seems to be lacking in luxury anyhow. The expression with a gentle smile is also an impression that you are troubled by somehow getting chased out of the costumes you've made. The young man accompanying the vassal will look better in such a dress.

"- Somehow, you are the older brother's name, are not you? Welcome to Marlin. I am Turus. "

 The way he bowedly said so was the impression that the nobleman noodle who is not familiar with the people how good it is. What he did as a frog is about to forget the various bad reviews he is heard about him.

 Do not forget. This youth aristocrat was the cause of the loss of the name of the OBNILLI family in the society of Broussonne. [Slave kill], 【Man eating snake】 and a man who was detested.

 A man of his own age smiled a smile.

"No, no, it is a matter of concern that His Excellency welcomed himself. Indeed, today, I'm overwhelmed as my brother's name in this extraordinary ceremony. "

 And greetings with toothy follow-up. It seemed like a change that I could not imagine having spoken myself extremely to this young man.

 While frustrated by the existence of aristocratic society, the members of the gael "green group" push one knee as a thank you for yours.

 The O'Bronn keenly noticed here and tilted his head.

"Oh my, are those people there?"

"I hired him to escort the way, It is in the adventurer"

"Progress. Recently the road is also noisy. … ….Please, please give your name. "

 As forgiveness came out, the frog raised his face.

"I am leading a party" Green team ", I say" Gael. "

"I will listen once, but what is the rank?"

Huh. We received evaluation from the guild as Class C. "

"Class C? ….I wonder whether it is higher even in middle-ranking. As an escort in the road, this number is reasonable as well. "

 Ovnir unexpectedly shows a place familiar with the circumstances of adventurers. No, if you think that he is the owner of the adventurer [girlfriend] who reigned over the Kingdom until a few years ago, it is natural that he knows about it.

 【Silver Wolf Uni】. There are things that the frog crossed several times. He was an expressionless and creepy daughter who did not know what he was thinking. Arms are certain and quests are hardly damaged, and despite being solo it is a monster who has been doing an unusual amount of requests in a short period of time. Given her presence probably somewhere in the hall, I can not help but feel uneasy about the future of this job.

"Muses are painful men, but I want to give their greatest affections to them too"

「……Hey, Victor?

Huh. We will immediately guide people to the barracks'

 A blonde young man called Viktor went to call a man to return his heel with an elegant piece.

(First Breakthrough Breakthrough, or)

 Frog remembers relief inside. It was a place that was troublesome if I dislike the emperor 's adventurer of another place and say that we can use even in the town' s inn.

 The O'Bronn 's smile softly.

"Please relax after your feast. It is a new residence with no sight. "

 The guards were guided by the barracks built in the premises. In case of an emergency it will make a soldier who gathers sleep here. The place passed through is a stormy room with only two pairs of bunk beds and a table placed.

"We will deliver beverages etc. later. So in this regard,

 The guide's maid had bowed and left. There was a silver – colored collar on its neck. Maid clothes and slave collar. The association reminds me of the face I do not want to worship as much as possible.

 As if shaking it off, Gael called out to his colleagues.

"Hey, how are you?"

「……There is no sign in the vicinity. I do not feel like being monitored especially. "

 Saying while pulling down the hands that the wild man had hit on his ear.

 Like other girls, they opened their mouths as well.

"Even so, it is truly slave, this mansion … …Or rather a castle? is good

"That's totally. Normally, it is supposed to be the maid's daughter who is the apprentice apprentice.

"Does not it have a popularity so much? The aristocrat here "

"Rather, it is surprising that living slaves are going well. Speaking of Obedylate's second son, it is a bad taste to buy a slave and kill him. "

"Is it a rumor of examples that makes it a laboratory base for alchemy?"

 And the magician.

"Eyebrows are really spirit, that story"

– Do you think so? I heard that alchemists are studying variously in order to become immortality. "

"It's an absurd subject, it is. Alchemy is the magic about the permanent change of a substance in the first place. Changing herbal medicine to potion, dressing weapons and armor with magic, and dressing. It's a job to make mysterious characteristics such objects, so it will be scattered all over. "

 The word of the magician was sharp. It is because you learned magic earnestly and survived with it, you probably hate to have superstitious bad reviews in that field.

 Tell the young ambush to make fun of whether the reaction is interesting

"Well then, what is it? Is that daughter a really nice person? "

"I can not say so far short-circuited. Alchemy is an academic experience, but not all the people learning it are good people. There is nothing that there is a villain who may possibly kill and slaughter a slave. "

"Every alchemist is not a transformation, is not that the only baron is a special pervert?"

"Well, that's it. Indeed, in the Kingdom age he just bought lightly, even buying enough slaves that can not fit into the main house, many of them stopping their footsteps there. Several people seem to have brought them here as well, "

"And in that, that [girlfriend] is also mixed"

"Do not let me remind you of bad things"

 Frog does unintentional hands to the temple.

 The final rank of [girl wolf] is the same as ours. However, in fact it is said that there is equal ability as A rank. As I prove the rumor, when I rubbed the party made up of B rank, I sometimes annihilated it alone.

"There is also a story that there is another adventurer."

"Is it a swordsman of rank B like" [two-handed sword] "? It seems to come from St. Gallen. "

Phew! If so, it is troubling. "

"Oh, you surveyed by scratching the two adventurers above us, are not you?"


 It is the purpose of the "green group" that crawled into this pavilion under the name of the escort.

 The owner of the request is Earl, Lordas Strain · Ovennis, the principal owner of Ovenyl.

 - Investigate the behavior of the younger brother, do not exacerbate the bad habits of the example. After going to the territory, the fact that there is nothing in particular is contrary suspicious. Officials appointed from the kingdom are also highly likely to be hugged, and if so, they may be doing nothing more than a regular slaughter. If you grasp the evidence, deliver it to myself secretly. Nothing.

 In short, it's a fighting piece between brothers.

"- But, you have to do it"

 You must not feel pessimistic that you can not help being arrogant to the archer's rungu. But in the last few years the leap forward as an adventurer of ourselves "green group" was in doubt. You can say that you saw the limit. Although I got up to the C rank which can take care of a part of the middle-ranking, growth has reached the point there. To the frogs, something necessary was insufficient for the adventurer to go further to the stage. It might be a talent for combat and exploration, it might be an adventure spirit that challenges difficulties. Specifically, I do not know. However, for that reason I have been stepping on in front of Class B wall for many years.

 When they realized that, they noticed themselves that they were beginning to seek stability. Everyday to reduce rubbing and lose life, synchronization of pies with procurement, the rise of young people, declining coming eventually. If you notice it, thirty generations of frogs and heavy fighters of partner are also. I was disgusted or frightened by such a thing, I was disgusted. Magician and Ryusei are still in their twenties, but over this decade have entered this industry. They also realized that I am growing gradually. Even if it continues for a long time, it will not be able to rise so high.

 Then what to do? … ….There is no choice but to quit an adventurer. But, just by dropping out, ourselves who can only have a fight can not get lost an extraordinary living now or get lost in the street, or fall as a criminal who makes violence a living industry would be Sekiyama.

 There is a story this time. I am inclined to the noble dog and engage in intelligence for political fighting. That is a painful path for it, but at least the opponent is a regular person. It is not necessary to literally keep confrontation with people who are outside of the world, rush around secluded distant places, or do things like pushing those who do things like that. It was an attractive choice for the frogs.

 Fortunately, to say that young linas still have no adventurers who make their own children. If we occupy it, there will be no overstuffing at the moment. Courage is required to leave such a dirty role to a new face without trust. Now, taking the hand of the Count, they are the oldest stocks. If you do so, you can use it for a long time, and it will be preserved for easy loss. That is such calculation.

"Kitsui work, but this is the last. Even this place is over, it is a child of an Earl of the sunny day "

"Even from the day we put our bodies on monster opponents, I'm sorry,"

"If you take it well, you may be able to even tell the vassal!"

"For that reason, I will not be disappointed this time,"

/(adv) like that (used for something or someone distant from both speaker and listener)/so/(P)/

 Saying, the frog strikes the fist on the palm. A dry sound sounded in the barracks' room.

"Our future is hanging over. [I also will not disturb the [girlfriend] also to the [the two handed sword] and the outlying person … ….! "

 And that night.

 A lot of round tables are arranged in the hall of the mansion, and a dish with dishes is placed on the place. Were they offered from the people, the meat was full of cattle, sheep, pigs, and birds, and each was steamy and steamy. Although it is a mountain country, I thought that I botherly ordered from Canales, the capital city, crossing the border and a kind of seafood was also served. Especially the steamed baked shrimp with the adult 's arms as much as it got together was a masterpiece.

 It is a banquet that celebrates the completion of the new house of Marlan Lord Turius · Schuranan · Ovenni. In the seat reminiscent of the luxury of the utmost for this day, the gael 's gentle lightly adjusted his grooming and was missing. Originally it is a place where people such as commoners can be picked up, but rice farmers in the territory are also invited to this party. According to that argument, the "green group" which is the escort of the dispatched name of a god is also a fine guest.

 The place where patrician, merchant dressed decorated figure is severely uncomfortable for adventurers who are not rude. At the end of the eyes of the frog frown as if it did not start early, Turius Obedyl finally stood on the podium.

"Everyone, thank you very much for attending this event to celebrate the completion of this mansion."

 The newly established Lord of the King of the Kaews clears the greeting by saying such words,

"- Well, young men like you are said to be badly long talks. Everyone, please enjoy it. End.

 ……And, the curtain caught promptly.

 From the eyes of the frog, it is a behavior that seems to be only a joke of something. Normally it states thanks to the king and the church, what is it, what is it that such a thing is done after such a thing is not such a greeting? If you see it, surrounding guests also open mouth with poke, and they are leaking lol. He was covered with his eyes by asking the heavens whether he remembered shame, such as Viktor and his youth.

「……This is unexpected behaviors as those who follow the genealogy of Earls'

"Well, are you bothered to keep us waiting?"

– Bullshit. In order to show my will to do my thank you, I must do the words first. "

"Although it was given to the rank of the king, but I heard that the reality is banishment from the capital, I can get it …"

 Some elderly people who thought they were aristocrats were even blatantly disgusting like this in this way. While licking the wine that was served, they say words of disgust and discouragement to their mouths.

 Of course, I do not do rude acts that raise a voice to hear. Turius, who descended from the podium and waited for the greeting by the customer, was doing such as hiding his head in the state of whispering guests.

Leader That boy, even if we do not investigate, is not it inconvenient and it will be reformed? "

"Shut up.

 While reprimanding the ambush that slips the mouth towards the margin, I think that it may be so with inner meditation.

 The behavior of Trius Ovenyl was out of the question, even from a frog that he did not even know how to fear. To be honest, I can not believe that young young man can do it safely in aristocratic society. All the related aristocrats gathered in this place had good impression, impression, bad, it was impolitely impolite. And that information will be spreading in an instant in the social network information network. About that much I can understand myself as an adventurer. It is because it is the same in any world to listen to the information of peers and to listen to their ears.

 Meanwhile, there is a group headed for greeting the nobles who take a second step to the senior officials. They are merchants.

"Oh my God, you are a very unique person!"

"Aside from that, we are going to say that time is money."

"Thank you very much for having a deal about the distribution of potions. We will continue to have relationships in the future. "

"Anything, will you put your hands on the mine soon? In that case, we are certainly one piece – "

 It was a storm of Akashi pursuit and so on.

 A man of the original family ringes his nose.

“Hm.I do well to the opponent I saw before. "

"Perhaps it is the habit of letting the right to engage in interests while someone who can easily give it overrides"

 Frog guesses so. While using the telling, there is no respect for the eyes of merchants. Rather, I was dizzy as when I asked for a loan to a house that feeds Kamakura's daughter. Skillfully take the word, root in the economy of the territory, hold the flow of money. Whether this land will be changed to the future in the future or to the country, if there is a business that is going around with the investment of merchants, it is the dimension that it can grasp the gold vein for a long time without being eliminated quickly.

 To such a prospect,

"Well, now it's a celebration seat -"

 I avoided saying so.

"- Sasa, please enjoy cooking before it gets cooler than that. There are also many things ordered from Canales, and for those who came from his place, they may be tired of ingredients, but please come and have a taste of our home. "


"If there is direct recommendation of your Excellency … …."

 It is a way of seducing himself. But why could not you do it on greeting? Even from the frog, it is a place where I can not understand it.

"More than that. Is your work of the name good? "

「分かっておる……」I will go now. "

 When prompted, a man of age retreats the tight face inside and quickly headed for greetings.

 While watching it, Gaara again thought that aristocracy was hard work. Unlike simple adventurers whose skills are simple, there are many unnecessary distractions. But it is certain that there is some sort of stability that is not found in the society devoid of meritism.

 As I thought about it,


 There was a man who called out to the frogs.

 I turned around, I gently hurt. A maid of a look that is clear and unknown to the emotions, in the appearance that stood a statue, the beauty is the firmness of something. And, at that neck, a silver collar from which a synonym is derived shines.

(Author, 【Girl Wolf】 …… !?)

 In Marlan, there was a partner who I would not like to meet the most.

 There was no doubt that it was Uni of Silver Wolf. Certainly still a teenager, the figure that I saw for the first time in several years was somewhat taller and the body became more feminine, but there was no mistake.

"Is there something for you?"

 While keeping calmly calmly, pleasantly surprise the group of friends who are stuck in surprise with their elbows.

 Why did you call out to ourselves? Have you been distracted by the fact that it is aiming for investigation?

 A frog driven to burn under the face pretending to be plain. For Uni to him,

「……How about drinks? "

 I will present a drink bottle and a tray on which the glasses of the number of people ride.

 It was unexpectedly the place where the shoulder slipped slackly.

Ah, you meant- All right. We are the one who took charge of escort. I do not think that there is something in the hall of the allegiance of the son, but please refrain from the kind of liquor just in case. "

"Are you on the left? Then I will excuse you. "

 Bow to say, Uni walks away.

 While seeing off his back, Gael 's "green group" gleefully breathes a relief breath.

"I am surprised. I'm just holding on … …. "

/(exp) even if/(P)/It was really a maid, Heitsu "

"I've always thought of what adventurers of apron dresses have been dragging from long ago …."

"I do not think that you are doing really well as a maid in a maid, right?"

 It is totally. And the fact that such concurrent adventurers line up with themselves on the top floor and are stabbing a big deal in terms of performance. When I think of it, I become empty by myself.


 And the party's magician opens his mouth.

"It's been nearly three years since she stopped receiving quests. Meanwhile, if we were devoted to the maid, it would be saved for us. "

"Is there a blank?"

 Which it does. Adventurers are also human beings. Even if you increase your ability, if you lose the opportunity to wake it up, you will quickly drop your arm. Adventurers who do not adventure will also fail, as the dressed horses trapped in Taoba can not run fast.

 If so, the gap to be added will be greater than I expected.

 Watch the direction where God and Uni headed. She was serving one of the nobility guests.

"Hey, you. Even though I go through a couple of days after drying the glass, is not it very late? "

"Yes, I am sorry"

"Pour it quickly. … ….Indeed, it would be a source to care about trends of aristocrats before the commoners and others. "

"As you say. I regard everything as my virtue. "

 Frogs make their eyes round.

 It is said that [Gin wolf] who made the royal name roaring in that kingdom, has lowered his head with Pekopeco as a watchful baseball aristocrat. Once an adventurer of the rise came to her the same thing, it was what was being shook her head. However, what is it like this. Is not it just a maid itself that is really there?

 Astonishment continued further.

Something odd about that. Do you really want to apologize … …What? "


 It was a violent rage that the frog that I was watching did not think it was raising a foolish voice.

 The aristocrat who had been giving a word to him said that Uni should not show the intention of the resistance, that he brought in a thick five finger sticking to the caterpillar in the butt that seems good shape also from above the skirt.

 It was a grasping way that I heard a crowded sound. I can only think that it has a perverse taste hobby. That's why she did not respond as much as the hairy hair, but her heart was stinging, but in this case, it would be a bad hand to refuse even refusal. Middle-aged nobility puts a smile on her ear to her ears.

"If you are an apology word, will not you listen slowly later? Okay? Your room prepared by your lord, in my room ……Okay? Na

 I did not hear it, I wonder what he said such a thing. You can understand by lip movement. And the hands grabbing the soft meat so tightly as to grasp, moved and wandered like a bowl.


 Uni does not answer. It would not be bad. However, it was her status that obediently could not return to the nobility. Fitting a silver collar is essentially like this. Rather, behavior in the adventurer era was abnormal as a slave. The frog has realized it, even now.

 I thought for a moment whether to enter a stop.

 People around me are aware, but they will not stop. Are you afraid of being crowded, or doing that it is said that they have been touched by a good eyed maid like being picked up by customers? In any case, there is no motivation to enter stops for those who hold lightweight on the Obedians. If it were to move, there were only frogs.

 Even though I thought it was the biggest obstacle of this request, I did not want to see any more [Girls lost]. Even if it is made to admit that they are not very enemy by themselves, it is a formidable competitor. It can not be overlooked as an adventurer that it is unfamiliar to her achievement and it is impolite to a senior like a baked dog. Feeling the decline and the limit, Rotor who was seeking a peace of mind without adventure, the last thing nauseated. The heavy fighter of the other side standing next to is also bouncing up the eyebrow as if it is cramped with bicubic.

 But shortly before the end of the restraint bag,

"What are you doing?"

 Her Lord, Trius-Shernan-Ovenyl, broke into the battlefield.

 The aristocrat man retracts his hand as he was playing in the buttocks as if it were played.

"Oh, ah, no … ….Daughter, this little daughter is a little coarse. "

 It was an amiable laughter that pushed and killed a tongue.

 What is coarse, and frogs can not bear with it and leak small tongue. Is not it just a matter of coming out of a helper?

"Oh, is that so? I am sorry. "

 Obeyn who heard the answer immediately lowered his head. The surrounding guests produce a roar.

"Here, this is Oboni! Different things … …. "

"No, my family's education is the duty of the LORD. If there was a coincidence with the visitor, it is something that this servant apologizes for. Would you forgive her for this face? "

"Let me see …"!

 To the apology of Ovnir, the face of the aristocratic man distorted grandly. The host of the banquet apologized directly. If you pursue it in this way, it is like to publicize the absence of grace to the surroundings.

 Like a chase, Uni also kneels and knocks. It was the biggest apology like rubbing your head against the floor. As long as the Lord stands and lowers his head, the slaves must still show themselves more than that.

"I sincerely apologize for not being rude. Please listen to the word of the Lord. "

"Well, that being said that … …."

 The aristocrat ignores Uni and turns to O'Bronn.

"Oh, I lifted up your face and my son was a son. Accept an apology. This seems to have been disturbed by an unnecessary riot with a degree ceremony, and I did something naught … "

"Did you understand?" Well, thank you! "

 The O'Bronn 's smile showed full of faces when he raised his face.

 That is where it came. Although the aristocracy dissatisfied, he left to another seat and the guests in the surroundings also turned to the other side to become involved in unrelated chat. Afterwards there remained the Kiko and the unity that continues to beat up.

"You can stand still, Uni"

"No, this time I hurt my master's face in the eyes club" –

"I told you that it is OK, including that. I am not angry. "

「……Yes. I have a great deal of grace and compassion. "

"More than that, stay a bit. Like

 When Uni was launched, Obeyn paid the skirt dirty by hand.

 Even without doing that, cleaning is also extensive on the newly built pavilion. Frog thinks it will not have dust or the like. However, at the last work, the intention was finally understood.

"Yes, finishing with this. Do you wanna?

"Back, is it?"

 Then he strikes lightly as if to clean up the neighborhood she was touched by that bad man. It seemed to be a terrible and gentle hand.


"Did you fade, Uni?"

 In those words, Uni who had a color of understanding in his face against the Lord with a salute.

「……Yes. Thank you, Master. "

 In the words to thank you, there was a lot of empathy.





 The frogs were stunned by the sight.

 What is the current voice?

 What kind of trembling voice seems like you hurriedly pounding his breasts?

 Is the voice really raised by the girlfriend now?

"Lady, leader"


"Is it wrong, is not it?"

"I wish I had it … but …"

"But there is no mistake in seeing that face … …."

"The names seem to be the same, ne ……"

 It was more shock than she was tolerated by aristocrats, but silent and endured.

 In that case, it can still be interpreted that he has been persevering for his duties.

 But now it is impossible.

 Even though I think about it, I can only think that I am pleased that I am mainly concerned about myself. It is enthusiastic, too.

"How it says, it seemed like a really ordinary maid of joy … …"

"Rather, it is not a way for the Lord -"

– Not guilty. If you told me that, really the image of that [girlfriend]! "

"It is easy to convince who is said to be a very similar person of the same name"

 The frog reassured.

 Looking at it, Uni returned to work without appearance of this observation. The expression is clear but somewhat gait is light. Although it may not be understood by the amateur eye, from the person who knew the former girlfriend, apparently it is a gaudy walking style although it is a degree of a mistake several times. It is a difference of clouds, compared to her previous time, which always had a tense feeling reminiscent of that beast right before its jump. That really is nothing like a maid.

"[Girl wolf] has gone down … …Is it good to look at? This

 Materials that denied the word of the magician were not immediately found.

 And even if I thought for a while, it was the same.

 The frog opens her mouth while feeling a complex thought.

"Even if it is so. It can be thought that regaining the old one by something of a trick. More than anything, it does not make much sense if we are more relaxed than the one we have weakened. "

"Oh no. And maybe you heard that you had another adventurer, did not you? "

"Are you a swordsman of St. Gallen" [a two-handed sword]? "

"Maybe I hired a girlfriend as a leopard because it's like that?"

「……/(exp) may/might/perhaps/may be/possibly/possibly

 If I noticed it, it was evening. The feast is over soon and the beginnings of the frog 's work are near.

"Either way, we are not prohibited. Until we fulfill our work, '

 Saying that, we forced ourselves with ourselves.

 I will see the place where the family sleep, I will survey every corner of this house by taking over in the shade of night. Because guests who invited at the party can be stayed, security will be severe so that there should not be any chance. Even if the greatest concern was that the [girlfriend] had weakened the degree as a threat, it should not have been an easy task so much.


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