It is not an easy task.

 The frogs "green group" have prepared to do so and prepared as much as they could.

 However, such a story was beyond expectation to fossil.

– Bullshit.It's just not possible.

 The frog spared the moan in spite of himself.

 Cautiously repeated carefully, sparing limited time and carefully investigating this is this.

 Who can be blamed for the upset.

"Is it okay for you to have such a thing?"

 Heavy fighters also shook trembling voice.

 A confidential secret quest is a misconduct.

 But nobody will stop it. It's unstoppable?

"It's a thing that goes beyond assumption, this is … …."

 The magician carries his head. Because I can not believe the sight in front of my eyes.

 Because that too transcended his common sense.

 And the beginning of a group. Murmured Yuusu with search as its main task.

"This mansion -"

 Frog knows the words that follow.

 Of course, both heavy fighters and magicians would be similar. However, it will not be obstructed.

 Because it is meaningless. That power is also deprived of it.

 Ryuseu ties a word.

"- Security is too sarcastic …!!"

 That said, he held his head.

 ……Yes, the security of the museum was loose like it was not there.

 Sentinels were standing in the compartment where guests stayed guests in the stones and in the bedroom of the master, the master.

 However, it is like a scarecrow just as good as standing. Boot slaves only dressed in a Butler outfit and so as though it might be useful also had a no. If the decoy also makes a noise at another place, it easily leaves the possession and heads there, and it will work to allow the passage of the gael 's.

 Clearly, as security, it was at the low level to the worst.

"When it comes not only to the furnishings of the mansion, but also to security, I wonder … …."

"Whether there is a big secret that the client really said that it is, it will become doubtful"

 And the magician.

 Important documents related to administrative administration and Kanzo were strict about the administration, but the key was also the troublesome thing. I gave up this time, but it is only something that can be torn at any time if there is time. I saw a small room that seemed to be a laboratory of alchemy, but the magician says, "It is a medicinal herb preparation room. The facilities were too short to make a large thing. "

 So far, breakthrough of security has been smooth, but there are no results of searching for the weakness of the targeted deced and evidence. That does not make sense.

"But, there are plots that have not been examined yet?"

「……The eastern end of the first floor of the main building. At the west end there was a staircase to the dungeon. "

"Then, is that a stairway to the basement too?"

 By the way, there was nothing in prison. In a prison where no one is connected, it is just a stuffing place of the cheekshell. I asked him to investigate underground in particular, so I confirmed whether it would be a kind of hidden passage, but at least we could not find anything at the frogs.

"What was behind the hall was a wine cellar?"

"Oh, there was nothing there either. Or, I did not put much wine. "

"I feel like I got coarse at the party,"

 So, if there is something, it is the first floor eastern edge of the unexamined survey,

「……- Curtis, hold it, help.

 Frog called out to his friends a little. It is an adventurer party in the field of fun. Immediately after observing the intention of the leader, stop the voice and movement.

 After confirming it, the frog stares at the darkness behind the corridor.


 It was at the end of the east, the destination, at the end of the aisle.

 A tall man standing without leaving herself to lean on the shadow of the corner. It is still there quietly with hidden lines that could not be perceived even by the leading warriors. It was the sixth sensation that frogs could figure out, trained through many death lines. In any case, they were able to notice their existence before encounters.

(Well ……That is [the dove of the two handed sword] or the like! What? )

 I can not help feeling shocked. From the two names, the adventurer of Doue is known as a sword. However, how about this first-rate wrestling say secret? If you get close to going unnoticed, it would have been beaten with a double handed sword from which it came. After all it was awesome. Have two names that reached class B, ranked beyond the "green group" -!

(Leader, what will you do …… !?)

 Heavy fighter questions the advance or retreat by eye alone. Given its strength, it would be a good idea to strike. If four people are lucky you may be able to defeat the other ranked opponent, but if you do not pick it up quickly it will make a noise. If so, as a pirate who was lost by guests, it will be chased out by the whole house.

 Does it make you escape obediently? It can not be surprising that this has noticed beyond. No, if you were stretching this aisle as they guarded as security, you should think that you are aware. As soon as he turns his back, he may jump in like a wolf who has found prey.

 Besides, it is. What happens when you run away? As having escaped, the client, Lynas O'Bonnil, could say, "You could not do enough investigation because you fear security and could not do it". The way to be taken as the shadow of the Ear will cease.

 Greed and maintenance are going around on the scales of the spirit and change the standing position.

 Before that fellow gets its conclusion,


 Wildfoward raises voices even thoughtlessly.

 That shadow which seems to be [DOE of the two handed sword] moved.

 After all, in front of the frogs who think that they were out, that man –

「……お ~ ぉ ぉ ぉ ぉ ぉ ぉ ぉ ぉ ……!"

 - Sleeping, I fell down on the floor.

「………………………………is good

 It took almost a minute to understand what happened.

 (chuckles) Beautiful. No doubt, did the frog already sleep when the frog noticed?

 Because I was sleeping because I was asleep, because I was not killed or wished to vigilance because I was sleeping?

 Is that what this is about?

"" Haaaaaaaaa ~~~~ …………What? "

 The "green team" unexpectedly sighed a big sigh.

 Relieve that it surprises you. Self-blowing that he could not find out such a thing. Troublesome different irritation that guards are going to do what they are supposed to do. It was a sigh with such a mixture.

 To respond to it,

"Supi ~~~~~~ … ….!"

 The man also breathes a great deal of sleep.

「……Leader, what do you do? "

It's hopeless.At first, let me smell «sleeping powder» as it gets up on the way


 Upon being instructed, Niefu approaches with terrible enemy foot and puts a medicine package packed with powder at the nose of the man. Powder was taken from the man 's nose, and invited him to a further deep sleep.

 Magician mocks that way.

That's ironic. The guardian of the alchemist 's house said that he will be serving asleeping drugs of alchemy' s products "

"It's totally, … ….Hey. Look! I will hang a tremendous handsome sword on the wall. "

"Well, is Coins really [a two-handed sword] …?"

Like this one.Class B? Seriously

"Hey, it's ….Do not drink it anymore, husband ……/(adv) mumbling/incomprehensible muttering/talking with food in one's mouth/talking in sleep//

 I did not notice the "green group" overlooking with contempt expression, and 【【DOUE of the two handed sword】】 was leaking a happy sleep. Despite getting puzzled by it, the frog urges fellows.

"I will explore the future earlier. Again there is a staircase to the basement. "

"Do you have something to say that you are bothering to make Class B adventurers guarded?"

"It was not the role of guard of that B class, but of feces"

"Huh, talking is stopped. I spend a lot of time. I will clean up before the sky turns white. "

 Saying, go down the stairs with the warriors leading.

 A magician made magical power pass through a dress which imitated a cantera, a weak light blew forward.

 There are no signs of people in the basement. It is unmanned as well as the dungeon at the western end.


「! This guy …… "

 A cold air strikes us as a group of people who have been careful about the lack of security. I felt that my back muscles were bristling and that the goose bumps emerged in my arms.

 ……It's cold.

 Although it is a spring in the middle of the inland, although there is some cooling, this is abnormal. In this whole basement, there is a source of chilliness which is hard to say.

 What I saw before was a short and wide passageway and a double-door iron door looking big and sturdy behind it. If you open it five, six people are wide enough to line side by side. Naturally, a lock is hanging on the door. One thing that was set as a door itself was fixed with a chainpadlock(Padlock)There are two triples.

 There is no doubt that something big secret is hidden. That was enough to be convinced.

"What, is this cold?"

"Well, if it is not my mind, is not it coming from the other side of the door?"

"It's not only that … …There is a reaction of magical power. It's also quite big. "

 The magician said that without hiding the color of the tension.

 - Magical response.

 - It's also massive.

 - And this indecency is indispensable.

 The frog drinks guts and breath. A deputy of the alchemist who touched it. If he is hiding behind the dark thing behind it, it can only be a thing in the back. Other than that, one mouse could not be found. Then, is this the only one?

– Good man.You can open quickly. And I will expose all objects in the back to under the white day! "

/(int) (1) oh!/good heavens!/(2) ugh! oh no!/(3) ah!/agh!/agh!

 When I chew in a loud voice, I start to release the key. The wild guards open the keys, and the magician is proof. First of all it is padlock. Although it would come off quickly if it broke the chain, when I checked the hardness with a lightly knife, the blade got scraped.

「……I wonder what kind of metal it is made of. "

"Leader, can you break it?"

No, I do not. There is also the possibility of being noticed by the sound that breaks to it, if you leave it, you will notice the intrusion. "

 It is this hardness. I can not think that it will manage somehow by hitting weapons with force.

"There will be no choice but to release to a steady thing. Let's get to work.


 While trembling in the cold air leaking from the back, Nief attempts to unlock.

 The two padlocks went out in less than three minutes.

 Magician rounds his eyes.

"I will do it"

"No, no, the key type is different, but the mechanism was the same … …The actual door is the door own door. "

 Despite saying that, Yuusu thrust the key unraveling tool into the last hole. Here is different from the exclusively paddock on the outside, it seems time will take.

 Sweat spreading on the forehead's gauze's forehead.

 If the effect of the sleeping medicine that Douhe had sniff out.

 If another policeman gets through and notices a drowsy sleep.

 When I thought of it, I was uneasy with my anxiety.

「……Is it still? "

"Shut up. Please wait a little more! "

 Ridiculously gives a glance to the frog whose mouth has come out. If he is the youngest, he is irritated to the leader if he is irritated, it seems to be a work that requires more concentration.

 I go down one step and look at the state of the stairs side.

 ……It was quiet. There is no sign of a person at all. Now I have to open the key and reveal the secret of the back.

 At the moment when I once again confronted him,

「……OK, I opened it. "

"Hooked up!"

 Raise the small pitcher and tap the shoulder of the bandit.

 With this, we can finally enter a secret cellar.

"Well, as usual, we will build a vanguard and invade. Hey, give the lights to the guy. Do you also like to use magic when it comes to emergencies? "

"Yes, I know."

 When confirming that the magician hands the lighting dresses which he had in hand to the ambush and confirm it to bring it back to the cane, the frog is in agreement with the opposing heavy fighter. I can not imagine that there is someone inside, as long as there is a lock from the outside but it is just in case.

 Heavy fighter handled the door. Frog will stand in preparation for a surprise attack by any chance.

 Indeed, the door is slowly pulled open. Along with that, the cold air spouted gained momentum.

"Well, do you get a demon or a serpent … …."

 It is a secretly secret secret hidden nobility of that bizarre rumor. There is also a strange atmosphere that you can see from outside. Whatever comes out is worth surprising –


 Wildfire delivered a brief scream of amazement.

 I could not blame him for having a loud voice.

 Frog has also seen it.

"Then, the body … …!"

 What was there was a demolished corpse.

 It is hung with a hooked rope from the ceiling, and exposes the contents of fleshy peony color to the empty space of the dark.

 There is no stench. Smell of thin blood filled the nasal cavity like a mixture of iron and fishy smells.

 It is fresh, this corpse is.

 No, looking closely, there are hanging similar pieces of sacral meat lumps in the back and in the back.

"Severe … …"

"And, after all the rumors were true … …That nobleman was a real [slave slayer]! "

 A heavy warrior groans and the ambush fires.

 The frog suppressed his mouth without thinking.

Jesus Christ.Let's see, this guy always gets bleeded! You ought not noticed the smell until you opened the door in the street! "

"People are not doing it! Imitate killing such beasts! "


 I feel something that catches something to the words of the wild.

"Do you imitate killing a beast?"

"U, Leader …."

 The magician who kept silence talks with confusion.

"Is this a cooking beef?"



 Frogs pick up the lighting dresses that Norishi dropped and try to light the flesh that was caught again.

「Ahh……By the way, I can see that. "

 If you look carefully, it is too big for humans. It certainly seems to be a disassembled fuselage, but it was obviously longer than a man's thing, and it was too fat. Perhaps it is a cow, as the magician says.

 In the darkness, it looks like a meat lump illuminated suddenly with poor light. Prejudice due to dark rumors behind the O'Bronn King. As a result of such things being mixed in, I thought that the meat in front of me was a dismantled human body.

「……Damn it, I gave it. Was it a food storehouse, here? "

"Hahahaha ……How long have you been an adventurer, are we? "

"Well, you screamed at the flesh of a cow, even though it was a fad of class C? I … …. "

"Well, well so"

 Magician, who was calmly calm, comforted the frogs who regret that they had lost color in suspended beef.

"If such a meat block hangs at the end of a struggling open door, everyone will be surprised. Besides, the key is strict for just a food cabinet, and was the security guard kept up to former adventurers? Perhaps, there may be something hidden here. "

"That's right. Surely there seems to be some toughness. "

 So let me convince myself and step into the food warehouse. … ….It is still cold. The inside of the warehouse is filled with cold. It's as if in the middle of a winter mountain. I have hunted monsters in winter mountain several times.

"By the way, did not you tell me that you feel magical power a while ago?"

Yeah. I also feel that magical power from the back of the warehouse. "

– Go for it.

 As I pushed up the meat forest upside down, there was a further door behind the warehouse. There is no key here. However, the frog that is not as good as the magician has a magical power not only from that.

 "Green team" take on the position of vigilance to trace the preceding.

 This powerful magical power is abnormal cold. Perhaps it is a kind of powerful demon that manipulates ice. If so, it is subject to death if you do an act that threatens the stability of the kingdom without permission. It will be a verification that limits the death of the client of the client as the client wanted. If it is true, it is dangerous that this person who is stepping in there first is dangerous.

"Okay, what's going on? Do not be vigilant. "

"Oh, I know I'm a leader"

 And the door is opened –


 Cold air not being compared with the past was sprayed.

 It's cold. Can you read it? Is it a frozen brace that demon 's vomit? No, it is strange for that.

"Sasa, it is cold! What is this, this one! What? "

[とらっぷ] /trapping/trap (vs)/ Magical attack? Or frozen bracelet? "

No, you didn't.

 A magician moves into the room while shielding himself with a robe from the cold air current.

Hey, I said no! Do not go out beforehand! "

 While feeling a sense of incompatibility, first of all I will pull out the protest of the rear guard.

 But he still got into the room without stopping.

 The frog saw the front of the door while feeling the cold that the upper and lower eyelashes would be stuck together.


 What was there is some magic device. The elaborate magic crowd which pale phosphorescence spreads to the floor of the room, and on top of it the jewels shining with regularity which can not be understood by outsider Han were lined up. I guess that they constantly generate some kind of magic by combining them.

 That’sIs it something the King wanted to hide?

HEY! What is this magic team! What? "

"Please wait, I will analyze from now!"

 Saying that the magician crouchs down to the side of the magic team.

「This is……Gods.Unbelievably precise circuit construction …… "

 I mumbled to solve my solitary mind and occasionally brought magic casting of analytic system, while magician is crazy and is investigating this device. The sources of cold air and air current are magic. Naturally he is taking a break from it, but he seems not to care.

"Okay, so please do something! This, I will freeze! "

"Please be patient, I am the coldest!"

"A lie throw! You are the most resistant because you are a magician! What? "

 While interchanging such exchanges, analysis took nearly enough time to complete.

 For the moment return to the food store and close the door. If I kept it open as it was, it seemed that the inside of the hall was going back to midwinter.

"Sa, Sasui ga Shabu … …."

"so…「で… Are those…? What are those? Is it a prototype of dangerous magic weapons or something? "

"Oh, is that so? It was an outrageous substitute. "

 Expectations and uneasiness are coming up at the same time at the mouth of the magician.

 An outrageous substitute.

 It will be said that it must be a product of super technology, which can not reach ourselves who are not familiar with magic.

 They drank gokuri and breath, waiting for the magician's answer.

"- It's just a device that only gives off cold air and airflow"

%@ is

 Three people who excluded the magician in that cool tone are taken amused.

"It was a magical team composed of terribly advanced technology and expensive material, but its function is" to continue releasing cold air and air current as long as possible "only. That's a terrible thing. It's a guy called soldier waste. "

"What, what is that? Everything the King sits such a thing in the basement! What? Till so stern warning! "

 The frog stood up loudly in spite of himself. It was an absurd mystery in the leader who put together the party in the infiltration quest. But who can blame it? When I thought that I drank the entirety of the mansion and found something hidden by barely finding it was asserted as a waste of mere technology and material. As a result of the quest that the future of the whole party had a problem, is not it too poor?

 Nobody tried to blame the frog, whether you could understand that feeling.

 The magician keeps on.

「I've already said it。 It is composed of expensive materials. The magic team is drawing silver, melting silver, the power source jewel is genuine, yet high-purity quartz. It is a device which used it abundantly. Perhaps it is the most expensive thing among those in this mansion? "

 Besides, the magician points to one of the hanging meats.

 The flesh was living and dripping water droplets like scratching the sweat.

"When you look closely, the meat is somewhat soft and you are getting wet? I was frozen until a while ago. It opens the door of the food storehouse and escapes cold, so it is melting. Perhaps, that device was meant to keep raw meat by freezing the meat? "

"For the preservation of meat, … …."

"Well, as I was told, I thought that the meat here is too much to live … …."

"Ah, this way, roughness will rot before we eat it. To avoid it … …. "

 When a heavy fighter touched the meat at hand, it certainly became softer than when we pushed away as if we were scratching ahead of time. Why did not you notice when you touched it a while ago? Was it the first time you saw raw beef that was not dried for preservation?

"Well, what? Is that why that senior strictly kept here was for meat? Does the cold air escape and melt, or do not destroy the equipment for the purpose of the material pirates? "

「……You thought so would be natural. "

 Unfortunately,, the magician gets depressed.

 What is it supposed to say? The secret that we have revealed with the whole body is not about this degree.

 A wasteful and upscale garla that just meets the desire to eat fresh meat anytime of a youthful aristocracy with a peculiar place. Only things like that can not be found.

"Is not it such a thing? Because it's that ovenyl? You are a vice aristocrat who is nicknamed "Slave Slayer"? More this way,Is not it hiding even a vicious secret? You should be there? /(int) (fam) hey/say/look/used to get someone's attention or press one's point//

"Well, yeah, I see … …I have time to go until dawn, do you want to investigate a bit more … "

 Magician who responds to trembling frogs, but it was clearly not expecting achievement.

 In the Morning

 Taking a carriage prepared by Earl of O'Bonir, Gael et al. "The green group" was on the way back to the kingdom.

 The air in the car is heavy. A man targeted for escort, which is a face-to-face request, did not try to speak out from the previous time, whether he was outraged that the "green group" could not obtain a bad finding result. Well, that person is appreciated. Immediately after the report, it was a body of evangelical trade fair, because he was unbearable here. I would like the mouth to be closed to the kingdom if possible.

(……/(exp) nevertheless/at any rate/even so/all things considered/be that as it may/be that as it may

 , The frog sees the man to be escorted. And I imagined the figure of the Ear behind him.

 As a result of their investigation, the Turius · Schuranan · Ovnil calendar was unlimited close to white. In the midnight survey, one dust comes out even if you hit it, and on the contrary the security against this is a nice place. I do not think that he is planning something very dark behind. Of course, if you are doing something outside the residence, the story is different.

 My elder brother who is seriously trying to take such a brother to crime. In the imagination of the frog, only a person image which is not very high, but not superior, came up.

(Rather, is not the infamous brother better?)

 The aristocrat who is rumored as [slaughter slay], when I finished the investigation, I thought again, it did not look like a person who seemed to be able to do such a big deal. Born as the second son of the Earl and got the rank of the son, he is unhappy with the common sense of aristocrats. If one thinks that they have two nominated adventurers, one will decay away from the other and the other will work out to themselves of class C. In the seat of the banquet, in reality opposite to that bad reputation, even the slave who has been involved in the customer is saved until the collapse of face-to-face. If you think that you are strictly hiding something, it's just a cup of meat.

 In general, he only seemed to be a naively unknown buddy.

 Instead, the elder brother who conspires to kill his younger brother is even worried about his infamy.

(……It might be possible)

 As a long-way backward companion, the frog plays that reasoning.

 This is the scenario.

 Even in the investigations we made for our sake, we know that a large number of slaves were bought by the name of Trius, and many were supposed to be missing as it was. But what if it is actually my older brother Lynas who instructed it?

 Let his younger brother buy a slave and his brother kills. And it is unknown externally who is killing slaves in the O'Broni family. Nature, allegations of slavery and infamy towards Turius who went outside to purchase … ….

 Of course, this is inference. Turius Ovenyl was just a view from far away yesterday, and as far as Linus is concerned, there is only a relationship through the founder who is declaring silence right now. What is understood by the partner who is involved only in that? This is nothing but an inference of killing time.

 It is certain that the Earl will not be satisfied with the findings of this quest. None of the evidence that leads to his brother's disappointment he aspires to have been found. Rather than listening to rumors it was not even evidence of a bad habit of [slave killing]. On the contrary, the slaves who work in the hall are called dress and good education, even even more carefully than other places. Therefore, I thought of an empty argument without craziness … …In any case, the Earl would not trust themselves who could not grasp the weakness of Turus.

(Well, maybe it was good)

 There was no discouragement in the mind of the frog when it is strange.

 If you think about it, the burden is too much for themselves, such as the spy of rebellion kept by aristocrats. If the troubled people were the strength according to the previous information this time, the "green team" did not quite finish. It is because the opponent was in love with the scapular son and that's the way it is possible to investigate to that extent and it is possible to return home without any problems.

 With that in mind, my foolishness that I thought was about to connect with Ear came into my mind.

 If you become the first manual and stay in the position of the old stock, will you be preserved and you will not have to take the risk? However, it is only necessary to cross the dead ground by so much.

 If you carry it well it may be taken up as a regular vassal? What are you expecting from a thinner opponent like murderous intentions for your brother. Even if that happens, it will become a co – worker with a fanciful name that is in front of this. I do not think he will work very hard for him.

 After all, they are adventurers. A monster is the opponent, a place to stand is a labyrinth in Yamano. I will never match the dark fight with the darkness of society against the aristocrat.

(When returning to the Kingdom, will you re-establish your sex again and adventure it?)

 Also, I will go back to my life with a monster opponent, keeping the request with my peers, but it is painful but a familiar way. Rather than row it on another way, it would be better to earnestly there.

 And if you save money little by little, old age will not be overgrown as well.

 The frog convinced himself.

 Even though I thought, I look outside from behind the car window.

 The apartment of Turius Obedil, now disappeared beyond the horizon. The figure of [girls living there] working there was lowering the head to the nobility's father and being able to resist even if being stroked to the buttocks, it was as if it was a different person from when he was in the kingdom. However, I think that human beings have become good girls even then. People of the world will not believe it, they will tell you the truth, but there certainly was her peace. Frog thinks that there was a certain day that the monster told the wolf who was cursed with a silver color would return to a single person in a while.

 It may have been rusted as soon as it was soaked in such warm water, even though [kneel sword] that was apparently knocked down. I do not think I'm familiar, but I do not invade you precious daily life.

 It is a plea for me to commit such a thing that might destroy such things. Let's go out as a real adventurer when you return.

 While thinking so, the frog left himself to the swing of the carriage.

  ※ ※ ※

"Oh, I'm tired …It's not something you do not get used to, "he said."

 After sending out the last carriage and finishing all the guests, I got sigh of a big deep breath.

 Next to that,

"Yes, thank you very much" Excellency Lords

 There are Viktor who clarifies in a clear face and etc.

 I am glad that I am weak on what I was doing to love, so I am glad that this is weak. It is a soldier vassal. If there is a chance, I even think I will finger the brain miso thoroughly again.

"I'm sorry for a while, this kind of official work is done"

"I agree. Let's leave a while and change it during that time to learn career trust – "

"Please do not make jokes … …"

 Shaking hands with a flutter, I walk in the corridor of the new house.

 Uni who was hanging behind from the beginning and Douye who was not wrapped up there with them also took over with it.

"Well then, I will return to the research. Hello yesterday, is not it? "

Yeah. Please return by the office of tomorrow. "

 Vikuto, if it tries to the end.

 Douhe laughs at the sight like that.

"Hey, your husband. It is not like I'm in a position to let the tools say so far. "

"Stop it. It's all about your husband's mercy. "

"Well, if there is not enough degree of freedom to say that, I can not say an opinion to the point I am missing."

 Just go along the road to the lab. The aim is to be at the eastern end of the first floor, which is nominally an underground food repository.

 When it came near the stairs, Douye gave a shrug of his shoulders.

/(exp) nevertheless/at any rate/even so/all things considered/be that as it may/be that as it mayYou made me a mess of a horrible monkeymoll, Hey. "

"Monkey do? I guess it's a mistake sleeping? "

 What he is talking about last night.

 An adventurer party where my elder brother's name came with the name of escort. It is about what I told you to miss when that goes through here.

"I wanted you to do a proud life as a swordsman with you, I planned to have a hand ……"

 Do not complain that you should imitate such people to lick it like that.

 It is fine. A man with a feminine spot for the figure. Look, Uni is also disgusted.

"What are you saying? I would have contracted with my husband to offer everything in return for my life. "

"Yes, that's right. I was wrong. "

 That's what Douhe can say to say so. You might as well follow follow up as it is about.

"Well, is not it nice? Pretending to be asleep You can only despair anything you can not find through. What matters is the sense of safety that you could buy one by despair "

/(int) shoot/shit/dang/crap/rats/rats Is it really worth doing just that? "

"Even though there was"

 Saying down the stairs while saying.

"Uni said that those guys were also wary of you. The effect of this measure also increases if you let me think that it is not a big deal after showing the figure of Douai. "

"It was fortunate to say that they misjudged me myself, but I was fortunate."

 And Uni.

 Anything that adventurers, Uni was sexually harassed by aristocrats at the banquet and not resisting, and I was pleased that I offered a helping ship, so I underestimated her as "now weakened" It is said.

 No, there was also a very bad point.

 Uni was in the royal city when he was a low teens. Even though that era was silent, the facial expression did not change, but the inside was cusped and now it was repeated unexpected runaway. Sometimes guild staff came running to the residence sometime.

 It is recently that it has stabilized mentally. It is not weakened that the violent babe becomes quiet, it is growth that got calm. To make a mistake there is a misconception that seems not to be veteran around thirty. It is a specification from the beginning that you know that this child will be delighted to serve me. And the more I speck down to the extent that my mood is uplifting somewhat, the more I make "works" not …I do not know how about Shar.

 Is this it? Is it a wishful observation from the desire that a mission should go well?

 Just because it and Uni are separated, we could not have consulted on the spot. She seems to have been distracted only by her, but mass production slaves are also ability to be C ~ B. "It is comparable to the green group, or it exceeds some individuals. They also have a reasonable level of ranger skills. It is possible to steal and hear such as a small voice that used a little care about the surroundings. So the adventurers were overwhelmed by the content of the conversation with the slaves that were placed in this mansion.

 I mean, Uni also heard a batch. The mass production type Ranger skills are detuned based on Uni's data. Of course, she is more original than herself, accuracy of listening ears has been going on for a long time.

 So, as I noticed that it was a reason to hit the play to put everything into concealment.

"The location of the entrance to the new lab is information that needs to keep confidential. If you do hide it, it is best to relax your partner's investigation first. For that, first let me dare to investigate the likes of the partner, and then do not grab the fatal information on that. Then the person in charge of the investigation judges that the entrance of the lab is not in this house. "

 This is the initial route of the plan.

 There is a word muddy under the willow. Once you catch the muddy there, you can not get the next one either. It is a proverb that admonishes to being bound by one success and good luck. My plan is the reverse. What if I had even the first muddy under the willow that I had troubled with? For the time being we will not think about going there. If you want mud, you will be hit elsewhere.

 My aim is there. Even if you say that you have confidence in how to hide, borrows may come out when you search over and over. If you do not mind finding out the secret place. Let me scoop on muddy to like under the willow, let me judge there is no muddy there. However, in fact, it is a reason why we invited you are hiding firmly what you are looking for.

"And on top of that, we must make believe that all of our camps are stupid in order to be credible. If you take information from a stupid opponent, think that it is absolutely right. … ….This is a splendid strategy, master. "

 That's how it is.

 It is said that the time when people are most likely to be deceived is when they are looking down on opponents. People who are convinced that "fraud can not be fooled by something like a chatter" are easy to catch on. So he played a stupid thing at all and let me study the mansion of the evil seemed to have been destroyed (or because I am a new house so we have not put much evidence yet). If you estimate this degree to be low, you will not be able to believe in the findings of their research.

 Even the older brother behind the investigator this time. He will consider me to be a dangerous figure, but he does not think he is clever. It is a translation why nobody's common sense or anything like that is totally put into practice. He is obscuring things that seem to be only basic education for him, so he should have seen considerably low.

 What do you think if you learn that such an older brother did not find anything even after investigating?

 The best thing is to judge that I am quiet and to withdraw harm. If that happens I am a big help for the enemy's fewer … …Well, if you think of his character and the emotions I'm holding in me, it would be a thin line of hope.

 The result that you can say that you took a successful line is to think that my secret is in a location other than the mansion and direct the next survey to the wrong place. While the other party is wasting resources such as time and resources, you can do whatever you like.

 The worst thing is to feel the deed from this matter and come back to investigate this house … …Still it is not a common thing to find out the entrance to the laboratory. Originally, the plan to devise to those adventurers is a fantastic strategy that I came up with that night. I have confidence in being able to do it, and Viktor who consulted in advance was also highly appreciated, I think that it will catch up first. Let 's expect the older brother of the king' s capital and the old marquis to look for an entrance which is not exactly outside the pavilion.

 ……However, it is a concealment of the entrance to the lab just to the last.

 I quickly unlock the key and open the door to the food storehouse. A huge amount of cold air spews out.

All right.

 Take away the dress for communication from the bosom, bring it closer to the mouth.

"Dry, bring me the entrance"

"Thank you, Master."

 At the moment, there was a change in the cabinet.

 Piggy, Pachi and Shiden light in the air, the center of the discharge deflects and the space twists. Due to the twist of the spacetime space, fine particles of different dimension are blown out with a furious momentum, which eventually formed a solid shape in this dimension.

 - It is an altar.

 At first sight a form with metal feet like Ding. Supported by that is a large magic team engraved with complex and precise techniques.

 And on that edge dry is sitting shallow. As soon as she finished the transition she descended from there and bowed to me.

"As I said, I held you now."

"Yeah, cheers for good work"

「……Good wisdom, you came up with such a hiding way "

 I gaze at the "entrance" brought by Dry and murmuring as if Douie was amazed.

"What are you saying? One of the factors that came up with this is your remarks? "

“….. huh?” You? "

 It seems that he forgotten to be amazed.

 Indeed, when doing a big adjustment this time, is it better to tap the storage area a bit more?

"You told me when you returned from the example mine."It's convenient, I wonder, What is transposition magic? "

 Dua who twists his head, wondering what he said. Well, once in a while he is a meritorious person of this measure, but is not conscious?

 This is the idea that I came up with with his remarks.

 The distance between the new lab and the basement of this new house first. I will make this possible to come and go in an instant. By using transitional magic, the physical distance can be largely ignored.

 However, if you used the transitional magic every time you come and go, there is not enough magical power of the caster. The magical power consumed as a bonus is influenced by distance and mass to carry, so it will be difficult to bring in large-scale materials and bring in experimental bodies.

 So, it is the altar that you can see like this ding.

 This is a large ceremonial dress that connects with a pair of the same type of objects with transitional magic – named «Portal Gate». In other words, it is an instantaneous mobile device that connects a specific point with a point. Although the start and end points of the transition are limited to the pair of devices, the stability is high accordingly, and a large mass can be transported for a considerable long distance.

 This is the entrance to my new laboratory.

"I came up with that remark. If you use a mobile device like this «portal gate», even if you are far away from the house, you can go to the lab instantly. However, if it finds a device when it searches for a house, there is a possibility that the laboratory will be invaded into the laboratory style, is not it? So – "

"At the time of emergency, it is only necessary to temporarily hide the device with Honmoto Honma Transfer Magic. It's as if you were a nest of transition magic "

"- Well, that kind of thing"

 That is why we did not fix the equipment on the floor, but made the foot fixed. If you have uni or dry magic power as much as you can, you can take it with the transfer magic, and if you mass-produced slaves also have several people and you make a common spell cast, you will be able to do something similar. In addition to combining functionality and stability, it was made difficult for me to keep weight down to the extent that it can be carried with metastasis.

 Speaking of the difficulty, it is possible to sniff out the residual magical power of the transition magic to the magician who stands his arms ……For that reason there is a cooling system installed at the back. Since that is drifting magical power just by running, the extent of residual slime of a little magical power will soon disappear and disappear. Since the single cooling device is a sufficiently expensive substitute, even if it is placed under the strictly locked underground, it will not be unnatural.

 However, if there is a problem,

"Master, are you going to laboratory soon? Here, a little, that … …It is cold. "

 If you think that it appeared coolly, trembling trembling dry. Her appearance is only touching bizarre leather bustier and pants, and cloak. In the freezer for meat, it is exposed at the carnival but it is probably cold. It is a ceremonial décor assembled with reference to her opinion, but everything seems to be a traditional style of dark elf artist. It is almost like a female executive of evil fantasy things.

 For once, although cold resistance effect is also given, even if you are wearing cold weather clothes, it is the same as frozen in a snowstorm for a long time. It is not something that can be done too long.

"Yeah. Well then, let's go quickly. … ….I also want to get to the next research as soon as possible. "

 Say, go over the «portal gate». Proceeding to the center and lightly driving magical powers, the operation method carved into the circuit is excited and carries us to the other side.

 The spy caught Ska. For a while, enemies will stop moving. Meanwhile, I have to proceed as much as possible even if it is here.

 And, of course, my research on eternal love and death.

 There were many things to do.


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