「……«Sanderspears» っ! "

 A spear of Shiden emitted from the palm of the long runs in the sky.

 A hasty ruined thick light streak. The enchanted magical power, and the power is just how it is.

 That speed is literally that of lightning. Even the wind is late and ridiculous blows hit the target without giving up.


 Fem's body was shocked for a moment by leaking a strange groan upon the electric shock flowing throughout the body.

 However, it approaches the chief by shaking it off with full effort. That catastrophic fist is drawn out again.

"Attack, mass!"

 The atmosphere was exploded.

 The fallen leaves dance, the leaves of trees flutter and fly. Although the fist pressure of the fist was covered by the back shell, the slender arm of a woman creates a wind storm that hits the forest.

"« Brink move »……!」

 As long as the forest landscape is distorted, the long body disappears and then appears again behind the fem after a moment.

 It is not a transition to a different space but a high-speed movement that bends the space and drives a short distance. Unlike metastasis, obstruction is difficult here. Although it can be used for sudden evasion … …Consumption is large. Originally the interference with space is the magic range. If it is repeated a number of times, the magical power will naturally be scraped away too quickly. «Blink Move» is essentially a technique that is avoided when the difficulty of acquisition and consumed magical power do not match for the effect that is demonstrated. Many years ago, Mr. Mr. Mashi who was a teacher got worn by being told that "It is useful when you remember any magic", but thanks to him, I barely got a life.

 [もっとも] /reasonable/proper/natural/justifiable/I do not know how far I will have it.

「……Ugly little bastard.

 The elven chief living from ancient times mourns shudderly, as people set the calendar.

 Looking at the aftermath of the power of the fist attack, the ground is rolled and the tree is lying. Even if such a thing is a blow, if it hurts, if it breaks meat from there, it breaks the bone and it is unable to fight. On the other hand, the opponent received the magic of this many times and it seemed that there was no damage to touch.

 What is absurdity? However, if you do not surpass that absurdity, the chief will die. The village can not be saved.

"Listen again, who are you?"

 The chief asked Fem.

 All the magic here is a direct hit from the past. In other words, it is not being protected by the kind of defense dress that plays magic. To the end it is endured only by its own robustness, the long attack. Such a woman can not be a human, much less an elf as yourself. I do not want to think, is it a demon? Or is it the appearance of a bad dragon's incarnation?

 Fem does not answer, he sets his fist again.

"Data, verification. Deviation, correction. Pattern, change. … ….Reflect learning outcome, test, mass! "

"Do not you have ears to hear, are you!?"

 And the startling rapture.

 When thinking about the appearance of Fem, the fist that flew away quickly, the fist, the fist.

 right the left. right the left. right the left. Avoid long to the right and fem there left, left, left -!

 It was intense, but it was roughly edited and it struck and changed, and it is light but sharp consecutive attack. Although it reduced the weight of a blow, it is the stiffness that makes the former reminiscent of the giant. The fist that is brought in with the rain catches the long body to avoid in a moment and scrapes the flesh with bird burial.

"Goka …… !?"

 Do not endure «Blink Move». I turned around behind – turned. Rotating trajectory like dancing. Grace to the brutality. Restart attack, before that, move a lot again. Fem as it predicts as we predicted. Fem follows the exorbitant three consecutive momentary move exercises. Is it being read? The fourth time is not in time. Prevent, prevent, and prevent!

"Dude,« Defender »っ !!」

 The barrage of the fist rushes into the enchanted barrier magic. Fireworks and sparks splash into the collision of the magical wall and the metal armor.

"But, ah, ah ah!"

 The ground of the long feet is carved and scooped and carved a rut behind. I can not kill the shock. The barrier screams. In this way any of the defenses will be crushed and the length behind it will be beaten and beaten.

 However, there is a few seconds delay. There the chief saw the victory.

"« Answer! Thunder thunder in heaven, electric shrine of the earth! Gather here now and make my own contradiction! »"

 Regular casting will be the first time this battle begins.

 Until now it has been pressured by the fight of Fem and has been forced to fight with only techniques that can be used without chanting.

 However, now that Fem has chosen a fast series of shots rather than a heavy blow and caused slight antagonism against the barrier, there are opportunities for casting even though it is a few seconds.

"« Make manifestation, the majesty of the eight hundred thunder storms! Take my opponent and defeat our enemies! »"

「! Sensei, Sen! "

 Raging Magical Power, Lightning Electric Light.

 Besides, realize the long intention, Fem gets a big fist.

 Switching again to the batting target style, it will be a complementary step that shoots through the length of the barrier that entered with that ridiculous power.

 The chief laughed. Either way, it's the same thing. A heavy one requires a reservoir. A momentary sump to fully demonstrate its power.

 At that moment, enough to complete the chant is enough.

"« I, I will make an indiscriminate here with the priestess! - Keravnos »っ! ! "

 The fist crushes the barrier and the fragments of the glass-like light dance.

 At the same time, the long magic was released.

 Even though he did, the strongest technique is.

(Mori yo ……Do not allow me to defeat the enemies unless it is such a ceremony)

 A moment where life and death intersect and is stretched to the extent that it seems to be infinite.

 Among them, the chief was repentant.

 The power of this technique also threatens the forest to protect. But you can not protect it unless you use it.

 An enemy is a monster who does not even magically perform moderate though it is a non-chant. Then, if you use the highest magic, you can not destroy it. And if we destroy this enemy, we can not protect the villagers and the forest.

(I will overwhelm my torture. Let me protect you by protecting you! )

 The power of the lightning strikes released. If the preceding «Sanderspear» is a ruin castle hammer, this is like a debris flow. It could bend the space even with the magnetic field of the discharge, it became a torrent of flash and swallowed the fem and baked the field of vision.

  ※ ※ ※

"What's the top electric shock magic?" In the forest? … ….The head of white elves is also indisputable without being distinguished. "

 She muttered with the moon behind the village above the village.

 Its appearance, wearing a hiding dress, is not nice to be seen in the eyes, even if it is an elven hunter.

 Under that eyes, electric shock ruts baked the forest grandly and were burning fire here and there. A wildfire is a fire.

"Well, whatever the opponent is. Even I can not compete. Nonetheless, it must be a talk that is not closed. "

 The woman smiles, stubbornly.

 The elven, who is protected by the forest, has a long body, even more than that, but she bakes its own forest at the end of it. She was ironic, comical and could not resist laughter anyhow.

 But I can not keep myself laughing. Even for their purpose, the occurrence of fire was not favorable. Cautiously screened prey, when wounded on fire, died, there are neither former nor child. Also how deep in the depths of the forest, if it flares loudly, there was the possibility of being hit by monkeys without hair that are outside the forest.

 I need to take some action quickly.

 When a woman thinks a little, she smiles as much as to say that a good idea has come up.

"Well, yes. Literal water entrance – "

  ※ ※ ※

 I saw that light, Mr. Baha.

 A striking lightning that strikes the eyes from the ground. I instinctively recognize the identity and she stares my eyes.

Hey, little man.You used that! "

 Her heart was complicated.

 A sympathy for a man who lives with compassion for trees for a long time burning enemies on its own.

 A repentance to my powerlessness that I did not help until I made such imitation.

 And I believe that he should have won because I used that one.

"Uhua … ….Are you the top magic of a stroke? Honest stone is the head of the elves, I remember amazing things! Is it OK though? I let go of such a blast in the forest. Hey, the tree burns and it's becoming a forest fire? "

 A vampire man says so and makes a tribute.

 It is the soil of his forest that he is stepping on. So, how long have you stayed with them? There is not such a place already. It is a battlefield of high elves and road-class vampires. It is decided that it has disappeared without a trace by the aftermath of the magical shootout.

 Mother bore a vampire glaringly.

"Oldness is … ….Or you tell it! What? "

"Wow, I am terrible!"

 While fingering the fingers of both hands beside the face, I am scared exaggeratedly with Iya. The vampire was playfully played by no time.

 But this vampire is playfully playing, so Mr. Mr. Masa is long. Elves are naturally excelled in magical power by nature, but vampires also have physical abilities in addition to that. If it is ordinary one to one, it is a game that should have already been defeated.

 The other party thought so. Vampire shrugged his shoulders as soon as he stopped the surprised swing.

"- With, ia. My sister, how long will it last? Could it be, do you think that I will become ash in the morning sun if I wait until dawn like this? "

 Unfortunately, I do not think so.

 Self-regenerating ability of Vampire Road is extraordinary. Even if you receive the light of the day that becomes a weak point, you will be able to do any tricks that will recover from the damaged end. And above all, I have kept magical battle with Vampire until then, and I am not confident that magical power is not exhausted.

 Momma pushes anxiety and laughs bullishly.

"Hm. You do not have to wait so long. That throwing «Keravnos», that is, the long victory. Ayatsu goes to rescue the village. And I will come back here as soon as I can. Whether it will be long, it will not be a long way to go until dawn, "

– No shit. Well? 'Oh, yeah? '

 Vampire laughed at Nitanita.

"Is that so? Is that really true? If so, I guess, it seems strange that we also have no movement? "

"Cut … …"

 That's right. It is a force which goes through the birch birch forest barrier and attacks the village with a large summoning technique. If it is magical to that extent, it will be possible to make a misunderstanding, and it is not amusing to have a dress for communication as well. If an emergency occurred, it was supposed to keep in touch.

"Well then, are you going out with me as you wish? It is not fun to check if you really come back! … ….«Shadow Lance»! "

 With a scream with ridicule, a massive shadow jumps out with a spear and approaches the mother. Multi – attribute magic with darkness magic plus sky attribute manipulating virtual presence. It is an advanced technique with rare attribute superimposed on attributes. It is like being vampire road which is aristocrat of the darkness, to manipulate it without difficulty by chanting omission.

 Of course, Mr. Mr. Masaru is not going to accept such a thing by being reluctant.

"« Light Ray »…!!

 What got stuck from the palm is light bundled thickly. It will penetrate «Shadow Lance» and try to penetrate the vampires standing next.

 The shadow is reasonable to disappear by light. If you shoot each other, the light will be better. And the vampire is a dark family. Although it is not as much as the sacred magic that people do well, it can expect to hurt … …So I thought.

 Light streaks are sucked into the vampire's chest,

"Wow !! … ….What is it! Did you think that it worked? Hahahahahah! "

 It disappears without expressing any effect.

 Is clothing a ceremonial dedicated to magic defense, or is it superior to magical resistance as it is from high magical power … ….I do not want to think, but both of that.

(Fake Monster ……!)

 Mr. Morning glares at the monster standing several meters ahead of the thought of chewing his umbilicus.

 Light that does not belong to the four great spirits of the geothermal winds is a magic that enters the incompatible class for elves. Although she was the best user in the village, it is still not enough to pass effective damage to the vampire without casting.

 I need something else to beat this monster. Something just to push the vampire's weakness and kill it with a blow.

"Well, what should I do? Increase the power of magic one more step? "

 A smile of vampire 's allowance got shocked for a moment.

 He takes his fingers on his cheeks and scoops something.

"Hah… rain

 Watching the words as a signal, water droplets drip out from the sky and the sky.

 Rain started to fall.

(Rain, okay?)

 Momoka blinks her eyes.

 Today is the full moon. Until the past, the clouds were not hanging. Yet, rain?

 Looking at it, black clouds rapidly spread to the night sky, trying to cover and cover the moon.

 Momba ignored her inexplicability daringly.

 - If she is usual she should have noticed somewhere that someone did a massive weather operation.

 It is Tensuke. This rain will kill the forest fire of the aftermath of the battle.

 No, it is now the first time to manage this vampire. So Mr. Moba will start singing.

"« Drips dripping from the sky, flowing across the ground. Ordinarily ordered the purity of water! »"

「! That spell! What? "

 Vampires show up harshly bluntly.

 That's life.

 Now, what she is advocating is a spell calling for the water spirit. It is not impossible to make a huge stream of water here, if it starts to rain and responds to a suddenly lively spirit.

 AndVampires are vulnerable to running water.

"« In response to our voice, wash every unclean, wash it clean! »"

"And, stop it! Stop it! ! "

 As soon as weak points are likely to be challenged, Mr. Baba laughs at a vampire who pleads unequivocally.

 If you have time to do such things, you should jump in and hinder the casting.

 - Were you a rotten body, rotten to brain miso?

"« Hydro Stream »っ !!」

 From the end of the tense, the torrents rush. Even white water flowing in the dark night floods everything in front of us.

"Hey guys !! Oh, I do not even have rain! ! But, it drips! What? "

 Even the vampire and the cry of the curse, all sank in the water.

"Hey, Kuhaha! Although it was immortality, it seems that years have not passed since then … "

 Mombasu who unravels the stance to release the art and breathes with his shoulder.

 I felt the body's strength suddenly weakened. It is a lack of magical power.

 The other party is a vampire. He tried to surmount a considerable area so as not to miss the flowing water, which is one weak point. The price was the depletion of this sudden magical power.

"Why …?Why … ?. And the year, I do not want to do … …Well, alright "


 To tell the truth, she had another cause of this fatigue,

"No, no maneuver – "

 The magic melts.

 Rebound using forced magic, and lack of magical power, the maneuver which started from the beginning disappears.

 The rain kept coming down as if washing off the makeup.

  ※ ※ ※

(fumu. It is about time soon? "

  ※ ※ ※

 Soozo, and the footsteps of the giants sounded.

 The battle in the village continues in the rain that has fallen sharply.

 The monsters do not try to push it, cunningly surround the elves and go hunting alone with one person.

 Strangely, the aim of the demon was roughly adult. I will kill the young elves in order from those who passed through so that they keep on purpose.

Bastards!No way, let's try to catch the young alive alive! What? "

 Bacher's father screams and thinks so.

 Indeed it is easy to understand this situation if we think like that. Thin out adults who are difficult to handle, dredging children and young people.

 The idea is as if –

「Father…… Is there a human thought behind this raid? "

 Yes, it was a human idea to capture elves as slaves.

 My dad acknowledges to my daughter's question.

"I can not imagine human ability to manipulate these monsters, but how to move it is exactly that. Usually, we will take it down from weak people in turn, so it will be! "

 Saying, shoot the auger that came in. And one tongue stick.

「Oi! The arrow blew! Does anyone have it? What? "

"Neither here! You guys are going to have to find somebody else.

"I do not even have one! In general, say where the arrows are left! What? "

 When I came here, the elves were beginning to run out of arrows.

 Bachee also served as a magic support as there was no bow, but that was also the limit. Magical power is almost empty.

 I used too much bow and magic for Cyclops opponent in the first game. The monocular giant who was protected by someone's technique still holds its iron wall. The magician who can break it is probably long or mother-buddy. If I realized it and preserved it, there were still eyes.

"More than that, what happened to Mr. Long and Mrs.? Were not you going to run! What? "

"I guess you saw the lightning of the moment ago, it's a long magic! They are also fighting! "

 Both of them seem to be stopped by someone and can not come here.


 - Season.


 Cyclops comes one step further to strengthen the pressure.

 There was no distinction between Barche, whether the scream which went up was herself or someone else's.

(Oh no, do not be scared! I, I will be a forest hunter! What? )

 Desperately saying to yourself, I can not stop trembling from the core of my body.

 The surrounding elves are also similar.


 The overwhelming strength difference. Long support not yet appeared. Overall hopeless situation.

 The warfare of elves and others was breaking.

 ……Do everything break.

I hate it.

 Tears fall from the polo poro and eyes.

 What a stupid, this is the figure that the hunter of the Witte exposes to the public.

 But no one will blame it as any one.

 Indeed, she was one who survived a lot.

/(int) hee-hee/tee-hee/But we did.We are going to die …… "

 Some people have broken by the limits of old times.

 It will be pretty as if a little girl cries alone, thinking of it.

 It may be good to praise it as a strange child, just by tears without making a voice.

"Barche … …."

 My father's voice to his daughter was painful.

 If his guess – the enemy 's purpose is the young elf' s – is correct, Bachee will not die. However, if an elf woman falls into captivity, it can not be more painful than it will die. Even if the guess is incorrect, I will only die here.

 Given that, how much is your father's hardships?

 There was also a thing about my mother. Despite escaping with the name of a liaison official, now Satonaka is a hunting ground for demons. Probably not living. With that in mind, Barthe thought that his chest was destroyed. My father too will.

 Suzun –

 A giant approaches.

 Along with that, demons also narrow the circle of the enclosure.

 Did you come to visit Todome at last?

(I do not want it …!

 There was not a bow and arrow, magical power was exhausted.

 Will it hang on the nail of a demon as it is, or will it fall as a prisoner of a person who draws thread at the back as the father thinks?

 I hated neither.

(Because I still have not seen Chaga yet!

 I was concerned about him, just because he fell off a half month ago.

 It is too sad that that is the last conversation.

 I wanted to meet again and make up. At least I wanted to see a face.

(Charga ……!)

 Monsters approaching and approaching.

 Which one will jump in the beginning?

 Is it Manticore, Diwolf, Ogre, Troll?

 As a sign of the approaching evil, Berthe solidified.

 [そのとき] /(exp) at that time/at that moment/then/on that occasion/on that occasion

「……Bachee! "

 The wall of the house behind is magically broken.

 And a nostalgic face for the first time in half a month flew away.

"Char, G?"

 Cast an unbelievable thought of the name of the opponent who lands beside himself badly.

"Well, he … …. I figured I could not put it inside indoors as a figure of a demon, I ended through the house, but it sounds like it was correct. "

 Certainly, even such a strong spirit will vomit.

 The smile was puffy, the voice, limbs were trembling, but still I felt something encouraging somewhere.

Why can’t we just

Well, kid. What I have been doing! What? "

 Why did you block the word here, my father exclaims.

 Chaga pointed to it, pointing to the hole in the house that passed through.


"Mother, you !?"

 What came out is Mother of Bachee who was running to the direction of the village.

 I was alive, it was …!

"My small mother changed the blood circulation and ran around and thought that something, that decocte was there. I thought I managed to rush through, but since there were all the village monsters … …. "

"For the moment, as I ran away, I gathered arrows with Chaga as much as possible"

 I will say that and bring out the arms I had.

 Oh, and surviving elves speak out loud.

"Arrow! You can still fight! "

「……For the moment, let's go through the house where demons are difficult to pass and go out of the village little by little! It is supposed to be narrow for large monsters in the birch woods, and recovery of magical power will be accelerated by spirit protection. "

"Wait, Chaga. If so, is there no fear of going ahead when going through the house? "

And that's the motive?There is a nose of the guy. "

 At the foot of Chaga, that wolf's demon runs away.

 As Baache, its appearance can not be a complex thought, but in some cases. My father also listened while having a difficult face.

「……Is it still live?

"Thanks to that child, were we able to come here safely?"

 My mother strokes the wolf of use as a labor. Even though I believe it, it is good.

 And Chaga turns towards Bache.

"Bachese, you too do this"

 It is her bow and arrow that I've been saying so.

"Cha, Chaga? How about this? "

"When I went to the arsenal to take the arrows, they were put together. I thought that you are in trouble because you do not have this. "

 He says so, he scratches his cheeks with jerks.

 ……The bow that I picked up for the first time in a long while, I was familiar with the hands of Bache as well.

 Pin and vitality will return to the wilted ears.

 There is a bow and arrow in your hand. Buddy who also spent together for many years.

 From half a month ago until today, the pieces that she lacked are filled.

 The awareness of the hunter … …The feeling of fighting came back.

"Chaga ……Thank you

"I said good. Because I am weak … …It will be fine if you can help you strongly. "

"And, sorry. Before this, I said horrible things. "

"I am sorry this time. I was thinking only about becoming the power of Bache and I did not take the mind of my heart. "

 Just as much language as I can feel it melts like a lie.

 Without being able to do such an easy thing, was it also worrying for half a month? It is unbelievably silly.

"Hey, do not be frustrated, you guys! The fight still continues! "

"" Ha, yes! ""

 In the father's thundering, the voices of the two men gathered.

 While watching the smiling face of his face float the arrows to the bow.

 - One arrow.

 First of all, one shot a profanity demon that resembled a wolf only, aimed at the throat whistle. Even in half a month, this bow works exactly as an extension of limbs, not blunt!

 Give pleasure there, and release a joint arrow.

 The aim is auger. When pushing the arrow to the eye socket, it penetrates to the brain instantly. The elven bow is a magical bow. If the user who received the protection releases the arrow, the power surpasses the bow.

 Oh, Oh, and the surrounding elves flourished.

 ……We got this. Cyclops are painful to drift, but it is not difficult to get through if it is other impression. Go through the escape route presented by Chaga, first to the forest. After that, we joined Mr. Long or Mr. Mr., and leaned over its enemies as a lever. I came to feel I can not do it. No, I can do it!

"You did it, you can still do it! There is still hope for us! "

 One of my colleagues cried out.

 Burche also feels the same.

 Yes, I still can do it!

 - But it came.

"Hey hey, is not it a little faster?"

 A voice falls from above.

 It has stopped raining. In the same way as rain begins, the rain clouds will also disappear.

 The moonlight got in again and shone around.

 And someone who glares at the villagers while floating in the air.


 Bright silver hair in the evening and brown contrast blending in the night shade.

 The same long ears as elves extend from the temporal head.

 Sure it was a dark elves woman.

 And Bachese knew about that woman.

 That woman who covered her left eye with her eyepatch.

"Dry, san?"

 Two weeks ago, a dark elf that saved the Bacher lost in the Black Forest, a slave of adventurers.

 Why is it here now?

 No, that is nice. Bachee knows that she is a magician of a terrible user. If the assistance of dry is done, this demonic group will be able to be destroyed.

"Bachee, do you know that person?"

 Chaga inquires mysteriously.

 Of course, Barthe immediately answered it,

"Oh, that man -"


「……heh Ah …? "


「……!" Huh! ……! ! "


 I suddenly stopped breathing and I could not make a voice.

 Only the lips move, and meaningful words can not be put on the tongue.

"Well, what's wrong, Bachee!? Are you okay? !

"What!? What the heck is that! What? "

 Chaga rocks the shoulder.

 My parents compare the daughter who suffered from abnormality and sudden intruder in a busy manner.

 Dry was pleasantly overlooking Burche suffering.

 The eyes that distort pleasantly make the impression the same as the monstroses of the giants.

"It's tight, simple girl. Let's talk about something else if it's painful to talk about me. "

!" !" - What! ! "

 I did not understand the meaning.

 What on earth is Dry saying?

 Why are you laughing when Burche suffers?

Who are you?What did you do to Bache? What? "

 Dry grows a smile more and more to the charga shouting with anger.

 It is a smile that feels cruelty like trembling the rat captured by the cat.

"Oh my, what's muki … …Oh, I see… Are you a small boy like Chaga? "

"Why, my name …?!?"

 The startle was also the same for Barthe.

 At that time, I have not talked about Chaga in the dry. Him always being with him was a cool topic, but somehow he was shy, he avoided talking.

 But why does she know Chaga?

"Hunt. It is troublesome to explain. I will solve the technique now, afterward see the daughter in his own way. "

 Saying, dry got snouted and fingers.

 At the same time, something can be played in Bache.

 - Memory began to regenerate the truth at that night.

"- Then you will get through the barrier and enter the village …"

 While his head is fluffy and his thoughts are not decided, Bache will speak as long as he knows what he is asking obediently.

 Population size, population, prominent strong man, and how to escape from the barrier.

 Most of it was to be kept secret, but I do not know how to hide it.

 When I see her "left eye", I feel like I have to do whatever I commanded.

 Dry pleased satisfiedly as Barthe talked about washing.

"It is a process. I could almost hear what you wanted to hear. "

「……Thank you"

"However, there are things that are a bit annoying. I will let you hear about that too? "

「……Yes, please listen to anything. "

 Acknowledging, Dry caught my attention to swordsmanship and asked.

"I felt secret signs from your words on the way down the story before using this" eye ". Probably not a big deal, just in case. Talk about it. "

 Burche's body trembles with Bikri.

「………………I'm sorry. I can not tell you. "

What? Why, why do you hide? … ….- Let's go again.

 Dry's "left eye" emits a purple light.

 While seeing it, the resistance mind that Berthe felt gradually dissolves.

「……It is thing about Chaga that I hid. "

It's to lower your body temperature.

「……My hunting buddy "

– I don't know, how do drug mules look? Why did you hide such a thing? "

「……Shame, sincere, "

 In the answer, dry seems to be suspicious.

 It seemed that he said that he could not understand it.

 But Barche, who lost resistance, continues words with Pops.

「……He is seriously important, but I can not say it well. … ….But, I tell him about him, strange way, scary ……Embarrassed

"It is not as logical. Was it something unreasonable on the inner side of this little girl …? "

「……Because I am a poor person … …His good point, I can not explain well to a person … …But, it …embarrassed……Sadness

"In short, is the color of a ghost? Chi, I wasted magical power. … ….- That figures.

 The taste of dryness seems to do nothing about my heart.

 What I had secretly kept secret in myself was treated like that, Burche chested my heart.

 A woman standing in front of himself kept talking about it without hesitation.

For the time being, just keep the mouth seal ….- Good? Your village is exclusive and you do not know what emotions the villagers have about their owners. Are you sad if your benefactor seems bad? "

「……Yes, I am sad. "

"Yoshiyoshi, a good girl … ….So Bachee. Absolutely a secret to me for the villagers! Oh, and that. Other than this promise, please forget the story that I did since I showed "left eye". Clear?

「……It was"

 In the memory that I regained, Bache is shocked.

 All I talked about myself. The village's place, the way of entering, the details of the strength, everything that strikes this raid, I talked.

(All, all due to that … …?)

 The spirit of a monster hanging a siege. Odor that the bodies of fighting and dead elves release.

 They become mixed, and stir inside the chest violently.

 - That's yours.

 And I felt whispered by someone.

 One of the scattered bodies, the eyes of one of the dead friends feels as if they are blaming us.

 - The fact that they came and that we died is yours.

 Bachee feels like she was grabbed by her stomach.

 Sugar pickled up from the back of my throat and returned without resorting to it.

「U…… Well, yeah … …. "

"Bachee!? - Yeah, yeah.

 Chaga gently rubs her back. But, I can not come easy at all.

 I spit back afterwards and my stomach was still cramping even when things to die disappear.

 Dryness is looking down from above.

Aw. I thought that he was a thick daughter of the liver a little more, it is much more brittle than expected? "

"You! What have you done to our daughters! What? "

 In the voice of my father, the woman who was a casual woman sighed deeply.

"You said that a while ago? From the situation of the daughter there I should assume it without permission. But it is troublesome to explain badly. It is useless, useless. … ….They are bad guys. It is doubtful whether or not you can do a bad job even if you take it back. "

"In other words, you are – the cause of this matter"

「……Really incomprehensible. Why now? Have you ever seen it before? "

 Dry to say so as to remind the poor students.

 In its behavior, surrounding surviving elves also begin to swallow the situation.

"Is that dark elf the culprit?"

"Manipulating only this demon? Stupid, what is the purpose? "

"No, than that" –

 One person sees a Burche with a rugged eyes.

"Have you tried art on Bachee and you heard about this village? In other words, the cause – "

"Is it because of you …?Bachese …! "

 Several people 's eyes stuck into her.

 I am watching here with the face that my father and mother said they could not believe it.

 Chaga 's hand attached to her back was also trembling.

(Or stop it … …)

 I can not put up with what I can see with such eyes.

"Wow, did you trick me …?"

 I can not bear it, I call dry with unspoiled eyes.

 I could not believe that the source was her.

 I wanted you to say that it was a joke. I wanted this all night like a nightmare all to be a lie.

 However, Dry is only laughing at a terrible depth.

– Deception! Do not say bad things about people. I have never said a lie or something? "

"You were not a friend of adventurers !?" This is not what ordinary adventurers do! "

"A congratulatory, white elf girl. There is no remembrance to say that he is a true adventurer. Once I saved it from a demon, you just solved the vigilance without permission. Will it be adventurous enough for ordinary adventurers to be harmful enough to the village? "

"Once the village had been destroyed! But why do you repeat it yourself? What? "

"You said that at that time. I do not mind anymore. Therefore, there is no necessity for taking care. "

"Nothing about friends is important ……But why should I do this? "

"Is not it wonderful? This is an action that leads to the interests of our colleagues. Elves have various uses. If you can catch a number of you, I and my friends will be glad. "

"I came to hunt in the forest …"

"Oh, take this demon alive. I also saw this number fractious. Especially it is time consuming to fully dominate the cyclopos. That caused you to make you scary. Oh, I think I'm sorry about that point. "

 In the words of Dry, the monocular giant laughed low and responded.

 At that time, Cyclops encountered by Burche who got lost in the black forest. Is that the translation that it was already the use of this dark elf? So, have you withdrawn so easily?

AllWork from the beginning – "

"What is bad things about people"

 The face of the dark elves distorted further malice.

"It was all a coincidence that I learned that there were your villages here. I would not have noticed that day unless there was such a stupid thing as to go through the wild boar and leave the barrier, that day. "


"Hehe, thank you, Bachece? Because you gave it to the outcome that you dedicated mainly to you, it is like a profitable guy like you? "


 From the body, power comes out.


 Charga supported her swiftly.

 Still I can not stand standing without power.

 In other words, Burche thought that it is all about yourself.

whatIt is a hunter in the forest that protects the village … …)

 - That day I met a dry person.

 - I went to shoot the wild boar by himself without permission and wandered into the black forest.

 - Because I was putting it into hunting for a woman's habit.

 - In other words, it was like this because there was myself.

(I think that I am such a big deal, so this …!

 Regret, guilt and self-hatred are swelling up without stopping.

 I was scared and the tremor of my body did not stop.

 It is not a fear of death or pain.

 I was afraid to admit that my life was meaningless and worthless, or rather harmful. And it was frightening to only admit it.

(Because, everyone ……I'm telling you that I'm bad … …)

 The surviving colleagues are now shooting Bachet with eyes that look like enemies.

 - That's yours.

 - It seems like this was because the arms of the bow stood up.

 - In hunters such as you ……No, not even the proud Witte elves.

 My gaze with such a meaning silently stuck in my body.

 My father can not say anything, he is distorting his face with a bitter face.

 My mother was sorry to say that I do not understand the meaning yet.

 The hand of Chaga attached to the shoulder grips her body painfully.

 It is only now that I was afraid that the warmth is likely to be lost in the next moment just now.

"Tickle. Is it that people who are exposed to shame of their family are more dislike than enemies in front of you? An irreplaceable white elf. Because of that, it is easily attacked and destroyed like this "

 A dark elf woman laughs happily.

 That hand hung the eyepatch covering the left eye.

"Well, let 's go with the finish"

 And the purple eyes secretly secretly exposed –

!" Tasteless, Chaga! "

"Well, Bachee!?"

 Bachee was moving reflexively.

 Cover the eyes of Chaga with hands, pull hands as it is and rush to the back.

 That eyes. That suspicious left eye is the root of dry arsenal. Burche once operated was trying not to see it based on the memories he revived.

「……Has it become an enemy to solve the operation so that you will not suffocate as it is? I still have that kind of energy. "

 A dry annoying voice is bathed on the back.

 My father and mother, the surviving elves, stood watching dry purple eyes.

"Oh, do not look at that eye! It's a demon! It will not be able to resist! "

"Is that woman's hand …?!"

 Desperately, draw Chaga's hand and run away from the place.

 I do not feel bad about going placing my parents, but now I can not help it.

 And Chaga … ….I did not want to lose him. I did not want to be deprived of him.

 Someone who 's falling asleep to yourself. An important partner. Or something more important than that.

 In Bachee who lost everything in mission and pride, only he already exists.

 My head was confused and my mind was breaking, but only the feelings I did not want to lose him remained.

(Well, at least, only Chaga should escape … …!)

 Bacher does not know what will happen if it gets caught dry.

 But it follows the abominable demons and falls into the hands of those who killed many elves. It was certain that you would be worse than the living slave.

 I can not care what happens to myself anymore, so only he should escape.

 Pull him by breaking that alone.

/(int) shoot/shit/dang/crap/rats/ratsDo not take trouble. Well, it is okay to let the demon follow you, but is that scary scary? "

 Two people rush into the hole of the wall which Chaga opened to come here.

 Just before that,

(fumu. If this magic, you can stay stuck and intact – "

 Bertche felt that something, the magical power that might be the body might wrap herself.


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