"Opus 03 than urgent contact. Emergency contact from Opus 03. Central branch, hope for a response. Repeat Mode

『……This center is Opus 01 here. Communication sensitivity, very good. Opus 03, Please contact us "

"What, Uni? Is your husband busy? "

Yeah. Currently you oversee several projects. Currently in the core department, I occasionally keep my command. "

"Then, tell your master from you. Request for fighting force extension, unexpected big things came out, at least wanting to dispatch the Opus series "

『……it's incomprehensible. The threat which you have in hand in the area is not confirmed? "

"Unlike Uni. It does not fit in hand. It's just not enough. Do you understand me?

『……I grasped the process. Always tell your master, let's seek your approval. Please continue your original duties to you until the next inquiry. "

"understood. Opus 03 will engage in the original duties until there is an alternative. Over

"I pray for a good fight. Over

  ※ ※ ※

"I do not feel at ease at all, even Bache. I go hunting alone and get lost in the black forest. "

"Noisy, Chaga. I'm not getting out because I wanted to go out. "

 Bachee, who was just released from the sermons of long old men, looked at him like a boyfriend from a boyfriend who tried to speak more humorously.

 If you look up at the head over, the sun that came over the middle sky pours dazzling light. If you look around, you will be surrounded by the white trees of the trunk and are dotted with houses in a flat house with a straw-clad wall.

 Birds sang at the roof of the building and branches of the trees, telling us that the tranquility that the ear feels is never lonely.

 It is quiet air that is ordered somewhere, flowing around here.

 Here are the elves who live in the birch forest, the villages where the Witte live.

 From that time Bacher came back to this forest as the night broke, telling it to dry. I wanted to introduce her to the villagers that it would be my benefactor, if possible, but it was forgiven from the dry. If the elves' people took the outsiders to the village, it would be inevitable. It is certainly important for those of the Witte family that adventurers – precisely their slaves – are coming up to the end of the barrier. It is not once or twice that an adventurer was devastated of medicinal herbs that can be taken in the forest.

 Certainly they do not have intelligent beasts but take as much medicinal herbs as necessary and leave it behind because it is a loss for crushers of adventurers to collapse clusters. When a villagers picks more medicinal herbs that have been taken out, it completely wipes away. There is no choice but to cry. It is a villain who repeated such experiences. It was doubtful how much you would welcome dryness because you saved Bachee's life.

"- So Bachece. Absolutely a secret to me for the villagers! ――』

 He promised so that he would keep in sight with the dry eye.

 Bachece kept the secret. Even though old people insisted persistently how they revealed one night outside the birch protection, they also insisted that they had hidden themselves in the natural wind hole and passed over. I felt that it was not that confidentiality so far, but promises are absolute.

"Hey, Barche!"

 Happy with the invitation of Chaga. Apparently it seems that my mind was getting mad while I remembered things up till yesterday.

"Sorry, I was a bit boisterous"

"Maybe, you are tired? ……That's right. Black Forest was alone in a scary place "

 Saying, Chaga clouds his expression.

 I certainly felt tired. But that is the fact of the preaching that was done earlier. In the forest it was rather comfortable to spend as much as the village, thanks to being able to keep it dry for a long time.

"Rather it is hard for those who were forbidden to go hunting for a while. It was picked up to the bow. "

Yes Ordinarily, do you do that? "

"Let's make it female like other daughters with this on." You're stupid, are not you? "

 Thinking it was annoying words.

 I still know if this is packed immature as a hunter. It is a good place to be unsure as to deeply explore the prey and get lost outside. However, adults did not even admit that Burche was a hunter. In fact, it is a piece of meat that brought me as a proof that he had brought down the wild forest. He was happy to receive it. It is absolutely absurd.

 It is regrettable that he picked up the bow. That bow is a love bow that Burse had been using for the last ten years when his hands and legs have expanded. Long ago, it was that bow that killed a big bear at a height of three meters. It is easy to handle, there is attachment attachment more than anything. Unlike meat which disappears when eating it will return anything as much, but the sense of loss as if a part of the body was robbed can hardly be buried. I felt disappointed when I thought that I will go out with this fuss for a while.

"I am sorry. I thought that the next hunting will be absolutely useful, but will I take it for a while? "

"What are you talking about, Chaga. You, the bow is not useless and the legs are slow, are not you? "

 Baache replies with not hiding amnesia. It was bad for comforting. When it comes to Chaga, there are few trials that were useful for hunting so far. Magic arms are good so you can treat injuries as much as you can, but Bachee came out for hunting and never had this person, a major injury. Even so, this overprotective boy uses exaggerated magic even for just scratching. She always says "If you put on with spit it will heal again."

 Chaga seems to have been slightly hurt, "Tahaha … …."He laughed without force, but immediately he gave a confident look.

/(exp) on the contrary/ Yesterday, at last I got the prospect of becoming to serve you. "

 He says so, with his heart breast pounding his ears.

 I guess from this taste, I could have calculated the extra amount. The skill of hunting such as archery and walking in the forest does not improve well in a single morning, so perhaps it may have worn with some new magic.

 And it is the same day that Burche went to hunt wild boar yesterday. When I thought that it would come unusually at that time, it seems that everything was devised independently.

/(int) oh, yes?/really?/" It will be a bit of concern when I get told so far. I'd love to see it with this prospect. "

I was hoping you'd say that. ? Well then shall we go to the plaza? "

 As I said earlier, Chaga stood up and began running. Bachee also keeps on the run.

 What did he devise for hunting? I have said half the expectation and degree of anxiety, but still remember something that pushes the finger. I realized that I still like hunting after all.

 While chasing his back, I felt a little bit of trance sunny.

 ……This time.

"Hey, it seems that Chaga will do something!"

"Anything, I've developed a technique to help hunt!"

"Really? That Chaga? "

"I will show it to Bachet from now!"

 Unnoticed the plaza, elfs of strangely young people gathered. There is a young moon that can not suppress passion and bloodiness, even though it is an elf who likes and loves silence and order.

 Ten horses are about ten people. Both are young people around a hundred years old, and two of them have their favorite daughters in it.

 While feeling the uncomfortable feeling of the surrounding eyes, Burche gently whispers.

"Hey, Chaga. It is seen by people, is it okay? "

Okay, okay. We do not use attack magic that hurts someone else. "

No!I'm curious whether you are nervous and will not stop chanting. "

「……Bachece. Do not tell me what you think of me – no. It's almost imagined. "

 In doubt about this sight, Chaga sighed deeply.

"What are you two talking about?"

"Showing the technique is an excuse, in fact it is confession of love!"

"But now it was from Bachece?"

"Well, then did he say it from Bache?"

"Kyat, passionate!"

 Somehow the story of the talks has become strange.

 Burche gets a voice without hesitation.

"Noisy, you guys! Do you have such a reason! "

– Ninja Hattori-kun!

"Why do you look so disappointing … …Besides, my lover is a bow and a beast. I will not miss out on the tricky love! "

"It is a lie! Besides that, also meat! "

"Meat, meat! Meat favorite barche! "

Did you really kill him? As much as meat you guys will eat too! What? "

 As soon as the fuss makes a fuss, Kohon and Chaga cough up.

/(int) say/well/errr …/(P)//Can I already start? "

– I agree. Even if we are partnering with the guys, there is no tsui … …. "

 While feeling that the fatigue has increased, set a distance from the chara that began preparing for some technique.

 The young people of the village also transferred to him what interests to do and the point of interest.

"Well then, shall we?" «I am your compatriot under our covenant. Follow the consideration given to you, go here and see … »…

 After that, a small chant was continued for a while.

 If Chaga 's saying is right, it was only yesterday that we got involved. It is a magic you memorized. For the sake of completeness, it would not be a good idea to recite all the default spells.

 People around me also keep watching over the course of their voices. It is because unexpected obstacles may occur due to spontaneous violence if you interfere with casting in a crowd.

 The spell eventually approaches the pond.

"« Come, my followers! - Summon · Familia »っ! "

 The moment the spell ended and the tie was signed the ground shone.

 It is a magic team drawn on the ground with magical power. Space bends at the center, something pops out.

 It is a beast. Beast of the forest, with dark gray coat.

 It is a wolf.

 When the light fell and the magic team disappeared, only after the wound was dropping his neck, as if one wolf showed subordination.

"Ooooooooooo! What this! What? "

could it be……Summon magic! What? "

Outstanding! It is not a magic that is also taught by mothers! "

"Do it, Chaga!"

 In the cheers of the audience, Chaga finger tips at the ears with a face that looks like a face.

 I turned to Bache and showed a smile full of faces.

How's that? I signed a contract with one of the wolves in the forest and made it my witchcraft. It's nose-friendly if you do it, and a small prey can be taken carefully. A bigger opponent that Burche is always hunting on a flushing stone is hard but it is perfect instead of a couple. "


 Bachee said nothing and was staring at the wolf.

 The wolf who became a magician, when unraveling the posture of submission unanimous unraveling, is plowing and putting it on the ground and being quiet. Even if she tries to get used to it, she is silent as she does not strike her fangs, as she knows it. It seemed like even another living creature, which was a figure of a wolf, no longer.

 Chaga looks into this face as if wondering about running water.

"What's wrong, Barthe? Be silent with a scary face. "

"Oh, that's nothing"

Nothing, forget it. It doesn't matter.Does not that reaction occur? Even though I learned magic and can handle this child, I had a lot of difficulties. "

"That's not it, I am surprised and I think it's amazing. I can not use such magic, and this girl will surely be useful for hunting ……I think.

 - But I am not happy at all.

 That was Bauch 's false feelings.

 Apart from herds, pull the instincts of wild and shake the tail to the hunter. This is a dog rather than a wolf. No, it's just a gargoyle with blood meat. I even think that the way of being innocent is unnatural, disregarding the obligation to obey the elves.

 I am quiet and in addition it is a narrow amount. Chaga learns his skill by doing his own work and thinks that he gained this use demon, but he can not do it with obedient pleasure ….

 When I was doing that, one of my daughters who was watching came in with an interesting face.

"Hey, can I touch this child?" You do not chew, do you? "

Heh, oh. If you do something so painful, you will defend yourself to falling though. As if to stroke … "

"Wow, that's true!"

 Before Berce 's look, the wolf is stroked maturely by the daughter of the village. Before I knew it, I got a goron lying down and showed it when I put my hands in my belly. He turned his belly upward. It was an incredible sight as a hunter who fought with them who repeatedly threatened the village.

(Charga ……This is definitely not a wolf)

 It is getting watching and even being sad.

 The wolf was a lovely beast to Bache. It was a threatening threat to the village as well as an opponent who bowed the bow and arrow many times, but he also paid homage to the courageousness, strength, cunning and crowding of herds. So when you hunt you definitely eat meat. The young crowd smelt and tasted wolf meat that is not tasteless, along with godly old-minded adults. Believe that it is a courtesy to devote to the prey to be proud.

 However, it is not felt by the wolf who was this wolf. Even if I die, I do not think that the carcass is meat.

 - Because, this is no longer a beast but a tool.

 - If you die, you can not become meat.

 - Once it gets broken it just becomes a wreckage.

 It seemed so, and I could not feel that mistake was wrong for Bache.

"Bachee, what's wrong with a while ago? ….Are you happy, are not you happy? "

– Oh, I really don't think–

 There is not such a thing. That single word, I could not tell at all.

 In other words, the pride which Burche had hugged until now, and the memory of the fight with the beasts hunted, all feel like lying.

"I'm sure I'm too grown up so I am worried about it."

"Hahaha, that's right!"

"Is the bearish of Chaga may have been infected with a magician?"

 The young people around me tell us how they misunderstood the sorrow bothe of Bache.

 In that word, it seemed that Chaga was quite angry.

 He is not as thick as he, but stares his eyebrows and ruffles his voice.

"There is not such a thing! I obey the order properly and I have magical powers from me, so the body functions are rising as well. Please look. Let me make a big move now than a wild wolf – "


 I was unconsciously controlling him with a harsh voice.

 I do not want to see a wolf treated like a toy anymore. That thought gave her a voice.

 Chaga looks curiously at her.

 It was a face that did not understand as to why Burche had said such a voice.

"Chaga, I'm glad that you worked hard to be useful for hunting. Look,I think this is not the case. "

 I told you, Barthe regret.

 The changer will surely get hurt. You are confident that way, you are denied the technique you wore with pain. With that in mind, she has been with him for a long time and can not help remembering bitterness. But that was a necessary regret.

 If you are watching Chaga keep on using the wolf as a tool as it is, you surely feel more heartfelt than this. I say more disgusting things. So within your present time, you should tell your thoughts on hunting and beasts firmly. I think so, I keep on with words.

"Well, Barthe? Hear what?

"Okay, please listen … ….This surely will be useful for hunting. I have seen beasts for many years and I understand. It is still young now, but it will be bigger or stronger than either. But, hunting with this, I'm surely not enjoyable. "

– What for?Do you say such a thing? "

 Chaga returned the words as if they were reluctant.

 The surrounding people also show the color of confusion in the clouds that began to become suspicious.

"Because this girl is pathetic. Brought from the flock, tied to magic – "

"No, it's different … Ba …I signed an equal deal with this wolf. I tried to connect life with magical power instead of food so that I did not starve even if I could not catch prey. Because we obey ourselves, we will not be hunted. Where do you say it's pity? "

"To be obeyed, that is it. It is not a way of being a wolf, such as being obeyed by other than the head of a flock. "

"I do not understand the translation, Bachese … …."

 I am sorry for the lack of my own words.

 Why can not you say things more easily? Is there something a bit more soft to say?

 Even though I think so, squeeze the words with a hard twist.

"And Chaga, this is different from what I think as an elf. Elves are equal to nature. So sometimes they do not work well, they hurt each other and kill each other. Hunting at the end is hunting. However, it is because of its brunt that there is honor and joy in hunting. The act of obeying the natural creatures that are supposed to be equal and making them stand in front of me is not a hunting of elves. "

 Silvery sparkle revives in Burche 's mind.

 Yesterday, the benefactor who saved my life was the one that I was wearing.

 Proof of the bond obtained in place of the destroyed clan.

 But it was – at the same time also a product of contradictory ideas with Bachee.

(I'm sorry, Mr. Dry … …)

 To that which steeps on Chaga 's vexing intention, another backwards overlap.

"Let's obey instead of applying asylum. /(adv) (1) very/extremely/(exp) (2) that is/It is the same as hanging a collar. I can not hang a collar on a person equal to myself. "

 It was also a word that denies the benefactor 's way of life from right.

"So ….Chaga. If you can, will you solve the technique from that child, can not you translate it back to the flock? "


 The expression of Chaga was full of confusion and sorrow.

 It was abandoned by slashing the effort and the result until today as an incompatible idea.

 If I do the same thing, I will get angry and it will be sad.

 Still I could not help saying that. Otherwise, Bache is not Bachee.

 Apparently Chaga quietly opened her mouth.



"If you put this wolf back in the forest and it hits the village, are you hunting?"


"Hunt and kill you … …Do you eat? "


Why's that? The wolf's meat is tasteless. "

"They also do so if you kill me. That's why I do so. It is respect for equal partners. "

「……It's a habit of hunting birds and deer. "

"If the elves die, the bulls will return to the forest and fertilize the plants. And they will eat it. "

"It's not reasoning, Birce"

"Providence rather than reasoning, Chaga"

 And without complying with its providence the elven hunter – I can not hold it. Bacher believed so.

 Chaga shakes his head several times with a shivering appearance.

"After all I do not know, Barche … …."


"It is unlikely that it would be worse to follow a wolf with magic than to eat hunting."


 In that word, I realize that the story got separated.

 At the same time, it was also that the idea of ​​hunting between the two was decisively mismatched.


"If it's okay,"


「……I will not hunt you anymore "

 You can not hunt anyone who can not share that line.

 This was not a matter of how skill and compatibility was.

 The problem of pride as an elven hunter living in the white birch forest.

 ……I could not hunt with him any more because I made a difference there.

 Berthe turns towards him and starts walking.

"Wait, wait!"

 The voice of Chaga hangs on the back.

 As a passing pass, one of the hidden horses jumped exaggeratedly.

 She leaves the square as it is.

 On this day she picked up the bow and let go of the buddies to borrow.

  ※ ※ ※

"Chaga, do not get down so much"

"Well, even if it can be bouncy hurriedly over there, there will be no difficulty, but …"

"But, was not it clear? That kind of hunting deviation, I do not agree with you "

"Hey, you can not say that!"

 The young people who have been watching the Chaga left in the plaza comfortably.

 Chaga thought it was selfish.

 To the way I was standing up as a young lady until a while ago,.

 On the other hand, I think that selfishness that I think so is ugly.

 I can not receive consolation for frankness, I can not take the opponent's idea. It might have touched the ecstasy of Bachee.

"Even so, do not you think that there is no attitude?"

/(exp) (col) it is, isn't it?/I know, right?/innit?/" I do not understand a little bit. "

"After all I am out of sight, that child"

"Even though I am a girl, I'm putting it in hunting, so I wonder?

 Two daughters Elves are willing to say something that the principal does not exist to the good.

 A daughter like this did not like Chaga very much.

 As I have such a face, it's extra.

 After all I like the person who can say clearly in front of himself what he wants to say.

 [たとえば] /for example/for instance/e.g./Like Barche.

"Barche … …."

"Wow! Is it still it if only Ale is told? "

"Chaga is really serious … …."

"There is no way to give hands"

 Even if you say so, there is no use because you like what you like.

 Chaga loved Bachee for a long time.

 When I was looking at the pleasant foot when going out for hunting, I felt like I was feeling up here. A profile that seems to break when touching when pulling a bow is as virtually invasive as a goddess of the forest, and it was beautiful.

 She was temperate and often scolded himself, but he never treated it as evil but never caught up with important hunting.

 But today, it is the end of everything.

 Chaga offended her and hurt her more. I believed that it would be better for her, so I lost the pride of the hunter who cherishes Barthe.

 Even though I have been watching her hunting for the first time than anyone else.

"Get out fine, Chaga. I do not think you said such a mistake so much? "

"Yes Yes. Hunting is a mission to protect forests and villages. I do not need extra aesthetics there. "

"What he said was a barbaric reasoning to kill a beast with his own bow."

 I also believe that Chaga is not mistaken.

 The beasts that are driven from the black forest and are lost in the white birch forest are increasing year by year. People in the outside world open forests, monsters are pushed deep into the back, so that the beasts are gone. In this way, the burden on the hunters of the village was increasing. So you should actively use the power to help hunting like a devil.

 This idea should be correct. I can say that with confidence.


 The words of Bachee were still in my ears.

"Let's obey instead of applying asylum. /(adv) (1) very/extremely/(exp) (2) that is/It is the same as hanging a collar. I can not hang a collar on a person equal to myself. "

 She says that elves are equal to nature, so you can not bind them.

"Because this girl is pathetic. Brought from the flock, tied to magic – "

"To be obeyed, that is it. It is not a way of being a wolf, such as being obeyed by other than the head of a flock. "

 She said that she was unhappy with the beasts that had been bowed with a way.

 Even though I remember that word, my correctness got worse off.

 In her hunting place, she was always right.

 Because her well knew about the beasts well.


 Usagi's wolf called by Chaga continues to maintain the standby attitude to await orders.

 I wonder what he thinks.

 Do you think that you are right or that you think she is right to kill along the providence?

 The wolf's eyes were cold and mineral, continuing to bounce back the question of Chaga like a mirror.

  ※ ※ ※

"There were unusual things, too. You quarreled with Chaga, and you got to come back home afterwards. "

 My boyfriend told Berthe sinking in my bed in a depressed mood.

 There is an atmosphere that makes amusing interesting rare things to voices like teasing.

 Her father was still an excellent hunter, but sometimes it seems that these elderly elderly seeds are overlooked. If it is usual I will leak a bitter smile to that cheerfulness, but unfortunately I was not in the mood today.

"According to the story you heard, why did anything break up due to the way of thinking for hunting?"


 There is no tension in my voice to answer. It is like a string bow.

 It is my first time that my feelings sink like this for as long as 100 years.

 My body is heavy and I can not move. In my mind my thoughts turn around everywhere around the world and my eyes are about to turn.

 Even if I am a father who is a predecessor as a hunter by eyes, I do not even have the power to raise my face.

 My father said nothing about her daughter 's bad manners.

"But what? You think that you are only playing with a bow with a bow, you thought you were hunting firmly thinking inside out. Do not despise the wild beasts, respect them as equal enemy hands. That's exactly the elf's hunter. I think that it is a wonderful mind that you do not see even the young crowd of today. "


 It is a praise without a multiplication.

 It was supposed to be a word of joy.

 But why? The mood of Baache is not reduced at all.

 As an elf, as a hunter, Bacher has always done what he thought was correct.

 What is the result? Yesterday I deeply exploited the prey and exposed the nuisance, today I was blamed for it and lost the bow. And I fought a fight with my friend who had been hunting for a long time.

 Not very, but I can not think I am a fine hunter.

 My head felt cold and I could afford to surround it, I felt so much more.

 Also, I understand what Chaga says as a reason.

 Recently the number of beasts has increased, and sometimes even skilled hunters are getting more hand-burning hunters. Thinking about that, even if it is somewhat contrary to the national consolation, the ability to help the hunter and protect the village is necessary – the line passes.

 Killing is terrible. It is even more terrible to eat the meat, not thinking it is delicious, not necessary for living. So to bind and obedience with contracts and treats should be a more embarrassing measure than killing and eating – this also goes through.

 However, the lines that Burche had so far were different from them.

 That's why I got over the charm of Chaga.

"Well, do not you think that this time is a good opportunity?

 When I was thinking in, my father issued strange things.

 Opportunity What is opportunity. As I say as hard-headed old people, will they say that they will be feminine from now on? However, my father recently praised Berthe's attitude toward hunting. It feels different.

"I think, originally you and Chaga did not match. There is also a difference in the arms of hunting, and the first temperament is too different. Why do not you look for another partner when the confiscated bow comes back? "

 The proposal was unexpected.

 Certainly Chaga is fresh. Bow and pursuit are poor feces, and it can not be said that they are enthusiastic about hunting themselves. Just as a toddler walks along a parent bird, it is just a man who just sticks to the butt's butt.

 It is a matter of course if you think about thinking of combining a hunter with another hunter that is not so reliable.

 With big hunting at Ryuga, it is not once or twice that I have worked with other hunters. Because of the judgment of the old people, those who are poor in skill can not be added to the mountain hunt. Chaga just accompanied her to her personal little hunt.


 Nevertheless, she continued to associate with him.

 Regardless of how far Barthe rushed, Chaga came along without fail, and he carefully listened attentively and carefully aside from being able to make use of it.

 As for any other guy, it is no use. It is true that both physical strength and bow arms are above him. However, looking from Bachee it is a good place to compare the acorn. Even so, they often complain that Burche is "habitual to women" when he plays an active part in hunting. If I let her say, it was my desire to painfully urge him to be "a man's habit". Even if it is weak, it is small and miserable in this way, is not Chaga who is hungry with guts far more masculine than it is?

「……It is disgusting. "

 So, that was her answer.

 Every hunter who can be seen Burche is an older man, and most of them have a wife or a girlfriend. It is impossible for Burche, who is a young daughter to come close to the vicinity, to come close to it, not only from the viewpoint of the law of the village but also from her morals.

 So, where is your father? He also has a friend who has been hunting for many years. It is impossible to release it and pair with my daughter, and I will not allow pride of their hunters.

 However, even if those impossibilities passed by mistake. After all it was good to have Bache and pair with Chaga.

 I finally understood it about yesterday. The partner that suits me is still charger. Hunting for her is too fast, and because of his youth, she has too much momentum. That is why it will be too late to get lost into the black forest. On that point Chaga has a thoughtfulness and cautiousness that seems to be wisdom of the forest instead of being hindered by the hunting arm. Because he is behind and will not let her go far, so he was hunting successfully until yesterday.

 Besides, he was the one who accepted her most hunting. Even when the burglar broke away, everyone else was reckless and rebellious, and only Chaga gave praise to Bachee's wisdom and courage. Even I heard about the situation before and after I knew how much she devised and devised how she fought with bears in unfamiliar habit.

 I thought of Chaga as my biggest understanding person and the best friend.

 And yet, as a hunter of the Witte tribe, it is more important than anything, it has changed how to engage with nature.

 That's why I can not combine it with chaga.

 But – Bachee did not want to associate with a man other than Chaga.

"Bachee, you … …"

 My daughter 's ears fall as hard as possible, with a daughter' s answer and a stubborn face.

"Well, just here, your bow will come back soon? In a recent forest's situation, I can not afford to leave as many hunters as you can. "

[You do?]

"Do you need to vomit a lie? ….However, this has conditions. Never go hunting alone for the future. Also like grandpa guys, I talk a lot in their mouths, but I buy your arms for some reason. That's the case this time. I want to avoid things because you are a good young man running around alone and knocking down. "

 In short, it would be necessary to have a basic unit serving.

"If it was, then I am sorry. A man of age who is not amusing to partner with me is too flimsy for me. If this happens to be bloody and it will be like yesterday, that will come over there as well. I die and the partner who I formed also dies. "

 It was just that the hunters who guarded the village would be dead at the same time.

 Therefore, Chaca which does not let such thing absolutely is necessary for Bache.

"Why do you think that you will hunt, why do you think so far? This girl … …. "

"It will be father's blood. Mr. Oppono also said "Parents and children together … …."And it came out with a blur. "

"That guy, what are you blowing over the child of Uch?"

 Well, then, my father returns.

No other options? There will be calls for big meals such as hanging in the village total, but it will not be possible to hunt anything else. And as I usually go out to hunt and do not train, my arms will continue to rust quickly. You will not be able to use anything and you will not be able to do hunters. "

 So somehow the buddies are found, the father says.

 Burche's answer was decided.

"Well, I will join Chaga once more."

“….. huh?”

 My father made my eyes round. The long ears are falling as much as to say that I suspect the ears.

 So Barthe said iteratively.

"I will combine with him again."

Don't be daft. I wonder if I broke up today because the way of thinking for hunting does not fit? Yet, you have to part with it? - Get back on the horse? – First rule of divorce: That's what she told you?

「Yes。 – I know that's what I said.I mentioned the idea to believe that I was right at that place in Chaga. Both will understand my affairs. I will make it again when that happens. "

– I don't know, how do drug mules look? Why do you insist on Chaga? Heitsu – "

"Because it's a man I need."

 To say, I notice.

 Oh, I carry a bow and arrow in my hand, if he is waiting in the back, I do not need anything else to hunt.

 If I had said that from the beginning, Chaga would not have done sad things to that wolf.

 In Bachese 's answer, my father looked up to heaven.

"Oh, Bachee … …. Absolutely not saying such lines outside. "

Of course, sir. It is good if only one person knows. "

No, no, no, you listen to me, okay? That's not it, it's not like that … "

 Say, shake your head several times.

 That father's gesture was strange, Bachee leaned over his little head.

 My father corrects her cowardice when he clears his throat. Friendly father dressed himself into an aged hunter in a blink of an eye.

「……Well, nice. If you have decided who you want to join, say that you are searching for a new one. However, I am a Witte hunter. I do not plan to make an artist who does not honor nature obediently to obedience the beast with an important daughter. Because it is a technique contrary to the providence of Elf, Mother of the village did not tell the children. So, if Chaga admits the mistake and does not return the wolf who used it to the forest, it will be recognized. That is the condition from me. "

/(adv) (1) very/extremely/(exp) (2) that is/He never works again so quickly.

 I knew so to say so, but I could not help being aware of the heaviness.

 It was because Chaga was also a villa and thinking for herself, he reached out to the magic outside the teaching. Unlike those who were innocent and pleased seeing the art, they would never have been a half-hearted feeling. It is also understood from the fact that he stated a strange dissent to Bacher's conviction.

 Although he is also weak, he is a proud Witte man. Could it be possible to accept this word? No, will you forgive Bachee who told him that he would not hunt anyhow in the first place? It was in front of the young people who came to see the things that were separated from him. In a place where there was a person's attention, the result of conscience and effort was negatively determined from a straight line. Your pride would have been hurt, and the trust he was sending to him might have been erased.

 /(int) excuse me! (when calling out to someone)/What if you say that you dislike me, trying to organize it again?

 If you think so, the hard feeling until a while ago, the body is heavy, and the uncomfortable feeling that the head hurts will attack.

 The eyes of Chaga that Burche knows are always calm and gentle. But even though I remember him now, only the color that stained me with that sorrow and puzzle comes to mind. With such eyes, what if you have been spoken of words like "let's stop it already"? No, as a matter of fact, Bacce has already exhausted sociability and may not do such a gentle refusal. Perhaps the next time I saw him was in his eyes may be a feeling of despair or disgust against a selfish woman.

 The eyes of Chaga in the imagination overlap with the monocular of Cyclops, which looked down at himself.


 As much as when I was killed by a demon yesterday, I am afraid beyond that.

 I anticipate that the scaffold that I believe is immovable until now will collapse.

 I felt as if my heart was caught deeply and the whole body was folded up there.

"Well, there's no need to be concerned about the answer that I have given out anything. If you change your mind, tell me. I can do as much as asking the hunter 's colleagues and turning their sons. Think slowly. After all, we have plenty of time on elves. "

 Saying, my father leaves the room.

 In a room left alone, Bachee unconsciously held his knees.

 Feelings fell without endlessly, and the ears dangle droopily.

「……What do I do…

 There is no power in muttering.

 The momentum towards searching for a new father 's mater was lost in the morning, and it was back to the bow of the original string.

 I do not want to go hunting with other than chaga.

 However, I am scared to go to see Chaga again.

 I thought what was wrong ……Even though I thought, I did not answer.

"Would you rather wait for Chaga to say something?"

 It is an idea of ​​bearish itself.

 However, it seems to be the best policy and it can not be helped.

 Anyway, it is today's yesterday, even if we decide to prepare soon, it is not necessarily the case. So let's wait. That time should be enough.

 Yes, there is time as my father says. There is enough time to postpone a decision to any extent.

No, no, no.

 Hurry and shake your head.

 Such a way of waiting is not waiting for the hunter. It is a waiting time for a hunter to read the path that the other person passes through, and hold the purpose. Even so, this is like a rabbit retracting into the nest with fear of the other. Nevertheless it was not a Burchet like choice in the forest.

 It is right to wait. However, it is necessary to decide the time limit and consider the action after it passes.

 Otherwise it would keep waiting forever, there was a fear that we could not bear it and would not be cranked.

Months.It is about "

 In consideration of his own temperament, Burche thought it was the limit it could wait.

 Months. After that, Chaga would have made some idea. Since he has unexpectedly stubborn things in him, it is hoped that he will change his opinion, but he should be able to digest his opinion. I must put together what I should say again before then.

 Why do not you come to see me from Chaga before a month passes? What would you do then?


 Too many things to think, my head was about to explode.

 I feel restless and my hands are fidget. If you think about doing something, you will not be able to move because you do not know what it will cause.

"Well then, I can not laugh at Mr. Dry …"

 I remember yesterday about my saved my life.

 When I was talking about an adventurer who she was bought it looked like it was unsettling like this.

 It's as if –

"Well, it is different! I thought such a thing to Chaga … …. "

 Shake out the idea that came into my mind, shake his head and shake her head.

 What Barche is seeking for Chaga is to become a partner for hunting again. So I want you to pick up from imitations that use wolves like demons, and choose the way of life that makes all things of the forest equal friends in the same way as yourself. Otherwise, I am too sad and my father does not recognize him – no, of course it is a buddy. There are no other reasons. There should not be, absolutely.

 ……Thoughts have passed and thoughts are flying up to strange things.

 While holding the shaking feelings, Bachee spends a lazy evening.

 There is no moon in the sky outside the window. It is the night of the new moon only of starry.

 Under this night sky, what is Chaga doing? I hope that you will think about the future of the two as well as you.

 And also dry. What are you thinking about the night of the forest alone, away from your friends?

 While thinking about a woman I met yesterday and a man who broke up today, Bachee waits for tomorrow with anxiety.

 While thinking about the days I spend such a night, if I do wrong, I will continue for another month.

 - Of course, it was not supposed to last so much.


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