One of the four mainland continents, St. Gallen 's Commonwealth Kingdom, is also called' the country of the forest and the soldiers'.

 This region where mains are divided into black forests and the plains are scattered around the plains dotted like trees around them. It was only two hundred years ago that it was a remarkably young country even in the history of Itusera.

 The system of mediating the interests of the small and medium nationalities to which the Heidellecht dynasty of Grand Univerch Kingdom who built the capital of the galerin in the large plains of the eastern partners, the union to which the nobility belongs. The danger is far brittle compared with the neighbors Arquere kingdom where the decentralists and decentralists fight.

 Nonetheless, Sankt Gallen has a certain level of stability and has the voice of speech with other major powers. What is its source?

 - It's strength.

 There are still many creatures that are threatening human beings, such as demons and sub-people. On the Itutera continent, the forest is a place where devils live. Magician, demon, immortal, finally devil frown, literal demon. It is the ancestors of St. Gallen, the eastern major powers, who have simultaneously fought human-to-human wars and survival competition with monsters in such a forest land.

 Born from the history of endless struggle, the country of Sangmu in which the strongest great king rule the kings. It is a powerful country of power which can never be lightened while being despised by barbarian and border from other countries. That is the federal kingdom of St. Gallen.

 However, as the power of the people who live there has increased, it does not mean weakening demons.

 - Weak cheerleader, survival of fittest.

 Is life that is polished by the harsh nature's law shine only in a fierce struggle? As people defeated the trees and opened up the forests, the monsters that lived in the remaining wooden seas further strengthened. Sometimes they eat people who invade the forest and sometimes eat brothers fighting territories in the same forest. It was similar to the curse of poisoning transmitted from ancient times.

 Humans and humans fight, humans fight against demons, fighting monsters and demons.

 Sankt Gallen, a country colored with a history of conflict, spreading a quiet forest.

 Many powerful monsters continue to live in this area where many unexplored places still remain.

 Carry a quiver with a bow, follow the prey and run between the trees. No matter how we try to go through the forest like the wind blowing through our body, trees do not try to make sounds. The time for this hunting hunt was Bostier's pleasure.

 No matter what the adults of the village say it, I can not stop this much.

 And this is for everyone. Burche makes excuses to the exhilarating soothing spice that I feel in my chest. Harmony and peace are protected by vandaling forests and hunting beasts that disturb the tranquility. If so, then you can say that you are fulfilling the duty of the clan.

 Even though I thought, the long ears tremble with Piccola as a sign of the prey to approach. She was an elf. White skin to escape to long ears that are clearly different from humans. The limbs carrying the bow and arrows and running through the ground were long and slender, supple and bent. It is the elf's daughter itself drawn by the people in his mind unless it has a circle of eyes filled with excitement such as fever.

 Usually, elves do not like blood. Fighting threatens the maintenance of their well-ordered forest order. However, there are places where young Bache which is about to reach hundreds do not fit into such a type. While the clans daughters remembered the workmanship and sewing, she was hunting for the young crowd. As well as double the size of the same guy, I will show off prey. Sometimes I had killed a bear alone.

 It is an unchanging alternative. Even in the village, those who do not speak tap the backdrop, saying that "even human blood is mixed." It is said that they are as barbarous as the same elves. But unfortunately its ears were as long as other things, the goodness of shape was even her pride. And for those who say such things, she always refutes this.

 This is one way of being an elf.

 Elves are natural people. Following the correct operation of that operation, correct the wicked. Sometimes it may be a heartwarming storm like a storm, sometimes you strike an enemy like a lightning storm. I do not think that such aspect of nature is expressing to myself.

 Bachece never intended to kill the forest like a man who burns the forest, and not killing uselessly. When a villager needs a hunter quickly, he will raise his / her name quickly and only hunt the biggest thing among the prey. There is a holding as a forest where he was born and a person who protects the village where he bred himself. It was her frustration not to understand it around.

(……- Ow.

 Capture the shadow of the prey in front, one tongue licking. Those works are also to be touted as adults are unlikely to do it, but she will not try to fix it.

 Today 's prey is a big boar of the outsellers who came lost in this forest these days. Some of the flocks of wildflowers that are the material of the drugs have been annihilated, whether they were starving so much. Some people in the profession called "adventurer" even in human beings occasionally came near the village and picked rare grass. However, it is usual to leave 30% for the next collection. This is worse than humans.

 For Bachece, this wild boar was an unacceptable invader. Even in the village, there are voices calling for hunting and hunting mountains with gross appearance. I have not made any formal progress yet, but it will be a matter of time. She slipped out of the village under the name of practicing the bow and supplemented the boar as expected halfway.

(It is more intuition than I thought)

 The target ran away at a stroke as though it had taken care of Burche's nauseation. It is timid for the figure which is close to the cow, but its delicacy is also the sensibility necessary for those living in the forest.

(……But, sweet)

 This white birch forest is the area of ​​Birte et al. Witte. Okin is showing a foolish and healthy leg, but if you anticipate the way to escape and move forward, you can easily catch up. The creatures called boars are animals of a nature that is concerned about finer things than I thought. It can be said that temperament to avoid unknown. Evacuate by the usual route without fail if it pursues. It is because he is afraid of getting lost in an unknown place. And Bachee has already figured out the evasive escape route from preview and surrounding geography. If it runs through densely grown trees where Oo wild boar is difficult to pass through, it will not be difficult for him to go around.

 Burche, who changed the course and passed through the trees, finally found the side of the wild boar in the clearance of the grove. It is as calculated. You can not put yourself in front of this huge body all the way down, just because you can go ahead. It was a good idea to shoot the soft part of the flank from the side.

 Take out the arrow immediately and count on the bow and release. A bow and arrow familiar from childhood to an elf is equivalent to extension of limbs. Even Bachee makes a bow fairly well among young people in the village. If an ordinary person were watching from the side, it would have been felt as though the arrow was shot before the next moment of reaching the quiver.

 - The scream of a boar rose.

「……/(adj-i) tenacious/tough/enduring/dogged/headstrong/headstrong

 The prey thrown in by the arrow keeps running while waving his head in pain. An elf bow is a kind of dress. One arrow that is launched in the forest sticks deeper than すれ if you do poorly. It seems that that wild boar also has a gutsiness corresponding to the figure to eat it and hurt it.

 Bachee jumps out of the forest and gets off to the beast way. And then to the escaping wild boar, we shoot arrows.

 Ichiro, Nagaya, Sansei – all hit. However, it is shallow. It was not fatal. I hit the thigh, so the speed fell, but the prey is still running away. At the same time in Bachee my irritation to immature and admiration for the partner's vitality went up. And the respect that hunters have in hunting partners is always accompanied by murderous intent and desire. By doing so with the whole spirit, you want to make that strong living your own blood.

I'm gonna get you.

 Elf's daughter decided to pursue the prey running while shedding blood.

 The wild boar then ran away from it for half an hour and then fell. To the surplus, there will be some people who look like an ugly death that they lie down on the ground and got dirty muddy after finishing fugitively while swinging their buttocks. But the hunter never thinks so. Another elven living in the forest is. It is the end of life that passed through with desperation through death despairing the life given from great nature. There was nature, the dignity that drooled the neck, and the beauty that was numb.

"Cud … …. It was a wonderful prey, you. "

 Burche mutters as vigorously while keeping his face upset with fatigue of pursuit and excitement of deterring big bodies. Against lying otoshimo, the hatred which was destroyed the forest was also fogging out the forgotten spirit. After correcting the hair stuck to the cheek with sweat, pray with kneeling on the wound of the boar.

 It was gratitude to the forest who gave great grace as food for restoring that soul to the earth in peace.

 That's right. It may seem surprising, but we eat meat as an elf. Just like the forests as they are, they have not handled the act of pastoralism which could destroy it. So, there is only an opportunity to hunt for meat. And I also have the feeling that feast meat is felt. Whether it is OK to put it on the table is another problem. Because elves are virtue to be modest.

"But what shall I do?"

 After finishing one prayer, I thought while tapping on my ear. How did you report this to the villagers? While consulting how elderly people hunt, they took care of themselves. It would be good to see that the words of scolding continue for a small day. Then, the fish of a wonderful prey that I tried to break down may not enter her mouth.

 Adults in the village are not living eating Kasuma anyway. Even if you spin a word honoring killing from the lips and honoring frugality, the tongue behind it is seeking the taste of the meat. It is not amusing to pick up the meat from Bachet while stating that this is punishment. It was disgusting. First, because she dropped this boar. I somehow have to secure my own share. Make thoughts for that.

 Should we do it all better? No, he and Bachet shake his head. Everything is too cautious. Her existence of elven as well as being ashamed of greed existed to her. Besides, above all, if I was cleaning up all by myself, I would decay this majestic meat. Do you decay this brilliant beast? It's not a joke. As a hunter I could not bear it all better than being stolen from meat.

"I wish I could embrace even Chaga's guy ……"

 Inferior to the arms of the bow, I think of the same generation of young people who always try to get along with her hunting. Chaga was a strange man. He is weak and liver is thin enough to make his face blue even for the bleeding of prey. Even his muscle strength is inferior to myself. Nevertheless, when Burche goes out with a bow, he always tries to go out with him. Footprints are also a nice place and it seemed that he was not enjoying hunting all the time. But why do you come with your hunting? It is a thought that Bacher can not understand.

 However, she mostly listens to her request, and she also looks to the crowd as it is. Speaking of dividing meat all the way, Chaga and its friends will come on this story. All the good meat is hungry for the opportunity to taste the young people all the time because the adults centering on the elderly will appreciate from the edge where you got it.

 I thought it was a good idea. In this case, it is not bad to leave adults alone and to flatten them alone with young people. What I can not do for the virtue of the older elven blood of virtue is much sorry for the prey. However, I think that it is supposed to nurture promising youngsters who will support later villages, and I should get patience.

 If it is from a wild boar that was taken care of, I will raise my face while thinking about arbitrary things.

 That time.


 She was not even aware of the surrounding strangeness until now because she had taken prey and was taken care of only after that.

 The trunk of the trees that surround it is dark, the color of the leaves that grow from the branches is dark enough to be black. It was not that white, faint, bright, mother birch forest here. It is another forest that surrounds it. A large forest of St. Gallen who humans call "Black Forest". It is a clownful cave of beasts and monsters.

Oh no! I was too proceeding! "

 Distort the face without thinking of my own inadequacy. Foreign matter is a foreign matter that came in from the outside of the white birch forest. It stayed there for a while, but the base was probably this black forest. Because Burche shook it with a bow, he did not endure and turned back to the former nest. She kept chasing the wild boar without noticing so much that she was keen to hunt, and as a result she wandered out of the boundaries of the elves.

 I have to get back to the barrier soon. The well-being of the elven forest lies in keeping the enemy away from guards by the power of the spirit. Although the beast degree invades from time to time, monsters with a demon still ceased to be rejected. Not anymore. Bachee was a lack of protection and went off in the devil forest. It will be a good bait for monsters, such as elves girls who left the barrier. It is because we are walking the turf of monsters while releasing the smell of other forests that are not used to sniffing and high magical powers.

"Bad, I have to leave early …!"

 Burche, who realized that he fell down to a hunter from a hunter, quickly fluttered and rushed out. Although I was regrettable about big wild boar, I have no time to adhere. Hunting prey, dedicating prayers beside it, was thinking slowly. Time has passed since I entered the black forest. It is only fortune that we have not received a raid until now.

 Of course, it was originally a Burche hunting the Great Wild boar, the inhabitant of this forest. If it is victory from a straight line, it will not fall behind a half monster. But this is a territory of powerful monsters. Originally it is a battle fighting at his own hunting ground with a hunter, but this time it is the opposite. On the contrary, those who hunt in this forest are targeted. Given the winning number, even the word disadvantage will be lukewarm. Better now I'm using arrows altogether to save a big bat. Arrows will run out as soon as it gets fought.

 I have to go back to their forests as soon as possible.

 However, as if laughing at that thought,


 - Season.

 Along with the footsteps accompanied by the earth sound, a shadow hung around Bachee.

 What appeared before the eyes was a gigantic skin with greasy skin like a mountain carrying backlight. A conical horn grows from a hairless head higher than the trees of the forest, and a monocular eye that shines ominously looks down on poor prey.


 It is an incompetent monster of violence that makes twin in giants only with simple arm strength and strong life force against Gigaas who takes power of various attributes and supernatural power.

 Even high-ranking adventurers were difficult to overthrow by themselves, it was a difficult enemy that they hit the party at last.

 However, in this place only Barthe. That is also her hunter, not an adventurer. The main opponent is a beast, not a demon. Whether everything is prepared for Yadama, it will never be a competing opponent.

"Hello … …."

 At the moment the eyes met with the giant, Bachet was risen.

 I thought that if I do not keep up with the living half demon.

 But what was it that appeared in front of me? Huge breasts that kick off bears with just their feet. Steel muscles swollen to such an extent as to make a sound with mimic. Everywhere is a very strong and strong taste itself. Among the numerous demons in the forest, it was definitely the highest monster.

 My feet tremble. The hand that should hold a bow and arrow was unconsciously tied with a fist. Is it noisy that it ticks from the previous time, is the sound of my teeth rising?

 While spiritually tied up, the spirit is calmly overlooking that spirit. It is an escape from reality. It was a defense mechanism to escape from the fear of just going through madness. But it is only the heart that is going to saturge to the last. It will not be as useful as a paper shield to the assault that will strike the flesh without putting it in minutes.

 - Season.

 Daringly the giant slowly came close to Bachee.

"Goog, … …"

 While escaping the crying voice, Cyclops bleached teeth. Strangely red tongue licks lickily teeth jagged teeth.

 Now he's laughing. I even licked my tongue.

(Are you eating?

 In recognition of this, the hatred emerged.

 It is the sex of a living thing to kill and eat. Bachee also caught many animals as a hunter and said that meat. However, there must have been a kind of harmony that followed the order of the forest. The cause of maintaining the equilibrium of the biological system, thanks to the opponent who prides himself for hunting prey with respect, for his opponent.

 There is no such thing in this demon. Things such as memorizing about the prey that you ate, such as the technique or taste that can be cured at best. Try to play until the opponent comes to the end of death, eat while enjoying fearing. Just lean on to power, such as doing with the vitality you got with that, and it will only be rampage. Only destruction and chaos are left behind.

 I did not want to be killed by such a monster. If it is killed anyhow, it is better to hang on the nail of a beast. Those who are pierced by the horns of deer, who have been torn apart by the bear's nails, died. You can use that big boar 's fang. If it became a waste, that beasts that were part of the harmony of the forest was good. If so, you can return to the circulation of nature, an ambition for elves. However, if it is killed by a demon, that road will not exist. It is because the monsters are violent and are out of the providence. Elves believed that those who were eaten by it had no repose after death.

"I refuse"

 Shivering voice leaks from the blue faded lips.

 It's a chance or the air left in the lungs explodes out.

"Someone, help me !!"

 Scream echoes in the forest of the outback.

 At that time, who was in Berche's mind? Were you parents who bred yourself, were adults supposed to have been held down, or were male friends who could not be relying.

 In any case, the voices raised on the place away from the white birch forest never reached them.


Stay right where you are.

 To the voice that I do not hear, the body that was risen trembles with Bikri.

Who– who are you?

 Even though I doubt it, Bachee could not stop and got stuck.

 The instinct polished by hunting tells us that we should obey someone who told me not to move.

 Bett gambled everything that he had cultivated to date.

 I felt that the sign of the voice of the voice approached from behind.

"Hey, this fish-eye figure is only a baby"

 That person who came up to the back of Bache is violent against the giant who stands in front of him or her.

 The voice belongs to a lingering woman who seems to pass through to his ear. However, words and taste are so rough that I have never heard of them in elven villas that ring with modesty. Although Bache is also a strong-tempered person, there was no remembrance that he made such a painful wording.

 Anyway, is this woman like someone understand the situation? Now we are facing big monsters that we look up. The number has increased from one Burche to two, but there is no difference that it is desperate. Nevertheless, she provoked a giant in front of me.

Uh, um.

 The usual bullies disappeared, the pitiful voice leaked out that I can not think of what I put out.

 The woman behind did not seem to get into trouble with it, he also said to the Cyclops.

"- Leave here from here"

 At the moment, Berthe's long ears were puffed.

 The sign of the woman who feels on her back has blasted up explosively.

 The fierce Burchier who stands before is the more powerful magical power rising.

 It was like a moment when the lion, who had been falling asleep in the morning, woke up. I unleashed the things that had been forcibly suppressed until now. That was felt.

(Here, this person …How magical! I do not play this kind of adult in the village. If you do not do it well, it will be over! What? )

 It was hard to believe. However, I am convinced at the same time.

 It is owner of such overwhelming magical power. Even the giants who stand in front of themselves can not be regarded as a threat as a matter of course.

"Giga, …!"

 Did monocular giants also feel the power of a woman who appeared?

 Even the trees of the forest bounce as if they were shot by thunder.

 He opened the first one wide and the dismay also stepped down one step. Even though it alone could cause the Burche's body to rise, the giant was breathing a white breath and showing fright.

 Yes, I am frightened. In Bachece, the evil giant was pressured only by magical power, and was frightened.

"Let's repeat it. – Get out! "

"Oooo Ono … ….!"

 Cry for a mess of rushing – No, screaming, the Cyclops escape.

 The footsteps approaching, Suzun, Zuzun, has moved away at a tempo that is more than ten times that.

 I hear ringing my nose with an arrogant sound from behind.

 The woman who appeared did not have a drought, and was able to reject the giant spectacularly.

"Was saved……?"

 I feel like I woke up from a bad dream and I muttered so.

 I got lost from the forest where I had never been before, encountered a demon that would not compare with the beast I've hunted so far … ….And it was saved by the owner of huge magical powers which I have never felt before.

 What is it supposed to be if this is not a dream?

/(int) (1) hey!/oi!/ahoy!/(pn) (2) (ksb:) I/me/me

"Ha, are you!?"

 A woman who was behind said a voice, Barthe turned around quickly – and was astounded.

 The woman keeps on looking at her and continues.

"To begin with, life has been saved. Would you disclose a thank you enough to state an acknowledgment? "

 A woman who says so was beautiful from the same sex.

 Brown skin to silver hair, nasal bridge that is well-cut to the eyes. The body that combines mature plumpiness and youthful tightening draws a splendid relief of sorts that can not be seen by an elf woman who is thin as it is.

 Worried about covering the left eye with an eyeball, whether it is also a thing injured in the past, but even if it is deducted it is a delightful joy.

 But there is no feature that invited Burch's surprise.

"Or, something. Under the laws of your clan, is it legal to use different colors as well? Hey, white elven right? "

 The same long and sharp ears as elves, pushing out glossy silver hair.

 There are only one tribe that combines brown skin and it with the continent.

"Dark, Elf?"

 To the stupid misunderstanding, the woman smiledly smiled as she returned it.

"You say that Birte of the Wittees?"

 A woman in a dark elf smells as though she remembers cutting meat with fire.

 There are legal teams to eliminate demons by arranging the small rocks around. At the center there was a tented skeleton framing branches of overhanging trees. Believe it or not, we are camping in this deep demonic woods.

YesSo, who are you? "

 While looking at the prey that he had settled burning with a smell of delicious flavor, Bacher also heard back. I wanted to return to the Shirakaba Forest as soon as possible, but I need the courage to move the black forest that demons stands alone. Besides, it was unfortunate, it was an indication that the day began to tilt. In the end, it was decided to reveal one night in the vicinity of this woman considering to hunt out the result of hunting.

 As Barthe says with her in this way, elves and dark elves are not hostile to each other. Rather, stepping into a territory a lot, human beings who take away their wealth or sometimes slavery themselves will be closer to the enemy. It is an arbitrary belief of stupid humans that elves are fighting in light and darkness. The ancestor chose an ancient place as a resident, it was separated only by the woods protected by the barrier or the wilderness of other forces. Since the place to live is too far in the first place, the meeting itself is rare, so it was a nonsense story that both races fight.

 The woman takes his eyes off from the burning of the wild boar meat and opens her mouth.

"As I said it, I did not say it. I am dry. "

「? Is that all?

 Berce wondered that the woman put on a name only by the name. It is the first time to see dark elves, but originally it is a species with a common ancestor with elves. They were also proud of themselves, they were told that they would honor the family's name. To respond to whom, it is usual to list together the names of clans.

 As I asked about that, the Dark Elves, who we called dry, said.

"My family was attacked by humans and it was already destroyed. It is the last survival that you are in front of you. "

 Then, return to grill meat for brief. There was no color of emotion in his voice as shiveringly. There is also no condolence towards fellows and families, nor hatred of opponents who destroyed the clan. Even though there was such thought, they were completely lacking in response to dry.

 - Is not my heart worn out?

 Barthe thought like that.

 What I would not want to imagine, if my village was attacked and destroyed, and I was the only one to survive? It would be sad. I will also hate those who took their hands. However, I wonder if I can live with such feelings forever. Even so, they are long-lived. Its lifespan is too long to live with the anger with breast bursting. Even if such feelings wear out while living long, it is not amusing.

"Sorry, I heard something, something disgusting … …."

"What, I do not care"

 I did not feel anything in the words that answered without turning back.

 I felt unexpectedly touched the opponent's old wound. Even if you can not appeal to pain, you can not rest calmly. An awkward silence flows for a while.

 Burche, which he can not tolerate, will open its mouth to try to change the topic.

"Oh, what are you going to do in this forest?"

"Long ears do in the forest, only one thing. Hunting, hunting. However, I'm aiming for a bigger object than you are. "

 Draconiously letting out the bad smile of a man, joking and answering the answer.

 Berthe felt a bit more air relaxation further stepped on.

"Is Mr. Dry an adventurer?"

 adventurer Once in a year, they are also stepping into the white birch forest. The tribe is mainly human, but it also comes with that earthy dwarf and half-elves of mixed men. A man who felt boring in the village embracing the admiration outside also sometimes leaves the forest to become an adventurer even in the elves. It is something difficult for Barthe to understand, for example, by giving guards such as to destroy his brother's forest.

 In any case, I could only think about it, such as a job hunting a monster instead of a beast. Especially, it is not a group like an army but a single person.

 While tapping the neck with dry hands dry,

"Well, they are similar."

"Do you mean something similar?"

"The man who bought me was an adventurer,"

 And say something kind of frustrating with.

"Or, did you buy?"

"C'mon, do not shout suddenly. Was it about to drop off the baked meat? "

 Come here and serve the baked meat on the wild grass leaves and present it here. Bachee urged him while receiving it godly.

"There is no such thing as to be surprised. There must be only slaves, such as the destiny of subordinate race who destroyed the clan. Or, were you not watching me while you were watching me? "

"Muugumu … ….Watching, saying? "

 Do not be talking while eating meat, dry amnesy. That's right, it is the first meat of wild boar. If you do not eat the fry as soon as possible, there is no excuse for the spirit of the boar. Even so, it is delicious meat. Salt reduction was also good. I wonder if the fragrance which was sprinkled with the smell is gained in the outside world. It was a taste and fragrance I knew for the first time, but I also felt like a fatty tightening, I like it.

"Collars are collars"

 Dry said that and point to your neck. There is a silver collar fitted in the word. From Bautier's aesthetic sense, it was a substitute that does not suit well anyhow. It is thick and gorgeous to decorate a woman's body, and no workmanship was seen. As for elves, kind of metal objects looks vulgar. Jewels such as agate and jade are more useful than jewelry for precious metal, and it was chic to drop it from the neck with strings and treat it with embroidery.

 Would like gold and silver for hobby people or for dwarfs of hobbies to dig it. Because we are born, because it has shiny gold thread hair. … ….That is the aesthetic of the elves. In the case of dark elves, I hear that they prefer crystal etc, but the kind of precious metals should be kept away as well.

"This is a proof that that monkey without hair can slaughter. In addition, it also carries the magic to let the owner say what.

 A monkey without hair was a derogatory term calling a tribe whose long-lived species live a life short. Because it is a dirty word, it is also a word that can not be said unless you can not place it on your belly so much. Bachee was finding out an inexhaustible hatred of dryness there. No matter how sorrowful I was exhausted from getting angry, there was a certain feeling that would not disappear. Barthe was sad about it for some reason.

 Dry continues while baking meat for yourself.

"In such a way, in the market of the city where the monkey is coming, it was sold like things. It seems that I heard that it was bought much cheaper than the market price. For a few minutes, starting from the left eye, everywhere in the body was torn down terribly. Now there are no scratches left. "


 Not a word. In a topic diverted to escape from an awkwardness, I poked a bush snake again.

 Fortunately, it does not have much weight on the talk that talks about it. Apparently those who sold seemed to have no hatred as opposed to the bought part as rabbits are horns.

 That is why I do not have such a thing as long as I feel easy.

"Hey hey, do not make a face that will cry. Once a rabbit is horny, I think that it was good to be bought now. I do not mean to say it, because it is also a pleasure to praise him. "

"Do not you feel hatred about that person? Because Dr. Dry, being a slave is forced to come to such a dangerous place by force "

"Is that insult?" Witte's ''

 Dry laughed lightly with a nose.

"Where in this forest is it dangerous to me?"

 It was. It is a magician enough to dismiss demons as cyclops as one by one. Even this monstrous thing will be a big battle in the forest to compete for the top of the ecosystem. Because it's easy to handle it, Black Forest is a literal hunting place for dry.

"Well, I was rude."

"Hugging." Do not become serious about joke. White elves are serious. "

"Dark elven's joke is rude"

"Huh, you say nothing wrong?"

 Say, dry puts the meat inside out.

"The story goes back, is not it? I am doing quite fun with this as well. Those of the clan died out and cursed the one who survived, but now … …I have a guy.

"Are you a friend?"

 It is an adventurer who bought a dry. Well, is that the party with that party? Berthe thought so.

…ah. For one and the same purpose, one with one heart, the other one who can put their lives together. … ….Somewhat one, there is something irresistible. "

"What kind of people are you asking?"

「……Well, OK. I can not tell you that it was a thrust as it is such a business, but if that's okay. "

 I wonder what it is like to think of those who fight. I hear that some adventurers contend for the results of exploration and kill each other. I think that it is an obscure task, but in the outside world there are also such people. If you think about it, you can understand if you think that the inside of a group of friends can not be exposed so much. Still, I was curious as to what kind of people this woman is without distinction and wishes to be a friend.

 When Burche rejoices, dry keeps knife and sticks the baked meat and keeps it.

"The fellow is four people including me. Just two men and two. One is that, what. What a weird fool you said now. This is the best newbie. It is a man who is not really a gruel. He is a signed person, it is noisy, he is so depressed with a little thing, and I really can not help it. But only the arm is certain. I will spell magic better than I am in a field that I am good at. "

– Go home. – No. Well, are you from Dry's! What? "

"Did you say that if you are just a good field? Of course, I'm far above if it's nothing else. "

 And stick out the rich breasts.

 I do not believe it. To know that dry is an outstanding magician can be understood by magical powers only. There is a field that can surpass even one with it, such as a magician who has a terrible skill even from Burch.

 Two of the owner of the rank which can not be seen from her as an end of the elves. Is it always a party you are fighting against?

"Next is a woman. This is also terrible ……How skillfully use magic and sword! Of course, both are top notch. "

「……Are you kidding? Both magic and sword are first class "

 It was truly a joke. Magic is a field that is so profound. As a birch blessed with magical power by nature, it has not been possible to reach first class with magic while wearing two pairs of weeds with a bow. The magic training is not sweet enough to be extremely masterful while training other paths. Well, I thought whether it was a long-lived long living longer,

"Is not it impossible?" When I first met, I was doubtful that he was really human. Indeed, it was the owner of the ability to separate humans. "

 Unfortunately it seems to be a human. It is a feeling that the open mouth does not close.

 Certainly, as humans are short-lived, I hear that there are many, often sometimes mutationally owning monster-like owners. It is likely that the person Dry says is such a kind.

"Clearly, I do not know the bottom. If I list the opponent that I can not win by any chance, it will definitely fall into that category. "

 I thought that it would not beat it. If it is a magical meeting, dryness will be advantageous, but the sword can also be used to call it the best. It is tough to defeat with magic game and be overwhelmed, once allowed to approach, you can only be killed as a magician. It's a dangerous opponent than turning a bad dragon into an enemy.

"Well, that fear is a burden. The roots are serious, and it is a bitch who can betray a friend. Although it is hard and occasionally not breathing hard, I can pay attention not to let people feel it as much as possible. Oh yeah, I do not have such an encouraging opponent under the same flag. "

"Praise you great, do not you?"

"Why did you think that I was a woman looking down on me?"

"No, no, nothing! And enough ofWhat kind of person is the last one? "

 Go ahead talk in a panic.

 The last one …This is probably an adventurer who bought a dry. It is because a friend told him that he was going to put themselves and talked about four people, and there was no topic that seemed to be a person who seemed to have bought her before. Someone who taught the pleasure of living again to the dark elves who lost their clan. Even as Bachee, I care what human beings are.

 Indeed, dryness was raging.

"Hey, that's … …"

 And wander the gaze to the hollow. At the hand, the knife stabbing the meat was played with restless appearance.

"I wonder what I should say … …A man with a place I do not understand a bit. "


…ah. What on earth are you thinking? No, not. The idea will appear on the face at once. I can not understand why I think about that … "

 It was a way of talking like squeezing out a solo talk while putting together ideas that were not organized as opposed to saying nothing to talk about here. Of course, even if such a story is told,

"Ha, … …."

 I can only reply to life like that.

"Hezu, it was not that I bought me because I had idea so deeply. Just because the wounded dark elves cheaply got it, it was just like a reason. But what is it? Even if I show it to be useful, I do not look very happy. Occasionally, "Do not be unhappy" "Is it safe alone? "It is only a little saying that it is ….It really does not make sense. Normally, should we be more pleased? You brought me, have not you? "

"Well, that's right ……"

 The direction of the story goes wrong somehow.

 Barthe remembers heard somewhat somewhere like tone of similar tone. What was that? Sure, yes, that. It is a complaint heard when a familiar woman who lived in the next house had met her after a while since she was married.

 While thinking about such a thing, the talk of dry continues.

"We avoid explicitly to be alone, and we can only talk about inside our friends. Do not you think it's okay to talk more seriously and deeply? How is it? "

 Eventually I hold my eyes with my knees. It seems that the eyes look redder, but is it due to the light of the bonfire?

 Barthe is somewhat tickling like a smiley mood.

 I wonder if such feelings were on the face. Dry watch this place and be relieved.

"What is that face?"

"No, Mr. Dry thinks that person is very important"

– Of course I'm here. My friends are important. All my friends are important ……It would be so? "

 As I said so, I gazed away my line of sight, but my mouth seemed unsatisfying anywhere.

 The gesture is childish again, Bache inadvertently leaks a smile.

 Even in the village it is a magician who will not be able to compete for only a long time, and at least one hundred is older than himself, the woman in front of me is somewhere disgusting.

 Dry a little bit off your nose.

"More than that, I have already spoken enough. Now let's tell you something. "

"Oh, are you from me?"

"That's it. Anything is okay. It will be a waste of time. – Tell me.

 It does not matter if you say so. Birth is born, he is a hunt. There are not many topics like daughters of the same age. Besides being talked about hunting, is not it a boring topic for adventurers hunting bigger things?

"Hey, come talk. Why should I hang magic that makes my tongue smoother? "

"Well, please stop it. Okay, I will talk! "

 In a hurry to dry, Bachet talked about things as it was thoughtlessly came.

 What is the exciting feeling when I first took a bow, what was the first hunt, the adults of the village and the girl friend of the same age are bitches for unclear in hunting, and so on .

 A dry topic hit me with a bad thing that touched every topic that did not have such a love, and heard it. I wonder if I was hungry for my partner.

 If you notice, the night of the black forest has grown deeply.


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