Two weeks passed since then.

 The village of the Witte tribe is narrow. I wanted to avoid coming across with him at the place where I went, so that Bachee stayed home as much as possible. Just trying to eat waste at home, I got caught up, but I tried to learn leather work etc from my mother for handicraft, but I just do not do good at all, I will ruin the materials and tools. I'm good at getting leather from the prey I took, but my selfishness is still different.

 Hunting meets sex too. To do so, you must persuade Charga.

 The deadline and the remaining half until the month we decided.

 But, as it is, I will not be able to endure the next three days.

 I already have enough time. No, not yet, it's still early.

 The night of the full moon which was spending lengthening such a feeling of relaxing.

 - In a hurry, that happened.

 Suzuki, Burche raised her face to the earthy feeling like being tough with her.

「……/(aux) (1) it is assuredly that …/can say with confidence that …/(2) (ksb:) did not …/

 The house shakes, small fragments from the walls and ceiling pour into the room and the room.

 Is it an earthquake? No, no, no, you listen to me, okay? There was a sound like something heavy thing falling to the ground from somewhere. Such an event should not occur at the time of the earthquake.

 Suzune, and I heard that sound again.

 It's only my imagination? I feel that the sound has come from a little closer than before.


 No, it is not an illusion. That sound was certainly approaching here.

 It does not sound like a long distance.

 [ちかく] /proximity/vicinity/adjacent/close/approximate/closely (an)/At least I think I heard it from the village.


 This time the shake is even stronger. The sound is also great. In other words, it is close.


 Besides, if it is not your own misunderstanding –


 To this sound, do not hear it somewhere –

 ……I'm jealous.

 As soon as I heard a sound nearby, the moonlight disappeared from the windows and windows.

 Was the moon hidden in the clouds?

 In spite of this, Bachee embarks herself out of the window.

 ……Dark It was pitch black outside.

 Ridiculous. Although it is night of cloudy sky, there is no reason not to see the house beyond the window. Little Baache is a hunter. I have absolute confidence in my eyes. Never missed footprints of prey even in the mountains of the night.

 I wondered, I looked around and then looked up over the head.

 - It is a full moon.

 A round light is overlooking Bachee from above. But why is the dark so dark if the moon is shining?


 ……And, I notice.

 There are two full moons.

 No, one is not a moon. That light will occasionally disappear as if it blinks appears.

 I had seen it, it was light.

"Goog, … …"


 I remember the voice that came down from above.

 Yeah, it's starting to come back to me now.

 That light is an eye. And that gigantic blocked the moonlight, so the neighborhood is so dark.

 To the voice of fear raised by Bache, he narrows his eyes satisfyingly.

 - Cyclops' eye glow.

 That was the identity of the second full moon.

"Bache, what's wrong?"

"One thing, anything -"

 My parents who rushed to her scream in mind stopped thinking.

 Because, that would be so.

 Such a thing can not happen.

 This is a white birch forest. It is the place of rest of the Witte who was protected by the barrier given by the spirit of the trees. There can not be such monsters in there.

 No, as it appears … …It could not have been not noticed when passing through the barrier.

"Chi, Father! - Mother! Run away now! "

– I'll try. Hey mother, hurry! "

"Please wait, what happens -"

"Good thing!"

 I saw my father take me out of my mother and Barche moved out of the house.

 It was not from courage nor courage that the parents started to move since they left. However, I felt sorry for the fear I remembered, so I could not move it quickly.

(Move, moving! Eh, the elven hunters stopped being bound by fear -! )

 While leaning towards trembling legs, leave home to fall out.

 As if I had been waiting for it,

"Gu, ha, ha, ha! "

 The fist of the giant was erasing the birthplace of Bachee.


 Burche's body blows lightly and dances the air into the aftermath of the impact.

 While feeling that the heaven and the earth were replaced many times, I frantically rebuilt my body and prepared for my disappointment.

 PASSIVE: I hit the ground from my back and rolled and rolled down to reduce impact and get up.

 It was a gift of suppleness, reflexes, honed with hills as a hunter.

"Well, well our house … …!"

 Changing anger into warfare, turning horror down, and staring at the giant building.

 The tremor does not disappear, but it is not as good as it can not move. There is no bow and arrow, but unlike that time, there are father and other village members. She grabbed the back teeth strongly whether she was just afraid this time.

 My father, who came out ahead of me, came over there.

"Are you alright, Bachee?"

YesBetter than that, father, bow? "

"It began to blow away with the house … …. Although it was shit, how much it was, it was said that you could not bring it out! "

 What is it? What is a bow without parent and child hunter 's habit.

 In this way it is only a matter of fighting with unfamiliar magic or borrowing reserve of others.

 It is a disadvantageous situation against a terrible enemy. But Barthe does not despair yet. It is inexplicable to have invaded the village without leaving any reaction to the barrier, but this is our headquarters. Merging with villagers who should rush to hear a fuss and tap at once in multiplayer. Cyclops are difficult partners on a one to one basis, but weapons are only bulky and strong. If it keeps spiraling and sprinkling magic and bow and arrows, you can definitely defeat it.

"What is the current sound …?!?!? Here, Cyclops! What? "

That's a demon, son. The monster came out on the village! ! "

 A scream starts to rise from a nearby house. I noticed a commotion.

"Father, people come. Let's join them and fight. "

Yeah,I know,man.Mother, please go calling out to the house of the villagers. There is no reason to notice this fuss, but even if there is not a dull idiot, it is not limited either. "

"You, Bache … …!"

 It is a terrible story, but my mother is powerless to fight. It is a warm woman who does not resemble her husband or daughter. As my father says, it is a good answer to keep him away from the battle line under the name of a liaison.

 My father turns his face away from the mother of a crying face and raises his voice to the villagers.

"Listen! It is the appearance of wicked things to see! Why did it appear suddenly to the village, I do not know the details. But there is one thing to do for the proud Witte! It is to surrender those who are not providable and to protect the village and the well-being of the forest! Those who have a bow standing, chant those who know magic! "

"O, Oh!"

 The father's voice, an experienced hunter, seemed to calm the minds of neighboring people who had been upset in an instant.

 While deeply embarrassing the situation, Bachee sends out her mother.

"Saw, mother. On the street that Father sees "

YesBurche, be careful. I asked for this person. "

"I understand"「心得ております」Well! "

 Send off my mother running out and see the giant standing in the moon.

 Cyclops do not move. I looked at the mouth with its fangs, lifting both ends.

 ……Now he's laughing. To that recognition, the head of my head got hot again.

 What's so funny? Is it more pleasant to momentarily flutter less people?

 I will regret that growth. Bacher swears swiftly.

「……With that and dishonesty, I want to borrow two bows! Ours was damaged by the surprise attack. Who is the one who has a spare! What? "

"Whatever, the hunter is not talking about absurd … ….Who is the one with the replacement bow? "

"There is one in my house! (sighs) What else?

"Unfortunate, only things of our own"

"My house is a magician. I'm sorry but I do not have it. "

 The trouble is that the reserve for the bow is for one person.

 Barthe said.

"Please use your father. I have not returned anything picked up "

"A foolish girl. If you talk about the streak, there is no way parents can leave their children unchecked. "

"Idiots are you. Those who take the lead in this place, must take a bow. There is also an indication to those who follow it. "

 Given that, the bow was best used by the father.

 Also end up with elves with Bache. Even by fighting with magical power by nature, it will not go hand in hand.

 A father who is an excellent hunter to the people and is standing in a position to put together this place is suitable for taking a bow.

"Hey, it's a bow."

"Oh, thank you for letting me use … ….Bachese, have you come to be able to say things? I wonder if it will be the result of not getting hunt for a while and pulling blood off. "

 My father who says by pulling strings and checking the condition of the bow received.

You're joking. And you'd rather…

…ah. Is not it about time for the guy to start moving soon? "

 Have you escaped most noncombatants and waited until this preparation is completed?

 Cyclops delightedly narrowed the monocular.

"Goog, gu …! Gukhov ……! "


 While making laughter and earthquake, the giant stepped one step towards here.

(Are you walking?

 It runs slowly and does not attack, it comes slowly towards here.

 It was an action that did not determine the intention.

 Even though this is smaller than the enemy, there are a number of bow talents or magical users all. Go around and leisurely towards it, such as approaching the point of foolishness.

 I heard the noise of teeth in Burche 's ears.

 It may be what he set up, or it may belong to other elves.

"That monster, are you stupid here?"

「……Then, it is convenient. I will fold in a moment "

"We will reward you for our rewards, let's have life with you!"

 The warfare of elves is increased.

"Although it is a good opportunity, there is no deep progression. Both the heads come running. If we are alive this time, we will win. "

– I know.

"However, it is certain that despair is stinky … …All members, throw it down! Show off our stubbornness to the monocular of him! "

"" Ooooooooooooooooo! ""

 Arrow under the deck, arrows and magic riffs the night sky and fly.

 Burche also joined this with the attack magic chanting for the first time in several years.

 Giants – especially Cyclops – are, in fact, weak against magic. It is because the intellect is low, the spirit is immature, and there is little magical power. This is why it has no power of demons, which is often found in other monocular monsters. Still because of the robust life force, it is difficult to break down with a single wizard.

 However, what was rolled out now is the magical elven tribe technique. It's more than ten at the same time. If you receive this in a fishing bottle, there is no crowd even though it is a tough, massive body.



 At that moment, Bachece saw.

 The magical powers launched at the same time landing, just before that, a thin translucent light film spread around the cyclops.

 Magic explodes. However, it is before the Cyclops' skin.

 An arrow is played. Before shooting the target again, something was played in the air.

 thyroid gland. As a result,

"Goog, … …"

 [むしょう] /intact/

– Bullshit.

"Yes, now … …Do you protect the magic! What? "

"« Protection »to« Magic shell »»!?!

No way. It's a giant without intelligence! What? Magic can not be used! "

 The monsters ridicule the elves who disrupt the mysterious reality.


 And one more step was taken.

"Hit …… !?"

"Do not be afraid! Even if you defend magic it is not infinite! Continue striking! "

 Bacher's father inspires frightened companions.

 - She's not gonna get any better intel than that. Somehow, I must survive that magical defense and take down the giant.

"Among the magicians, is there anyone who can release that defense magic !?"

That is…When that size and strength become such, it is woven with considerably strong magical powers. Even if you try to cancel from here, you must first attenuate it to some extent. "

"In the end it's only to keep going!I will do it again! "

"" Oh, hoo! ""

 Total attack of another once more by wielding the wiltedness.

 While adding to it, Burche thinks.

– That's not right.I can not see the figure of Chaga)

 Two weeks ago, a friend who did an awkward separation. That is not here.

 No, not only in this emergency the number of people gathering is too bad. It is only the inhabitants around where Cyclops was attacked. Reinforcements should arrive soon, and the chiefs of the village's best strengths should not be able to keep this situation at such a high level.

 Again, attacks that were released in doubt are ineffective.

"Good morning, good guess! "

 While deepening the tasteful smile, Cyclops is one step further.


 The earth trembled like shaking the struggle heart itself.

 The closer you approach it, the overwhelming this body. Salt, which fell from its mouth, jumps to the ground with a bite.

 One of the young elves screamed at the sight.

"Hey, hey … …Hey! What? What else do other people do! What? The chief! What? What are the chiefs doing at this time now! What? "

"Here! - Easy, easy. Easy, motherfucker.

 Burche scollets while screaming for the doubts held in the mind, while keeping its inner mind.

 However, the young man trembled back and retreated.

"Can this calm down Birce !? Oh, we can win such a monster! What? "

"Someone calm him …! ….Can not I still cancel the barrier of the guy! What? "

"Well, it is useless! There is not even a disturbance in the operation ceremony yet! Shit, what kind of stupid muscles are knitting! What? "

 Magister 's reply is also a scream.

 While toying this helpless, the bulk broke the full moon again.

 A shadow falls around the elves.

"Go, go, go … …! "

"Will not open …?I will retire once! While guiding you out of the village, try to join with others! "

 My father tells me so, but do you think that even though I himself, I think that there is a surplus? The expression was stiff and fatigue was stained with fat sweat.

 Reinforcements that do not appear at all. Especially what is the absence of the chief who is a spiritual pillar and is also the strongest magician in the village. As the answer to that question flickers for a long time since,

 - Doo Won … ….!"

 In the long ears of the elves, a sound like a distant thunder was heard.

Oh, my God!

"Cyclops attack, it is not. The current sound is from far away … "

 - Doo Won … ….!"

 Next time, another explosion from another direction.

 At the same time, the flame rises from the back of the village on the other side of the Cyclops body.

No way

 Bertie realized its meaning with shivering.

"Not only here … …Do you even say that the villages are being attacked? What? "

  ※ ※ ※

 It goes back a little bit.

 The headmaster who was doing daily routine in a room of a lodging house raised his face as soon as he noticed something.

 Deep legal lines are engraved on the neat facial features like Elf, and wrinkles are engraved on the eyes. It is a long-lived species that is supposed to live a thousand years of youth, the color of this darkly appearing old. How long have you passed since then?

"Okanaga, Mr. Baba"

 A calm, deep voice resonates indoors with a slight tension.

 There is only one person in there. Well then, if I think of myself,

"- Let's say that stop calling, boy."

 Before his eyes, appearance of a woman elf, appearing in a transition at a reachable distance.

 This is a youthful figure in contrast to the chief. In terms of humans, it is around the latter half of twenties. Elves will keep their appearance for the first half of the twenties for a long time, so it must be an older elf, but she is called long-sama, she calls him a boy.

"Is Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Obama? It is such a figure from my earliest days. Besides, from a source, it will be the first time to stop calling me a boy. "

"Hmm, I do not know the madness so doing so it is a boy, so long ……Besides, the Lord also noticed that he called a girl? "

 After finishing the usual exchange of experience between the two people, Mr. Mr. Mr. Ogura made a striking eye and said it.

 The chair calls.

"There was a rise in disturbing magical power in the village. From the twist of the spacetime in the sky that I feel on my skin – "

"A large summoning, is it?"

…ah. Perhaps someone's invasion. I do not know how to escape the barrier of the forest, but it is certain that he is trying to control his village by attracting his strength. "

 It is a serious situation. Perhaps the enemy had prepared a fighting force that would just let a citadel city built by humans be caught, as a result of the scale of the operation that the man had sensed. It is that there was not such a big importance in the history since the Witte family lived in this white birch forest.

"Is your opponent a human? I hear that those who are good at exploring, called adventurers, will occasionally come out of the barrier and enter the forest … …No, this is not the size that humans can exercise. "

"I do not know. Were there any extraordinary magicians in humans, elves of other places corrupted and ran ill-fated, or old demons revived ……Either way, there is no answer in this place. Squirrel is useless "

(It's to be expected……

 To Mr. Long's words, Mr. Mr. Akira likes it. What is needed now is not the identity of the poor. Punish enemies towards village promptly and save clans.

"Well, will you tell foolish outsiders? Who and who is in this village? "

"I'm counting on you, Mr. Mr. Mr. Baba. Healing, teacher "

"Ho ho! That name is also long time ago. If you say so to your indigenous disciples, your nose will rise. Great.

 Words to go, and go on,

"Combanwa, and a mass, greetings"

 It was stung by a strangely flat voice.

「! - What mistress?

 The door of the room can be quietly opened to the voice whose voice is sharp.

 What was standing there was a small woman who lowered her head.

 It is the face of a young woman who calmed down that the elaborately arranged parts symbolize. It is a beautiful face that invites viewers' admiration as if based on the golden ratio of shaping. The floating expression is empty than saying that it is calm, yet it smells a young child somewhat unfamiliar with something. Silver rugged handcraft similar to silver breastplate on the body. It also exposes the belly of the skin to boldness, wearing a skirt with a large slit, but it is a fight prepayment without confusion. Also when you look closely it is also armored by the foot until the knees of the foot. Strange is an earring that stretches to push the luxurious platinum blond hair. It is a metallic covering if you look carefully that it is a corner or a long eyed elongated ear in the far eye. It seems that the ear can not be heard at this point, but the woman seemed not to feel inconvenient.

 The woman slowly raises her face. And I opened my eyes that I was lying down, and exposed the supernatural golden eyes to them.

"Hajimemashite, and I introduced myself and trout. My name is Fem, Death. Opus 05, also known as mass "

「……Why did you come here? What happened to those who had stopped before coming here? "

 To the repeated question, the woman who is named Fem tilts his neck with awkward motion.

"Syntax error, Death. Ask questions one by one, please massage "

"Eee, boy! Where do you ask questions? What? Outside who appeared in the long living room at such a time, it is determined to be the enemy's one taste! "

 The length is also noticed to Mr. Mombasu who interrupts frustratingly.

 Indeed, during such a situation, it appeared so far without interruption. I do not know the affiliation of this woman, but it is most likely to be an enemy.

 Fem replied.

"Correct answer," and scoring and trout. Currently, we are in a military action and the target is the death of the elves in the area concerned "

"After all! You – no, you, who are you! What? "

"Do not be silent, answer, mass. Currently, that information is restricted and mass "

 And she pulled the right fist and protruded the left hand and took a stand.

 It is the stance of manual fighting. A woman's fighter is unusual, but he has just pushed straight in. The long guesses that the ability will be extraordinary. It seemed to be a considerable difficult enemy.

"But -"

"- The purpose of stopping is obvious, only you do not have to do it! «Greater · Teleport»! "

 Just before the war end is opened, the magic team of metastasis spreads to the floor.

 Metastasis with omission of chant is accompanied by danger, but the destination is in a village where we know things without permission. There can not be anything in everything, such as mis-setting of coordinates.



 The transition magic team loses light without exerting its effect and eventually disappears.

 ……It is disturbance. Movement with metastasis had already been prevented.

 With this, I can not head to the rescue to the village which is indeed in a danger. Anxiety arises in the two people's face.

"Simultaneously with contact with I, I developed disturbance … … …Battle evaluation test, start massaging! "

 And, do not miss the gap of its upset, Fem's fist flutters and flies.

 The aim is long.


 On the verge of a direct hit, somehow take the barrier with spells of "defender" magic.

 Although it is a non-chant, it is a guard that an elf's high-ranking magician spun. It was not easily penetrated – it was not done, but a heavy shock was transmitted through the barrier. And the long body flew back behind without killing it.

 The hard feeling of the wall on the back. It is also a momentary thing, a crushing sound echoes with severe pain,

"- Boy!"

 While listening to Mr. Mr. Masaru's sama's voice, the chief is flashed out.

 Body slides, visibility is upward. Starry skies above all turn into meteors. No, it is myself who is flowing. Because it is blowing off with a tremendous momentum, everything in sight will pass away at high speed. The chief who realized the end of this time casts magic while panting in pain and oxygen deficiency.

"« Protection »!

 Activated not the instantaneous ultrahard barrier but the continuous physical interference mitigation. At the next moment when the magical film wrapped around the circumference, it crashed into the trees, broke off, repeated it several times, and the long body jumped to the ground.

 Mulch leaves are rolled up and fall down around.

 While distorting the beautiful old elder 's face with mud and distressing himself in pain, the chief managed to wake up. If you shoulder the crushed shoulder with trees, heal it with magic and restore it, it sucks air into the lungs that had been squeezed and empty.

"Hooh, hooh ……Uggie "

 Was there a lot of blood mixed in the respiratory tract?

 ……It was a long time. If development of «protection» was delayed, it seems that the body was crushed into shattered pieces this time and was scattered as fertilizer in the Mother Forest.

 And I was fortunate enough to leave the house. In this case there is a possibility that disturbance of metastasis has not worked. It is painful to leave a magical teacher and a mother who kept protected from childhood since childhood, but it is a worry of the village that should give top priority as chief of this forest.

 At the moment when I tried to transfer with disgust,

"- Wasted, Death"

 Shock impacted by the thruster.

 Again the soil of the forest gathers over and a storm of earth and sand is blowing.

 The pursuant wakes up on the ground where the cone tumbled like a fallen shape, with its tip.

 Needless to say, it was Fem. Do you even say that you came flying to this place from the hole of the wall that you emptied yourself? It's okay if it's a stupid power fist shot ahead of us, and what kind of physical body can you imitate like this?

"Declaration and trout declare that disturbance is spreading over a wide area. To the strategy area, go shissein "

 At the same time as the rain of the hoisted earth and sand stops, Fem plays the fist again.

 On the contrary, the chief laughed fearlessly.

"Should I aim for myself?"

"From the measured magical powers etc., the threat level is judged to be higher for you, the trout mass"

"Is it left? But this has got me gone. "

 Turn the palm towards the length and take the stance of magic warfare.

 The enemy came priority to this one. Then, Mr. Vacation – My master is left in that place.

 She is also an old village of the village, its seat. If so, I will judge calmly and will help you towards the village's relief. You live a life – not to forget it, but you can stop this opponent.

 So the village is saved. He put a great deal of trust in his master.

"- Certainly, is that so? And doubt the trout "


"Excuse me, and I apologize and trout. Shita with unnecessary remarks for now "

 I feel the anxiety spreads in my chest to the words of a woman who dressed.

 Come on in. Are not you overlooking something serious?

 I will not give up that question, Opus 05 · Fem declares.

"Battle evaluation test, continue. Mass expecting significant data "

  ※ ※ ※

「……Do not die, Boy! "

 An elf woman called Mr. sama was jumping out of the room as Fem saw that he left himself and pursued his chief. I feel regretful that I can tighten my heart to spend countless years and to abandon disciples who have brought together villages together. Running to help him here is an insult to its way.

 Her disciple is the head of a village. A man who has kept forest order and people's livelihood even if it changes to myself, has been living forever with pride in it. Then, when he can not go to rescue the village, it is the mentor's duty to go on his behalf.

"Cut … …"

 Nevertheless, tears float in the eyes of a mother who is also called a great wise man in the woods.

 The chief will die, mostly. Magician does not have avant – garde and it hits the owner of such strength. There is no chance to cast the high-level technique that will become the trump card, and it is the Sekiyama that becomes a miserable slayer. The providence of cruel battle had already led his losses.

 No, if he is a surgeon like him, he may be able to open his way with a non-casting magic casualties. The enemy is a fisting fighter with five bodies as a weapon, even if it gives a pain to the foot even if it dulls movement and kills the fighting power greatly –

 It is light sweet expectation. However, if you do not lean on such expectations, it is difficult for you to stand. It is a cute disciple, now a boss, a comrade, and … …No, let's stop it.

 There is no time to be worthy There is no time to indulge in feeling. What we need now is a cold and clear decision. Based on the situation before and after, it is thought to obtain the optimal solution to maintain the village's survival. I have to abandon my desire to think of disciples, now I must act as "Mr. Mr." who leads village.

 I remember himself to be calm.

 And when it calms down …I notice.

「……It is strange. "

 The village 's mansion is quietly restless. If this is usual, I am going to learn little satisfaction with the desirability of tranquility as elf, but now it is different. The hands of the enemy are extending to the long room.

 Who stuffed in the mansion has wiped out? However, there is one inconsistency.

 Raiders, how to fight a woman named Fem. It was a cruel thing far from sophistication that I left to stupidity. Kill House in that way, if the matter long and they should not.

 In other words, there are at least two people who attacked the mansion. Fem and one more person, someone else.

 Is it a surgeon who summoned at the village? However, if so, it is too busy. It is bad setup, such as attacking a man in the mansion as an inexpensive payment of Fem and reaching to the villa with its foot. Multiply the raids to the village, if caught during the event, here are their time is gone.

 In other words …At least, there is another one. Another fem who is too conspicuous when fighting and another raider who can perform a quiet killing apart from the fellow who made a raid on the village.

 That time.

 - Go for it.

 A corner at the end of the aisle, there was a sound from over there.

 Something heavy thing fell to the floor.

– What's that?

 I misunderstand only in the mouth and carefully look there.

 It is no coincidence that the furniture of the mansion has fallen by chance. Someone moved and made a noise. What is that beyond?

 A time that does not panic also flows for a while. Mother Mother came here and cursed herself.

 There is no need to obediently go through the aisle and get out of the entrance. It would have been better to go out directly from the hole in the wall. That is because there is a fear that fem will be perceived by escape.

 In any case, there is no choice but to hit something coming from across the corner. Turning away from me now, fortunately it may be jumping over there.

 Silence that makes my ears hurt. Something crawls from behind the aisle by breaking it.

 Baba tried to release magic toward it,


 I unexpectedly rounded my eyes.

"Ah … ….Ah …… "

 It appeared with a dry groan, which fragmentally looked like an elf. My ears are long and my hair is gold.

 But at the same time it is not an elf at all.

 Skin dry skin, losing gloss, thin body like dead tree.

 It was surely dead that it was supposed to be that it was weakened and withered to be alive. But it is moving though it is dead.

 Undead, is.

"Lesser Vampire, see you …?

 In spite of myself a stuttering voice leaks.

 Lesser Vampire. Vampire fails to compromise. A vampire suffered a living blood and a person who was missing fitness got it, or it could be revived by giving blood to the corpse, it is a loss of pathetic death.

 That such a person is, that is –

"Hey, your favorite!"

 Something new will emerge to prove confidence.

 Apparently it is a young man with neat facial features. It can be said that there is elegance. I put my sleeves through upper and lower formal dresses and I am dressed in a cloak winged by a bat. That figure was even more humorous, tracing the tradition of vampires spread in the street.

 So vampire. It is a high-ranking vampire with intellect, parent of Lesser Vampire.

"Vampire, is that road class !?"

 As a compliment to the voice of astonishment, the vampire laughs. From the mouth to that beat, a long extended canine tooth peeps.

"It is correct answer again!" Well, you understand it! This bleeding from my body, aura of night nobility? I mean, whoa! I am glad you can meet someone who has eyes! It is a worth going out for the first time in a long time, elves sister? "

 Then stretch out the cloak's skirt with fluttering and dance as you roll. It is a clownful gesture, but I can not afford to laugh at myself.

 Vampire, it is also a road grade, it is a threat to the extent that it is a superb operator, no matter how single. It is a monster who murdered the mansion of the house without distracting himself to the chief or himself. No matter how ridiculous behavior it was, it was a monster that made no laugh at all.

 If you are worrying carelessly, the monster stops moving,

"But, she is a bit disappointing … …. As I said that witnesses will not appear in the barrier behind the forest, I was able to get it …. The villain of a favorite is a senior 's job and this is a stupid house and a toy – men' s opponent. This is a long house, is not it? Well, good luck with it.Virgin(Okobo)Is not it good to have a elder lady? No, elves have poor fertility. Those who are long, Make beans make children. Nevertheless, from the moment I meet the person I meet, every time this guy is a man and nothing non – virgin ……Well, since I killed, I sucked, so it seems unlikely that any of these will become lesser again. I do not know even if Kiyoshi is mixed in my case. Besides the corpse, the taste of blood was good – ne! "

 What do you think if you think that it is bitches and grumbling, hit the heel against the neck of a lesser subordinate?

 Elf who was sucked blood into a killed thing and ended up as a moving corpse, this time it is a real dead body ……Even so, it turned into ash and disappeared.

「……It is intangible "

"Ahahahahahahaha! But, lucky ~ ~ ~ っ! ! What was left at the end of the last was a beautiful elven sister! Hey, is your sister a virgin? But I will not kill you but I will smoke the living blood? If it is now, then I will give you plenty of love after all! What? - Congratulations, dude. – Congratulations.

 It was a unique way of talking about manic depression swapping violently. Do not be disarranged, Mr. Momoka strongly beware of it. If swept away, you will suck blood without doing anything. Because Vampire Road and other tribes have such performance difference.

"I was born unhappy and dead, but my husband and son also did. I do not comply with your expectations. "

"Nanada, sorry ….Did you die? Elves are not just children but children? Fu – – "

 The unknown vampire moves Soon and his nose to say so.

"- Your older sister, you smell a lot of old souls? At least about 2 thousand years? I am stupid. No matter how much you are an elf, if you live so much you will grow old. "

"From the previous time, it was a bad rule to hit a girls rude mouth"

 While talking, I feel that cold sweat does not stop. I can not imitate wiping it. If you show a gap, you can do it. However, if this finds a gap between the opponents in reverse, or.

 Vampires are at the price of their strength or weaknesses. If you break it you have a chance of winning.

"Take care of yourselves, get up with the corpses dressed. Two thousand years you guessed …I will let you grab the weight again. "

「……Ah, ha! Haha! Ha ha ha ha ha! ! "

 Vampire responded with a crazy lol, to Mr. Baba 's voices.

 Its eyes glowing brightly and glowing red.

"No no no! After all I am not lucky! In such a place like this! I can not find a clue for the purpose of the master! What? It's good, is not it good? It's soooo good! In addition the older sister is also very lucky! Perhaps, she may not be killed or breathed! What? Well, there is a high possibility of encountering more serious eyes though! Oh, after all, your older sister is unlucky? What? "

 And the fancy phases that exposed the fangs.

 Mr. Mr. Mr. laughs hard with this.

 Do not let the vampire fight as it is calm. Their horrors are in shaking the power of monsters with human intelligence. Let's go crazy, starve, writhe up to humanoid beasts, hunt and kill, but a good plan. And hunting is also the head of the elves.

 - Now, the beginning of monster hunting.

 She made a fierce fighting spirit that did not suit it to a young face.

  ※ ※ ※

 Elves are hunted.

 The village was overflowing with demons.

 Tiger – Manticore with a head similar to men like blasphemy and a wing with a bat.

 Snakes that winkle countlessly many heads – Hydra.

 Cockatrice with scaly bulky cock that leaks poisonous color sigh.

 Other augers, trolls, Warwolf for Wa Tiger, Dia Wolf ……

 Monsters who are either stained by a demon or born from the dark are coming to rush.

 Elves, humans, beasts kill, all the adversaries against life.

 Monster's hordes.

 Those fearful threats come and those who standing behind will hear that footstep from behind.

 - Season.

 Cyclops that still enchanted unguarded defense what kind of surgeon was spelled.

 As we remembered occasionally from behind, we are pressing closer.

 The monocular giant is as if he is a crowd. I have thrown out the prey before the shooter and let me kill him altogether.

 It is good if the called monsters kill those who meet the conditions from being driven away.

 What is said to be happening now in this village, that is it.

 I said

 Elves are hunted.

"- Hunt. It is not surprising, it is not impatient "

 A woman squirrels his eyes without a scar on the scourge under his eyes.

 Her terrible ridicule melted in the night sky without being asked by anyone.


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