I finished going around the rough facility, I was indulging in my thoughts with a private laboratory built in the lab – commonly called atelier. Currently, this new underground laboratory is working quite well, except for somewhat labor shortage and saving a lot of improvement points on hygiene. Mining, smelting refining, weapon development, pharmacology research, magical experiment. It is going well, but … ….

"There are a bit of resources that I do not like,"

 That's right. Although it is a deposit that is far away from the former mountain, it is a deposit that is difficult to develop in the ordinary method, but reserves are huge to compensate for it. Rewael 's revenue as well as the nation' s revenue is not about bad lyrics. That means that if digging too much, resources will be too overcapacitated, which can lead to circumstances in storage facilities.

 In any case gold is heavy. That's too heavy. When the volume is the same, roughly, the two of iron. It is about five times the weight. Although I read it in some form of book in the previous life, there seems to be a case that the floor has passed and the building has been destroyed due to excessive savings of money. I can not infer that this underground facility reinforced here and there by alchemy would not do so.

 I have to think about something to use. I decided to use this large vein itself as a laboratory, thinking that I will use it for various materials. Experiments and productions currently being carried out are on the extension of the research up to the present. It is almost time to start even the luxurious studies that make use of the characteristics of this facility and use lots of gold and silver. First, even in the history of research studied at the Academy, such as alchemists who could study under such favorable conditions. It is unworthy of you to rotten this.

 Well then, how should we use gold and silver here?

 Weapons and armor made to be given to uni? What I want to do is mountains, but in fact Victor is stopping. Everything just about the current thing is comparable to or exceeding the equipment of the kingdom's finest elite Knight Order. In other words, even though it is inevitable that even a simple bad guy finds it in a great man, it is dangerous for political circumstances to have more items. In other words, it is something like enemy expansion in national defense rather than other countries. If you imitate such a thing it is ruin of yourself.

 Well then, is the building material used for the lab improvement plan for the environment? No no, no. If you do such a thing, you will become golden all around and it will not be a very relaxing but relaxing space. It's a lab made of gold and silver lumps, my head is going crazy and I die. It is not a place where humans who have a decent nerve live. Besides using gold, it is cheaper to process the stone. It is not a problem of money, it is a problem of labor to create building materials with alchemy.

 I also thought about making a large dress like a portal gate or a mansion in a mansion, but it is a waste of time to make such a large thing without a purpose. Resources devoted to research to find out the essential immortality are also not stupid. It's not very bad, but I can not afford to devote effort to inventing ideas.

 I wonder if there is something a bit more. Practical and meaningful use of gold and silver material –

"–That's it. Let's make a golem. "

 I flashed abruptly. That's right, is not it a golem? There are not many things to divert to where I made a little more, and there was not any experience of making a golem with this much gold silver. In the academy age I have tried making it with various materials, but the alchemistry department there was poor. Experience of making a golem with such expensive material is not in a drifting stone. It would be fun to watch as much as to make a fancy man who was stupid enough.

 Uh? If I think so, just making it with gold and silver just makes me feel boring. Better yet, will you make a gold-silver based alloy a magical material? Yes, that is nice. I decided so. When it makes a decision, it is somehow difficult to say such as when I was a child.

 I am an efficiencyist. However, it is also a romantic event. There is also no piece of romance, where I arrived forever, I just spend an invalid time. If you could reach to perpetual immortality, you would like to keep such a pure feeling until then, and to that end.

"Well, something motivated and motivated to blow up!"

 What is the so-called inspiration? A great material and a good idea, an explosive behavior desire to be born when they are combined. In my life, it often resulted in big results. Especially when you are Uni something like that. His masterpieces and a mastery of polishing it with full use of alchemy created the best masterpiece of me.

 This time I am sure I can do amazing things. While trembling with the premonition of such a masterpiece, I was happy to start making material that became a material first.

"[ごしゅじんさま] /(exp,n) (1) master/(2) Your lordship/My lord/(3) husband/(3) husband Th-This is……"

 Uni watched the face from the door of the entrance whether I was worried that I stayed in the studio for a while.

 Is that strange? I do not think Uni will invade the room without knocking the door unless I call it straight away.

「…………That, Uni? Did you knock now? "

 It got out of my throat, like a rusty voice somehow. Uh? I wonder if I caught a cold … ….

 Uni quickly blew his face into his voice,

「……。 My master, it is rude to return questions as questions, but when did you last slept? "

 Oddly I will look at this sort of thing.

"Ah, maybe I was sitting here for a few days?"

"Yes, it's the fifth day today."

 Well, OK, I see.

 Well, someday! What? Right now, did I say it was the fifth day! What?

 I am stunned in spite of myself. By the way, Uni has made me something something effective to preserve and I got it for a while. I was scared of making a private hobby, so I did not notice it.

「……You ought to have a voice call on the way. "

 I understand that it is a mistake, but the words that grudgingly grudgingly utterly sticks out.

"I'm sorry. that……I called you on the way a couple of times, but uh, well, because I was saying, 'I am busy now'

 What 's wrong, is not it completely yourself?

 As it says so, there is a memory that I interacted with the other side of the door several times. However, I do not remember what I returned. … ….Eh? Uni, I was talking about saying around my crap today just now, did not I? Maybe I just did not remember or did I say a terrible kitten way of saying. For example, "Noye! I can not take my hands right now! "/(prt,conj) among other things/such things as/or something like that/(P)/"/"

 Just imagining it makes me feel dark. What is it, I am. It is just like a useless son who can bother yelling at a mother worried. I mean, that's it.

“I’m sorry”

"[ごしゅじんさま] /(exp,n) (1) master/(2) Your lordship/My lord/(3) husband/(3) husband

 Lower his head as if crawling on the ground. I wonder what this sorry feeling is. My head is loose and my mood goes down steadily. It seems that the head that wore the floor gets stuck in as it is.

"I am sorry for being born. Really, I'm sorry I live … "

「……Oh, your master? Yoyo, are you murdered? Have you been bitten by Opus 04? Mind your mind! "

 Saying so, Uni grabbed my nerve headily and pulled it out of the room. As you drag and drop, it transfers from the portal room to the hall while being dragged. Feeling it, my consciousness gradually flew away –

 And here we are now.

"Are you stupid? Huh, are you stupid because you are stupid? "

"Somewhat, Viktor. It is that you can also reflect on your lords, and let's stop blaming me repeatedly because of that being understood. "

 They are the two top members of the vassal secretary who continues to blame on the netinecch phrase. I think that he has really good guts. Especially Lebert who gives Sararito and Todome with a smile.

"So I told you that I was wrong. I will not do it in future. "

"Please say that I will never do that … …."

 Victor who makes a gesture that makes my head feel pain by putting my hands in my temple.

 If the head hurts, you can do craniotomy.

 That said,

"Drastic treatment is needed more than symptomatic treatment"

 And she was slashed down.

 From that, I was dragged out by Uni, returned to the mansion, and seemed to have kept sleeping for two days, as if I had been cleaned up in the bath like a washing thing. Even though I write it smoothly, it seems terrible, but it is done with that. It is not amusing to work overtime if you do poorly, such as the work of five successive jobs. It will not be taken care of if you drown in your hobby and died before reaching immortality and death.

 Thinking that way, Viktor got no sounds from me, I moved my eyes to Uni that I will refrain by my side.

"I would like the Chief Maid also not to pamper your Excellency too much. In such a case I would like to tell you my opinion, is there certain intention left for you too? "

「……I am sorry very much. "

 Uni obediently lowered his head. When I see that my best "work" is being impressed on the fossil stones, I feel a bit sluggish.

Just a minute. In this case, Uni is so bad – "

"Well, the worst is your Excellency"

 Pursuit of Lebert aside from here. He is a man with a good look on the plane. While I think that it was good not to let it go to the enemy, on the other hand, even if it is on the side, it is irks with being so scratchy.

"No, my husband is not bad. All responsibility is attributable to me who could not fulfill the role of disciplining the Lord – "

"Oh, yeah … yeah ….That it is. I will ask your Excellency for properly in the future Chief Maid "

 The face of Rubaire is blown to Uni who stands as if to kick me.

 I wonder what this air. It's not Uni's, but was it really infected even if it's strange from around Shaal?

"Well, that's a rabbit as a horn."

"Please do not try to end the story, Excellency. Well, it certainly is a barren questioning … …. "

 I agree while doing a telling face saying Victor can not help it. Proceed to talk about it.

"After all, saying that we are in a vast space that does not hit the sun, the time interval can not go wrong. No, it's not just my matter, how was Lubert over there? "

"That's true.Somehow the night seems to be continuing forever, it will likely forget how many days it is now. He is well in Vampire, you can do well in such places. "

 Certainly Shahr is strong in the dark and closed environments where the sunlight is poisoned. However, it is basically the same thing everywhere.

"So I'd like to propose the adoption of sunlight to the environmental improvement plan, but how about you?"

"Is the light of the sun in the basement?"

"Well, there is also quartz as a by-product of gold mining? If you use it, you can make glass tubes with alchemy and stretch it, and you can send sunlight from the ground up to the ground through this. "

 It is a so-called optical fiber. If this method succeeds, cultivation of vegetables which indispensable sunlight is also possible in underground can be done. We can also secure the amount of sunshine necessary for human body and contribute to normalization of body clock. It seems that the benefits were brought to the casual two domestic politicians.

"Is it possible to do such things …?But if sunlight arrives in the basement, vampires will be hard. "

"Of course, we will restrict the section where the lights will reach somewhat. Some materials are damaged by the light of the sun, and they are not very good for paper. Well, it's a bit bad with the current environment, which is rather humid and dusty. "

 For Sharl, some sunlight can be done in a painful degree, but I will not feel good. The lighting plan is for human refresh and agriculture to the last. It takes time and labor, so I do not intend to do anything until I light the basement all the way down.

"Hmm, this is an interesting plan. If this could be done, perfect self-sufficiency in that underground space would not be impossible. Excuse me, is this your previous dogmas? "

"It was from this case that I felt the need to work earlier. Actually, I wanted to do it after expanding the underground space. "

-Why? If the environment becomes comfortable, should we do it by all means? I think it easier for early people with more room to extend than to do later. "

 It is Lubert. He is a remark if he knows the pain of subterranean diving.

"A little problem is … …What on earth are you getting light from outside? You have to build a lighting facility that takes the light on the laboratory "

"Oh, how it goes …"

 A mysterious facility that pierces the glass pipe into the underground behind a remote mountain. It will not find so many geographically, but if people come, it stands out. It stands outstanding. It seems to be saying that he has a secret hide under this. If by any chance is approached by someone, it is out.

 In the meantime, it is decided to develop new mines in Marlan County. Depending on their earnings, the mountaineers who seek out the discovery of new veins in this county will be followed one after another. If such a senior person wrongly breaks into a mountain with a laboratory, it is decided that such a building will be found soon. So, information leaks out as being over the capital of the capital or being Victor 's father.

"But, is that a matter of time? In Leubert's report, it is a considerably large vein. It can be found from gold dust in Kawahara, etc. It is here to open up and extend the facility to its fullest extent. It is also quite remote from the mountains, and let's hang out for a small exploration of the mountaineers. "

"What it means to your Excellency to take the trouble is that there is something else good again, is not it?"

 Flowing stones are two namesers who turn around this remote area at a young age. It is good to read both.

"Yeah. The time lag from the mine's earnings to the beginning of the mountaineers, and the time from when it starts moving to when it is found. If you use it, you can strike enough hands. … ….As Rubaire says, it is not a bad idea. "

Thank you to our viewers– Hey.

 , One of the domestic officers looks up to the heaven and the other will stand down. Which is which, or whatever.

 Uni asks after two people who seem to have lost feelings listening at once.

"So, your master. What do you think? "

Yes please. Needless to say, Marlan County is a countryside frontier. To that extent, there are many lots of nature and lots of people's hands. Our lab is also in such a place. "

 So it was impossible to imitate the excavation at the suddenly using winter. Even if you move the large golem and dig down the ground, it is a secret undetectable to anyone.

"Well, ….Do not you think that it is not amusing to have one or two undiscovered dungeons, if it is a secret unlikely that anyone's hands are included? "

 Viktor rising up with a loud noise and rattling sound. The face was so blue that she was a little worried.

 Without considering it, Uni replied.

"Progress. In other words, I will create another new dungeon on a lab that is effectively equivalent to a dungeon. "

– On Earth. Okay? I will not do such a sting. Two. You just said one or two, did not you? "

「……It is a translation that makes the dining facility a dungeon and the mountains around it as well. "

"What, are you calm, Chief Maid Don? It's a dungeon! What? If you do not know the place like the underground space where you put the lab, you do not know at all, change the mountain itself to a dungeon! If you are familiar with the royal cities, it is better to summon from the High Court! The worst, the army consisting of the knights and adventurers will come and attack! What? "

 Viktor loses color and pulls a refutation. Well, that would be so. In order to improve the environment of the underground laboratory, he is trying to imitate the fight to sell a fight to the kingdom.


"No, I think it's a good idea, is not it?"

"Lebert!? Are you insane? ! Were you remodeled when you got underground! What? "

 Say rude things inside. However, Lebert seems to have noticed the merits of this plan.

"I am fine. Well, I can not find out where the sanity of the human being is tampered with. Viktor, you said that if you were to know the royal cities, …As Mr. Excellency says, Marlan is one of the innermost areas in the southern kingdom. To say that someone knew that there is a dungeon, it is not worthy of impeachment unless it is known that His Excellency made it. "


 Yes, this Marlan is a frontier and the location of my lab is the unexplored unexplored area among them. In such a place, there is an undiscovered dungeon, so it does not mean that the management responsibility of my lord owner is questioned. Because people entered in mine development more than ever, I found a dungeon that was not known before. I can do with this one word.

/(adv) (1) very/extremely/(exp) (2) that is/Certainly…NoBut, there is still a problem Yoshiaki. Even if you dunge the dungeon under the pretext of being unexpected, what about building materials used for it? If you mount the mountain as a fortress, you may release it with a tree type monster, but if it becomes a lighting installation, it becomes a considerably large artifact. Is not there neither the original nor the child if it is sensed by the magic of «Detect» about the age of production? "

"Viktor is good, eye sounding is good. But you know the alias name of an alchemist? "

"Scammers, are you? No, I do not think that I doubt His Excellence. "

"It is not that story, it's just a general theory … …Catch. (CHUCKLES)

 Go out and let him aim at releasing a bunch of paper. It is a parchment which I saw, it was quite old.

"That was foul! What is this …?Hmm, it is a parchment two hundred years ago. It is a shame that there is nothing written in particular, "

 And skillfully identify the parade of parchment. Actually Viktor also has magical power. A little magic can be used by him. «Detect» or something is useful for the eyes of artifacts indispensable to nobility, so he probably remembered.

 However, this time it is very outrageous.

"It's parchment for document making, which I bought for the past"

"How, process ….Well, are you trying to carry me? Who would not buy this parchment for anyone who is exceptionally odd? "

"Do not you understand?"

"What is it?"

 I tried to teach him an embarrassing confusion, but there was a person who broke first.

No way!Did you impersonate a brand new parchment with alchemy, a thing two hundred years ago? "

 It was Le Bert. It is a correct answer, but I want you to be a little more anxious. Even though I was planning to make stuff done with a face decided.

– Most likely. How do you feel like being lied to the sensing magic? "

"Stupid!? ……The old color is wearing, but, the sensing with magic can be deviated … ….! What? "

 Something surprising coming along with the board, Viktor too. Perhaps because the roots are serious.

"So, when I looked it up with sensible magic, I made a change so that the response that says 200 years ago is detected. The old alchemist probably made profits by using it even for fake works of art objects. If you do, you have to be rich without changing lead to gold. That will be called a scammer. "

 I have never heard of the story of being most proved. Well, alchemy in this world is a minor field. How many people at the legal professor at that time studied professionally enough to prove fraud by opponent. How many of the victims came to the fact that it was deceived in the first place?

 Uni supplements Viktor trembling with astonishment.

"There are many things that are irreversibly damaged over time, so it is difficult to renew old things, but it is surprisingly easy to make new things older. Perhaps, if you are an alchemist equal to your husband, you may find it. "

"At least not in this kingdom. I am proud of the extent to which I can say so. The current alchemist and I compete with myself as much as a professor who is a teacher as far as I know. "

 And there is no reason to take the trouble to inform the alchemist enough time to appreciate the building materials of the dungeon, or those who believe in this field. In addition, Professor Grauman is a foreigner. It will not happen that a person from this country goes to work or the professor himself will not receive it. It is with him that he is also busy with research on eternal life.

"It is a terrific arrangement, ….Good evening before twenty years old, one road was extremely extensive. Is it also a secret? "

 Viktor's words seemed to be more amazing than a praise. That's probably because alchemy, which is a minor field in magic, started brainwashing myself and did not think that this would affect the world as well. It is a threatening thing to think that youngsters before 20 years of age use it so much.

"If you let me say, it seems that other alchemists are making remarkable and far-reaching training,"

 Because there are many unseparated parts in alchemy and natural science. It was about alchemy as well how to make medicine and compounds of substances. Even in the original world even until the Newton era, the alchemist said that he was also a scientist, and that confusion seems to be the same here as well.

 I came across a popular education in the advanced world of science, I smelled such noise and focused only on the alchemy part of alchemy. That means that the speed of progress differs from the other gates.

 If you raise other elements,

"Also, are you conducting more human experiments than people?"


 As Leubert says, Viktor is positive. It is rude to smell, but it is true. The data obtained in human experiments is useful. It is a translation that I actually try on the human body, which is the object of using the result. When a country lost the war, the victorious countries took out data on human experiments. It is not evidence of the case, it is useful for research in each field such as medical care of the home country and weapons development. It is a story that it can take valuable and useful data. Well, it is a memorable memory in the past life that became ill.

 If you think that, Uni gently clears his throat.

"Master, do not return the story"

"Oops, that's right. It is. Even if you keep the dungeon in that mountain, the possibility of connecting to me is minimal. Rather it can interfere with the discovery of laboratory, it is also positive as here. "

"You may be good as your Excellency Alchemist. But, as a lord who governs this land, what kind of thing can you hold the dungeon which is the monstrous nest? If monsters are overflowing from there, Marlan County with no armaments can be hard. "

 It seems to be a domestic official. However, I am not too extravagant enough to survive around there.

"I am pretty remote and I think that the influence on the people is minimal. Also we do thinning so that we do not increase too much. Materials obtained from monsters are precious. For research, it is easier for those who had "pastures" in the near place. "It becomes the training of the work "and it is two stone with one stone"

"What do you do after the dungeon is found? Adventurers are seeking new hunting grounds, and they are going to flood a lot. Eventually I think that the risk of discovery will rise. "

Hey, Victor?


"You understand, are you listening?"

 He is not incapable of anything as much as I am surprised at my proposal. He has consulted about policies and strategies many times. Besides, he is also my victim. Then, when you say, what will I do with humans exploring myself? How to use it? There is no reason not to understand that extent.

 Indeed he answered, sighing.

「……- No one's the wiser. In addition, the corpse that becomes the material is not limited to the thing of the monster. I see? "

– Good job. In addition, if you can catch alive, it is a more successful result, is not it? "

 Yeah. If people disappear in a remote mountain where there is nothing, the incidentality will be suspected. But in a dungeon, is it a place close to the back? It seems to be killed by a monster. Mouth seal is all you want to do. Besides, a strong body is coming from over there, so this is a nice scream. Even if you die, you can do something like a fresh golem, or whatever you can make a bigger one by borrowing the hand of Shar.

"What do you think of Lebert?"

"Yeah, I think it's a good idea. Adventurers will come to see the dungeon, even from an economic viewpoint positive effects can be expected. Their accommodation facilities, blacksmiths, purchase of expendable supplies, amusement during stay ……It is a good opportunity for establishing a new industry. "

 There was no idea.

 That's right, the dungeon will become an industry too. If you think about it, the dungeons for adventurers are like workplaces. If a workplace can be created, it is natural that a store can be targeted to those who work there. This is the birth of a new economic sphere.

"To that, Potion which is the main trade item of Marlan at present. This is also profitable if adventurers buy it and consume it locally? There is no intermediate margin for wholesale to merchants, or transportation costs. If new consumers can be made, merchants will be required to revise the transaction amount. Oh yeah, why do not you mobilize mass production slaves and make equipment for adventurers and sell them out? "

 We propose water and a policy of Ponpon on the board. If this guy, a ronin living is long, or if it becomes a place to watch his talent, it is energetic. If it is useful for me, that is fine.

"Leber, you also have been dyed by Oita … …"

 Viktor which is called Shimizumi.

 Lebert was so reputed as a colleague and made a dry smile.

"Anyway, I can not leave your lord for the rest of my life, my ex-husband, Viktor. Then, it would be better if you got dyed quickly. "

"It is sensible judgment"

"Thank you, chief maid"

 Yeah yeah, being familiar with the work environment is a good thing. Such a thing would be able to do work without stress. Viktor, even though it is a bit more scratchy, I think that headaches will also be overheated.

[というわけだ] /(exp) (uk) this is why/this means/it is the case that// I will try to push forward the dungeon plan of the outsider, plus the laboratory environmental improvement plan. In addition, a lot of manpower is required. I would like you to pick up someone who has a magical power from among the slaves you buy to send to an example copper mine and send it to here. Even myself, collecting monsters that are released to the dungeon by moving "works" together with construction and laboratory renovation "

"Who is the main move?" If you are not conspicuous, you will be caught in the information network of my brother or father – central authority "

"It stands out, but uses dry. Her eyed eyes make it easier to capture prey, and you can move long distances quickly with transition magic. In addition, since it is not put on the stage stage, even though it is witnessed, it will not come up with ideas like that that I associate with myself. "

(fumu. If it is a dark elf with a collar, eyewitnesses will also be considered a Moguri adventurer. Both Chief Maid and Douai are also known as Excellencies' subordinates, and at Vampire Dynasty, that's what he said … "

"It's also a road-class vampire. If it is witnessed A level adventurers will level up to combat alliances. Even if you say that you can not be witnessed, it will be impossible on character. "

 Really, why did you become such a personality? The remodeled me is the most strange.

"I also think that there is no problem if it is dry. It looks young, but it is a long-lived seed. At least for a hundred years and two hundred years will be living and going through the places and being accustomed to doing solely on secluded lands. "

"I strongly recommend it from myself ….What if I guess 04?

 Uni is terrible to what mind. But I do know what you mean.

"Well, this story is decided. Let's wake up the plan again later and fill up the details "

"That's true. Let's move on to the original requirement that you recalled His Excellency. First of all, it is about the progress of the copper mine development plan – "

 So after finishing work on the ground he came back to the laboratory.

"Do not you think about drunken things? Let's make dungeons not only on the ground but also on the ground. "

"But, it's a funny job inside. I have been bored with lack of power in recent years. "

"Cha, my seniors are not good. I also wanted to go out in the world by chance …… "

 This is the reaction that talked about the new plan. To Douie who is not very enthusiastic, it is like how to say motivated full of dryness, unexpected shirl. Uni approves, so if you take a majority vote, you agree with it, one opposition, one invalid vote is passed. Well, they are meaningless because they make my order the top priority.

 Or Sharl, should not you care more about entering sunlight in this basement?

"But Ovenyl? I wonder if I spread my hands a bit. Even barely a pair of grasshoppers with the lords, I also created a dungeon for expanding the laboratory. I am sending something to an atelier … …In that case the study of the angle will stop again. "

UNUSUAL What does Keats say?

"Hey, are you terrible? What do you think I am! What? "

 Certainly it is an opinion that gave way to Sharl.

 But it is also necessary.

"But, this is also a necessary investment. It is troublesome after this lab if it is discovered more than ever. Would not it be easier for people who hardened their surroundings than it is to postpone it now? There is also a positive aspect of research as explained to it. "

"Ranch of research materials" No …Well, I feel happy that I do not miss a partner to sword. "

 That's what I say so far, it is a somewhat daunter who accumulates anger. I think that it will be sunny a little if he can apply stress relief as well. It is my hope that I can satisfy him who is perverted that he likes to kill herself with just a single line of living habits. I'm sure you can have lots of good materials.

"To put it another way, mass production type slaves are also greatly expanded. Originally it is turning in a state much less than the original schedule number. I would like to increase it to about three times as much as possible now "

 It is because Douie bought a dry. Thanks to that, it is good because the excellent handwriting was made so the discount is positive.

 And Sharu makes my eyes shine in my remarks.

"So, you also give me a slave, are not you? Virgin 's. Virgin's! "

– Yeah, yeah. Yeah……"

 I am also a donkey on a drifting stone. Even if you are bothered by uni because of the problem speaking during this time. Do you want a virgin of virgin so much? I wonder what I want. It's a vampire.

"Keep leaving Senba vampires there … …By the way your master. I was about to forget about a new plan, but what did you do with the atelier the other day? It seems that he was immersed in working without being answered by Uni's challenge. "

 Dry to ask about the beginning of this case. Well, that's probably worrisome. Because our lord changed classes to take care of them and they were playing for five consecutive days.

"No, that is … ….You get it, right? Considering the use of materials that can be taken from the ore section, I started to study a little tastefully, I was absorbed in my unexpectedly. I was deeply impressed with the unreasonableness. I am reflecting now. "

「……So your master, what sort of things can you make? "

 Uni that takes care of Sarito and promotes the topic. It was a slave that I could do, although I said that I bothered the most troubles this time. Perhaps it seems that Victor and others are spoiling me.

 I am grateful for this, so I will take shy of it.

"It's a new golem. It is different from the disposable person used for civil engineering work and mining. It was designed to use the abundant materials abundantly, to design the structure from scratch, and to use it permanently. It's mainly as a guardian. … ….On completion, this golem will be Opus 05. "

/(int) (1) oh!/good heavens!/(2) ugh! oh no!/(3) ah!/agh!/agh!

"It's not based on elementary elements like us, it is a literally" piece "born entirely from absence"

 Uni's eyes take on heat. Such a "master is terrible! "When you give out an aura, that is what it shines.

 There are only magicians in dry, and seems to be interested in creating this golem.

 On the other hand, as for the men,

"Golem kana … ….I guess blood will not be absorbed …Originally my fellow's blood is legal ….It's hopeless.

 Hey, Shar. I wonder why you are talking on the premise that you make it with a female type.

"It really is unbreakable, this batman … …Even if it is, it is a stubborn story. A golem made of gold and silver "

「? Who said that I would make it of gold and silver? "

 Tilt his head to Doue's remarks.

 He also made Koton my remark.

“….. huh?” No, no, you said that on your own. To make use of the material that can be taken in the deposit here "

"Oh, that sort of thing …?The gold and silver here is not used to make the golem body. It is a further material of the new material that makes up the golem. It is to make an alloy with alchemy and use it. "

"Either way it's a luxurious story ……So what is an alloy that makes until the casting of the gold and silver? "

"I am also worried. At that time, there were unfamiliar metals in the specimen for the atelier … "

 It is uni to say so. I have been working as an assistant for many years. Not only for usual magic but also for alchemy related matters.

"Is that it?" I think that you have seen it once. "

"Am I, too?"

"Oh, when I was studying abroad at St. Gallen, I should have seen an ingot together at the Academy's museum."

 So point out to her. It is a thing that I can not easily make it so easily as I am. Successful creation has been with experience that I've seen once. Well, in fact, I asked Uni to sneak in, entrantly touched and collected a minute sample is working.

「……What is it? Do you understand, vampires? "

"Well, there was me on the academy, though ….Rare alloy such as ingot decorated in the museum? Did you make anything from silver to Mithril to use what you can get here? "

"Do not know, I am not specialized … …."

 While other "works" could not reach the correct answer, Uni who remained close to the answer was quickly noticed.

「……"[ごしゅじんさま] /(exp,n) (1) master/(2) Your lordship/My lord/(3) husband/(3) husband


"No way, the vermillion colored glossy vermillion metal sample … …."OrichalcumIs it? "

 That remark made the air froze.

 Then, the dryness turns to this side because of the awkwardness that seems to be making sounds of gheegi gently.

"Ori, Hal … ….Kong? Well, is that Orichalcum? "

"Ah, hahahahah! Because, maid is also good at joke unexpectedly! Such a thing, there is no translation! "

"However, it is agreement. If you say Orichalcum, it is a famous legendary metal. I know he's an outsider. Did you make it to make it a golemic material? Joking is also a good thing. "

 And this is a simultaneous attack. This reaction hurts the fluff.

 Well, it can not be helped if it says it can not be helped. Orichalcum is such a metal. Its brilliance is also superior to gold, more supple than silver, easier to process than copper. And it is a legendary material which is considered stronger than anything in this world. Ultimately rare heritage that it can not be taken at all in this era and it is only slightly excavated as weapons and small ingots from the ruins of prehistoric civilization era. That is Orichalcum.

 I also heard that an alchemist somewhere created successfully is a substitute for the information itself and the level of doubt of the head of the speaker.

"Say so, but what can not be done is useless."

 If you talk roughly, three people stop moving. What is calm is about Uni who understands my skills better than anyone else.

「……Did you really do it? "

– What are you saying, Meyer?



– May we come in?[しんじられない] /incredible/unbelievable/Hah. No way I sent a maid to steal from the academy and robbed it from the treasure chest of a royal family! What? "

"Do you want to be tampered with brain-miso, Shar?"

 Everyone in a state of suspicion even if said again. Somewhat one person murmurs that there is not much confusion … …Oh no, it was the usual thing.

 I'm getting bored of this comic, so let's talk.

"I understand your feelings, but please calm down and ask me"OrichalcumDoes anyone know the original meaning of this word? "

"Was it" copper of the mountain "by the word of a civilization which was surely far before …?"Huh? No way!

 Magic is the main business in dry for drift. Because I am familiar with this kind of things, I understand quickly.

「I……「そ…… No way. I had a sample of copper drilled for the example project, so I tried various fingering on the trial. I could do it. "

"That means … …Oh, that's good. If you mix gold with copper, can you do it Orichalcum? "

"If it could do so simply, it's done a long time ago. Almost, it is red copper that can be done by itself. It has completely different appearance and character, and gold is contained only about 5 percent. "

 Gold is one of the most important substances in alchemy. Of course, it is also used in large quantities to make the finest alloy, Orichalcum. But there is no reason to make it in an amount less than 10%.

"But the idea is close. All thing melt(Aquarium)The copper temperament is taken out, and it is smelted together with gold. That way, I found that gold can be given properties close to copper. In addition, when mixed with silver, this property was also given. Material that magically mixes these three metals. After examining this, it was almost the same as Orichalcum which I saw at the Academy once "

Just a moment, please. Alquest? Did not you say Alkalest or Sararito right now? "

"Oh, I told you. It is a spirit for taking out temperament from gold. … ….Well, I have not completed a complete thing, so I can not make a substitute there yet "

 By the way it is an amazing deadliest thing. The name of all thaw melting is not Date, and anything literally melts. When using the material to synthesize the alkaest must be placed on the object to be melted beforehand and only the necessary amount should be trained. Otherwise, containers to preserve what they take out are shakya with one shot.

 Sometimes it is confused with aqua regia, but of course it is a different thing. That is contrary to the incomplete Alcamest that I can use, but even if it works for gold, I can not dissolve silver. Alkaest does not corrode by oxidation, it is a mysterious phenomenon that substances melt away literally. It is a substitute used to exclude physical elements and to extract the spiritual essence that lives there. A thing that disappears when things of the same mass are melted is more like antimatter than medicine. No, if you wake me up against the annihilation reaction, this is far from me, it is a different thing, since the Itutera continent blows away without a trace.

 Dry opened his mouth trembling with tremor.

"Is not it one of the secret of alchemy?"

Oh, yeah? It will

"No, that would be …"

"Dry seniors, you know who this is? Our master, ovenyl? It's a person who fingers to the head of a dark elf or artificially makes a Vampire Road like me? "

"It is frustrating, but it is terrible convincing … …!"

 So I told Sharl that I caught a crackling knee. Is it such a shock?

"Is not there anything surprising? Alkest is something used to melt gold to make "the wise man's stone" which is necessary for realizing immortality and death. "

 "Sage of the Philosopher" is a tool that has been considered indispensable for reaching the most secret of alchemy since ancient times. Whatever it is used to create gold or use it to make an elixir of lonely immortality. Of course, even I am making it one of my goals.

 However, it does not know how much effect it will exert as it never sees the real thing. Even if you make it with difficulty, in reality it was useless for the reputation collapse, it is troubled if it is made into a result. It is also a legendary existence that the predominant alchemy pioneers could not reach. Perhaps it is impossible to make it even when I am old enough to have a lifetime.

 So, it is indispensable to extend the life from other aspects as well. A high-ranking vampireization experiment like when remodeling Shar is part of that.

"If it is a finished product used to melt gold, even if the rabbit is not damnable before the corner, I think that it is not strange to make it."

"I guess that's not the problem … …Well, I got picked up by an incompetent master. "

 Duhe says while scratching his head with Gashagashi.

 In addition, Shir had a facial expression that looked like Utori.

"Even so, the master is not terrible. Regardless of being able to handle the Alcamest, whatever it is Orichalcum, Orichalcum! I can not make such things! So, when the Orichalcum golem was mass-produced, even this continent could be conquered! Hey, master! As for the conquest of the continent, can I get one country as well? - Crazy! – Okay.

 There seems to be a ridiculous future prediction diagram in his head. Look, Duoe also "Also the guy … …."I guess it was not it.

 Leave it alone and you are likely to head to a ridiculous direction, so correct the mistake for the moment.

"Do not be stupid. As I said earlier, it is essential to manufacture Orichalcum. Even so, I use some rare materials and it is difficult to handle. Oh yeah, I can not do mass production. "

/(ik) (int) (1) yes/that is correct/right/(2) um/errr/errr

"Well, it is not. Impossible things are impossible. Regardless of the high-end model Opus 05, we make mithril from silver for mass production type and use it as a material. "

"No, what is it like most of it?"

「……I can not use it anymore "

"Also, – –

 I will delimit the words once. The crucial part is from here.

"First, what has become of that ancient civilization that was able to use its orichalcone abundantly? It was destroyed and the trace disappeared. Collaboration due to internal conflicts using technology that advanced too much? Or is it the same as the crisis of hundreds of years ago, is it the attack of the devil? There are various opinions in the end, but there is only one result left in front of us whatever cause it is. It is an extinction that left only the old ruins. It died out and disappeared. … ….Are you KIDDING me?

 Oh, it is not really a joke.

 No matter how rich you are, it is pointless if you die.

 It's a lonely life without anything literally that is not hot, cold, fun, or painful.

 I'm sorry that such a thing is the way to go.

"- So it's not enough"

「……Hit! What? "

Orichalcum That's not enough at all. Because this is a proof that thousands of years old tens of thousands of years ago could not have eternity. If they realized that, then that glorious thing will continue to this day? So, it is still early to be floated by such things. We only have one rare metal, so we still die. … ….What's up, Shir? You look awful.

 If I notice it, he struck a long mouth that is unlikely, but the appearance of Shir is strange. From the pale face it gets even more bloody, and it is almost dirty.

 ……Perhaps it is not enough blood? The amount of cultured blood that I am giving should be sufficient. Maybe he really needs a virgin living blood as he frequently requests?

"Ah, ah, haha! Well, you did it carelessly, did not you? Yes, even so. The purpose of the Master was immortality immortality, was not it? "

"Yes Yes. Do not forget it. What I am doing is a strategy to not only die … …Later, well, I like hobbies to enjoy living things. There is no time to do, such as the world conquest. But if the purpose can be fulfilled, it's different. "

 Tell me that, I will remove my eyes. As for Shar, I was struggling to see what caused it, as if I was before the remodeling. Apparently it seems to be in trouble in earnest. Somehow, it is getting worse when I see it.

 Hmmm, have you been concerned about the possibility of rebellion more than other 'works', have you done something to give him excessive stress? It is certain that he is the manpower necessary for my research, even if saying how much I am in trouble. After all it needs some care.

 All right, then. Shall I embarrass you a little slave to give to him? If you put it in your mouth, you ride again, so it is silent until you hand it over.

 When thinking about such, Uni abruptly bows down to abruptly

"Your husband seems to have forgotten your original intention and is the best."

"What are you saying suddenly, Uni? There is no way I can forget it? "

"If it did, do not mind your research and do not damage your body, please take care of yourself."

 ……I hurt if I told you that.

 I told Sharl, but it was my translation that I first entered the orichalcum production and went on till I fell overnight.

 The servant said, this is what he said. I will keep it in mind.


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