Hello and welcome to ComradeMao! As you can see this is the latest version of the website! There are quite a few new features in addition to all the previous features we had!

First and foremost, both registered and unregistered users can BOOKMARK chapters. Registered users will have option of having the bookmarks to be saved for as long as the website exists while the bookmarks of unregistered users will be removed once they clear out their browser caches!

In this new version, users (both registered and unregistered) will have more control regarding the size of text. In addition, we have limited the dark mode to only 1 option which is pure dark mode.

Main page will have screenshots of novel images in addition to chapter numbers and link to main novel page!

The main concept is to make website as accessible as possible while keeping everything minimalistic.

Last but not the least, we recommend using Chrome browser to surf our website!