The way I left the «portal gate» was a cave.

 It is called a stagnant air which is dusty and damp like a light source, thanks to the lighting ceremony hanging on the wall, but it is called a floor of the exposed rock skin itself, rather than an alchemist's laboratory It is a tunnel inside.

 Well, to tell the truth, it is a correct opinion in a sense.

"But, it is not a place where humans can live comfortably …"

"I do not care. However, it is a bit of a worrying thing that there is a fear that it will have an unfavorable impact on your husband's body. "

 I have already visited it several times, but I am unpopular to Uni. Naturally it's important to emphasize convenience and covertness, because it is neglected from the environmental aspect.

 By the way for those who are dry,

"Some of our relatives live in the basement, but it is also the reason that there are too much moisture and dust like this …Dwarves and others may have another thought. "

 It is also unpopular.

"Well, as for me, it's not an environment that makes me feel better in research. Let's improve it by looking at it. "

"Oh, by all means do it. What is the emergency is this the last fortress, is not it? Once packed in such a place, I will clog my breath. "

"We feel so only our top individuals. You have to put up with it if it comes to it. Will not the slaves remember dissatisfaction or not? "

"However, it is not so"

 It is uni to oppose Dry's remark.

"Even though mass-produced slaves are also limited, emotions exist. Too much stress will have a negative impact on your body and mind. There is also a matter of former M – 03. "

 Oh, and Douye who has a bitter face. Last year, my brother who came back from chance is a slave who dispose of it as an enemy factor to me. And from the stress that killed the partner who separated the blood, it is also the story of an individual who fell into extreme panic.

 He just became my "work". I do remember that well. As Uni says, although it is a mass production slave that has robotics, there are so much emotions left to maintain autonomy. It is better to make it more beautiful than other slaves, and to provide a modest meal as it is, in order to stabilize the spiritual side.

 Besides, they are weak physically compared with the "works" who are the upper individuals. If you leave it in an unsanitary environment for so long, you can get sick and fluttered down. At the worst, if you treat it you will be confident that most diseases can be healed. However, it is more costly to work for prevention than symptomatic treatment. It is also troublesome if illness infects me by any chance.

– Most likely. We are also shifting to a mass production type that we work here, and sometimes replacing it with the main building outside. But then it will not be a fundamental solution. That's why improvement of the environment is essential. "

 Moreover, the environment can also affect the experimental body. Then, the data of the corner is to impair the certainty.

「Mu。It was shallow. I will refrain from now, your master. "

 I will go ahead while returning bitter smile, I do not mind.

"In any case, it is a story of the future. This lab is like a chaty cellar in a mansion like it was in the town of the capital city and Marlan. It's still an unfinished secret base. "

 Secret base. It is a childish word that you want to laugh when you say it yourself.

 However, somewhere, I feel like I'm tickling my motivation, or I feel excited.

 I also recognize an efficiencyist, but I'm not an adult enough to abandon my romance. Otherwise, the tremendous dream of elderly immortality, etc. will have given up a long time ago. It is exactly what alchemists are about to be somewhat childish.

 If you think that,

"Hello, return home Master! I was waiting for you on your way home from a day's birthday! "

 Sharl who was placed in an answering machine greet me with a cheerful condition. Dry is a dark elf but with a collar, so even if it is discovered it can defeat the worst slave. But Vampire, it is also a road class, he will not do so. It is a super-dangerous creature that could conquer by increasing the family if it is a small country. Even as a slave, survival is a natural enemy of mankind, which is not permitted for a second. So he is basically kept secret in his lab.

"Oh, noisy came … …"

"I'm home, Shir. So what's changed while we were away? "

 Ignoring the scenario of Doucher, Shahl answers my question.

– Yeah, yeah. Experiment of the example I asked, I kept it. The results are not very good, but … "

 Huh, and apparently it sighs like a noblemis.

 This tension raise and lower violent intense vampire, this is also to become a downer. It seems that it was a bad result.

"Well, if all the experiments succeeded, that means that there is no meaning in the experiment. I hope to make use of the data of failure next. Anyway, can you show me what it is? "

/(int) yes/yeah/uh huh/(P)//Here it is Ovenyl "

"Ah, Ah, Ah …"

 A man who raises a half with a seamless body and wanders a vague gaze in the air. From the mouth, meaningful words do not come out.

 It is almost a zombie, but the real fact is a living human being. Besides, medically, the brain itself is healthy. Like when I did with the Academy, I did not intentionally destroy the function or something.

 Doue points himself to the man with creeps.

"Your husband, what's this?"

"It's a test bench. Of the dead resuscitation, are not you? "


 That's why people are blinking at eyes. Her startling is perfect. To bring the dead back to life is a territory of miracles rather than magic. Although a necromancer can turn a living person into an undead, it can not revive the dead as an original human being. Once a deceased person regains life again, it is only described in the church's scriptures.

"Certainly, this experimental body repaired the body after death and renewed the stored soul again … …Was it supposed to be? "

– Yeah, yeah. So if the soul establishes in the body, in theory it should resurrect …. "

 In addition to the body without damage, we have the last parts called so-called 21 grams of soul. Then, you should be able to return to the original human … ….

 If it is a dead man who has revived by enclosing the soul into the living body, there are examples. This is nothing else. I died once in the world of premortal, I had a life again in this world. Memory and personality have been preserved and thus have lived for nearly two decades. According to the preceding example, a man who only raises this groaning voice will revive the reason and abuse the one who killed once, it will become frightened.

"Shall we listen to your opinion?"

/(int) hmm/well/Before that, can you kill this sample again? In order to explain the neighborhood, I want to see the condition of the soul once. "

"Alright, let's let it go"

 As soon as it is said, Sharr quickly robbed the life of the experimental body with instantly death magic without casting.

 Gakun, and lying in the bed it turns into a genuine corpse. When Shaar grabs a spirit that has escaped from that poor man – fundamentally invisible to the living one -, he casts the spell somehow to visualize it.

「……Henry: The size of the soul is obviously small. Even though brain miso left memories and areas that govern emotion, the soul has no information volume. "

"In other words, was not the soul established in the body?"

 It has been proven in previous experiments that brain perception influences the soul and changes its way. It is what I did to get bored with Shirl at the Academy. Then, in this case, did not the spirit get well established in the body, the information could not be received from the brain, the soul also became a thing according to it?

 But Shaal shakes his head.

"No, no such thing, Master. So it did not even move and it was supposed to have not changed anything from the state of the unbroken corpses. If it is not, it is oh, it does not even leak out the moan. And I certainly had to rework the soul that would move as a human being to this body where the soul was missing. "

「……/(int) hmm/I see/hrm/ It is, it is. Should I think that the soul of this experimental body caused something wrong due to being contained in an empty body? "

 I commanded Sharl and tried to put that soul into the body again. The collapse of the brain and other living organisms should be minimal as Uni keeps restoring from a little while ago. If there is no loss in the soul, it should return to the state just before.

 Then how about you? The experimental body was once cramped with Bicuri, and it finally ceased to respond to it like a living thing. I have no pulse when I take my arm. … ….It is completely dead.


– May we come in?The soul disappeared! What? There is not! There must have been no mistake in my art! "

"Really? I guess there was something wrong, was not it? "

"No, I think that the possibility is minimal. We could not find any deficiencies in the procedure. "

yeahWe are also not specialized in necrotic techniques, but they did not seem like a technique that would result in unexpected results. "

 I wasn't expecting that.

 When a soul is enclosed in a body without a soul, may it cause damage to the soul? Well then, why can I reincarnate? Like the soul of the experimental body that entered this body, the soul should be gone. What is the difference between this experimental body and me? From the world, I am a soul from a different world. Is it cause? It may be, but there is no confirmation and I am the only one for the sample to investigate. It is not a hypothesis that can trust the whole thing.

 So what caused the wound?

"When you put it in the body without soul, the soul is exhausted, and as soon as you repeat the same thing, it disappears. 'Bye.What happens when you put it in a body with soul? "

 To my misunderstanding, Douhe came to look like a frustrating eye. I keep thinking carelessly.

 How about this theory? In my example, my soul reaches this world for some reason and goes into the body of this Trius-Shernan-Ovenyl. It was a baby at the time of haunting If there was one soul even though it was immature there, how about? Did you compensate for some loss that occurred in the soul by entering the body with another soul?

 Beside what I'm thinking, Sharr makes something glittering.

"That sounds interesting! Let's do it, come on! - You got it. – Michonne:

"Well, well, I can not be bothered by such experiment …"

 After all, Douhe is critical for experiments that finger that it is such a living body soul. Well, this is also within diversity. If I firm up everything with Yesman who approves me everything, thoughts and strategies will rigidify even sooner or later. That is why I do not deny his dislike. Even so, it is not necessarily limited to doing it.

 Even so, Sharre changed things. Anyhow, I was preoccupied with the kind of experiments anyway, except for the skill of skill as a necromer. Is this also a result of the brain remodeling outcome or the change of the late that became undead?

"Well, I will bring a sample slave"

"Oh, I asked, Uni. Well, what happens in this case … "

 Turning her out to take the experiment with me, I play a lot of hypotheses.

 There is one influential theory thought from the example of myself, well, well?

 From the results, the experiment was not successful, but it ended up with interesting results.

"U, oh, oh, ah ah! What, what is this! What? Oh, oh, there's someone in me! What? "

 Slave B who enclosed the soul of dead slave A fell into a panic as soon as he performed the operation. The information of other inflowing souls could not be integrated and confused.

"Oh, this is funny Ovenyl! The souls are taking the initiative, and they are going around rampage! Even though they are in the same body, you can observe with the aftermath! Amazing! "

 She is also a blessed sharrier. Whether it is the cause of the vampire, he shows a sadistic place for the downgrade opponent. It is a weak point above the same level.

"Well, come on, get out!" Get out of me and go! … ….Different, you are going to … …. – Ahh, help! Do not speak with my mouth! … ….You, please do it …. Stop it … Stop it! "

"As you see, the dominant one is the former owner?"

"Yeah! But those who let you possess it also do their best. It seems like eating someone's soul and compensating for loss! But, the shortage of the start line can not be solved completely. If left as it is it will be disappeared by the original owner's side! What sort of distortion can you hear? Hahaha! "

"Ho ho, is it possible for the possessor to take over if the original owner is weak?"

"That probability is high. In the next experiment, I will propose a trial after debiting the possessed side. "

「Umu。 That would be reasonable. Why would you try using a baby? If it is an immature soul, I think that it will be easy to take over, but …. "

 Uni and Dry also gave me ideas for the next time. Especially the idea of ​​dry is very good. If the experiment is successful, then I can prove the hypothesis for the mechanism I've reincarnated. Why did you fly to this world is another matter.

 The only thing that makes you feel uncomfortable is doua. Originally it does not give the function that can contribute to such experiments, and it is not suitable for temperament.

 Eventually, he opened his mouth.

"Oh, my husband"


「……Do you want to imitate such an immortality by making this imitation? "

 Well, well, I will say something extraordinary.

So, hell yeah. Because you do not want to die, you took my hand? "

 Everyone should want to avoid dying.

 There are plenty of things in the world to think that it would be better to die. That's why people who committed suicide do not have time to count on themselves.

 But I think like this too. It seems to me that the situation that I think from the bottom of my heart that it is better to die is already dying from my soul.

 It is chased by something, losing fertility, and people want to die "at such a time.

 But it can not be said that it is not to be exposed to threats nor to lose life to live, I do not think I will die from myself. Dying a soul is not like disappearing the spirit somewhere like the experiment just before, is not it also to lose the desire to live by heart breaking?

 I am sorry for being such a thing. My request for everlasting is also to overcome poisons that kill even those souls. It is totally unlikely that I am afraid to die but I will not turn into a heart I wish for it. If you just live a long life and you only die when you want to die someday, if you become a vampire like a sharp and you retreat somewhere, that's it. That is not enough, so do not do this.

 ……Is Dougher different?

「……- I bet. I thought that would say so. "

 He shrugged his shoulders and said so.

"So, what's the answer to my question? Do you still want to die? "

– I agree. Even now I am dead, I can not die. I know that much. "

"It was a very fluffy response … I will not say anything if you work properly. "

 The point is that's the only story. And as long as my treatment is working, he will continue to work properly.

"Well, you know what I think of this experiment? It's not a pleasant thing to look at. "

「Eh? Oh? I'm very happy though! "

"Yeah, I know you Shut up silently"

 Continue talking with leaving you interrupting without reading the air.

 This experiment is work for me. It is only a job to earn the reward of immortality. It is not a hobby or anything.

"If it does not feel good, even if you are unattended, you are OK. In another compartment, there are places where you are experimenting with your liking, and you should do it again. "

「……I'm sorry. I will let you excuse me for being spoiled by your words. "

 That said, Douie leaves the laboratory.

 In that figure, dry was somewhat sending a sullen look.

"It is not divisible, I thought,"

"Does the boss who brought myself here work so that it is uncomfortable?"

"That's … …With a goal …… "

 Momogo mouth to go out. He and Dry are familiar with the beginning of familiarity. Well, there will be one or two feelings.

"However, as for me it is something I want you to divorce Ayatsu a little more and serve your master …"

Something odd about that. Who can spend more happily together? "

 Even here it is a vampire sandwiching the mouth. Sure enough, it will be a chance to eat a scary sister's scary.

– He won't shut up about it. Do you want to be struck by a stake? "


 Why can not you learn this way? Intelligence should be high.

 When I am amazed, Uni opens her mouth.

"To divide is also an option to truncate the remainder. Although in many cases the division produces good results, in some cases it may not be the case. Sometimes in the remainder of being truncated, mistakes and rare gifts that should not be overlooked may be lost. "

"What does it mean?"

"For example, Sir Viktor Lorger or Sir Rubel. What will happen if they brainwash until they make the research of alchemy the top priority? "

 Dry answers the question after thinking a little.

「……Does not it make sense to domestic politics and foreign negotiations in the territory, do not mind having to discard such various things, etc? I think that such thing is a trivial matter. "

That's right. If we do not put the owner of the affection that conducts sensible and commonsense judgment to some extent, the organization can run out of control in such a closed environment ……That's what our hosts have taught us. "

"No, Noi is studying hard. Well, the sensitivity of Douye, it is useful in that. "

 Especially in a group like me where the type that does not choose any means for the purpose stands at the top. Dry Elf, tribe named Dark, I am changing my emotions to the clan where I grew up to be loyalty to me Dry. It seems to me that it would be better for her to think out as divided for the Lord and the genus group. However, if that is the case, thinking will rigidify and the feelings of concern for external eyes will also be worn out. Martin Somers is about to find out.

"The reason is … ….I will understand. "

Yes? Well, let me know well about emotions as well. … ….Alrighty then. By the way, what about Shir, the experimental body? "

 I draw back my consciousness towards the experiment. This place is not a place to give a lecture on philosophy, but self-organizational organization theory. It is an experimental place of an alchemist.

「Ahh……Yes, that's no good. "

 Shahl is turning a cold gaze to the experimental body that the scrambling of the initiative took a single paragraph.

 The experimental body was stuck without force, occasionally casually convulsing ketaketa and laughing.

"Ah, uh-uh, uh-uh … ….Who? Who am I? Who am I? Who am I? Who is it? Ahaha, hahaha …… "

「……Did the recognition of both of them become cloudy and the identity collapsed? Well, it was a useful result for the experiment just about when I came up with earlier. "

"Masters would be nice, but I am a bit unsatisfied … …Even though such a crazy way was good, such as myself being overwhelmed by the suffering which myself lost. "

"I am a bad taste. Such a thing, is not it just a loud voice? "

"Is the state of collapse of the ego … ….Husband, keep keeping it alive for a while in this state, how do you enclose a new soul? Perhaps the spirit of the possessor may be established only this time. "

"Well, hiring. Let's detain you for a while after taking measures to prevent suicide. Since it is likely to affect the result when you felt the mental condition, you do not need to brainwash the eyes. Let's bite a gag and keep my tongue out of bites. "

「Certainly. So, quickly "

 I will record the results of the experiment after Uni quickly takes action and takes them out. Sharr stuck to his shoulders.

"Hey, Auburn. As for those who were crazy, what would you do with the corpses who robbed their souls? "

「Hmm? Oh, that's right. … ….Sharl, will you destroy my heart after sucking blood and making it Lesser Vampire? Then it will become ash and it will be easier to handle. "

"Wow ~ ~ っ ……Even though the corpse of the corpse is uncanny ……Well then! Next time, give me the blood of the virgin in return! If possible, direct! "

 If you make a request etc. Hmm, virginity and virgin seems to tend to become a powerful family when blood is sucked. I do not want to have a handwriter in Shar.

 ……Well, if we manage it regularly while the number of handwriters does not increase, will it be managed? Besides, there is also a gas vent in Shiru, the cave living for the time being, and we need to talk with others. Of course, I will do various preparations.

Trying to remember the conversation.Next time I will buy a slave for the miners extensively in line with the development of the copper mine, so I will keep on looking at it. "

Yee-haw! Masuishi is master, you know the story! I will do my best even more! It is not yet if I think about thinking that a virgin will suck blood. There were only cultures to enter the mouth, so it is strictly prohibited to go to the M series. I mean, I do not have a virgin in the same "work" – "

「……/(int) (1) hey!/oi!/ahoy!/(pn) (2) (ksb:) I/me/me

 And the dry cold voice.

"I ended the treatment and returned, but …You had a very interesting story, did you? 04? "

 Add to Uni.

"Oh, あ, あ, あ ば ば ば … …."

 ……Oh, I do not know I am. Before getting caught up in troubles, I decided to leave the laboratory.

 From behind "It hurts!"However, "I am sorry!"Although, "Oh, but it feels a bit comfortable" I heard it crying. Well, what are you doing in a room rolling corpses?

 This underground lab also doubles as a mine for material mining. It is one of the veins that I ran around in the territory and explored dry. As a result of consulting with the Vicutor et al. Vice president, they were giving up on mining as a policy due to infrastructure development costs and political circumstances. It was this underground space that we had a lab in conjunction with our private digging there.

 Incidentally, in the unlikely event that the mountaineers do not get confused, the entrance is crushed strictly at the stage of digging to a certain extent. The means of getting in and out is only the «portal gate» of the example. The air can be cleaned using a dedicated ceremony (it is easy for an alchemist to separate carbon dioxide into oxygen and carbon), and the boat that comes out in the mining process is converted to a golem and reused as it is. Still it is dusty and the flight of water is bad so it is difficult to live. I am planning to make improvements around that point.

 Anyway this underground space will become wider as the mining progresses. In a sense, it can be said that it is a dungeon that extends indefinitely. In the near future, if I lose politically to my older brother or example marquis, this is the most promising escape destination. Ultimately, I plan to arrange an environment where I can completely self-sufficient in this place. Well, this underground lab also has not started six months since its beginning. Although it is still ahead of me.

 Thinking about that, turn your feet towards the mineral compartment. Well, how far has I digged while I was away?

"This is the Lords Excellency. It is a painful place, but it came to come. Can you visit this time? "

 Saying that, it is greetings with a dark face … …, uh?

「……Oh, Lebert? My face was muddy so I thought it was someone for a moment. "

"It's awful, is not it? Even though I've been fiddled inside my head, I'm working in such a healthy manner. "

"What are you talking about? I do not remember that I am happy to remodel so that I fiddle with earth. You suggested that you wanted to supervise the mine yourself? "

 So pointing out, Louvert laughs with a sooty face.

 It was himself who volunteered to volunteer for the copper mine development as official duty to begin soon. In mining where the golem that is not fatigued and does not work with mineral poisoning is the main body, there will be few gains to get. I am greedy trying to get the portion that becomes blood meat from there after knowing it. That would be the reason for Jean Jacques Leubert.

"Well, it's a treasure mountain! It is gold, silver, it comes out and it gets out. "

"Will not you talk off the blatantly? Well, that's good, though. … ….Are you out so much? "

– That would be fucking awesome. If you do something wrong, here is just enough to cover the revenue of the kingdom. The material with the results of the survey was burned down and it was correct. If you think that the existence here will be known to Marquis of Lavare – '

"I'm sure you used any hands, I guess it was going to be direct. If you do not do it, it may take you to consume the entire Marlan. "

 Lebertle who says seriously, is not it? That being said, this man is the person who would have pushed back with brainwash if it is not brainwashed. There is another Victor. But both of us are faithful and capable talent now. Sometimes, there are times when I can not bear myself, but it will also be charming.

 When thinking about such a thing, a golem 's one has taken out ore lumps onto a wheelbarrow and carried it out. Illuminated by the light of the lighting dress, the sparkle of gold and silver reflects. Even before being refined and refined, the magical power which felt the heart of a person was felt somewhere in the shine.

"I will tell you, Excellency"

"Oh, I understand. Do not imitate to circulate outside, do not you? "

That makes you a lady whether you want to be or not. If you put out gold and silver from the unknown source, your feet will surely come from there. "

"Okay, I only use it for research,"

"That is a good story with that, though. Well, if the situation is leaning and if yourself moves to take care of the people themselves, if there is another way to use it, "

"Just kidding me … …I finally got involved and put it into research. "

"If it was you, do not be careful not to let the situation last long. The equilibrium state in holding an adversary will not last long. Especially the marquis year is year. I did not know what to try before I die. "

"It's a bad thing. If you are afraid to die, I'd like you to help my research. "

"It will not do it even if I die. As I looked at, he also has his own beliefs and is trying to centralize the centralization of the country. Rather than missing ourselves now, even one field of gardens would want to cut down the lords of the princes. "

"Belief, right? I could live without having such a thing. I just do not want to die. "

 That's right,

"Could it be your convictions?"

 They make it brown. If it is belief as an indicator for living, it is probably so.

"Rabbits are horny, it looks like good and what's more. Why do not you leave Rubaire up at the right place and go back to the mansion once? There are dresses for poisoning but the environment itself is not for human beings and it is better for you to go into a bath soon. "

 Because it was standing at the site of mining, it is a stinky body, and above all, no bath has been set up here. He had been packed in the mining section for a while for a while, to say the least, it was in a condition that there was a strange thing from the sensitivity of the Japanese in the 21st century.

 In my words my eyes shine.

"Is it a bath! Well, I'm glad. The most pleasing thing when I became your honorable keeper is that you can use the bath everyday! "

"I am fortunate to be pleased."

 In this era, it takes fuel to boil a bath, and water is also hard work to put a hot water. It is magical and somewhat labor-saving, so it's not as pretty as the medieval world of the past world, yet the opportunity of watering is precious. In the case of our Ovenni family, we can keep the temperature of the hot water with the dress, remove the dirt and germs, so the bath is basically 24 hours. It would be a good workplace that would not bear if you like beautiful. It is a prerequisite that we will receive brain remodeling as an employment condition.

"Oh, you wash your body before you go in? Because it is hard to remove mud and dirt so much for running water. "

"Yes, of course!"

 Do you really know? All right. Lebert is an excellent official. Even if they say nothing each time, there should be about that kind of separation. It is not a vampire anywhere to forget attention in the bathroom from the side said.

 I cut the tour of the deposit area quickly and headed to another compartment. There is no reason not to report Rubére if there is a problem. He is such a man.

 The next step into my foot was to change and be a vast cave. The floor and wall are covered with a silver luster by reinforcement using the mined material. Also on the back of the wall is plenty of large sized suspensions in all directions, and even if a monster that is monstrous like giant or troll ramped inside it will not shake a small amount. I do not have confidence when it comes to dragons.

 This is a place to test so-called weapons kind, which is a bit off the subject of research. I am learning alchemy because I do not want to die, which means that I am also seeking more powerful weapons in order not to be killed by enemies. Just bothering over there will be delayed in the study of life's immortality, so weapons development is basically given rough instructions to mass production slaves.

 So, if I say what is being done here now,

"What, are you?"

 It is probably why he left the laboratory and was in the mood for a change of pace, Douhue compares a man who stood with a metal cylinder in a strange way and the scandalous child built in the future. That man is one of the military officers of former officials who only briefly reshuffled Marlan. It is not so competent from the beginning, and further the ability has been declining due to further modifications therefrom. It is a translation that these examinations are being driven by those who have become obsolete by appointing Lebert and Viktor, as it is to keep them play as it is.

"We will start the thirteventh shooting test. Ignition, preparation "

 When a slave maid sends a signal, the man who carries out the test puts a fire on the rope installed in the barrel, places the stock on the back of the barrel against the shoulder, and draws the metal fitting with his fingers. Does it work in conjunction with metal fittings? Burning rope blows when it blows, it touches a dish with powder and ignites. If I think that sparks have scattered,

 - Daaaan!

 Tubes blew fire with roar. And, whether it was pierced by something released from the cylinder, the target Scandalous child scatters the straw from the belly part.

「……What is that toy? "

"Musket. It is a jumping tool as you see "

 That's a match lock type musket – a so – called fire – gun.

 Ore produced from the deposit contained many sulfurized substances, so it is possible to make gunpowder with sulfur taken out from the ore and nitrates that can be extracted from the excrement and the bodybone of the experiment table. As I told you about the extent to which compounds are decomposed, alchemy can do it. That is why you can make effective use of gunpowder that you can make ample in such a reason. Harbor ……What's it called? Dash or Bosch?There are also ways to make explosives from the air. Well, first of all, it is from nearby material.

 So I handed out simple materials and let the maids make it, but no, it looks like it was easier than I thought. This is probably because our technical skill is superior, rather than the technical level of this world is higher than I expected.

 Douye who was observing the examination of Musket, however, twisted his neck like he seemed suspicious.

/(int) oh/ah/I'll be darned/expression of surprise//Is it worth the trouble to bother? "

 Well, I thought he would say so. For adventurers who are interacting with monsters outside of the world, it seems that they only seem to be doing picnics at the iron factory, such as muskets that are ready to be used as a motto. Little Daie is a "work" remodeled to me. Far away from muskets, cannons should endure without being avoided.

"It's not about turning to exceptions in exceptions like monsters and you. It's a weapon for human-to-human warfare. "

"Is it a war? You're kidding me. I'm a God damn Zeke. Does your husband know how long a bow and arrow will fly? You can hit the archers very much if you finally hit the distance that such a person's face can see. "

 And shake hands beside the face. In fact, the range of the bow is surprisingly long. It is a long time since the advent of the gun to completely surpass the range of the bow and arrow in the knowledge of a place I can easily remember.

 However, it is. The horrible part of a gun is actually not a murder ability though it is a range. No, I can not disregard that I made it, but there are more important points.

"Due. A marvelous boy with muskete now. Do you think how long it will take until I can hit a bow one by one? "

 As I say it, I point to the brainwashing brain for testing. A blunt person (?)It is like a sample of.

"That's right … ….If you are an ordinary human you can use it as much as six months if you train for half a year, but if it is a dull bastard, it is annoying! What? "

 Douai seems to have noticed.

– You know what I'm talking about? Even so, I will be able to use it for a small training period, Musket. If you are an ordinary human, you can use it if you train for a week. "

 Yes, guns have dramatically shorter training durations than other weapons. How much will it take to learn swordsmanship and become a useful skill in the battlefield? How about a bow? Compared to them, firearms will surprisingly allow people to kill people.

 In the same way, weapons that can be used on the battlefield in the short term are long spears. If a soldier gathers and assembles a lance sliding door, he will stand as a good for the sake of time. But the gun is overwhelmingly longer than the spear, even if the range is shorter than the bow in the current situation.

"That is, arranging a few things … …All at once? "

"Yeah, do not get close to the spearmen and the knights, everyday,"

 You can leave a substitute for one shot / one kill to a rifle sniper in later years. Musket soldiers' job is to shoot guns side by side instead of spear sliding doors. That alone can defeat the living half infantry and cavalry. Oh yeah, in the world of the previous world the chivalry road also died out. If you only tell farmers who conscripted how to fight, just press a number. That makes the battlefield impossible.

 Of course, as there are some magicians and knights who ridden magical creatures in this world, I do not think it will go as smoothly as the original world goes. Besides, the strong guy is not really the same person. Nonetheless, the advantage that can be gained by battling numbers is overwhelming. Strong individuals can cook as much as you can after kicking off the population. Exceptions are an exception because there are few numbers. .

 However, there is one problem.

But this is…It's a kind of weapon that I do not want to use much. "

Or that so

…ah. Production of muskets is technically not so difficult. Once captured on the battlefield, it will be copied quickly and spread in the continent. "

"No, no, I guess. Even if I dredge throughout the continents, the forces that have alchemists here are not even country units, do they? "

"You can make it even if you are not an alchemist?"

「……/(int) Huh?/What's up?/

 Dove, which makes a face like a dove eat bean gun. Was it so surprising?

"Musket's material is nothing but Mithril, Orichalcum. The cylinder is iron and the bullet is lead. Stock is wood. In this way you can easily remember the recipe if you are a blacksmith with a little arms. It is not such a difficult technology to synthesize sulfur and nitrate to make gunpowder. Besides, it costs money to operate. The other forces of greater generations than this can be used overwhelmingly efficiently, is not it? "

 Sadly, it is not necessarily that the inventor always gains the greatest benefit from the invention invented. The Yagi antenna is a good example. At the beginning of the invention, it was not accepted from tactical thought in Japan, but in the contrary Britain and America first took it into military and was victorious in the Second World War. Even if you go ahead and deploy Musket to Marlan 's army, there are even aristocrats out there, if you do not do it, there is even the possibility that other countries make a larger amount and overwhelm here. No, surely it will. Marlan has a small population. It is a land that it does not face for the operation of a weapon which displays the real value by arranging a number.

"I do not really understand ……Then, why do you make it? Is not it useless? "

"Someday, somewhere, in preparation for someone making a musket. If you accumulate know-how ahead of that, it will be easier to respond to the era when muskets become the main players of the battlefield. It is easier to create a countermeasure to the muskete or to make a manual after recruiting the soldiers. Well, it's a strange thing to do. "

 Although it is a noisy cane on a heavy weight. Still it is better than not having it.

 And if the development department accumulates production results, it will be useful for developing even more advanced firearms. If you make a flint lock type musket and a back – filling gun ahead of you, you will be able to fight with an advantage over Musket. However, in this world there are also people who are good at smoking and blacksmith like dwarves. If they are over it will overcome some technical gaps, it is scary to evolve guns at once.

 Beyond the line of sight, the slave maid who is in charge of development is inspecting guns whose heat after firing has cooled. Whether barrel distortion does not appear or there is no shortage in durability of mechanisms such as pull – there will be enough to find out.

 I called them.

Hey. How's it hang, ese?

"This is your master"

"I showed you an unsightly place … …Muskets that received development instructions are making progress at a rate faster than the current estimate. "

– I might be.

 Being earlier than the estimate means that the difficulty level of production is not higher than expected.

 ……Musket, like the gold and silver of this mine, is a substitute that should not be put out to the world at present. Once it runs out, it will rebuild the world with irrevocable momentum. It is about time to start this war with the war between nations and to cooperate with the country with full power.

"We will submit a bug and suggested improvement as a report later"

"Yeah, I have a hard time. Once that is over, you guys are going back to the hall and changing again. "

"M – 06, I got it."

"M – 07, thanks to your husband. I will finally take a bath. "

"M – 08, thanks to your husband. Cleanliness is a duty of maid. "

 Apparently, they also felt painful things to live on the ground. Especially for women, things that come mentally will be big unless you take a bath. Although the emotional area is restricted, it is that there is such sensitivity. There is also the possibility of causing troubles in strange places if you do not moderate the stress moderately. Let me stretch out my wing as much as possible so that it will not be the case.

Oh wait! In the near future, there is supplement of slaves again. Then the environmental improvement plan of this lab should make a lot of progress. It's close to the day that I will take a bath while stuffing here. "

"I think it's wonderful. By the way, Mr. M – 06 is interested in a bath called "Onsen" heard before. "

"M – 07, also. In addition, more than 90% of the M series are interested in "hot springs"

「……? Question asked 06, 07 from M – 08. Is not it a hot spring to drink? M – 08 I heard that some nobles drink medicinal hot springs. "

 Oh, I came up unexpectedly. I certainly remember talking about a hot spring when designing a bathhouse in the museum. Well, I gave up because of problems of the construction period of the hall, such as collecting extra attention if I make a remarkable thing. Sulfide compounds are often produced in the deposit here, so if you go well, you may be able to dig in the nearby hot springs.

 Even so, M – 08 knows strange knowledge. It is true that drinking is a hot spring in this country. Rather, it was not unusual for hot springs like Japan to be immersed worldwide?

"Well, I will consider it. If you know the location of the hot springs, you can let the golem do it. We will include it in future environmental improvement plan "

"Thanks for your happiness"

 I will look back after the maid who bows me. I grasped the progress in general. Should I face up to the department which I am researching elsewhere soon?

"I will go soon, but what about Dou? Still difficult to match your face with everyone else yet? "

"That's not the case,"

 Doue scratches his head as he is in trouble. Perhaps, it seems to be concerned about dryness and awkwardness. It is a man who does not boil down for the figure. I do not mind not to be divisible, but it is not good not to boil it. I will leave the test site while thinking that if the hot spring springs, I will soak it first.

 He seemed to be here for a while.


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